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phone chat lines for the perverts


Phone Chat lines

Phone chat lines are great when you’re in the mood for a nasty whore who loves to fuck and feed her pussy with monster cock. I can’t deny my appetite.

I love to get all fucked up and hear stories about people who are just as nasty as I am. I’m not a proper lady. I like to get high and fuck for hours. I am the definition of a slut. My love for sweaty, steamy sex goes far for me. There’s always a craving for a nice juicy dick in my twat.

My dealers all know this, so I pay up with this pussy whenever I come up short. My cunt loves to be abused, and I must have a thick dick all the time. My tits bounce as I ride, and I moan as you have that dick deep inside. No condom, please! I fucking love it raw. Cream in me, please I need it so badly.

I want it so much in me lets fuck till you can’t take it anymore.


Horny Hazel

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Phone Chat Lines for a Sexy BBW

phone chat linesPhone chat lines with sexy BBWs like me are popular. I am not bitch or a pig or a slave, however. I am a strong confident sexy woman with big breasts. I like to be spoiled and treated like a lady. I have very high standards when it comes to men. They need to be handsome. They need to be rich. They need to be hung. And they must be able to spoil me in and out of the bedroom. I do not want to be treated like a basic bitch. Nothing basic about me. I am pretty. I am curvy. I have big bouncy tits. Married men love me the most though. I love them. They spoil me the best too. Presents, gift cards, cash. In exchange, I take care of their cocks better than their wives. I drain their balls better than anyone ever could. And I love it too. With me, you get your balls and your wallet drained. I deserve to be pampered. Look at me? I have your cock hard already, don’t I?  Do not ever try to own me or shame me, however, because I will destroy you if you do. You see, I am holding all the cards. I have all your financial information and your wife’s name. You will treat me right. You will spoil me. And you will submit to my form of financial domination phone sex. I have no use for you if you do not treat me like a queen.

Sexy BBW Glenda

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Phone Chat Lines for a Mommy Whore

phone chat linesNot all phone chat lines are the same. Some are vanilla and some are extreme taboo. I only do taboo. I am a mommy whore. A coked up druggy mommy whore. I was molesting my sons before they could walk. Now, they are my little sex slaves. They love fucking me too. Last night, I had to score some blow so I could stay up all night with them. Guess what I did? I texted my drug dealer that if he gave me enough blow to get through the week, I would let him watch me fuck my sons. He loves to watch sons fuck a mother. And my boys love being watched, especially when they are fucking me. Marcus was in for the time of his life and so were my horny boys. I was sober when my sons fucked me in front of Marcus. But by the time Marcus got to fuck me in front of my boys, I was as high as kite. I learned a long time ago that blow makes me a nasty mommy. Not that I cannot fuck my sons sober. I do it all the time, but with some blow, I am getting my dealer’s nigger dick in my ass, a boy dick in my pussy and another boy dick in my mouth. Blow just ups my game. I fucked all three of them all night long too. When I am high, I need no sleep. I just need cock, cum and coke.

Dirty Mom Blair

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This Phone Chat Numbers BBW sissy Lover

phone chat numbers

You know this phone chat numbers Chubby is a sissy lover. Black cocks matter so much more than pathetic white boy cocks.  Being a sweet faced plump vixen gets me so much black dick. I remember the first time I ever saw a mandingo dick. I was at a friend’s birthday party and her daddy was drunk and hitting on me. I could see his BBC get hard in his grey sweatpants. I could feel that familiar heat rising up between my legs. All I could do was lick my lips and stare at that beautiful package! I needed his cock. He told me to go to the shed out back. It was a man cave really. Nice sofa and and all the masculine comforts. Its okay to want black dick. The are superiors in every way! 

I needed that BBC more than life!

This fat girl stripped down and was laying on that couch nervous as hell. I tell you all that played in my brain was the outline of that big black fucking cock. Boy when I got to hold it in my hands and see it for the first time, I just about passed out. See, baby, I under stand the drive to be like me. Understand the lust for a nice big fat mandingo dick. I would never tell you not to find you one and suck the hell out of it. See, You are just a femme fag trapped in a low grade male body. Let yourself free. Phone chat lines are full of kinky girls to explore why you need to be a sissy. My mouth sucked that Big black dick for the first time I was in heaven, and walking home after I had been fucked until I cried. Well, I am of the opinion that every  little dick faggot men should have the same experience. 

BBW Whore Catherine

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Phone Chat Numbers For Bondage Sluts

phone chat numbers

BDSM Sluts on the phone chat numbers are here to please your cock.  I was working as a nurse aid to an eldery man this past week. He demanded I be in full uniform, an unusual request but I was willing to give him what he wanted. Must be my submissive nature. As I brought him his food and medicine he ripped open the front of my uniform and exposed my red lace bra. With a grin I swear he said whore. I wasn’t surprised old men with dementia say some crude things. My pussy got wet regardless. I wanted him to say it again. So I asked him what he said, and this time I bit off more than I could imagine! 

