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Phone chat lines with mommy

phone chat lines

I am in my bed naked as can be. I thought it was a perfect night to pleasure myself. I turned on some hot porn and started to fuck my pussy like crazy. I was dripping down my hand with how wet I was. I looked to my door and to no surprise my oldest son was standing there with his cock in hand.

I could not say no to him when he insisted on coming over making mommy feeling good. He took his long swollen cock out and put it right In front of my face. His balls were so tigt and full of cum. I sucked him down my throat while I rubbed his balls.

I needed my sons cock. I begged him to put it inside of me and stretch me open, pounding away at my pussy hole. I know he can fuck me until I am squirting all over him.

Phone Chat Lines for Kinky Sex!!

If you know anything about a mommy whore, I’m betting that you know that there are no limits to what we will get into. Phone chat linesThe other day, one of my youngest had a friend for a sleepover. I knew she was over, and I knew that my sweet one would treat her well. What I didn’t expect was to walk past the bathroom door semi-open, and find them kissing and fondling each other in the shower. At first, I walked on by. But, my curiosity got the better of me, and I found myself walking back and watching them. That girl’s body was so ripe, thick, juicy. I had to touch myself watching, because she really was gorgeous. She reminded me of the pin-up girls from old magazines. My hand was in my panties, fingering my cunt, when my daughter called out for me to come on in. I was humiliated, but I did go in. Her friend opened the shower door and invited me along.Phone Chat Numbers I climbed in, knelt down, and immediately buried my face in her sweet little cunny. My daughter’s hands found their way down to my ass and patted it. I lifted my ass into the air, and fingers slid over it, into it. They both started massaging my cunt and asshole as my tongue traced patterns over that little girl’s yummy pussy. Our little love session lasted at least an hour, before the water started getting cold, but I definitely enjoyed myself!

Phone chat lines with Zita and Alex

Phone chat lines

Alex and I love to fuck. I mean its no surprise there. The taboo things we have done to each other, and to others is so naughty! I don’t think it’s even legal to list all the twisted things we have done. Last night we made this guys our bitch. He moved in to the apartment above us. He was pounding his feet as he walked around. I got tired of it. Its like he knows when Alex or I are about to cum. The pounding makes it slip away. I am tired of being twat blocked by this asshole. We went upstairs and he let us in. That was his biggest mistake. Letting to twisted sisters in his house. We ended up staying all night. Punishing him for stomping around up in his apartment. We fucked his ass hard. We made him lick our pussies. We used him as a fuck toy. Every time he was about to cum Alex or I would squeeze his balls so hard that his hard cock would go limp. We used him all night. His balls are so swollen and big. We wouldn’t let him cum at all!

Phone Chat Lines For Therapy

I’m a sex therapist on these phone chat lines and I love assisting my clients. I’m a pervert also so there is no need to feel embarrassed about your sexual turn ons and desires. My mind is open to listening to you and finding what you need to ensure that you get fulfillment.

We can take it slow and build up our relationship as a client and therapist. Or if you wish and know what you need we can get to it and get you off in the kinkiest ways that our perverted minds allow us to explore. I want to hear your excitement, and I love draining those balls as I know just what to do.

The perverted phone sex I offer is by far some of the best fucking you can get on that side of the telly line.

Phone Chat Lines

Teen slut Phone chat lines

Phone chat lines

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. The last thing I wanted to see was Cara wearing my favorite teddy and panties! I was so pissed off at her I lunged at her! I was on top of her trying to rip off my teddy when our Phone chat lines started ringing! I reach over and grabbed the phone, pushing my pussy into Cara’s face. The way I was sitting  on Cara’s chest was perfect for her to have my pussy and she got a very evil smile as I was taking this guys info. She wiggled underneath me and started licking my little pink pussy! Her face was buried into my pussy and I started to forget about her stealing my favorite teddy! She licked and tongue fucked my pussy while I billed his card! We were hot and ready for our nasty caller! 

Call the Twisted Sister’s Phone chat lines!


