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Phone Chat Numbers with mommy and her strap cock

Phone Chat Numbers with a mom slut is what some sissy bitch boys need. Sometimes you need mommy to put you in your place. “Come lick this pussy sissyson, mommy has a cummy mess”. since i have trained you very well you know to right away start licking me. “Scoop the left semen out of mommy with your tongue baby, just like I taught you” is what i say as i hold you by the hair against my cunt. As you lick my insides, it starts getting me wet and horny too.

Phone Chat Numbers

Then I got a great idea. I have a new double sided dildo, that i can use to fuck you and fuck my mommy cunt at the same time too. “Does mommies little sissy whore need some fucking?” is what I asked you as I started to put it on. “Yes mommy please my sissy boycunt needs fucking”. Those words send shivers to my cunt and got me ready to fuck my sissyson. “Bend over and spread your ass cheeks”, is what i said as i pushed my mommy strap cock on your tight son booty hole.

As I felt my strap cock push inside you, I felt it push deep in my mommy cunt too. Then i knew if i fucked you hard that i would be pounding my own cunt that way too. So I started pounding your boy cunty harder than I ever thought I could. With every thrust inside you i got fucked harder too. “Mommy I am going to cummy”, you say as your little dicky clit squirts all over the ground. I don’t stop until I push on my gspot and boom my mommy pussy squirts all over my sissy offspring. That is why Phone chat lines are where to go when horny for mommy.


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Phone Chat Lines for Family Fun

phone chat lines

Phone chat lines let you explore your kinkiest family desires. I am a sexy mommy and granny. But I did not used to be so comfortable in my skin. Once upon a time, I married a Mormon man and led a quiet, boring, conservative Mormon life. Then the bottom fell out and my son and daughter grew closer in a taboo way. Their sexual awakening with each other, turned into my sexual awakening. They were teenagers. However, I had just turned 40.

Now, incest sex made me a grandmother. And not just once, but twice. I understand the joys of family fun now. Also, I am understanding why so many men love those young pussies and some even love those young cocks. On my phone chat numbers, I do not discriminate. Personally, I think bisexual people enjoy life more. Once I started fucking my son, I soon began fucking my daughter too. Now that I have a grandson and a granddaughter, I cannot favor one over the other.

This mommy loves family fun. I have real experiences too. So, do not feel bad about wanting to explore your age play fantasies. I understand that most women do not feel the same way about family fucking as I do. If your wife would never let you explore your daughter’s cute holes, find a woman like me.

Taboo Slut Victoria

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Phone Chat Lines for Sissies and Femboys

phone chat lines

Phone chat lines for sissies are what I have to offer. I am a dominant woman who specializes in femboy training. When I was in my 20s, I supported myself by being a professional sensual dominatrix. I spanked men and pegged them too. Occasionally, I dressed them up. Then I got married, birthed some little ones. And as fate would have it, my sons appeared to be natural femboys.

My sons still are femboys too. As teenagers at an alternative school, they can be themselves. Having a sissy mom helps too. I can help with wardrobe ideas. Also. I am skilled with a makeup brush. I know how to highlight and contour a face to make it appear naturally feminine. And don’t get me started on what I can do with hair. My sons feel lucky to have me as their mother. So do all my sissy clients.

I can thank my sons for making it easy for me to be a sissy trainer. I love my sons. And I want them to thrive. However, I want you to thrive too. So, femboy, sissy, panty boy or just a cock sucking faggot, my phone chat numbers may be just what you need. I can turn a businessman or a laborer into the prettiest faggot around.

Sissy Trainer Coraline

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Phone Chat Numbers with sexy therapist

Phone chat numbers with a nasty freak like me will have you exploring all your fetishes. Like my sugar daddy who need me to be his sexy therapist. One that helps him through his need of fucking his sister. First I sit in my therapist chair doing my sexy role play. “Tell me what would you want to do with your sister, better yet show me”.

Phone Chat Numbers

Is what I say as I start to undress right in front of you. Then I walk over to you, “come on bro, pick your mouth up off the floor and put it on my pussy”. That is all you have been needing to hear and you put your lips right on my cunt. “That’s is suck your sister pussy like a hungry whore” is all I moan out as I fuck your lips. “Now fuck your your sister’s pussy like have you have been wanting”.

Finally, you get what you have been wanting, and you stand up and show me how hard your sister makes your cock. As you slam your cock in my wet cunt, you ask me to beg for you to fuck me. “Please brother pound my cunt I need it”. That is all you have been wanting to hear and you lift my skirt and ram your cock in my wet coochie. I make it disappear as i fuck you and help you work through your fantasies like any good therapist would.


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Phone Chat Numbers for Taboo Fun

phone chat numbers

I love when men call my phone chat numbers. I am a whore and I like to party and fuck. Family fun is what I enjoy most, but when I am horny and fucked up, I fuck anyone. Well, I will fuck anything. That includes any 4-legged best friends. I partied my ass off this weekend with a John who hired me. It is no secret that I am a phone whore and a paid whore too.

This client owns several big 4-legged boys. He did not mention his furry friends when he hired me for the night, but the money he paid for me was too good to say no. Plus, we started doing lines of coke, and I think it was like a high moment for him when he looked at his beasts, and asked me, “How dirty are you?” I got up when he summoned me over and told him that I was as dirty as he wanted me to be.

His four-legged freaks had massive red rockets on them. Bigger than their owner’s cock too.  Perhaps if I had not snorted some primo coke nor needed the money, I would have passed on his request. I mean, I am not a submissive woman. But I am a whore. And whores do what they need to for money.

