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Phone Chat Lines for Interracial Cuckolding

phone chat lines

My phone chat lines are for interracial cuckolding. I love to cuckold men with big black cocks. I am in my 50s, but I have enjoyed big black dick since I was a teen girl. My first boyfriend spoiled me, actually ruined me for small white dicks. I am married, but my husband of 30 years is a cuckold and a black cock faggot. He is so well-trained that he brings me black boys to fuck. And I do mean boys. He came home last night with a high school basketball team. Not really. But they were teenagers. He offered them money and weed when he saw them shirtless playing hoops at the neighborhood park. He was certain they would like his sexy milf wife. And he knew I would like their sexy big black dicks. Younger guys have stamina that men my age no longer possess.  Sure, I love black men of all ages, but the older I get, the younger my black lovers get. I just need them young, full of cum and ready to fuck. My husband knew what he was doing. He served his slut wife well last night by bringing me home some tasty treats who could fuck me well into this morning. I had a huge mess for my cuckold husband to clean up too, but that was part of why he wanted me gang banged. He is such a good cuckold.

BBC Whore Vinny

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Phone Chat Numbers for Horny Emergencies

phone chat numbersEvery guy should have some phone sex numbers in his phone. I mean for emergencies only. You never know when you might get a boner and need some release. Let’s face it. Wives are not doing their jobs or there would be no need for women like me. I am a mommy whore. I take care of my husband, but I take care of my sons too. This is my second husband. I have a boy and a girl with him. He loves to watch me get some from our boy. My boy toy husband got a tasty treat this morning. My two eldest boys from my first marriage stopped by. They wanted some mommy pussy. Perfect timing. I wanted some boy cum. I was blowing my youngest when they arrived. Suddenly, I had three boy cocks and three mommy holes. I did not make them wait. Why would I? I mean all women have three holes for a reason, right? I do love some son cum. I got plenty of it too. Sucking a son while fucking two gave mommy cum in all three of her holes. I was dripping jizz from every hole. My husband snapped this picture of my face after our boy shot his wad on mommy. He wanted it for his spank bank. I am a dirty mommy whore, and my phone chat lines are here for your horny needs.

Mommy Whore Nicolette

1-800-248-6755 Ext 801

Top Phone Chat Lines

phone chat linesNot every woman can brag that she works for one of the top phone chat lines around.  I can. I have years of experience in the adult industry. That provides me with an open mind and creativity. I have a nothing shocks me or disgusts me attitude. All the girls that work at this company deliver great phone sex at affordable rates, but I have more than just phone sex experience. I have been a street hooker. I spent a decade in the porn world. I have been a sexy stripper too.  Combine that experience with my family experience, and you will want to save my phone sex numbers. I have 6 sons and daughters, all brought up by daddy and me in the family way. That is why my chat lines are no taboo. I do not judge because my life is not exactly full of stories, I can tell just anyone. Many of my experiences would land me or someone else in jail. But I know I can trust you with some of my dirty secrets. Last year, I got custody of my stepdaughter’s angels. I am the only quasi family she has left. She got busted on her third drug offense, and this time the judge through the book at her. I could let her angels be split apart in the foster care system, or I could take them. They are with me now, but they must earn their keep. Since they are sweet young things still in school, all they can do is please daddy types for money. I have a home brothel. Sex sells. Jail bait sex sells better. I rent them out several times a week and in exchange they get to live in a nice house, go to a nice school, have things other schoolboys and girls have too. They have learned to love being pimped out. It is easy to get manipulate little sluts with money and things. We all would like to live a filthy rich lifestyle. Trust me, I put the filthy in rich too.

Taboo Mom Gianna

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Phone chat numbers are what I use when I am looking for a pervert sissy who will lick my asshole clean. Stick his tongue deep in my asshole and scoop some hot gooey nut out. I need a good sissy slut that I can humiliate and spank whenever I feel like it. You love when I make you wear sissy slutty panties.

Phone Chat Numbers

When my cunt is full of cum you will clean it too and when my boyfriend with a big black cock comes over, you will watch how good I get fucked. I want you to lick his ass and keep him throbbing hard as he fucks me. When he fills my cunt up you know I want you to lick and suck his cock clean before he leaves. You can’t forget about my cunt hole; it needs to be clean too. If I feel like emptying my bladder on you I will, and you will take that golden shower with a smile. That is why you use Phone chat lines to get used and humiliated into your place as a sissy slut. 


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Phone Chat Numbers for P Fun

phone chat linesPhone chat numbers are something you need on hand. While other business have struggled during COVID, the phone bone world has been busier than normal. Guys are lonely and guys are horny. I get it. I am not married, so I have been lonely and horny too. Now, I have sons and daughters and grand angels who can keep me company, but I miss having a man my age to fuck and talk dirty too. I am twice divorced. Neither man would have approved of my incest lifestyle. Now, I enjoy being a dirty mommy and a P granny. But what if I had you to share that with me? That is what I get off to lately. I get to talk to so many wonderfully dirty men who enjoy talking about sweet young flesh. My phone chat lines are no taboo or limits, so men know they can tell me anything. I share my incest experiences. For decades I have been fucking family. It started with my brother in the 70s. I am a grandma now and I have added a lot more family members to my tally. I just wish I had a husband like you who would enjoy being a dirty grandpa. Think of all the P fun with could have!

