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Phone chat lines with hot slut Tasha

phone chat lines


Hot, adult phone chat lines are the best way to meet wild sluts for a naughty time. I’m a dirty little slut and everyone knows how I love to get freaky on the phone. Last night I took a call and fingered my gushy pussy while my brother was in the room with me. I told him that he better stay quiet if he wanted to jerk his dick and watch me. He sat on the edge of the bed and watched while I got dirty with my caller. I got so turned on by teasing him and talking to the sexy daddy on the phone. I worked my fingers on my clit so hard that I made my pretty little pussy squirt all over my brother’s face! He stroked faster and couldn’t help but let out a little moan as he spurted cum all over his hand. My caller heard that little sissy moan and wanted to hear him lick up that cum shot! He knew that if he didn’t, he was in big trouble for making noise while I was on the phone! That cum slut sissy boy licked his own creamy cum wad off of his hand for us. That kinky old man on the phone had never cum so hard as he did on that dirty call with me and my sissy slut brother. I’m glad that little bitch was in the room to play with us.


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Phone Chat Numbers Of A MTF MILF

Phone Chat Numbers

I know you’ve been seeking the phone chat numbers of a special sort of gal; one with a giant cock! You can’t fool me, man meat. I see the way you’re staring at my crotch now that I’ve unveiled my little, or should I say throbbing and dripping ten inch, secret. There’s nothing wrong with liking a little Trans cock, though you and I both know you like this huge thing more than a little. Penny for your thoughts? What are you thinking about?

Is it the way this delicious lady dick is going to fill your throat as I force you to swallow it? Is it how I’m going to taste in your mouth, oozing pre cum and then spurtingGiantess Phone Sex hot loads of deliciously steamy semen in that slutty oral fuck hole of yours? Perhaps you’re too wrapped up in the thought of what I’m going to feel like when I finally get tired of your games, bend you over, and force this mushroom head of a cock right up that little asshole! I’m going to make sure I stretch you out so good, you’ll never shit or sit right again.

Open wide, baby. Use your lips, your tongue, your throat, those hands. make me blast a nut in your mouth. I want to watch you swish it around real slow, like a delicious baby gravy mouth wash. I teach my young ones how to be like me, too! They will love to see you snowball that cum load from my cock in your mouth. You’re sexy, and pathetic. So call.


TGirl MILF Raina

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Phone Chat Numbers BBW

Phone Chat Numbers are a great choice for fantasies. Many men fantasize about raunchy and easy BBW sluts. My name is Shelly. I may be short and curvy, but I am a filthy little cum whore. Haven’t you just fucking wanted a one night stand with a filthy big titted slut that just craves that cock and everything that cums out of it? Yes Everything!

You should also know that I am one dirty slut that loves to give a good face sitting to perverts. You love to eat ass, and boy do I have a juicy ass for you! I will bounce on your cock and these Big bouncy tits will have you mesmerized. On the contrary I know my way around that big cock of yours. You know you have a big cock and many girls can’t handle it. Well all I can say is that’s what you get for going for those little girls.

Phone Chat Numbers

So, if it’s a really good time you want this curvy slut is going to blow more than your mind! If it’s laying back and enjoying the verbal manipulation of that throbbing hard cock that makes you cum then I can assist. Some of the hottest fucking lovers of mine get me off when we talk dirty together. I’m addicted to my hung lovers as much as they are to me.

Some of the hottest calls are me sucking that cock like my life depended on it

I like to think I am giving you CPR with my great big tits being your oxygen. If you have a big enough cock to fuck these tits then we will certainly be making a mess all over them, won’t we? I’m a complete cumslut. My enjoyment is that jizz plastering my tits. You should be aware that the Kinky phone sex is my favorite foreplay to fucking my lover.

Sexy BBW Shelly

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Phone Chat Numbers Mommy

phone chat numbers

I’m kind of hoping that today, someone calls my phone chat numbers and wants to hear how I turned my fucking bratty young ones into cum sluts.  They kept hearing noises coming from my room at night and one day, one of my daughters asked me what I was doing in there. I sat her down and I told her that mommy was getting fucked and sucking cock. She asked what that was and I told her that the next time one of my boyfriends came over, she could just come in and watch. I mean, it was about time for her to start learning anyway, and who better to learn it from than her whore mother?

So she came in and my fuck buddy and I started doing our thing and I looked up to see how she was handling it, and she was rubbing her little pussy. I told her that if she wanted to come over and join in, she could. She was a little shy at first, but then I guess she got too horny to stay away. I got down on my knees beside her and helped her learn to suck dick. That’s not all I taught her and my other brats, but you’ll have to call me to hear about it.


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Phone Chat Numbers and a Bottle Of Pills

phone chat numbers

It’s your favorite phone chat numbers slut, Silvia! I have to tell you about the good time I had the other night. I got all hopped up on something and invited some of my favorite fuck buddies over. I don’t even know what I took – I just found a handful of pills in the drawer in my nightstand and took them all. By the time my friends got to the motel room where I live, I was soaring high and ready to do anything they wanted me to do. But that wasn’t much different than any other day because I’m a whore – I’ll do anything, anytime.

I don’t even know how many men were in my motel room, but there were enough of them that I had at least a cock in each of my three holes and one in each hand for basically the entire night. I actually think that there was some kind of open-door policy going on and men were coming and going all night long. I remember one part of the night when two guys decided they wanted both of their cocks inside my cunt at the same time. Mmmm. That made me cum really hard. If you want to know more, just dial me up, baby. I’ll tell you everything I can remember.


