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Phone Chat Numbers for Mommy Sex

phone chat numbersPhone chat numbers you need for those fantasies you cannot share with your family. And I think you know the ones I mean. The age play fantasies, the rape fantasies, or even your fetishes like for panties, or your cock curiosity. Most men have things they think about and things they enjoy that they cannot tell their spouses. And that’s why I am here, and women like me.

However, I like to take men down the rabbit hole of self-exploration. A safe space for your fetishes and fantasies. And as a mommy, I know some men fantasize about fucking mommy. However, if they ever said that to their wife, she would likely think something was wrong with him. But not me. I know that men think about mommy. I have two teenage sons myself. And they get to fuck me because I saw my mom fuck my brother. She fucked him for years. So, I never grew up thinking mommy son sex was wrong. But I know it’s taboo. And I just don’t think it’s wrong if everyone wants it.

And teenage boys always want sex. Mommy has big boobs. And she loves you unconditionally. She does not care if you cum quickly or your dick is small. She loves you. And no matter what too. Mommy will take care of you. This mommy does. I take care of my sons and my phone boys. So, if you crave a mommy’s love, my phone chat lines are for you.

Sexy Mommy Blair

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Phone chat lines mommy Valentine catches son.

Phone chat lines mommy Valentine catches son. Now you know I taught you better than that. You should never be jerking without having me around to watch and give you advice. After all I am the one that taught you how to jack it. With your jacking mommy. Let mommy suck and spit on that cock. Tell you like it when I deep throat your cock down my throat. Taking all of you into my cunt.

Bring you back into my cunt. This is where you came out of. You want to go back into the cunt now don’t you. That is right, my boy. Be the good jacking boy. Turn that cock into your mommy’s cunt hole. Fuck me hard and deep. Give it to me nasty like. I know you like it too.  At the same time, you can me sucking my big ass titties like you used to when I popped you out of me.

Push my legs up over my head, cock going into my ass. That is a good boy. This mom likes the cock in all her holes. Better be good and give them to me. I want to feel your balls smacking into my ass. Ankles at my ears. Cock pulsating, skin on skin, driving deep. Cum hard my little demon from the nether regions. Return to the warmth.

Every mom has darkness. See what you can bring out of this one when you are looking for me in the Phone Chat Numbers page.Phone chat lines

Jacking Mommy Valentine

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Phone Chat Numbers with a tight mommy asshole

Phone Chat Numbers are where you look for mommies you can fuck. That’s because you need your mommy to put you to sleep. Your cock yearns for mommy hole. Every time she came.out the shower you wanted to catch her getting ready. Seeing her pussy and butt hole peak through the towel as you jerk off isn’t enough anymore. Even after taking mommies panties and using them to squeeze your cock has only made you want mommy even more. Therefore you wait until mommy is not looking and slip enough extra one of her sleeping pills in her drinks.

Phone Chat Numbers

All you want is to be able to put her down long enough for you to get inside her. What you don’t know is that mommy knows you have been watching her and taking her panties to jerk off. That is why she bends over with just a towel on. I have even played with my cunty and dripped on my mommy panties just so you can find them. Picturing you licking them and using them to jerk off your young cock, gets mommy wet. That is why I pretended to drink it all. After you thought mommy was asleep, you came into my room.

I felt you lay next to me and your young hard son cock poking at mommies butt. You already had lubed up and your son dick started to push inside my mommy butt hole. I tried not to move but my cunt started to get so wet. Thinking I was passed out you grab my big mom tits and start ramming deep in my ass. “Fuck mommy, I have been needing your holes” you moan in my ear. My pussy couldn’t take it anymore, it starts cumming all over the bed. I just start fucking your cock back. “Fill mommy up I moan. With a surprise tone you grunt “you want it mommy, I knew it”. Finally you get to fill me up and your cock explodes inside mommies ass. 


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Spanking phone sex assume the position for Devious Abby.

Spanking phone sex Spanking phone sex assume the position for Devious Abby. As shown above you just need to bare that ass and bend over. Going to spank it until it is red. Use a riding crop on it. Let you know that I am the dominant bitch, and I will be the giantess that will make you shrink until there is nothing left, and I can either squash like a bug or give you spanking enema with my little finger.

You will continue to shrink, and I will continue to spank, control, and be the devious naughty mom that you could ever possibly think of. As long as you do exactly as you are told then your punishment will be one of pleasurable pain. At the same time if you argue with me then you will be punished with a spanking. That is to say I want you to argue with me. Let me spank that behind. Blister it red. Use a crop and know that you have been dominated.

