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Phone Chat Numbers Slut Toni

Phone chat numbers

I do love being a taboo whore but, there is just something special about being a phone chat numbers slut too! It gets me so fucking wet and dripping knowing I can be a daddy’s little teen slut. To be used as a cum dumpster like how I watch other sluts on the daily. My nipples are hard from how aroused I am and I am going to see daddy tonight! How about you join us? I can see how hard your cock is right through that underwear. Nice and stiff to see me get used! I went straight over as soon as his wife left for her twelve hour night shift as a nurse. I came over dressed as his sexier, sluttier nurse and got to my knees to help him get out his nine inch cock. He likes my teen cunt better because, I am tighter, newer, and much better than his dumb wife. I take his cock into my mouth and he likes that you are here watching me take care of him. He may even let you join us. Watch as I swallow him down my throat and take out your cock too baby. You come over and I start to rub your dick. I pull him out of my mouth and take you down my throat instead. Tonight I want to feel two cum loads stuffing me full. More and more cum in my teen pussy from both of my big, hot, and horny daddy cocks! I swallow you deeper down my throat and massage your balls with my tongue while my other daddy rips my nurse skirt and rams his nine inch cock deep. I can feel both of your cocks pulsing and getting ready to blow both hot and heavy loads into the teen body!

Phone Chat Numbers Slut Toni

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Phone Chat Numbers Ashley

Phone Chat Numbers

I love to be on phone chat numbers because it really lets me express myself and how my pussy feels about all different kinds of things. From kinks to fetishes alike and all of them in between! Last night I met a daddy cock that wanted me to be his nasty teen, big titty slut! I invited him out for drinks but, it was not long until my pussy was begging for him and for us to go home, and get lost in my bed sheets. So I dragged him right out of the bar and did not stop touching him from his neck down to his thighs the whole way home. His cock was hard, begging to be let out of those jeans. He was covered in tattoos and has dark cropped hair with big gym man muscles! I wanted this man to throw me around like his slutty rag doll! We reached my place and our tongues met instinctively as we made out on our way inside. We burst through the door, slamming it back shut with my legs wrapped around his waist and grinding against him. He walked us to my bedroom to throw my ass onto the bed. Moans escaped my mouth as he ripped off my skirt and my black, lacy panties. With my shirt already off, his clothes came next! He was stripped in seconds and down he went for a nice, long taste of my pussy. He feasted on my cunt as if it were his last meal. It wasn’t until I was moaning, screaming that I was about to cum that he shoved his cock deep inside of me, to the hilt in one long and thick thrust. It made me cum all over his dick and he pounded in and out of me until he came shortly after!

Phone Chat Numbers Slut Ashley

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Phone Chat Numbers

Phone Chat Numbers

I like letting daddy and his hard cock friends use me! Today, they are celebrating a few birthdays and I was invited! Daddy and I went into the backyard of the place and all of them were so excited to see me! I was the present and I was for everyone to share today! I was in a little yellow bathing suit that barely covered a thing and they gave me a few shots to warm me up, to get me started! I got to my knees pretty quick because as the alcohol worked my body, my pussy got wetter and wetter. I started off with a few older cocks sitting at a table playing poker by sucking off their cocks! I used my mouth and one of my hands while my other hand worked my little, wet cunt! I bobbed my head up and down until I tasted those warm cum shots hitting the back of my throat! I went across the back porch to find a nice, sexy, young couple probably my age! I offered to eat the girl’s pussy and I ate her so well while her man came up behind me and fucked my cunt that was still wet and dripping, needing to cum! Lucky for me while I was making her cum, her man made me cum! Then, all of a sudden I was surrounded by a bunch more cocks! It was time for the birthday boys’ surprise gangbang on this slutty body! I got to my hands and knees and took a cock down my throat as some hands started to feel up my little tits. I felt another cock slide right into my cunt. I can feel him thrusting his hips up into my pussy and another cock starts to occupy my ass hole!