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Phone Chat Lines Are For Naughty Men

phone chat numbers

If it wasn’t for my phone chat lines, I wouldn’t be able to connect to people like you. Seriously what is a horny girl supposed to do? Naughty phone sex, that is what. Everyone is stressed with a house full of little ones and maybe even a nagging wife or girlfriend too. You can’t just go grab a drink or even go to the gym. So baby, know I am here for you. I love when you call me, and I tell you exactly what I would like to do with your big thick cock. How I would love to lick your shaft and suck your balls before putting that big beast deep in my mouth and sucking you off. Or maybe you would like to hear how I would spread my legs and you could pound my juicy wet pussy. I love to hear you moan and my pussy gets so wet when you start breathing hard. I stick my fingers or a dildo inside of my cunt and fuck myself as we get off together. You can call me from your office, on your commute or if you are home you can even sneak into another room. However, you want to do it is fine with me. I just want to make sure that Daddy is happy and well taken care of. So just call your sweet little sex kitten Evaline on my phone chat numbers and let me satisfy you. I will be waiting for you love.


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Phone chat numbers for hot sluts

phone chat numbers

You might think that all phone chat numbers are the same but they are not! Sadly, not all phone services offer no limit sluts like me and the other whores you’ll find here. If you’re looking for boring, plain old vanilla phone fucking, then I’m not the slut for you. I love being forced to my knees and having your hard, throbbing cock shoved down my throat. You can treat me like a dirty little slut and do whatever you want with me. Bend me over and let all of your friends have a turn with my tight, hot fuck holes. I’ll amaze you with how many huge, sticky cum loads I can take! I’m even down for a little warm, golden fun! I’ll be the freaky little piss slut you never knew you needed. Together we can have lots of naughty, wild fun! I don’t stop until you’re finished using me. Whatever your fantasy or kinky desire, I will make damn sure we don’t end our call without me draining your balls! I’ll be rubbing my soaked cunt and waiting to talk to you baby!


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Phone Chat Lines Are Full Of Nasty Girls

phone chat numbersPhone chat numbers are how you reach those dirty naughty girls who are just waiting for you to call so they can have a little fun.  Anna is one of the kinkiest sluts you can find. She is a mature woman who likes men of all ages. She loves taking advantage of those youngsters, teaching them how to please a woman. She also loves a mature man who she knows how to please. Luckily for some of you she is also an Aunt who has her sweet nephew and niece around to play with too. There is nothing too taboo for her and she is ready, willing and able to play out your darkest desires and fetishes.  If you want some bdsm action, I have an entire drawer of butt plugs, dildos and vibrators that we can use when we play. Did I mention I have a paddle or two also that I can also use? So, baby what are you waiting for, just pick up that phone and give my phone chat lines a call and let’s play together.



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Jaguars Call My Phone Chat Numbers

Phone Chat Numbers

Admittedly, when I’m not talking to sexy panthers and jaguars who call my phone chat numbers, I’m off being a party girl slut. I study so fucking hard, so when I have some down time and I don’t have to work, I dress myself up and head down town. I’ve learned that sometimes less is more when it comes to clothes. I’m a huge fan of sexy ABC orgies. What’s ABC? It means Anything But Clothes! We can “wear” something as long as it isn’t an article of clothing. I usually choose to just go naked, though. It takes everyone by surprise, and shows the hot cocks in attendance exactly what I can offer them.
I like older men, that’s true, but sometimes young guys just scratch a fiery itch mature cock just can’t touch. There’s something hot about cocky douche bag cock, especially when the cock lives up to all the shit talking the fuck boy attached does. Drunk frat party sex makes me wet, and I love taking multiple cocks in a night. I’m young, and hot. I get who I want, and rarely have to work very hard. Especially when it’s just me, standing there naked in a pair of heels.
They fall on me, bees on honey; that’s what my sweet young cunt tastes like, and these drones just couldn’t resist getting a long taste. Sometimes, when the boys buzz around me annoyingly, I’ll grab another sexy girl or two, and show them what a real lover feels like. I eat pretty kitty cats as well a I suck cock, and I never get any complaints from either! The party slut life is for me, and I’ll keep having fun as long as I can. I’ve got an event tonight, and I need a hot stud date. Know anyone? x

Age Play fantasy

Sweet Slut Summer

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Phone Chat Numbers Are For Bad Bitches

phone chat numbersPhone chat numbers are for those little men who need to be dominated. The ones exactly like you. The ones who are in charge of businesses and departments and need to be brought down. That is what I like best, when you call me and think you are still in charge. You aren’t? I am. I decide what you will do. I decide how things will happen. You will worship me until I decide you are worthy. But once I decide you have pleased me then I will take good care of you. I can wrap my beautiful lips around your cock and take you deep. I am not a little girl; I take you all the way down. I won’t even gag and choke, just suck you until you blow your load. Perhaps you want a go with my perfect pussy? Let me spread my legs and let you have a go at my soaking wet pussy. Glistening and inviting and irresistible. You almost cum as you stick that beast inside of me. I grasp your cock with my pussy and milk you. Perhaps you are an ass guy? I am a total anal whore and will gladly turn over and spread my ass cheeks for you. Fuck me hard love as I get off looking at the gape in my ass. So, if you want some fun my phone chat lines are always open.


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