One of his big beast’s cocks was so big, I could pull it under its legs and still get several inches down my throat. As I sucked on that rocket, it knotted in my mouth.  The hairy big boy grunted and slobbered too. My client jacked his cock watching me in action. However, his other beasts seemed to be watching too. Perhaps, they wanted a turn. I took care of them all. That slimy rocket juice filled my cunt, ass and mouth. My client thanked me for one hell of a nasty show and doubled my price.

My phone chat lines will always be anything goes.

Trashy MILF Lilibeth

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Phone Chat Numbers for buying sexy girlfriends

Phone Chat Numbers is a good place to find sexy bitches like me who will masturbate for you to watch. You love seeing when I spread my pussy lips and start abusing it with my fingers. Don’t you want to fuck this hole baby? This pussy and ass could be yours for my fee. Once you agree to what I want you will get all you want. Lick my cunty hole baby.  Make this pussy gooey and wet. That way you can pound me hard and get your money’s worth.

The fee is worth getting me, because i was the hottie you wanted to fuck but couldn’t. It drives you to be successful and make all the money you need to buy one. The new sugar daddy I met last night was perfect for me. Right away you sent my allowance and extra to buy something sexy to wear. I went shopping which always excites my pussy. Look at your smile and your hard cock as you see me in my sexy outfit. Baby i am so great you are here so i can show you what your money paid for.

Phone Chat Numbers

My pretty lips on my face and between your legs are going to milk you for every drop of semen you have. Then I get on my knees and swallow your cock meat like I am hungry. When I get money it is the only time I will swallow a cock. The way my body and face look, I don’t have to. I can stay the pillow princess I am. It doesn’t take much for me to milk your cock with my mouth. Plus I know I have a whole weekend to use my holes and give you what you have paid for.


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Phone Chat Numbers for Cuckolds and Black Cock Faggots

phone chat numbers

Phone chat numbers let us talk about anything. I prefer to talk to cuckolds and black cock faggots. I cuckold my husband. And he loves it. He did not always love it. When we first started dating, I would not fuck him. Thirty years later, I still do not fuck him. He accepts our sexless marriage. Why? That’s the power of love. My husband adores me. He would walk on broken glass for me. I love him too. I just do not love his cock. Never did. Never will. Our relationship works because he understands my need for big black cock. If you crave big black cock, you are in the right place.

I made my husband a BBC faggot. I can do the same for you. However, you need to want to be a cuckold. I can force you to suck black cock. But it is more fun if you want to suck big black cock. Honestly, nowadays, you cannot be on the Internet without seeing BBC porn. Does your wife crave big black cock? Most mature sexy women do. I fucked my first BBC when I was in high school. Once you go black, you do not go back. Folks say that for a reason.

I never did. My husband never did. Your wife will not either. Even you will be a BBC faggot for life after just one taste of that chocolate cock.. Let me help turn you into a BBC faggot and cuckold like I did my husband. My phone chat lines turn men into faggots for big black cock quickly.

BBC Queen Vinny

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Phone Chat Lines for Any Fantasy You Have

phone chat linesMy phone chat lines are for horny men with any kinky fantasy or fetish. I am a mature sexy woman. That means I have plenty of experiences to fuel your fantasies all night long. I make new ones daily too. Last night, I was home alone and bored. My husband was playing poker with his friends and smoking cigars. I put on some booty shirts and went for a walk. A warm summer night in NYC? Yeah, I knew I could catch some bees with my honey trap. I met a mailman on his last drop. He was young and buff, and he was into my sexy body. He saw the ring, but I told him that was nothing to worry about because I was an independent woman who fucked who I wanted. He came back to my place. I told him even if my husband came home, not to stop fucking me. He is my cuckold. He knows I am a slut. This guy fucked me in every position I can think of. He gave me a better workout than my yoga or Pilates instructors. He was deep inside my cunt. So deep in fact that I squirted. I sprayed my girl juice on his chest and he loved it. My husband did not come home while we were fucking, but I told him all about it. I will tell you all about it too on my phone chat numbers.

Slut Wife Esmerelda

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Phone chat numbers with sexy mommy helen

Phone Chat Numbers are where you find sexy moms like me who love fucking a young hard cock. I will teach you how to get a mommy like me pregnant. If I am already knocked up I will show you what to do to make my mommy cunt squirt. The way my hot pussy oven tastes is better than anything you have tasted before. Once I spread my legs and you see my mommy cunt you want to stick your young black cock deep in it. But first I want you to lick me clean. I just got your daddy to give me a big creampie and I need my cunt cleaned. You lick me up like a hungry animal. It was good it made my mommy cunt come quick. You loved it and it made you excited to taste all that cunt cream. You stood up and shoved your cock inside your step mommy. You didn’t care if dad would walk in and find out you just wanted to cum. You fucked me hard like an angry jack rabbit and when you were ready to bust you kissed me and told me that you hope you can do this again. Phone chat lines are a place you can find mommies just like me.

Phone Chat Numbers


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Phone Chat Numbers for aunty roleplay

Phone Chat Numbers are what I caught my nephew on. He was jacking off with my stockings and I knew he was the one who was taking them and that I needed to show him what to do with a woman. I bent over right in front of him, pulling my panties to the side. I put one of his hands on my knee-high stockings and his face on my cunt. I told him to eat me like ice cream. What a good boy, he licked aunty like strawberry ice cream. That’s his favorite flavor and now aunty was.

Phone Chat Numbers

He started stroking his cock against aunties stocking and it made him lick me faster. The faster he stroked the faster he licked me. It felt so good having my nephew licking me. I started creaming and feeding him my juices. My nephew exploded all over my stockings making a big mess all over. You watched as aunty rubbed your cummy mess into her legs and you almost cummed again. We will save that load for my cunty.


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