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Phone Chat Numbers are where you find a big dick slut. I get to find daddies like mine. My daddy worships my cock all night. The first time he snuck into my room I woke up with my girly cock in his mouth. “Let daddy worship your girly dick, please” daddy begged as he kept sucking my cock. It felt so good that I just nodded my head.

“Daddy will make your girl cock feel so good, just lay back” he said as he jacked me off. After some sucking and stroking of his tranny daughter’s cock, my pre-cum started to drip out. Therefore my daddy scooped some with his fingers. I watched as my daddy bent over and spread his ass. Then he rubbed my pre-cum juices on his daddy hole. As I watched fully hard and stiff, daddy slid his ass on my cock.

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“Daddy will show you how your ladycock should be worshiped” he moaned out as he started to take every hard inch of my girldick. I just let daddy fuck himself with my cock. But once he was sitting right on it, I start to fuck him right back. I push my dick back inside him as he slams his ass back down on me. Daddy started to moan so loud I thought mom would hear us. Finally my girly balls tightened up and I filled up my dad’s ass. When my daddy felt it he sprayed his load so hard it hit him all over his face. That is why I use Phone chat lines to find daddies like mine.



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Sexy teen chat p-mom will tell you stories.

Sexy teen chat Sexy teen chat p-mom will tell you stories. Next thing you know they are lining up to hear what a naughty sexy p-mom has to say. “Baby, don’t lose that number.” After all I like to chat, and the lines are open. Come listen to me tell you how it all began. Now some like to gloss over the beginning but at the same time remembering how it all started is some of the most erotic stories.

To begin with it was a nice sunny day. My eldest at the time was going to be starting school. Now as a good mom I didn’t want her going away to school with no friends. What kind of mom would that make me? Correct, not a very good one. Now it must be remembered that at this time I was not a p-mom. Just a regular mom.

At the party I suddenly found myself getting wet. All those tight little pussies. The bikinis of the teen. Budding breasts. Little nips. To be sure I was not the only one noticing. In due time it was obvious that numerous others were watching them as well. For me it wasn’t only the teen girls, it was also the boys. Generally speaking, they like to wear baggy shorts for swimming but alas some wear speedos.

All in all, it whetted my appetite. Needed some more. Found the Phone Chat Numbers where I was able to meet others just like me. Now I have many that I get to masturbate with in a group, tell the stories of all the conquests. Including the first time I fucked a young teen. That pussy was tight, and the cock was ripe for the sucking. 😊

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Teasing phone sex will put you on edge and under my control

Teasing phone sexI am a Teasing phone sex slut that will have you on edge as soon as you hear my sultry voice… There is art in seduction, and I know exactly how to take advantage and gain control of your mind body, and soul. For me, you will be willing to do any and everything because you wouldn’t want to risk not having access to me anymore…

I will soon be your Phone sex addiction, the Nasty freak that comes to mind whenever that cock of yours needs relief. For every good behavior you shall earn a special treat, whether it be a Sexy ass pic, a pair of my wet panties, or the bliss of being able to hear my sloshing wet pussy.

You will crave my Big bouncy tits, and there won’t be a day that you go without the thought of me… If you are married you will just be stuck taking the risk, if you are single you won’t be anymore. My body belongs to you, the sensuality is what keeps you coming back for more.

Somehow I will manage to have you enjoying sex with me through the phone more than sex in your own bedroom. That will always be a mystery but men like you love a tease, the thrill of the unknown… Cum, join me for the Girlfriend phone sex experience you’ve been yearning for.

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Phone Chat Numbers are where you find the nasty pgranny you need

Phone Chat Numbers are where guys find a granny to help them be the nasty pervs they want to be. “Come into grannie’s room and pull your cock out” I say to you as I play with my cunt. That’s because I like to see a young cock  getting stroked for me. You know the drill.

Therefore you jack off right away. As I watch you I get a bright idea. Then I come back to the room with your little sister. “Undress and get on your knees,” I instruct you to do. Just like you, she has been groomed to do as I say. “Open your mouth” I say as I grab your little sister’s head and push it down on your cock. Once you feel her little mouth on your young hard dick, it gets even harder.

