Full Contact Sports

Phone chat numbersEvery Sunday its the same thing. My boyfriend awakens me to sucking on my clitoris until my entire body erupts and then he flips me over and fucks me like I’m the last piece of pussy on the planet. The whole time telling me how he loves the slutty side of me and he’s gonna turn me out into a full fledged hoe. That shit just makes me even wetter. And when Its over and I’ve squirted all over the bed he gets up, and leaves me alone in the room while he watches football with his boys. Every Sunday I text him to come back to bed and he just shrugs me off or tells me to wait till after the game is over. Well today I got a trick for him, I’m texting him now that he is gonna fuck me, so either I can come out there or he brings his ass back in here. Immediately after I press send I get a response, “LOL, you ant gonna do shit”. So I step right out of bed, still completely naked with his dried up cum stains from my pussy to ass crack, and walk into the den where he and his best friend are watching the game. As soon as they see me they both stop talking, moving, shit breathing, and just lock their eyes on me. And that shit turned me the fuck on. I immediately drop to my knees and start sucking his dick with his friend six inches away from us on the couch watching. This goes on for around ten minutes and in that time he has 4 orgasms in my mouth. I here his boy say damn i want some, and he says shit I’m willing to share”. Next thing I know I’ve got his friends 10 inch cock in my mouth and he has me bent over fucking me at the same time. This goes on all day through both games and the night game. I’m flipped, passed, fucked, and nutted on for hours. When the games and the guys are done I hear the friend ask “We watching the Monday night game together?” My boyfriend looks at me and I just lick my lips. He tells his friend “I guess so”. What can I say, I love full contact sports.

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