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Phone Chat Numbers with nasty granny and her slut brats

Phone Chat Numbers are exactly what I need when I’m looking to find a nasty daddy who pays for young slut brats like mine. Since I’m the Grammy, I do whatever I want with them. As long as there isn’t any broken bones or bruised skin, I don’t care what you do. After you paid me I walked my youngest grandbrat to the room. Once she is undressed, you  bend her over. “I have been needing this” is what you say as you start to sniff her little holes.

Phone Chat Numbers

Your cock starts to rise in your pants as you take every one of her scents in.  All I see is my young grandbrat squirming on your face. That’s because your tongue was starting to flick on her little holes. “Your tender holes taste so yummy” you say as you come up for air. “Are you ready for daddy?” You ask as you pull your leaking and point it to her little asshole.

Once you forced tour pcock inside her deep, you fuck her like a little fuck doll. “That’s milk daddy” you say as you continue to pump your hard meat inside her. after some hard fucking, your balls tighten up. You filled her up so much it leaked out of her little asshole. You thanked me for giving you what you need and I was just happy for the hefty account deposit. Being the caregiver of these slutty brats isn’t cheap. But it sure is fun to watch how they make money for me.


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Phone Chat Numbers are where you find what you need

Phone Chat Numbers are where you find a mommy slut like me. I have a young pregnant daughter and men love to pay for her. It is easy to pimp her out. Her big milky perky breasts drive them wild. Especially the old dicks. “Grandpa is ready to play with you his little slut” he said as he started to pull his cock out. “Open up and suck my old meat” he said as he pulled her milky tits out.

I watched counting my money as he milked her while fucking her mouth. “That’s it little slut show grandpa how hungry you are” he said over and over while rubber her belly and tits. “Bend over and show grandpa that pregnant cunt” he says as he helps her bend over. Right away he started lapping and eating away at her hot over. “You taste ripe and ready for grandpa” he said as he started to rub his cock on her hole.

Phone Chat Numbers

“Wow you are so warm and cooking” he said as he pushed his cock deep in her pussy. As he fucked her he moaned out and rubbed her pregnant cunt. “That cunt feels so hot and ready to give birth” is what he said as he started to fill her up. After he was done pumping every drop of sperm inside her, he said “you are very dilated”. That is perfect for me. I made money and will be a hot granny soon. Then I will be making gold with a little tiny virgin hole.


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Phone Chat Lines Ring in the New Year with You

phone chat linesMy phone chat lines have been popping today. Last day of the year, and every man wants to celebrate properly. I get it too. If your wives will not stay up with you entertaining your more taboo thoughts, I will. Perhaps you are partying. Never a problem for me. I used to party hard back in the day. I have even snorted coke with celebrities at Studio 54 back in 80s.

Now, my grand angels and my offspring get most of my attention. Because I partied in the late 70s and 80s, I was ready to settle down and start a family. Two husbands later, but I have 6 offspring and 7 grand angels. And they all love to fuck me. I am a sexy mommy and granny. I traded coke for weed, and man cock for boy cock.

My phone chat numbers give you all the details of my wicked life. I went from a party girl to a mommy whore. And I do love my family. Everyone will be here in a couple hours so we can ring in the new year properly. As the clock strikes midnight, I will have my tongue buried in a bald pussy and a cock in my ass. And a line of boys and girls waiting their turn with me.

If you will not be having such fun, I suggest you call me, and we can have some fun of our own. I let men just like you join all my family fun.

Sexy Granny Samantha

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Phone chat lines are for like-minded perverts like me, Pam.

Phone chat lines are for like-minded perverts like me, Pam. Now I know you think you are perverted. I don’t need an eggplant emoji sent to me be thinking dirty. Oh, no this pervert will take the simplest little comment and giggle over it. Hehehe…little…short, you name it my mind goes there.

A bridge being called an erection and will stand the test of time. Lol, oh yes I am thinking off all the fun erections I get to play with and they do stand the test of time.

As long as I am confessing how dirty minded I am then I will tell you a secret. Injecting Novocain into the pecker has some very interesting results. The phone chat numbers that are lying around, well call mine and I will tell you what the Novocain in a pecker does. Now I know you are curious. Try it with me.

Better be prepared to be numb and then suddenly it hits you. In conclusion let’s see who is more perverted.  

Phone chat lines

Perverted Pam

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Phone Chat Numbers got you the best orgasm of your life

Phone Chat Numbers are when I found you. You told me that your grandbrat caught you stroking and you didnt stop. “Come over, I have something you want”. Once you walk in I told you that for a fee you have the best orgasm of your life. The curiosity in your eyes showed me you were ready. After the transfer went through I walked in with your price. “This is my grandslut and you will do exactly like you did before”. Then I stare at you straight in your eyes as I undress her.

Phone Chat Numbers

Your cock was already poking through your pants. “Pull your cock out” I instruct you. After I say that you quickly pull it out. My grandslut gets on her knees and you start stroking your cock. I take your free hand and put it on her tits. The precum started leaking from your dick, “open your mouth baby girl”. Soon after that she opened her mouth and I grabbed your hard cock meat. It was easy to guide you into her mouth. “Suck it like a lollipop baby” I whisper to her in her ear.