Sexy Granny Samantha

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Phone Chat Lines For Filthy Fucking

Phone Chat Lines

So you dial up the phone chat lines and end up with me, sexy druggy white trash piece of shit crack whore Amara. yep, that’s my full name! But you can just call me Whore Amara, because that’s what I’m going to be for you baby! I do nasty or elegant, it depends on the drug you’re feeding me. Liquor gets me slicker quicker, but I love a nice long nose candy buzz. Once I’m all doped up the real fun can begin; the type I never remember afterwards. So you want to gape my asshole out until I can’t shit right for six months? I’m totally in to anal stretching! Fist this pussy, fist my ass, and fill Whore Amara up with the drugs you brought for your favorite set of phone chat numbers; Me.

Nasty Mommy Amara

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Phone Chat Numbers for the Holidays

phone chat numbersYou need phone chat numbers this holiday. I have a no taboos phone chat line. I can talk about anything, but age play fantasies are what get me the wettest. I am a dirty mommy and granny. My late husband was a P daddy. I married him when I was 20 and he was almost 50. He groomed me to be his breeding whore. I understood I was marrying him to give him some little ones to play with and I never minded. He rescued me. I was a broke jailbait teen girl living on the streets and in hostels in Los Angeles. I was hooking to survive. He bought me for a night and our love affair began. He made me his porn star muse. Then he made me his mommy whore. We had 5 little ones together. Three daughters and two sons. So, here I am almost 25 years later with a family of teens and early 20 somethings and a bunch of step grand angels. Money is tighter without my husband, so I have been resourceful to keep us afloat. I hooked when I was young and that was on the streets. Things are different now. I can oversee them and vet the clients. They are not hooking on the streets like I was. I invite men into our home to play daddy. I am full of dirty stories. Extreme age play and incest stories I will happily share on my phone chat lines.

Taboo Mom Gianna

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Phone chat lines Sub Mommy

phone chat linesThese phone chat lines give you a bit of every fetish imaginable. Men who need to have a mommy whore who submits to that teen cock often find me willing and waiting to serve a young master. The force and anger of teen boys and mommy whores is what makes my pussy ache to serve. To take that strong, young hard dick and put it through the paces of older women loving on it. Using all my years as a cock sucker and true slut slave to make my very own son happy, cumming, and treated like the King he is! I have begun to crave young cock and masters who are older always have a sensual ride with me. If you have a hard dick and a dominate nature then I will be serving you as the best submissive whore. I am within reach on the submissive mommy phone chat numbers.

Every cock deserves the Golden subby Milf Treatment.

My hairy pussy and wide open throat and ass are yours as you wish. Nipple clamps on my pierced nipples, pussy weights and pussy lip clamps are my main attire for you. I take a paddling to my bare ass just because you want to. Punish me for being a woman, give me you hate for your own mother who didn’t serve you at all. You tell me that I have displeased you in some way. You piss in my mouth and ass and I say thank you! I know that cock and those hands around my throat mean business. Rip my ass open during mommy phone chat. Make me you mommy slave and see how much cock worship you receive. Your pleasure is my only concern, baby.

Submissive Slave Robyn

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Phone Chat Lines for Mommy Whores

phone chat linesPhone chat lines are the best. You can talk to all sorts of women. I am a dirty mommy. I was raised by a dirty mommy. I grew up watching my mother fuck my brother. Ever since I was a schoolgirl, I knew that I was to grow up, have sons and fuck them. Oh, and I was taught to party too. I love being a coked out mommy whore to my two boys. They loved how I was raised too. Last night, I got high on some coke I had stashed for emergencies. I was out of coke and that is always an emergency. My sons reminded me I keep a hidden bump in my cosmetic case. My boys to the rescue. I did a line, and I fucked their brains out. They fucked mine out too. That is what happens when I get high. I become a total mommy whore. I was on all fours getting gang banged by them for hours. I drained their tiny cum filled balls right into my pussy and ass. They fucked me raw. They were super horny too. I love being a druggy mommy whore. I am full of nasty family fun stories.

Mommy Whore Blair

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Subby Life on the phone chat numbers

phone chat numbers Yes, I love spankings. That’s why I work the submissive phone chat numbers. Yes, I love being bitten and marked with bruises. Yes, I want to wear a collar and kneel for my Sir. Master calls me as soon as my Alarm goes off. We talk about the day ahead, random stuff, and sometimes play. By play, I mean he guides my masturbation and makes me beg to come. It’s delicious! I highly recommend it.

He picks out my panties for me each day, sending me a picture of our collection of which ones to wear. No picture means no panties. After I shower, I take a picture of myself in the day’s panty selection. Full frontal picture with my ugly milf momma stomach showing and all.

Then I get on the phone chat lines and submit to a couple different masters each night and morning.

I have also started to compile a punishment book entailing each of the punishments my different masters make me do to myself or roleplay with them. I highlight the ones that I feel have the biggest cum shots and my master looks over them and decides which one he will be bringing into our sex scenes.

Last night I was sleep deprived by worshipping my master feet and anus. My tongue lapping over them each. His butt hole was a little dirty (thank you Chipotle!) and his feet were sweaty after he hit the gym. I was humiliated a little at the tongue bathing after he went shit but he made it up by a good lashing to my back side and a forced ass fuck that finally let me get an hours sleep! I live to serve and make men cum, at no boundaries of my own life! This is good for you because I have many Tales of a submissive whore for you!

Submissive Slave Robyn

(800) 988-2055 ext. 826

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