Call the Phone Chat Numbers to get your Devious Mom Abby. You need me to come and punish you. Turn you into my little slave boy. You never know when I will transform into a giantess or you a shrinking violet.  Time to play with me. Call me now or suffer the consequences.

Devious Sexy Abby

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Phone chat lines dirty Granny is here to relieve your aching balls

phone chat linesPhone chat lines dirty Granny is here to relieve your aching balls! Once upon a time this old woman lived in a double wide with many little slutkins running wild. They had no outlet for their energy and the bills were racking up. I knew I would have to resort to selling them one by one, but that money would only be temporary. And in homes who adopt older youngins, they will basically be used as house slaves anyways. SO with the good help of Methany and her boyfriend, I began to arrange dates for my little bebes.

Sure we have all heard of the sellers market for young ass and more, right? But I needed more than crackheads and meth lovers if this ruse was going to work. SO downtown we went in the tiniest clothes to find us an executive with an aching cock for my wee ones.

Phone chat lines dirty Granny is here to relieve your aching balls

We didn’t have to look far as the glances from a couple of men who pushed briefcases over laps in coffee shops told me all I needed to know. Phone chat numbers gave me a big clue early on what to look for when selling my darlings bodies for a couple of hours. I even had cards made up telling men I would clean house and to call me.

Yes I would clean the house and those pipes with me and my slutkinds for a little bit of money. I needed to tire my tylesout and make money to feed and clothe them. And nowhere I am with the next generation with a great client base of sexy p-men who love to destroy tiny ass! All it takes is a dream and some advertising to be the next hottest granny on the block!


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Phone chat Lines have submissives waiting to be used!

Phone chat Lines have submissives waiting to be used! My only duty is to bring out the mean and kinky side from my master!

Sex swings make the best restraints for a subby milf whore like me! Place my ass in a swing of chains and see the nice arch I get when you come to beat my ass. Twack goes the flogger as I swing out and back into the pain. Watch as my ass and thighs become red whelped up flanges. In my restraints I am at your mercy. This is the time when my body and mind feel the most alive.

Sub-space allows me to freely and wantonly do as you need. No thoughts on pleasure from pain. I surrender completely, allowing myself to be subjected to your will. I am your sexy submissive slut plaything, and I am here to please you.

All of a sudden the door opens and I hear men , more than two laughing and ooo and awing as They inspect my whipped frame! How many men have you found for an impromptu slave gang bang tonight? You know my movements are limited and I can only take what is given. And a lot of mena and abusive cock is going to fill these holes with creamy hot cum!

Phone chat LinesPhone chat Lines have submissives waiting to be used!


Master loves to watch as his cock swells with excitement. As a slave, it means I am doing my job well. As a slave, I am trained to please every man who comes into my life as punishment and training. The chains swing as One cock pushes at my pussy hole. In front of me my hair is used to pull me horizontally and a cock is shoved in my mouth. Hands grab me and I am lost in a blur of shackled gangbang whoreness for my master!


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Phone Chat Numbers for Sissies and Cock Suckers

phone chat numbersPhone chat numbers for sissies you can find all over the net. However, not all sissy sites are the same. Some suck. Some just don’t understand your unique situation or needs. And others just think all sissies are the same and treat them equally. However, you and I know that no two sissies are the same.

Some sissies want cock. But some do not. Some sissies want to dress head to toe. However, some just want to wear sissy panties or nothing feminine at all. Some sissies can only fantasize. Whereas other sissies who do not have a family, can be prancing fairy faggots in public if they want.

I understand that no two sissies are the same. And my phone chat lines let us explore your unique situation. I have one sissy who calls me weekly. We have only been able to explore her fantasies virtually. Like many sissies, she does have a great job and the picture-perfect family complete with a white picket fence.

I Can Train All Kinds Of Sissies and Cocksuckers

But this sissy’s wife just embarked on a two-week cruise with her sister. And that gives my sissy some breathing room to explore her cock sucking fantasies. We set her up with a Grinder account and let the men on the down low find her greedy mouth. Last night, she called me with a mouth stuffed full of cock. She told me when the first guy left that he came a bucket load of jizz. And she liked the taste.

