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Phone Chat Numbers For PPLay

Phone Chat Numbers
When I entered the witness protection program, I never thought I’d have to resort to this; selling my young daughters to the perverted sickos who call my phone chat numbers. They all want them, craving that young, angelic flesh. I can’t say I blame them, in all honesty. My girls are the cream of the crop, prime apple picking if you ask me.

Slender, athletic legs with perky tits but just barely. Bald, young cunts that drip like faucets when you so much as breathe on them. Soft, dolly lips and chocolate rosebuds waiting to be tasted. My girls keep their long blonde hair in braids, and they both have my sweet, scared eyes.

My girls certainly did look terrified. That almost killed me, except for the leaky pussy syndrome I seem to have caught. I knew I loved this. I was a sicko too.

Pmommy Cumslut Erin

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Phone Chat Numbers Daddy’s Girl

I love when daddy plays with my tight, teen pussy! With Phone Chat Numbers, you and I can play together as much as you would like! Do I have your attention daddy? How young of a pretty princess do you need to pleasure that hard daddy dick? I want to have the best fuck session with you daddy maybe even get fucked up together before the real fun starts. Let us do a line or two and then take over my sweet body. Feel me and run your hands down my body and touch every part of me that you wish to chat numbers

Daddy and I stay in our room while he takes out our play time snacks to start partying! We do it together and lay as he strips down my skirt, then my lacy bubble gum pink panties. Next he takes off my short shirt that barely covered my tits. He loves how perky they are when he rubs them and tweaks these sexy nipples with his long fingers that slide down my body and he pushed them into me. I can not help it but to moan out loud when he pushed into me. He covered my mouth out of dominance.

Finally he leaps on top of me, spreading my legs apart with his knees. I needed and wanted daddy’s cock inside on me so badly, I was desperate to have him deep inside of me. He wrapped his hand around my throat and thrusted inside of me hard and fast ready to fuck my brains our into the bed. I was screaming and moaning daddy’s name out so loud and already so close to edge but he told me no and made it worse by rubbing my clit in circles! After what felt like hours daddy finally let me cream and squirt all over his hard daddy cock. I made sure to lick it all up!

Phone Chat Numbers Daddy's Girl Jordan

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Phone Chat Numbers BBQ Style

Phone Chat Numbers

We all know you’ve got a favorite collection of phone chat numbers to call, but I’m about to blow your mind and mix it up on you when I join those ranks. I’m the BBQ and that’s not barbecue though I love sucking the marrow from ribs, if you know what I mean. BBQ stands for Big Beautiful Queen and that’s what the fuck I am. I can guarantee that I’m the best BBW bitch there’s ever been.

My last caller is addicted to the timbre in my voice and the way I squirt for him, so I get him all the time. But that bitch is boring and I need some fresh meat in my life. Is there someone you could recommend for the job in pleasing a BBQ slut with a dripping wet chubby cunt?

Big Beautiful Queen, Wynona

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Phone Chat Numbers And Subby Cunt

Phone Chat Numbers

Take the evening off and relax; dialing my phone chat numbers ensures you’re going to receive the most exquisite sexual services. My fuck holes are prepped and ready for usage, Sir. Be it stretching or fulfilling those dirty rape fantasies, I’m prepared to be your punishment pony, Sir. Tonight you own me. All of my toys and my instruments of torture are available for you to implement the strictest bodily assault you know.

I have gapers, giant dildos, nipple clamps, paddles, floggers, wax, needles, and so fucking on. I’m craving a really kinky session with a particularly sadistic man. Could you be the one to bring me to my knees and completely ruin me as a slutty human being? I fucking hope so, Sir.

Subby Cunt, Tracy

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phone chat numbers to make you a pervert for me

Phone Chat lines

It is true. I want you to call some phone chat lines to become the ultimate pervert for me. I want you to be so nasty and vile and want you to cheat on me and make me your  cum dispenser. I don’t care how much I’ve changed. Do it and realize that I will be much happier being a slut than not. Whenever you fuck me, know that I will keep wanting more. I love to get pounded and jizzed on and do several lines right out of your cock. I’m a wicked little cum slut, and I’m ready to get high and drunk and go on a fuck fest with you. Let me bend over so you can slide balls deep inside me. Watch me whimper and beg for more. My ultimate dream is to be drenched in so much cum that I am coated head to toe. How hot will that be? Let’s invite some friends over so they too can have a blast with me and let out all their frustrations on me all night long.