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You want to do nasty things. Granny just flipped the right switch inside you. After a bit more of the cock sucking show I was getting, I pushed my fingers deeper into my cunt. “Bend over for your brother” I moan out. That is when you see your sisters pussy right at your grasp. Just like you needed grandma pushed you to the limit you need. Therefore you push your cock deep in your little sister’s pussy.

I play with my cunt hard to the nasty family show I have set up right in front  of me. “Pound her until you drain your balls deep in your little sister’s bald cunt” I moan as I cum all over my fingers. “Granny I’m ready to cum” you moan out too. Finally you empty your ball sack inside your sister just to give your nasty grandma a show. Phone chat lines are where you get a granny to push your perv button.



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Phone Chat Numbers Incest Pamela will tell stories.

Phone Chat NumbersPhone Chat Numbers Incest Pamela will tell stories. First things first. These stories are loaded with incest, inuendo, nasty, and dirty play to name a few. Dial the number be greeted and get to the nasty fun. To begin with the birthdays. A celebration of life. After all we celebrate the birth, the years, and finally morn the death. Even in death there is pleasure and fun to be had.

First, we have the birthdays, now every birthday we like to throw a very big party. Get a bouncy house, corn hole set up, among other games. The next thing is we are always naked. It is like Caligula has come to our parties. It is one big orgy fest of kink and fun. All ages are included. The Age play fantasy of taking them still in swaddling. Lick the pussy, have the hot dog in a bun, such sweet appetizers for the main course.

Go from the weenie to the brat. All things considered, no one is the wiser when you are referring to foods, games, and pinning the tail on the donkey. Play a game of old maid and see how wrinkly and worn out it is. Swapping partners, relatives galore to choose from.

It’s important to realize that everyone can contribute something. No matter the size and if you like milk be sure to find the lactating booth. Lots of sizes. Lunch will be served.

To sum up, it is a blast for the party, and everyone has fun to the last drop. Until no one can continue, and we are all sated. Come to the party. See for yourself.

Dirty Girl Pamela

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Phone chat lines are my go to for creampies

Phone chat lines are where daddies find slut like me. My pa used to play with his little slut every night. The first night he filled me up is why I love cum loads. “Open your mouth for daddy and show him you want to make him happy” my daddy whispers to me. Yes I do. Therefore I opened my mouth wide. As soon as my mouth was wide open, daddy stuffed his big rod deep down my throat.

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It was so big it made me choke a bit, but daddy just kept fucking my mouth. Soon as I started to taste salty juice, daddy pulled his meat out my mouth and laid me down. After undressing me, daddy kissed his way down my young slim body. After pa got in between my legs his tongue explored every inch of my cunty. His hand was stroking his meat hard and I couldn’t stop grinding on his mouth.

“Feed daddy” he said right into my hole. My body tightened up and I started to squirt all over my papa’s mouth. Right then he stood up and rammed his big meat in my little hole. It only took some hard pumping before I felt his meat swell up. “You have made daddy very happy” he moaned as I felt lots of pumping inside me. That was the night I fell in love with cum loads inside me. There’s a reason why now I’m addicted to Phone Chat Numbers that get me to bid load daddies.



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Big bouncy tits on a Nasty freak with a Sloppy wet pussy

Big bouncy tits My Big bouncy tits are ready to give you a titjob… On my knees with my Big tits planted on your lap and my jaw dropped to stroke my tongue through your piss hole is how I plan on spending my evening. I want you to shoot the Biggest cum shot ever, all over my Gigantic tits, and then bend me over and pound away at my Sloppy wet pussy. My pink nipples are percolated, drag the head of your pre-cumming cock across my nipples and smear all of your cock juice on them.

My Sexy breasts are big enough for me to pick up and suck the sweet treat you left piled on my nipples for me to eat. My mouth is watering for a taste of your throbbing hard cock. No lubrication needed, my Teasing phone sex techniques will have you overflowing with precum to the point it’ll feel just like my Wet bald pussy. I know exactly what to do and say to that cock of yours…

Every man deserves a Nasty freak who will ease their balls by any means. I am here to serve you, and pleasure you in any which way I possibly can. hearing you grunt and cum hard is what makes me feel pleasure. I love knowing that I can mind fuck you so good that your cock explodes. Use me as your release, have your way with any hole of mine that you desire…

Let’s have Phonesex without any limits!

