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Phone chat lines for submissive slave cock sucking women

Phone chat linesPhone chat lines for submissive slave cock sucking women like me. I have been in slavery to my master since I was a teen. Whores like me are not allowed to have my own thoughts or feelings. As his Submissive whore I am only allowed to obey and please him. Not only that, but I am owned by him.

As A BDSM slave, I love worshiping cock!! yes, I get off on being made to do disgusting things. I love being humiliated and degraded. I love being controlled and told what to do.

He had acquired me at a young age, and as I grew into a woman, my desire to serve and obey only intensified. My master knew how to tease my soul and make me crave his authority. Each day, I would wake up and revel in the thought that he owned me, that he had control over every aspect of my life, from my thoughts to my actions. Sundays are my cock worshiping mornings and Master wants to relax by using me.

This morning is no different! He pulls out his big master cock after I have worked the Submissive slut Phone chat numbers all night! As I drop to my knees, my pussy clenches! Drooling as I stared at the magnificent cock before me, throbbing with anticipation.


Phone chat lines for submissive slave cock sucking women

I knew that my duty was to serve it, to please it, and to worship it with every part of me. With a gasp of pure lust, I reached out, wrapped my fingers around the base of his shaft, feeling the thick firmness aching for this subby whore! As I began to stroke, savoring every inch of his cock against my palm. His eyes shut, and a groan escaped, thereby giving me the encouragement I needed to continue being cocksucking slave!

Sliding my tongue along the underside of his cock, I tasted the salty pre-cum that had me obsessed. MMM,  loved the way it swelled and thickened with each lick, as if it were growing even more for me.You know I moaned as I felt my pussy start to tighten and my nipples harden.Lusting for him to take me, to take all of me hard and fast.All I wanted him to fill me . I will always be his Submissive cocksucking slut!


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Phone chat lines mommy Valentine catches son.

Phone chat lines mommy Valentine catches son. Now you know I taught you better than that. You should never be jerking without having me around to watch and give you advice. After all I am the one that taught you how to jack it. With your jacking mommy. Let mommy suck and spit on that cock. Tell you like it when I deep throat your cock down my throat. Taking all of you into my cunt.

Bring you back into my cunt. This is where you came out of. You want to go back into the cunt now don’t you. That is right, my boy. Be the good jacking boy. Turn that cock into your mommy’s cunt hole. Fuck me hard and deep. Give it to me nasty like. I know you like it too.  At the same time, you can me sucking my big ass titties like you used to when I popped you out of me.

Push my legs up over my head, cock going into my ass. That is a good boy. This mom likes the cock in all her holes. Better be good and give them to me. I want to feel your balls smacking into my ass. Ankles at my ears. Cock pulsating, skin on skin, driving deep. Cum hard my little demon from the nether regions. Return to the warmth.

Every mom has darkness. See what you can bring out of this one when you are looking for me in the Phone Chat Numbers page.Phone chat lines

Jacking Mommy Valentine

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Phone Chat Numbers For Some Dirty Story-Telling Calls

Phone chat numbersWhen you are wanting to tell a story so you call one of our many phone chat numbers to dish the tea.

You’re at a party with your friends when you spot him across the room. He’s older, more experienced, and oh so irresistible. As soon as he notices you staring, he makes his way over to where you’re standing by the punch bowl. His eyes roam up and down your body appreciatively before locking onto yours; it sends shivers down your spine that have nothing to do with fear or nervousness but rather excitement for what might happen next.

“Hey there,” he says in a voice like smooth whiskey on ice cubes melting slowly in his mouth – alluring yet dangerous at once. “You look like trouble.”

Without hesitation, you saunter over towards him wearing nothing but lingerie underneath an oversized t-shirt borrowed from one of your guy friends who doesn’t know any better than to let their girlfriend wear something so revealing around other guys! You giggle coyly while batting those long eyelashes as if daring him not to take advantage of this opportunity right here presented upon a silver platter – or should I say gold? Because tonight is all about being slutty barely legal after all! “So what do you say?” You ask, running your fingers through your hair in a seductive manner. “Wanna have some fun?”

He smirks and nods his head slowly before leading you towards an empty room where music is blasting from hidden speakers. Once inside, he closes the door behind them locking it securely with a click of his finger sending shivers down both yours spines simultaneously! He pushes you against the wall roughly yet passionately kissing along your jawline up to earlobe nibbling softly on it causing goosebumps all over body especially between legs which are already wet anticipating what’s about to happen next…


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Phone Chat Lines for Anal Lovers

phone chat linesAs an anal sex whore, I will put anything up my ass on my phone chat lines. Guys love to hear me masturbate with them. And I am well beyond the dildo and anal beads stage of my life. When I was younger, a dildo in the ass got me off. However, after a few decades of hardcore ass fucking, my butt got stretched out so much, I now require something much thicker and longer to make me cum.