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Phone Chat Lines for the Sick and Perverted

phone chat linesMy phone chat lines are not for the faint of heart. I do not give you the gfe experience. I am not your girlfriend, or your bitch or your bae or your honey. You get the picture, right? I am not some desperate chick who needs a man. I may want one, but I will never need one. I like men as accomplices or victims. It is just more fun to hunt with a man who loves to do bad things to young girls like I do. Foreplay to me is hunting for a tender age victim together. I bet you love the idea of finding a Goth girl sadistic who will let you do anything you want to the tiny cunt we kidnapped. I am not your voice of reason. I am the devil on your shoulder getting you to do what you really want to do anyway. I am no limits or taboos always. I have no conscious. I have been called the female Ted Bundy before. I embrace that moniker too. Just last night, I sacrificed a little whore to Satan. He needs a virgin to bestow favor on me. I swear the reason I have never been caught destroying the lives of tender age victims is because Satan loves me. I do all his dirty work on earth. I will help you do all your dirty work too.

Sick Bitch Venus

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Phone Chat Lines Are For BBW Lovers

phone chat numbersPhone chat lines are the place to fulfill all your taboo fantasies. I have lots of guys who like to call and tell me how they are going to violate all of my curves. Whether they want to tear up my juicy wet pussy or my big fat ass I love to hear all about it. I especially get turned on hearing how you want to have me wrap my big tits around your hard cock and titty fuck me until you squirt your load all over my face. But one I especially like is when they want to talk about BBC. BBC is one of the most beautiful things I have ever laid eyes on. They are so thick and so long and so chocolate. I love to have them anyway possible. Wrap both my hands around them and stroke them until they are nice and hard and then lower my wet pussy on top of them taking every inch of those monsters. They completely fill up my tight pussy or ass bringing me to a quick orgasm. I love the feel of my mouth stretching to get that beast inside my mouth and down my throat where they squirt that big warm sperm. I just can’t get enough of it. If you like BBC or you just like BBW girls, I can’t wait for you to call my phone chat numbers so we can play.


1-800-279-3016 ext 835

phone chat lines make my pussy slippery wet

Phone Chat lines

I don’t really have any limits. None at all, actually. When I talk about phone chat lines being dirty like me, I mean that fully. I am so slutty and don’t mind getting pounded in all my holes, especially if I’m high as fuck. There’s something euphoric about being used and fucked like a whore. I want you to fuck my brains out and claim your territory. Yes, this pussy only belongs to you from now on, even if it is only for the night. Push your cock in me and watch as I lose control and begin to shake and beg you to not stop.

It feels amazing my pussy juices are flooding the bed. I can’t believe how wet you have me. There is a huge puddle of my pussy juice, and I am loving it so much. Lick me and flick that tongue on my clit. You own me at this moment, and I can’t be any happier than you have me fucking like a slut.


800-205-7903 EXT 806

Phone Chat Numbers Of Teens

Phone Chat Numbers
I know that deep down, the phone chat numbers you want aren’t that of some old, used up MILF. You want a hot, tight little body for you to play with. You want a sweet, innocent little girl to take your cock in her mouth and do her best to swallow it whole. You want that girl to be pliable to your will, and have no limits she’s yet discovered. You want to take her hot, young little body and push her limits.

She could be a most excellent fuck toy for you if you groom her correctly. Raise her to your will, and use her for your pleasure. I know from the way you stare at me and my tight teen body that you want a fucking taste of some young bald cunt today! I’m your slutty teen dream, and we know what you want to do to me.

Slutty Teen Dream, Summer

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Phone Chat Numbers Full Of Whores

phone chat numbersPhone chat numbers keep me rubbing my pussy. You dirty naughty men calling me and doing these hot roleplays. So, fucking hot, driving me crazy. Before I answer the phone, I am already stroking my wet kitty cat in anticipation of your hotness. I answer and I can tell you are already stroking. That makes me even more horny. You let me listen to your wet cock and we begin. You tell me you are in the shower as I come home. I hear the water running and as I walk up the stairs, I remove my clothes. I open the door to the shower and join you. You cock is obviously happy to see me as I kiss you and stroke your big thick cock. You turn me around and push me against the side. Then you lift me and ram your cock deep inside my cunt. The water running down our bodies and your strong hands bouncing me up and down. You kiss me neck as you fill my cunt with your warm cum. Then you turn me around and set me on the shower bench and kneel down and lick your creamy cum from my cunt bringing me to an amazing orgasm. So, baby what are you waiting for, give my phone chat lines a call for some fun tonight.


1-800-267-8539 ext 850

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