Nasty freak Audrey

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Phone Chat Numbers is where pretty toes get covered in jizz

Phone Chat Numbers are where I find some money daddies who will spend anything to bust their nut. Last daddy I played with really loved my feet. He wants me to try on all the pretty heels he buys me with his help. First he will rub my feet all over while giving them little kisses. He really likes smelling and licking my feet before putting on my heels. “It is extra to put your mouth on me” I say while winking. After he sent me a transfer I knew he was serious.

Phone Chat Numbers

“I want to use your feet tonight anyway I want to and I’ll give you anything for it” he said firmly. Since he spoiled me and gave me what I wanted, he can do whatever with my feet. After he pulled his cock out of his pants, he continued to lick and suck my toes. Finally he couldn’t hold back anymore. “Bend over for me sexy slut” you ask of me. After I bend over you have a full view of my cunty and pretty feet. I feel you align your hard cock in between my feet. Then you use my feet to stroke your cock.

“Play with that cunt baby” you moan out as you fuck my feet. You even start to finger fuck my ass whole pounding my pretty feet. The sensation is too much for my body to handle. My pussy starts squirting all over your face like a spraying cat. “Yes drench me baby” you scream out as your cock starts spraying my pretty feet. After they are covered in sperm, you rub all your gooey nut on them. That is why Phone chat lines are perfect for nasty fun.


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Phone chat lines open me up your Submissive cunt Venice.

Phone chat linesPhone chat lines open me up your Submissive cunt Venice. Pressing your body in between my legs. Using a cunt opener. Listening to it click open one snap at a time. Baring my ass. Spanking it good and hard. Making it as red as my outfit. Blending them together. Teasing me with all the toys at your disposal. Get me all hot and bothered before finally putting you cock deep up into my cunt.

At the same time as you are fucking my cunt, using a mouth separator and having me be face fucked over and over. Butt plug inserted. All in all, my holes are filled and cum is covering your cock. Wanting to cum out of my ass.  Face fucking gaging on the cocks as they force themselves all down my throat. Cum and piss down my throat.

Use me, tie me, it doesn’t matter what it is that you all want to do to me for I am obviously you submissive cunt Venice and you commands must be obeyed. Let me get sassy and then then you will have the Spanking phone sex. Blistering my ass with a hand, paddle, crop, among many other choice weapons you may use.

No sir, not telling you what to use. Just offering a little advice for some hurt worse than others. All though get me wet. What toys will you be using on me?

Submissive Whore Venice

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Phone Chat Lines Let You Talk to Sexy Shemales

phone chat linesAre you looking for phone chat lines with sexy shemales? Look no further. You found the sexy shemale of your wet dreams. Most men never realize I have a big panty surprise for them. My 10-inch hard cock both wows and scares me. I know what you are thinking. How could a man look so pretty like me? You look at me and have no clue that I have a cock bigger than yours. And it seems unfair, I know. But I work hard to look this good. And to look passable. Straight men love me. Yes, I said straight men. Gay men like their men to not look so feminine.

I have one married man, who calls me weekly. He tries to fuck his wife, but he needs my something extra to cum. My hard cock up his ass certainly does the trick. He is a closeted cock lover. Are you? Do you find yourself surfing the Internet for shemale porn? It is okay to admit that my she-cock makes you hard. I am unique. With the exception of my big cock, I am all woman. I have nice breasts and long legs. Long hair, an hourglass shape, manicured nails and toes, and an ass you can bounce a quarter off. When I am in your arms, or your ass, you know you are with a feminine creature.

You Can Talk to a Sexy Shemale Whenever You Want

Like any one of my married callers, my dick will make you feel good. But I understand I am a fetish or a fantasy or even a novelty for most men. Most guys cannot leave their families for a special girl. However, when you call my phone chat numbers, we can explore anything. I can be your hot special side piece. I love to make a man suck my cock. And I love to pop a backdoor cherry. I love to give you hot loads of cum too. Stop fighting your attraction to sexy shemales. Buy yourself a dildo or borrow your wife’s, get a bottle of lube, and call me.

Sexy Shemale Carla

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