 Of course, my favorite thing to stick up my ass is a huge hard cock, but a huge hard cock is not always available. So, a girl must be creative. I have used a little league baseball bat up my ass before. Even soda bottles. Both were great at the time, but now I need something even bigger. Perhaps, I missed my calling. I should have become an anal sex porn star instead of a phonesex whore.

I am Such an Anal Sex Whore

My first caller of the morning wanted an anal sex whore. And I struggled to find something to use on my ass. But then I saw the wine bottle I finished last night in the trash. And I pulled it out and admired its width. The wine bottle looked perfect. Now, I know what you are thinking. Plenty of women have bounced their asses on the neck of a wine bottle. And I think anyone can do that, especially an anal sex whore like me.

Since I wanted to challenge myself, I flipped the bottle upside down. Yes, the big round part. I oiled it up with some cooking oil, then slowly and persistently worked it in my ass. Not going to lie, it took all I had to work that fat fucking bottle up my ass. But once it was in, I bounced on it like a whore on a big black cock. My ass gaped open afterwards. In fact, your fist and forearm would have fit up my asshole after that wine bottle. The only problem now will be finding something bigger than that to use when you call my phone chat numbers looking for an anal slut.

Anal Sex Whore Lilibeth

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Phone Chat Numbers Save Marriages with Cuckold Therapy

phone chat numbersPhone chat numbers let you tell someone your kinkiest fantasies. Although I can do any type of call, my favorite type involves cuckolding. As a slut wife who is addicted to those big black cocks, I know a thing or two about cuckolding. My marriage is perfect. My white husband knows his place. And he has proven himself to be quite the loyal cuckold too.

However, my guess is your wife has not yet learned that black cocks can make her cum better than your tiny dick. If that sounds harsh, I apologize. I just want to spread the love. And I want all women to have intense orgasms and pleasure. Many women do not know how great they can feel with the right partner. My phone chat lines let me help couples. I bet your wife seems disinterested in sex as she ages. Guys blame that on hormones and menopause. The likely culprit is your underwhelming cock.

Cuckold Therapy Saves Sexless Marriages

Yes. I said it. And you need to take responsibility for your wife’s lack of sexual pleasure too. If your dick is limp or not that big, let some one else step in. However, I am not suggesting she divorce you. Not at all. But I think she will love you more if you suggest she get some big dick. And it doesn’t need to be black. Just bigger and harder than your cock. Maybe a young buck in the neighborhood would suffice. But trust me if your wife never wants to fuck you it might be your cock.

Let me save your marriage with some cuckold therapy. My husband loves me, and I love him. But our marriage works because he wants to see me happy in bed not just in life. And the only way I get sexual pleasure is from big black dicks. I will never divorce my husband. And our marriage is solid because I get the cock I need

Slut Wife Vinny

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Phone Chat Lines Let You Talk to Sexy Shemales

phone chat linesAre you looking for phone chat lines with sexy shemales? Look no further. You found the sexy shemale of your wet dreams. Most men never realize I have a big panty surprise for them. My 10-inch hard cock both wows and scares me. I know what you are thinking. How could a man look so pretty like me? You look at me and have no clue that I have a cock bigger than yours. And it seems unfair, I know. But I work hard to look this good. And to look passable. Straight men love me. Yes, I said straight men. Gay men like their men to not look so feminine.

I have one married man, who calls me weekly. He tries to fuck his wife, but he needs my something extra to cum. My hard cock up his ass certainly does the trick. He is a closeted cock lover. Are you? Do you find yourself surfing the Internet for shemale porn? It is okay to admit that my she-cock makes you hard. I am unique. With the exception of my big cock, I am all woman. I have nice breasts and long legs. Long hair, an hourglass shape, manicured nails and toes, and an ass you can bounce a quarter off. When I am in your arms, or your ass, you know you are with a feminine creature.

You Can Talk to a Sexy Shemale Whenever You Want

Like any one of my married callers, my dick will make you feel good. But I understand I am a fetish or a fantasy or even a novelty for most men. Most guys cannot leave their families for a special girl. However, when you call my phone chat numbers, we can explore anything. I can be your hot special side piece. I love to make a man suck my cock. And I love to pop a backdoor cherry. I love to give you hot loads of cum too. Stop fighting your attraction to sexy shemales. Buy yourself a dildo or borrow your wife’s, get a bottle of lube, and call me.