My phone chat lines men will be cumming to what happens next…

He grabbed my throat suddenly and pulled me on top of him as he yelled whore! My patient’s son came running to try to help me, or so I thought. My hands pulled behind me as the nylon rope secured my wrist and threw me on the bed as my elderly patient rolled out of bed. He was bottomless with a big hard on! I had been set up. My patient wasn’t sick and his son had offered him a sexy nurse as a birthday present. Only they wanted to have a nurse who they could tie up and use against her will. As I was secured to the bed and my uniform ripped off this father and son team were both in amazement at how seductive my undergarments were. I didn’t have them for long as the father cut me free exposing my naked body and shoving his fingers into my tight wet cunt! I gasped as he realized I was enjoying being tied up and assaulted. It would be a father and son fuck fest as I struggled in my bound state. 

I have many more kinky phone sex submissive tales I would love to share with you! 


BDSM Plaything Robyn

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Unrestricted Phone Sex Lines

phone chat linesPhone chat lines should be unrestricted, yet so many lines are not. I could not work for a company that limited my fun or censored my life. It is bad enough that my husband and I must be careful because we pimp out our sons and daughters. I wish it were legal and there were no age limits. My sluts are all eager and willing whores. They love the nice things and modern electronics they can buy with their whore money. If I worked for some boring vanilla site, I would never be able to talk about my family of whores. Nor would I be able to talk about how my parents chained me up in a dingy trailer and sold my tiny holes to truckers and folks driving through rural WV. I never went to school. Hell, I do not think I ever had a birth certificate. I was born to support my parent’s meth habit. My husband was one of my Johns when I was a little girl. After several years of fucking me, he gave my parents more money than they would ever make off me in that area and I never looked back. I became his breeding whore. He helped me get my GED. He polished me up and made me a sophisticated whore. And now, we sell our daughters’ fuck holes to the highest bidders. We treat our money makers better than my parents treated me. Unlike my folks, we love our sexy prostitutes. We are always recruiting younger girls. We sell our boys too. Mostly to P men who prefer little boy dick over little girl pussy, but occasionally a milf wants a boy dick. You see, my life is the stuff Lifetime movies are made of LOL. My phone chat numbers need to be no so I can share my naughty life with you.

Dirty Mom Lilibeth

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Phone Chat Lines for Sick Fantasies

phone chat linesIt is the month of Halloween. Phone chat lines should be about your dark desires and snuff fantasies. I am not your typical phone sex girl. I cater to the thoughts men have that could get them not only divorced, but arrested too. I am a sick bitch. You can be my victim or my accomplice, but those are the only two options. I do not do fuck calls. I have dildos for that. What I need are men who will help me rid the world of certain types of girls. Do you have rape fantasies? Where the fuck part of phone sex comes in with me, is when you force your dick into the tiny holes of a young girl crying for a mommy who will never rescue her. I get wet on fear. I hate little self-entitled brats. The same girls I hate, you lust after because they are cock teasers. We team up and it is a win win sort of situation. I get rid of one less brat in the world and you get to fuck a little Lolita cock tease. You can kill her too if you want. I told you I was not your typical girl you find at the other end of phone sex numbers.

Sick Bitch Venus

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Phone Chat Numbers for Cuckolding

phone chat numbersPhone chat numbers should be no limits and no taboos. Not all are, however. My phone line is always unrestricted. I have a few specialties. I am a mature wife who cuckolds her husband with big black cocks. I have been married over 20 years, so my husband is a black cock faggot now. He knew when we got married it would be a sexless marriage. He loved me that much. How much do you love your wife? Enough to see that she is sexually satisfied. The way I see it, husbands commit to a long-term commitment to keep their wives happy. That includes in the bedroom. If you have a small dick and cannot make your wife cum, the manly thing to do is to step aside and let a real man fuck her. Men let their egos get in the way of their wife’s pleasure. Not my man. He watches and often brings me big black dicks to fuck in front of him. He is my husband yes. He is also my cuckold. It is the secret to a long loving relationship. If you have a small dick and your wife is unsatisfied, get her a lover. Be her cuckold. And call my phone sex lines for a little cuckold therapy.

Hot MILF Vinny

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Sexy Phone Chat Lines

phone chat lines

I bet that when you went searching for phone chat lines, you didn’t think you’d find someone like me, did you? I’m a one stop phone fucking shop and that means you can get exactly what you want, whenever you want it. Fuck, I love it when I get calls from guys who tell me they saw me and knew they fucking had to get on the phone to get to me ASAP. Wouldn’t you get that excited if someone got so turned on by you that they paid money to talk to you? As soon as my phone rings, my cunt starts to get wet.

I’m kind of in the mood for some anal play phone fucking today. Have you always wanted to fuck a girl in the ass but none of your girlfriends would ever let you? Baby, you won’t have that problem with me. I love having my tight asshole fucked just as much as I love getting my pussy fucked. In fact, I can cum harder from having a dick in my ass, so what’s not to love?! Do you want to hear about the anal love I want from you? Call me so we can play!


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Phone Chat Lines To Keep You Sane

Phone Chat LinesBeing stuck at home is no fun but luckily with phone chat lines you can being on the naughty entertainment. I’m glad I have a number you can call so I can take care of all that built up tension that I know is there. You are just as horny sitting at home all day as I am. The best part is we don’t have to filter ourselves. With me I ensure you there are no limits we can get as nasty, crazy or extremely taboo as we want. The major difference between me and the wife you may have, is she’s the type of woman you marry. Me? I’m the type of woman you fuck. And be honest with yourself a disposable whore is useful when you just want to get off the way you want too.



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