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Ageplay Fantasy Will Make You Explode

ageplay fantasy

Guys love using me to live out their ageplay fantasy. I have the sweetest voice and the tightest young little body that they just can’t help but let their imagination run wild when they look at me. I know it too and I make myself look like an eager young whore that is hungry for cock. Ever since I was a young girl and all my Daddy’s friends couldn’t stop looking at me I knew that I was a total fucking whore. I loved the way men stared and how easily I could make their cock twitch and ache for me. Even the married men just couldn’t help themselves, they just had to get a chance to fuck my tight wet little pussy. It makes my pussy start dripping just knowing that I’m the tiny young thing you just have to have and don’t worry, I never say no to an opportunity to cum all over a nice thick cock.

Sniff my nasty panties.

phone chat numbers I know how much daddy loves the smell of my used panties. So I wore mine all weekend. The little cotton crotch was almost stiff with pussy juice and dried cum. I put them to my nose so I could smell myself. There was a faint hint of urine and I could see just a smudge of shit where I didn’t clean my asshole very good. Or maybe daddy had just fucked my booty hole too hard and it leaked a little cum and poop. Anyway, I was sitting on the toilet taking a pee and kicked my undies off unto the floor. I knew this would get daddys attention. I giggled as I imagined him with my panties on his head, sniffing my secret smell. His hand would be on his cock as he licked them. And being the good little daughter I am, I’d be waiting in my bedroom with no panties on under my nighty. I knew my daddy would be coming in for a little goodnight kiss. I’m such a naughty girl. Wouldn’t you love a pair of my dirty panties for your very own? Just ask. I’ll send you a nice crusty, gooey pair. Mmmm. They smell so good. Please fill them with your cum, daddy.

I’m the girl of your dreams!

teen sex blogI am the girl of your dreams! Wanna know why? Cus I am young and tight and super cute… plus I just LOVE daddy cocks! I will be a good girl for you too daddy, I will suck that big ole dick all the way down my throat and let you fuck my mouth till you are ready to stop! And I will do all that without ever complaining too! I love doing what I am told to do and making you feel good, it is all about you daddy, I promise. I will let you fuck my tight little pussy too, I love the way it feels to have a huge dick in there stretching me out! Plus I love it when you fuck my but too daddy, I know how to relax and let you slide the whole thing deep inside there. I’ll even suck it clean when you are all done! I will be the good girl you need daddy, I promise!!

Young and NO LIMITS!!!

phone chat numbers (2)

You look up phone chat numbers and you see me looking back at you. I bet that alone gets your cock twitching! You thought you might find some real sluts and whores, and you were far from wrong. I may look like I am all sweet and innocent…but I know EXACTLY what it takes to please a man. I enjoy getting my pussy and ass fucked like the whore I am, so I pride myself in having no limits. That’s what it takes to be a good deserving whore, you have to be willing to do whatever it takes to please a man, no matter the fetish. Most things get my cunt dripping wet anyway, if you know what I mean. I really am a nasty freak of a teen, it’s kinda hard to believe seeing how I am just barely 18 years old! But it’s true, I’ve become the cutest little cocksucking slut you’ve ever laid eyes on…and no worries I PROMISE you don’t need to see my ID!

Her Sweet Young Cunt

Mommy phone chatThat young body is so hot, with those tiny teen titties and her little tight pussy. I get so turned on teaching her all the ways to please a man and work his cock. Watching her taking a huge cock in her young mouth and attempt to take it into her throat makes my pussy drip. Your hard cock would stretch that pussy so much. It would feel like velvet wrapped around your dick.. Her wet cunt sucks your cock in, knowing it belongs there but fits so tightly around you, it is like a hot wet vice. As you fuck her, you feel those pussy muscles contracting around you, attempting to milk your cock of all your precious cum. You want to put a load deep inside her teen cunt, don’t you?

Of course, Mommy isn’t going to be left out. While you are fucking that sweet young pussy, I’ll be riding that pretty little face. She is an expert pussy licker. Mommy taught her that first. I’m a greedy Mommy and I must have my pleasure as well.