Phone Chat Numbers Slut Belle

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Phone Chat Numbers Georgia

Phone Chat Numbers


As a phone chat numbers slut I feel so good giving myself out to all of those super hot and super big daddy cocks. I can really take as many as needed and it also matters on where I go to take a cock or a few! I wanted to take at least 5 today so my manager set up a meeting in a small bar. There was a sign near the drink area with a bunch of things that could be done to me if people paid money for it! Such as strip me, play with my tits, finger me, fuck my mouht, cunt, and ass! Certain prices for certain thing. I walked in with my manager who tied my hands behind my back and a crowd immediatelly circled arounf me. Someone paid to cut off my shirt and all of a sudden there was a line of men and women readt to grab, play and toture my tits! Then off came my skirt and hands were shoved into my panites, I loved when the women paid for a few touches and wouldl use their skilled fingers on my cunt to make me scream, a few even allowed me to cum! Then my panties were ripped off and I was bent over the bar where a few more hands groped at my ass and touched all over my wet cunt. I felt cock after cock rubbing against me. I didn’t even see who paid for fucking me but I felt the first cock enter my cunt and gave me a good, hard fucking against the bar. Cum load after cum load made its way inside of my cunt. I felt a girl moaning against my cunt as others cheered her in to clean the cum out of me! I loved how her face felt agaisnt my pussy!

Phone Chat Numbers Slut Georgia

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Phone Chat Numbers Kelly

Phone Chat Numbers

Your phone chat numbers slut is me today baby and I have to tell you that I am so excited! I want to tell you about the last sexy and fun roleplay I had! I was his little submissive slut and he was my dominant and scary Master. I love to push and tease him and I end up paying for it later of course! He gets super hard for taking my breath away. I invited him over to finish my punishment and he backed me into a corner with a throat around my neck. He loved seeing how red my face would get and the fear in my eyes knowing how wet it made me. This only made his cock grow harder! It twitched against my thighs and he lifted me to my toes with his hand around my throat with a strong grip right before dropping me to the floor. I was coughing and trying to catch my breath when he grabbed me by my hair to drag me into the next room where I laid out all of his supplies. It was only a rope and a hard pair of metal handcuffs. He knows how I love marks on my body. He swung the rope over a beam and began to make the noose for me. It was wrapped around my throat and my please began right then as I realized what he was doing! but, those please fell to deaf ears as he raised me up enough to cut off enough air supply to watch me suffer. I hear the flick of a switch blade and my eyes grew wide in surprise he stalked up to me like a predator. “I want you to bleed for me…you’re going to cum on this knife or else you will be bleeding for me.” He demanded. I tried to speak but it came out as just gasps for air as I felt the handle of his knife at the entrance of my pussy.

Phone Chat Numbers Slut Kelly

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Phone Chat Numbers For A Brother Fucker!

Phone Chat NumbersI’ve been a whore for my big brother ever since I can remember! Ever since I was very young my brother has been coming into my room at night to make me suck his cock. I loved watching filthy movies with him and eventually he showed me how good it felt to take his cock. One day my brother decided it was time for me to learn to take multiple cocks so he invited his friends over to hang out with me. We watched some really dirty porn while they stroked their cocks, my brother told me to strip naked so I did of course. All four of his friends were fascinated with my tight little pussy, they took turns touching me and licking me open so I could fit their dicks inside. My brother fucked me first, he couldn’t believe how tight and obedient I was, then all his friends shoved their cocks in my hands, down my throat and even in my tight little asshole! They had the best time stretching me out and I loved being my brothers little cum whore!


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Phone Chat Numbers And Phone Chat Lines For Sexy Role Plays

Phone Chat Numbers are fun to be on when you are pregnant and have big bouncy tits. I have a hot oven cunt now and big lactating tits. My hormones have me horny all day and I just want to hear a really good Age play fantasy.

Phone Chat Numbers

I want Sexy role plays about a mommy getting her cunt licked by a little slut with Tiny tean breasts. I want to turn her into a lesbian who needs to feed on wet mommy pussy all night until I squirt in her face. Then I want to bend her over and smell her tiny teen cunt and ass. I want the pure smell rubbed all over my face before I lick her small pussy hole. Then like a good little whore for mommy she will take my strap-on cock. I want to watch my big mommy dick disappear in her cunt, while I rub and tug on her Tiny teen breasts. It gets her so wet and begging mommy to let her cum. Before she cums i rub on her clitty and finger fuck her ass. I want her to only want mommy and be my little lesbian whore. Then make her get on Phone chat lines and make her get men off while I watch.


