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phone chat numbers for bbw heaven

phone chat numbers

Phone chat numbers for BBW heaven. So you want to call up a thicker woman to help ease you into cheating. I’m the opposite of your wife. I’m a young BBW teen with some experience. I know you have a beautiful wife who looks great for her age, but you still crave me, don’t you? You know you want a thicker girl, someone you can ravish. You want to eat me up and screw me.

Not only fuck me but pound me silly till I drain that cock of yours. I’m a filthy girl and want to tell you how I can fuck you all the ways your wife can’t. I know you are so sick of the same routine. Missionary is such a bore. Don’t worry, I’m not some prim and proper princess who must be kissed and worshiped to spread her legs. Slap my ass pull my hair, be rough or sweet. It doesn’t matter to me. I want you to enjoy yourself and cum like never before. It’s time you enjoy fucking, and why not do it with a bigger girl who will treat you like a king!


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Phone Chat Numbers Whore

phone chat numbers

If you’re in need of a phone chat numbers whore then I’m the slut for you. I am kinky as fuck and my tits are nice and fat. I love getting super nasty and making men cum all day long. It excites me to tell people that’s what I do and I’m rather proud of it, to be honest. I must have made at least 20 guys cum today and it’s still not enough to satisfy my craving. I hope you’re edging that cock while you look through my pictures so that you’re nice and ready for our kinky phone fuck. My tits are perfect for slapping that throbbing cock of yours on or even sliding it in between so that you can watch my eyes light up with excitement. There’s something about a good cock that mesmerizes me completely and turns me into a cock obsessed little whore. My purpose as a curvaceous cum slut is to satisfy as many men and women I possibly can. I was made for sex and pleasure and it’s nothing but a pleasure to satisfy all of your needs, baby. Don’t hold back with me and let’s have some filthy fun.



Phone Chat Lines Whore

phone chat lines

These phone chat lines are full of whores like me who live for kinky fun! I spend every day of my life looking for a new fantasy or fetish to enjoy while I get my pretty little pussy off. It helps when I have a pervert like you to help me cum. I’m really into incest and ageplay, but I’m literally open to anything! and nothing is too shocking for me to handle. I want to hear your most twisted and sickest fantasy and act it out with you while you stroke your amazing cock. I have a nice collection of toys and outfits to add to the fun and feel free to include anything you’d like as well. I’m all about exploring your filthy thoughts and making these fantasies feel as real and natural as possible. I take great pride in being a phone fuck and getting men off has always been my destiny as a true cum slut. I look forward to acting out some nasty stories with you and listening to you blow your hot load all over the place for me. Nothing is more rewarding than that! Let’s have some phone fucking fun and start the night off right.



phone chat lines

phone chat lines

Phone chat lines are fun. I met my good friend cara in one of them. Cara and I eventually started working together and we got in all kinds of trouble. We would have full on orgies with the bosses. We were working for porn agency and we were handling all the reception type work.We weren’t making much. Our boss wanted us to not only bring in young sluts but also to give fun favors at all times. We would go on whore scouts. We would have to spot barely legal sluts and convince them to get their foot into porn. We would first start by telling them it was just acting then we would corrupt them. We were both basically accomplice in a sick game for our bosses. Our bosses were more like three masters ready to use us in the office and make us fuck whoever they wanted. As long as we brought in hot new talent we were spared, but for the times we fell short we would be deep throat blow job sluts and cum dumps. Cara and I never thought we would sex slaves but we are and we love it when we mix it with the coke.



Young dumb and full of cum

phone chat lines

Phone chat lines are always fun when you are able to share them with some friends. One day my friend Becca Lindsey and Tessa we’re all bored. That’s what happens when you’re bored you end up making some questionable decisions. We wanted to invite some guys over for some good old fashioned orgy fun. What’s a girl to do when she’s young dumb and wanting to be full of cum. Yep have a nice orgy with her best girlfriends. The guys that caught her I ended up not living too far away from us. We awaited them and it looks like they came lightning speed. Things took a turn for the total best. We went from board brats to horny whores. We all we’re enjoying wrong fuck fest. It was such a hot experience to share who knew that the internet would be so useful when you least expect it. Porn is so yesterday it’s all about hooking up and talking explicitly.



phone chat lines for sissies

phone chat lines for sissy sex with Loretta! I just love humiliating pathetic losers. I love to degrade you and put you in your place! I love making you my little bitch and I want you to know how pathetic you are. I wasn’t always this bitchy. I use to be quite a sweetheart until I married a little cock idiot. I was enraged that I had to fuck and suck such a small cock. I may be a trophy wife and I may enjoy all the perks of living a pampered life, but I am no way satisfied with my husband’s little clit dick. His small cock made me hungry for humiliate! Now I love to put pathetic sissies in their place. There a couple things that will qualify you to be sissy humiliated by me. One and by far the most important is your cock size, do you have a cock? or do you have clit dick? I have a special measure that will rate you. Secondly wanting to wear my clothes and be just like me. Oh, so you think you can walk in my shoes and be a hot sexy slut like me? I doubt it so I will put you in your place and show you what fag you are. These are my top two. There’s plenty more. Cum plays with me to find out you loser. phone chat lines