Pregnant phone sex with Sidney


Pregnant phone sex

My daddy and my brother turn to me every mother’s day. They are looking for a woman to comfort them. See mommy left a while ago. She didn’t love daddy the way he needed to be loved. That’s why daddy started having me suck on his cock before mommy even left us. Once she left daddy knew it was time. He knew how much I loved stepping up and sucking on him like mommy did. He knew he could lay me down and kiss my bald cunny. spreading those little lips apart and licking me. Getting me ready for his daddy dick. He would stick his tongue deep into my little hole stretching me open and making me cum in his mouth! This mother’s day I hope one of them fills my bald pussy up! I stopped taking my birth control!

Naughty Babysitter Phone Sex with Makayla

phone chat numbers MakaylaI love Babysitter Phone Sex. Making the men I babysit for beg me for my sweet pink juicy goodness makes me blush! Something about my sexy tight body and my innocent face, makes a grown man want to do things to me. A married man who has never looked at another woman will see me an want to make me take all of his cock! Every last inch of his big thick grown man cock in to this tight wet pink pussy! My pussy is so tight you will get addicted to me. You will zone out and think of my sweet young voice moans as you push that big cock in and out of my pussy. Now what are you waiting for? Call me soon..

18 & EXACTLY What U Need!

age play fantasy

I think I’m pretty cute…and addicting. That’s what all my callers tell me. My sweet young voice is something that simply can’t be replaced. No one else can sound as young and naughty as me! I mean, look at me…I’m such a tiny little thing, I know I can barely pass for 18! Someone like me needs to be fucked super hard, taught how to suck a cock all the way down my throat…have my holes completely violated and make me beg for it while we’re at it…mmm you know that’s what I really want! Is that what you want too? A girl that can be any age, do that ageplay phone sex fantasy that’s been on your mind…don’t worry I’ll show you that even a young girl like me can get the job done! A mere 18 year old certainly isn’t the kind of girl that you thought could take care of your cock but I know EXACTLY what it takes to please you, to drain those horny fucking balls. Hehe!

Teasing phone sex with Makayla

Teasing phone sex

The moment you saw me you knew I would have a little gooey bald wet pussy. Your cock must have told on you. There was no way you could hide that cock, let alone stand and move. You sat there watching my every move. When we would make eye contact your cock would throb. You just knew the way I moved, I was just teasing you. You thought I knew you had a Rock hard throbbing cock under that table. How was I supposed to know some creep like you was watching me? Your mind is racing and you just can’t shake me out of your thoughts. You have been fallowing me and watching me for a few days.

Teen sex blog

Tonight is the night you finally take me. You follow me down a dark street, you wrap your hands around me covering my mouth so now can hear me scream. I feel like knife against me neck. Your cock was throbbing so much you couldn’t think straight. You continue to scold me as we walk to your car. Your hot breath in my ear as you tell me that you can’t hold back anymore. You are going to fucking teach me a lesson for being a dirty fucking whore. I tried to run and you hit me on the head. I laid there not moving as you rip my panties off. Once you cum inside of me you realized I didn’t learn my lesson. You knocked me out, now you have to wait until I wake up again to teach me my lesson again and again until your cock doesn’t fucking throb anymore. This time I won’t be able to run away.

Kinky phone sex

Im The Kinky Phone Sex Slut 4 U!

kinky phone sex (18)

I am the kinky phone sex slut for you! I am willing to do whatever it takes to take care of your cock. You know that I am that girl. This blonde hair and this bald pussy are just waiting to be abused. Come up behind me and grab a fistful of hair and slam that cock into one of my unwilling and unknowing tight holes. My ass and my pussy need to be violated, and they need it bad. They need all that cock you have to offer. I am such a tease, walking around in my slutty clothing. That’s what you can do…teach me a lesson in dressing like a whore. I know you want to make me take your dick, in the most hardcore and rough level. I know you want to fuck me like a slut, make me taste my ass on your cock. Gagging and choking on your dick and soon your cum…are you ready to do just that to me?

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