Phone chat lines

Have you ever called one of our Phone chat lines? We are the twisted sister’s looking to share a big thick cock and some yummy golden piss. We have no taboo’s! We are sister’s who love each other and really love incest fucking! You found us so why don’t you use us? James used us just yesterday. He used my sister Alex and I as his personal toilet. We followed him around his house for hours. Begging for his piss and shit. Begging for him to fill up all of our holes with his warm golden piss and hot smelly brown shit. No limits means no limits. We don’t hold back. I love to finger fuck my sister’s shit and piss filled pussy till she squirts her pussy juices all over me. We will do anything for your cum load! After James empty his bladder and bowels on us he fucked out tight dirty shitty filled pussies. Making us his shit loving cum whores! 

Sexy photo shoot with Cara and Tara!

Lesbian phone chat

My sister Cara and I love to show our Mommy and Daddy how much we love them by sending them naughty pictures throughout the day.. We can not get enough of our mommies kisses on our little bald pussies and the way daddy pounds our tight little holes with his big cock! Makes my pussy wet just thinking about it. That is why Cara and I decided to set up a little photo shoot and send the naughty pictures to mommy and daddy. We wanted them to think about our tight bald wet pussies all day while they were working. I love taking pictures of Cara but what I loved the most was licking her pussy, making her pink pussy all wet for the camera! I love feeling her moan as I lick and suck her pussy and push 3 fingers into her tight little pussy hole. She loves getting stretched open and filled all the way up with daddy’s cock I knew she would love my fingers inside of her. I started finger fucking her so hard we had no idea that mommy and daddy had come home. We were playing and licking each other all day long!

Good morning!

Age play fantasy

I woke up this morning with feeling so fucking good. I was having the best sex dream and just as I was about to cum… I opened my eyes to see my naughty sister Cara licking and sucking my tight pink pussy until I came all over her face. I wanted and need her even more right then and there. She came up to kiss me good morning and I flipped her over. She bit her lip as I sucked on her tiny little pink nipple. Teasing her by nibbling her nipple then sucking it nice and hard while teasing it with my tongue. My fingers found their way past her white cotton panties and into her warm wet pussy. I started playing with her clit, feeling how warm and wet she was… I just had to lick her tiny little pussy! I slowly kissed her down her belly to her pussy. I licked her through her panties and finally pulled them down to lick and tongue fuck her pussy and asshole till she came all over my face.. That is a great way to wake up!

Why my mommy had to spank me..

Spanking phone sex

My mommy always has my back when it comes down to it. 

But when I disobey my mommy she punishes me in so many ways. 

I was told to clean my room and make it spotless before mommy got home. 

I had all day to clean but I got distracted. 

I found a pair of my mommies thong panties in my room. 

Her panties were crusty and smelled so good. 

I was home alone and Mommies panties looked so pretty. 

I got naked and put mommies panties on! 

I felt so naughty wearing her dirty panties, I started rubbing myself just like mommy did when she thought she was alone in her room. 

There I was laying on my giant pile of dirty laundry. 

My legs spread wide open and my fingers deep in my wet bald pussy. 

I was sniffing and huffing on my mommies dirty crusty panties and cumming so hard!

I opened my eyes to see my mommy in nothing but her panties, rubbing her pussy. 

She smiled and told me I was such a naughty little girl… “Bend over daisy and let me spank your ass… One spank for every time you have cum today!” she was softly rubbing my bare ass as she was scolding me.. “Naughty girls like you need to be punished for not following the rules.. 

How many times do you think mommy should spank my bare bottom?? 


Judge these Sister’s in a Pussy Competition!

2 Girl phone sex

Daddy has always loved the two of us so much! 

But some times I feel like Daddy love’s Cara so much more than he love’s me!

Daddy comes home from working all day long to two very loving young ladies. 

We always want to make sure Daddy is happy!

But Daddy seems to have his favorite so why does daddy need me too?

I know I am being a little brat, but ugh I want daddy to cum inside of me too!

I want to feel daddy blow his load of my unborn brother and sisters deep inside of me! 

Why does Cara always get Daddy’s cum shot inside of her?! 

I have tasted Cara’s pussy to see if she taste’s better. 

I have smelled her, licked her and finger fucked her and she looks, tastes and feels just like me. 

Once I started bleeding every fucking month daddy stopped cumming deep inside of me. 

Now he only fills up Cara’s pussy with cum ALL the time. 

He only cums inside of me when I am bleeding.

Please explain why daddy doesn’t cum inside of me like he does Cara! 

Will you cum inside both of us so we can figure out who’s pussy is better?!

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