Sexy Shemale Carla

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Sexy role plays with a hot sexy mom to spank you.

Sexy role plays Sexy role plays with a hot sexy mom to spank you. Now pucker up that ass. Momma is going to blister that behind. On the positive side going to be wearing a killer nurse’s outfit that is nasty naughty. You didn’t listen to the doctor, and it is up to the nurse to dole out the punishment.

In other words, naughty boy, nurse mom, you get the double whammy spanking.  After all it is what you deserve to have little one. Now that you have had your hinney blistered with a paddle, you may get some comfort from your mom while I am still in costume.

Big bouncy tits hanging out. Smother you between them. Pick them up. Motorboat them. Don’t know how just as me. In due time you will see that all our games with my tits, the spankings, among other ones are always fun when we play with them together.

In summary if you are a really good boy then you can even pick the game that we play with you fucking me hardcore any way you please. In fact that is one game I look forward to.

Devious Sexy Abby

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Phone Chat Numbers don’t roll as easily but effective.

Phone Chat NumbersPhone Chat Numbers don’t roll as easily but are effective. Singing the song Jenny don’t change your number is catching. Sing with me now. Popping Cherrie is at 855-733-5746 oh yes, she is. On her knees waiting to play. Play with me. I need to be fucked. I like it when people pop this, Cherrie. Pop me in the ass. Sing me a song of fucking.

Play the Neden game. Tell me what a fat bitch whore I am. Pull my fucking tits down to my knees and watch them pop back up again. Smack that ass at the same time and drive that cock down my fucking fat throat. In the long run you could never love me because of how fucking fat I am.

Rub my cunt. Make me give you a rimming. As can be seen I am good at anything that you want to do too me. Without delay I will cum for you. Have me swallow your cum. All of it. By all means fuck my ass and pull my hair back. Bend me over. Make me do the wheelbarrow. Driving down into me.

Get down and get funky. Cum over and over on my face, tits, throats, and stomach to name a few. Keep going until you are finally satisfied and I have drained you.

Popping Cherrie

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Phone chat lines Fornicating scat loving whore Donna here.

Phone chat lines Phone chat lines Fornicating scat loving whore Donna here. Give me your fucking shit. In fact, fuck me up my ass and then I will suck all my shit, juices, and shit cum off your cock. Shoving it down my throat, be sure to piss down it. At the same time, lick my cunt, my shit hole, give me a fucking rim job. Be sure to throw in a couple of very hard as fuck spankings. Turn my ass red. Leave palm prints.

When I cum it will be a mixture of piss and cum, squirting up into your face. Get as perverted as fuck with me. Single and I love that scat. I will shit on your cock just to gobble it up. Snort, snort, goes the dirty scat whore piggy Donna. Shoving my entire face up your ass. Licking around your asshole. Rimming you for at least an hour. Tongue delving into you. Back out again.

Never getting enough of your shit, cover me in piss. We’ll roll around together in it. Between us we can soak through the bed, the floor, no matter that we have shit and piss in our hair, all along our bodies. Cum on my face. Shit in my mouth. Titty fuck me.

At the same time, I may love scat and piss but a whore is at my heart. Find me on the Phone Chat Numbers for all the nasty, perverted, taboo things you would like to do. No boundaries. Just a whore out to have some fun. No limits. Not married, no worries.

Scat lover Donna

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Phone chat lines Naughty P-Mom with brat stories.

Phone chat lines Naughty P-Mom with brat stories. Now settle in and join in. Need that great big cock to penetrate the tight, bald young pussy of the little brat. No hair. All tight. Has only had the p-mom to play with her. At the same time, you are playing with her, I got her brother just to the left of me and stroking his hard young cock. Let us see how they compare in size to yours. It is just the beginning when you find me on the chat.

You fuck that pussy. Make her cry out. Rub a finger along the butthole. After all there is no tattoo saying exit only. Well, the brat needs to learn what it feels like to have all the holes penetrated. As long as you are occupied with your cock stroking the inside. Knowing how tight it is.

I will just help my young boy brat by sucking his cock and have him take little sissy from behind. No, it must be remembered that I will be behind him helping him. Stroking his balls. Massaging them. After all we want him to cum in that butt hole. We want you to cum in her pussy. At the same time, we want her to cum all over your cock. Soaking it with her juices.

In summary, we are all going to cum together and we are all going to fuck one another. How long do you think you can last? As shown below my Phone Chat Numbers are listed and we are waiting to play with you.

Phone chat lines

Naughty p-mom Melinda

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