After a few moments of her sucking on your cock I see your balls tighten up. “Cum in her mouth and feed your grandbrat a big load of semen”. Finally you moan out and I could see your cock pumping semen in her mouth. “Eat it all baby, don’t waste any of it”. “His semen will make you strong” I giggled as I said it. After you pulled your cock out her little mouth, you thanked me for the best orgasm of your life. “I will be using Phone Chat lines to find nasty grannies like you” you joked as you pulled your pants up.


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Phone Chat Lines for Family Fun

phone chat lines

Phone chat lines let you explore your kinkiest family desires. I am a sexy mommy and granny. But I did not used to be so comfortable in my skin. Once upon a time, I married a Mormon man and led a quiet, boring, conservative Mormon life. Then the bottom fell out and my son and daughter grew closer in a taboo way. Their sexual awakening with each other, turned into my sexual awakening. They were teenagers. However, I had just turned 40.

Now, incest sex made me a grandmother. And not just once, but twice. I understand the joys of family fun now. Also, I am understanding why so many men love those young pussies and some even love those young cocks. On my phone chat numbers, I do not discriminate. Personally, I think bisexual people enjoy life more. Once I started fucking my son, I soon began fucking my daughter too. Now that I have a grandson and a granddaughter, I cannot favor one over the other.

This mommy loves family fun. I have real experiences too. So, do not feel bad about wanting to explore your age play fantasies. I understand that most women do not feel the same way about family fucking as I do. If your wife would never let you explore your daughter’s cute holes, find a woman like me.

Taboo Slut Victoria

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Phone chat lines with nasty grandma all night

Phone chat lines are where this granny meets the sissies who will have their wallet taken for their clitty needs. I watched as you looked at grannies oldest boy and your mouth watered when you saw his daddy. You sissy bitch, all you are thinking about is his daddy’s cock in your mouth. That is what tells me you will submit to me. When you walk in, you must give me your wallet and it better be full.

Undress and get on your knees and wait for your surprise. Then you see me walk in with your surprise, It is a big black cock. After I pull the money out of your wallet, I make you start sucking his cock until I am ready for you to do more. As I watch you swallow cock I think about my youngest boy and about the first time I sold him. Money has always been my motivation. So when he showed signs of being a sissy boy, I dressed him up and was able to easily sell.

Phone chat lines

Pdaddies lined up for get a chance at fucking my sissyson. The winner was the pdaddy with the most money of course. Come in and claim your price, remember the only limit is leaving visible marks. He stuffed his mouth with a big cock and filled his belly with semen. Now here you are eating cock meat for me and you gave me your wallet for it. All you needed was motivation from Sissy phone chat to meet me so you can eat the daddy dick you have been wanting and you will pay me anything for it.


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Phone Chat Numbers for Pboys

Phone Chat Numbers are what I use to find boys who need a granny to help them use a small bald cunty. I am a pslut that has little brats to use and they come at a good price.

Phone Chat Numbers

There is no price high enough to be able to fulfill your fantasy that you have had for so long. I make her undress for you and your mouth drops to the floor at the sight of her bald cunty. You want to taste her so bad but not until I get my money transfer. Once I get the notification, you spread her little legs and start sniffing like a hungry animal. Your tongue starts licking her and right away your pcock is in your hand. Psluts like me love seeing how bad you have been needing some ptime. As I play with my cunt I can tell you can’t take it anymore and I watch you force your pcock inside her little flower pot. You fucked her hard and deep, plus the way her face looked when you shoved your pdick deeper and deeper inside her. It made me cum hard on my fingers and it didn’t take long for her tight little pussy hole to milk your cock. That is how i make so much money on Phone chat lines all the boys use them.


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Phone Chat Numbers are where grannies go for customers

Phone chat lines are what this granny likes to use to find perverts who know how to spend their money wisely. What I provide is special and all they have been dreaming about. When I get my money it doesn’t matter what they want, they get to do it. My youngest grandbrat had a long night last night. She is used to being drooled over and played with very gently. But last night she got her small tight little asshole fucked hard over and over she screamed for me to tell him to stop but he paid me very well. I watched as he fucked her little asshole hard and fast. I played with my cunt because there is nothing better than seeing a tight little hole get stretched open by a big hard dick. I spread my pussy open and made her lick my cunt as he fucked her butt-hole. When I heard him moan that he was going to fill her up, I came hard in her mouth. He filled her butt hole up and I could see his big load dripping out of her. Phone Chat Numbers are perfect for me to find wealthy customers.

Phone chat lines


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Phone chat numbers for young cunty selling

Phone Chat Numbers are needed when you know how to franchise a bald cunty. I have learned that a perverted dick loves them and will pay anything to have it. When it is time to set a party up I will always use my pretty grandbrat. Every p-dick likes to have a pre-teeny to use and play with. I will watch and assist. Ill play with my big jugs and I watch you slide up her little hole. It is exactly what you had dreamed of and that is why you paid me. My young grand teeny slut learned to listen and be a good little slut. After I watch you pound her little holes over and over and have her stretched open, I tell you it is bedtime. So you give her the last big load of thick semen cum in her open booty hole and tuck her into bed. I will have to have her sisters clean her up later with their tongues of all that cummy mess you made. That is why Phone chat lines are so good to you, you will pay anything to get what you need.

Phone Chat Numbers


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