My sissy can blossom and finally get some side cock. Now I know not everyone is lucky enough to have a spouse go away for an extended amount of time. But if the wife is away, I think the mouse should play. And the mouse should play with cock and balls. Let me teach you how to be a great sissy and cock sucker too.

Sissy Trainer Coraline

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Phone Chat Numbers with a mom with big tits

Phone chat numbers are where you can find a nasty mommy to take cock in all holes. That is what all young dicks really want. They think about a gooey wet mommy cunt. But just like my son you won’t mind sharing. My son learned that quickly when his friend walked in on him fucking my ass. “Your mom’s tits are bigger than I thought they were” he said as my son kept fucking my asshole.

My son was close to busting inside me. When I felt him cum he was fucking me hard that my tits were bouncing all over. After my ass was filled up all the way, my son kids my neck. “Thanks mommy I needed that” he said. “My turn” his friend said as he was stroking his hard young dick. Then I felt him rub his dick on my leaking ass. “This will lube my dick up” he moaned.

Phone Chat Numbers

After that he pushed his dick inside my pussy. “Maybe I will give you a sibling,” he said as he pounded me. Then my son started sucking my mommy clit. It made me feel so good I started squirting. As soon as he felt my juices his young cock exploded inside me. “Milk me mommy” he moaned. “Let’s see if I knocked your mommy up in a few weeks” my son’s friend said to him while they high fived. I just laid there with my holes dripping with sperm from my son and his friend’s cock. That is why I go on Phone chat lines, it is where all the young guys go to share a slut mommy.


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Phone Chat Numbers for Cum Dumpsters

phone chat numbersIf you are looking for phone chat numbers for cum whores, you are in the right place. I drink more cum than water. Cum does this body good. I needed some of my favorite beverage last night, so I marched my skanky ass down to the truck stop. There are always plenty of men with cum filled balls willing to let an old whore like me suck them dry.

Normally, at a truck stop it is mostly truckers, but my reputation has gotten around and most of the married men in town come by to see if I am handing out free blowjobs any given night. Last night I was on my knees for hours blowing what felt like every guy in town. Why women don’t give head is beyond me.But  I even love to swallow. I hear guys tell me all the time that their wives won’t give them head and if they do, they won’t swallow.

I was Born to Be a Cum Whore

However, I want cum more than beer. I sucked so much cock last night, that I still have gravel imbedded in my knees. Badge of honor of a trailer trash whore. My stomach is extended too because I filled it with so much man sauce. Honestly, I thought I might puke, but I didn’t because I am an old cock sucking pro. A few other gals were down there getting jealous because the men didn’t want anything to do with them. They were half my age and better looking, but what the fuck do looks and age matter if you lack my cock sucking skills.

I can suck the chrome off a doorknob because I am a cum whore It was a great night of cock sucking and cum guzzling. I don’t think any man in town will ever forget my mouth. You won’t either. I give one hell of a virtual blowjob on my phone chat lines too.

Trashy MILF Beverly

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Phone chat numbers Little redhead slut for family fun

Phone chat numbers connect you with sexy young redhead mommies for the time of your life! Get ready to explore your wild and perverted side with this hot and horny redhead mommy. Teen mommies love having widdle baby tots and seeing them get to the age that they are sucking cock and getting fucked!

I love being daddy’s wild child and getting my never ending virginity popped! I can’t wait to get down on my knees and suck your cock until you shoot your load all over me and my little ones faces. Nothing too taboo or crazy for me!
Phone chat numbers

Phone chat Numbers Incest breeder

Can I be your bad girl? Or a very good girl servicing all the family dick and pussy I can?
Yes big man, I am that young kinky mommy of incest bliss you have been looking for! I love all things about breeding too! I long for big whale spouts of daddy cum shooting up into my fertile belly! Oh and I really like being a pregnant little girl for you too! Small body, big lactating tits and young freckled face get you off? I hope so! Smear me with all the baby making juice you have!

Phone chat lines Little redhead loves dirty men!

Phone Chat lines offer a safe and discreet way to explore your wildest Incest, breeder and P-daddy fantasies. There’s nothing I Won’t talk about with you or bring to life as I play with my pretty bald kitty! Daddy, Uncle or brother, you know you all want to play with my cunny a time or three! Little Miss Sonya is always hot, horny and ready to explore the darkest recesses of your incest fantasies. Tell me what’s making that big dick so happy to hear my voice? Create a super sexy Teen sex story with Sonya!

Teen Breeder Sonya

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