Phone Chat Numbers For Some Dirty Story-Telling Calls

Phone chat numbersWhen you are wanting to tell a story so you call one of our many phone chat numbers to dish the tea.

You’re at a party with your friends when you spot him across the room. He’s older, more experienced, and oh so irresistible. As soon as he notices you staring, he makes his way over to where you’re standing by the punch bowl. His eyes roam up and down your body appreciatively before locking onto yours; it sends shivers down your spine that have nothing to do with fear or nervousness but rather excitement for what might happen next.

“Hey there,” he says in a voice like smooth whiskey on ice cubes melting slowly in his mouth – alluring yet dangerous at once. “You look like trouble.”

Without hesitation, you saunter over towards him wearing nothing but lingerie underneath an oversized t-shirt borrowed from one of your guy friends who doesn’t know any better than to let their girlfriend wear something so revealing around other guys! You giggle coyly while batting those long eyelashes as if daring him not to take advantage of this opportunity right here presented upon a silver platter – or should I say gold? Because tonight is all about being slutty barely legal after all! “So what do you say?” You ask, running your fingers through your hair in a seductive manner. “Wanna have some fun?”

He smirks and nods his head slowly before leading you towards an empty room where music is blasting from hidden speakers. Once inside, he closes the door behind them locking it securely with a click of his finger sending shivers down both yours spines simultaneously! He pushes you against the wall roughly yet passionately kissing along your jawline up to earlobe nibbling softly on it causing goosebumps all over body especially between legs which are already wet anticipating what’s about to happen next…

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