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They say curiosity can lead you down a rabbit hole. Well, that’s true with one of my callers. He’s a very successful name and ended up calling phone chat numbers to blow off some steam. My client is about to get married and has a picture-perfect lifestyle. He makes a killing in real estate, has a model-type girlfriend, and is living the dream.

What he really wanted was to be able to fuck a chunky whore. All he wanted was to fuck a chunky slut and to blow his load in that pussy. All of his confessions started to flow out like lava. He began to talk about how badly he wanted to fuck a thick ass and wanted his slim model fiance to walk in on him cheating. All he wants is to live his truth and wants to fuck cute BBW teases.

A load deep in their pussy makes him go crazy. Cheating, the chubby chase is exactly what he is, and he’s proud of it. My client asks me what he should do. I tell him he needs to fulfill his fantasies. The little sister of his fiance happens to be a cute BBW, and he knows she wants to fuck him as well. I tell him to go at it and make his BBW dreams come true.









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Phone Chat Lines Find The Perfect Mistress

Phone chat linesIt’s lucky for you that phone chat lines exist isn’t it? How else would you be able to find the right mistress to connect with right in the comfort of your own room, or hotel room for those of you extra sneaky pets out there? A phone mistress is here for you to help you scratch that itch and explore the different parts of yourself. Whether you are a pain lover, bi-curious, or just a frilly slut needing some extra guidance or just help trying out some new toys. Phone chat lines are great at finding a fun discreet mistress to have a little session of fun on the go. Each of us have a style, personality and preferred way of handling our devoted. Don’t be shy, pick up the phone, not all us bite.

Mistress Arabella


Phone Chat Numbers Whore

phone chat numbers

If you’re in need of a phone chat numbers whore then I’m the slut for you. I am kinky as fuck and my tits are nice and fat. I love getting super nasty and making men cum all day long. It excites me to tell people that’s what I do and I’m rather proud of it, to be honest. I must have made at least 20 guys cum today and it’s still not enough to satisfy my craving. I hope you’re edging that cock while you look through my pictures so that you’re nice and ready for our kinky phone fuck. My tits are perfect for slapping that throbbing cock of yours on or even sliding it in between so that you can watch my eyes light up with excitement. There’s something about a good cock that mesmerizes me completely and turns me into a cock obsessed little whore. My purpose as a curvaceous cum slut is to satisfy as many men and women I possibly can. I was made for sex and pleasure and it’s nothing but a pleasure to satisfy all of your needs, baby. Don’t hold back with me and let’s have some filthy fun.



Phone Chat Lines Whore

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These phone chat lines are full of whores like me who live for kinky fun! I spend every day of my life looking for a new fantasy or fetish to enjoy while I get my pretty little pussy off. It helps when I have a pervert like you to help me cum. I’m really into incest and ageplay, but I’m literally open to anything! and nothing is too shocking for me to handle. I want to hear your most twisted and sickest fantasy and act it out with you while you stroke your amazing cock. I have a nice collection of toys and outfits to add to the fun and feel free to include anything you’d like as well. I’m all about exploring your filthy thoughts and making these fantasies feel as real and natural as possible. I take great pride in being a phone fuck and getting men off has always been my destiny as a true cum slut. I look forward to acting out some nasty stories with you and listening to you blow your hot load all over the place for me. Nothing is more rewarding than that! Let’s have some phone fucking fun and start the night off right.



Phone Chat Numbers With A Sexy Amazon

Ringing up a whore on a phone chat numbers line can be the best past time for those kinky fantasies. I’m a muscular stripper pole sliding kinky Mistress that loves Amazon play. It’s kinky to think about a little man or midget with a hard cock servicing my very needs. I love the idea of my pissing on his cock makes it grow as he shrinks. I want him very small and in my panties all day long. I want the little man tickling my clit and his penis growing inside my cunt as I twinkle a little pee pee on him. My piss is his nectar and he gets small while his member grows. He will be my human cock with a little body and that excites me.

Phone Chat Numbers

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Sexy Hot Milf

Phone chat numbers are for fun times. I love getting into some dirty fucking and sharing in your fantasy, you naughty perverted little man. Mommy Devon is a p-mommy and yes I love to fuck. I’m not a mommy for any other reason than my need to fuck, and when this milf fucks this milf needs to feel that fleshy cock slipping and sliding inside of my fuckholes. I don’t want my son to ever wear a condom when he fucks mommy. He knows that and he knows that he is getting at an age where he should be prepared to breed his mommy because that son seed is fertile as fuck for this very fertile incestuous p-mommy. I love to feel my little man dump big gooey loads in my mommy fuck holes.

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P Mommy Fuckhole Devon


Phone Chat Lines For Trashy Stripper Giantess Fucking

My phone chat lines are a great place to explore something kinky with a trashy hot milf. As an ex stripper and kinky Milf I find the strangest things that turn me on. One of my favorites is to be a sexy Giantess and you are but a little peon that serves me well. I will use you as my personal dildo and let you deep inside a creampie cunt. I will put you on my tongue and take you all the way inside of me. I think it would be great to run you through my digestive tract and poop you out in my soiled giantess panties. You could ride along with me hidden in my panties and smelling my pussy as I get excited and preparing to fuck. You get to grab a hold of that giant cock that slides inside my cunt while you are inside my vagina. This can get really hot and kinky.

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Phone Chat Lines Milf BJ


phone chat numbers are the most fun

phone chat numbersPhone chat numbers was  my ticket to the u .s. I was able to trick a wealthy man into thinking I was in love with him. The poor loser had no idea I was using him, and once he did, it was too late. I was laughing all the way to the bank. We met, and he knew I was in Colombia with dreams of being in u.s. I made him think I wanted him and his little dick. I was cheating on him left and right. I loved young cocks and ones that feed my appetite. Once he caught me with his son in bed, he knew I was not going to stop. Luckily his son had a big dick, and even when he fucked me, he would call me mommy. Yes, I was addicted to my stepson’s cock, and I wasn’t going to quit getting fucked by him. I was actually even getting fucked by the guys on campus. I was back in college and fucking all my classmates while my very old rich husband was away working. I fucked the help the neighbors the plumbers my stepsons my new nephews. I had no limits.



fucking the wife

phone chat linesPhone chat numbers are the best when you begin to rub your cun and get help from a friend. I ended up seducing not only the husband but also the wife. I was in a dream place. My cunt was getting both a sweet twat to scissor with and a nice rock hard cock. Neither the husband or the wife knew that they were both enjoying the nanny. It was my secret to keep, and I wasn’t spilling. Who doesn’t want to get nasty with the nanny? Especially one that looks like me. My cunt and ass were getting their fair share of love. My tongue was enjoying the most enjoyment from all. I was licking and sucking her cunt till she exploded all over. I love her hot cunt more than anything. Making her squirt was the best. The husband was great at pounding my asshole and giving it to me raw and hard. I was enjoying my new gig you can say.

Nanny Nann


New year new slave pet

phone chat numbersI am a new slave pet to the guy that moved down the street from me. I went to greet him and his girlfriend. They were moving in and I wanted to welcome them in. I guess they liked what they saw and assumed I would make their perfect subby slut. They drugged me and made sure that I endured some pain. I only thought these things happened in roleplays whenever you called phone chat numbers or porn scenes. It was very much reality being their slave. I woke up tied up and gagged. They were both going to use me till they felt necessary. I was beyond content being a pathetic slut. I could feel them both rip me up inside. They were using me till I bled. I could feel my pussy rip open with each stab. She was pegging me with her strap on. His cock was so huge and thick just pounding me till I could take no more. I was bound to be brainwashed.



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