Shrinking Giantess Eva Wants You Inside

I’m your Shrinking Giantess and will shrink you to fit inside my pussy. I want to swallow you whole and let you move through my body and slide out of my ass. I want you to walk inside of me. I will have a Giant cock fucking me and you will mount that big cock and take a ride as he slides that massive rod in and out of my Giantess cunt.

Shrinking Giantess

I want to shower you with my ppussy juice where you can drowned in my cum and the hot load that explodes from that rocket your thrust off of. You are tossed into the flow of that massive geyser of spunk and shot right into my cervix.

I squat and push that cum from my cunt trying to push you out when a little plunk is heard. Your coated in spunk and pussy juice and I put you in my mouth and swallow.

Cougar Cunt Eva


Perverted Phone Sex Whore BJ Is Ready

As your perverted phone sex pro I would love to extend the invitation for you to join me in those demented fantasies you may fear sharing. I’m a filthy, used up, over fucked, over partied whore that is actively fucking in gangbangs, or playing a Dom. I can swing many ways baby and having been around the block a few I won’t be shocked.

I had this dream once where I was of a Giantess clan of women and we ate men for our nourishment. We had the ability to shrink any larger men down as to fit his whole body in our mouths. There is nothing like savoring that man meat in my mouth when he is so fidgety. 

There are times when we torture and play with our food and we end up excreting them from our bowels. I’ve found a couple so turned on by merely passing through my digestive tract. I think next time I will flush him out with an enema.

Perverted Phone Sex



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giantess phone sexGiantess phone sex calls are so much fun. I ‘m a dominant bitch that is larger than life. Not only do I tower over you physically, but intellectually too. So I can squash you like a fucking bug with my thumb or my brain. I love staring down at you yielding my big fat knife. Sure, I could kill you quickly, but where is the fun in that? I would rather make you my captive. Keep you in a rat cage like a dirty rodent. Make you do little tricks for me each day in order to save your worthless life. Every day you have to amuse me with your willingness to please me. I drop you in my toilet to clean it from the inside out. I shove you up my pussy to act like a tampon. I insert you into my ass to clean it, then fart you out. You do every disgusting task I order you to do because you know you are inferior to me in every way. You know that I could drown you in my spit. You know I could suffocate you in my shit. You know I could eat you like a shrimp cocktail and fart you out in the morning. But, you love being a tiny little captive don’t you?

Evil Venus


Phone Chat Numbers of Two Girls & One Mini Man

Phone Chat Numbers MakennaMy girl Passion asked me the other night if she could give out my phone chat numbers to a special friend of hers. She went on to explain just how sexy he was, and that his idea of kinky sex involved a very special naughty twist indeed. Now Passion is one of the most delicious BBW’s you will ever know. She is soft and yummy! Her skin is so perfectly dark and her tits are so huge! We both have our own version of kinky and she certainly loves the BBC! She loves large fat dicks inside of her. Then there is me. I am a lover of little things. Little pussies, tiny cocks, little bodies. My own rug-rats are so small that I am basically a giant to them. I love being the bigger and badder mommy who takes the little ones and gets my cunt nice and hot! I think this may have had something to do with why she chose me to help fulfill his giantess phone sex fantasy. Giantess Phone Sex Passion

Now Passion being so large and me loving the small; made a perfect fit for his Macrophilia fascination. His love of large cunts and tits made it super hot when we shrunk his kinky ass to a tiny tiny person. I could have squished him with my thumb! But I was not having anything until I had him inside my cunt! Passion and I were kissing hard, mashing our lips together as we joined our cunts together by wrapping our legs in around each others waist, we felt this little whisper of a man, crawling up to our pussies. He put his little face and shoulders inside of Passion’s twat. And as I pushed mine into her pubic mound, his legs and ass were devoured by my pussy. Together me and Passion used him like our own personal sex toy! His legs were kicking inside my flesh and he was busy licking and sucking the walls of hers. When he both came at the same time, a gush of pussy juices pushed him onto the bed under our asses! That was super hot indeed, but this guy was not done he crawled right back into Passion and I smiled as I fucked her with his head! Oh I can’t wait till he calls us again! That was definitely the most fun I have had with my pretty Passion in a long time!Phone Chat Lines Makenna

Giant Chocolate Titties Passion & Dirty Incest Mommy Makenna

BBW Passion 1- 866-305-9118 & Makenna 1-855-751-9597

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