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Phone Chat Numbers Slut Lauren

Phone chat numbers

As a phone chat numbers slut I have gotten so used to men bowing down to me but this time he made me get onto my knees for him. Adam is just a hot, tall, kinky glass of water I think made for me. I keep running into him at places like the store or at the library and it can’t be a coincidence, right? It was when I ran into him at the bar and invited him back to my place that I let my pussy get wet without the humiliation of it. We had a couple drinks on my couch when I crawled into his lap and kissed him. I felt his cock grow under his pants just for me. He twitched with the need to be set free and I let him. I dropped down to my knees and opened my mouth to take him down my throat! His precums tasted sweet on my tongue! I licked around and around to massage his cock with my tongue and his groans made my cunt grow even wetter. I ripped off my panties and jumped back into his lap to start riding his cock! I massaged his balls with my hands moving them around to get him to release all of that cum that had built up for me. I want to feel his hot seed drip into my cunt and I want to feel it leak out of my pussy! I work him up and down using my walls to clench around his cock again and again before he finally let go! All of his hot seed poured into me. I told him it was his turn to make me cum. He got to his knees and put his mouth on my clit! He licked and sucked until I screamed for him!

Phone Chat Numbers Slut Lauren

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phone chat numbers daddy loves them

phone chat numbers

Daddy owes me a lot for my conversation with my friend Rory. Ever since I can remember, he has had an infatuation with us. He wants pictures of us in the orange grove near our house. The fact that daddy has a p-cock is no surprise, but daddy enjoys fucking my friends and me. It hasn’t been so easy making so many girls fall for our family antics, but for the most part, it has been fun.

I’m always ahead of the game, so daddy owes me big time for this fantasy to come true. All the phone chat numbers he has called talking about my friends and me, I deserve a boost in my allowance.

Natalie: Look, Rory, my dad finds you pretty hot! I can’t get him to stop talking about you.

Rory: Really! Do you think I’m hot?

Natalie: Of course I do, [Smiles and giggles] Rory! You are the hottest girl in ballet class.

Rory: Nat, I think you are [Reaches in for a kiss]

[Natalie & Rory make out]

Natalie” Rory, let us do a photo shoot with my dad at the orange grove.

Rory: Okay, if we are together, we can kiss a lot more.

Natalie: let’s make my daddy  pcock happy

Daddy will have a blast fucking spinners like us!


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Phone Chat Numbers Harmony’s Teacher Pt. 2 Final

Phone chat numbers

My teacher wanted to spank me for dressing like a slut and would not hear me out about my dirty laundry! He bent me over his desk and got a full view of my panties. He was quick to pull them down and I knew my pussy was exposed. He laughed at me when he saw my pussy lips glistening for him. He rubbed them up and down with one, sometimes two fingers to get me going. His fingers played with my pussy so so slowly. He had me begging and whining from how wet I was. The air hit my exposed pussy making my clit and tits hard as fuck for him to enjoy the view. I heard his pants unzip as he came up behind me and the first swat came down on my ass. My scream echoed through his office! Another smack came down soon after. “Sir, please!” No, he wouldn’t listen! More spanks for me and my poor, poor ass. I squirmed while I was bent over his desk for him. I wanted to cum for him nonetheless. His fingers played again and he made fun of me for how wet I was. His cock was n my face right after that and I got to sucking him off so he could slip right into my tight little pussy. It hit the back of my throat eight times before she walked behind me and looked at my sweet cunt. He rammed himself inside me! I screams in pleasure and pain as he pumped in and out of my tightening pussy. He was behind me, pounding with his dick as I help onto his desk to keep from falling g. I screamed louder as I came for him and all over his cock. I loved how his hot cum flowed inside of me!

Phone Chat Numbers Slut Harmony

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