Phone Chat Lines for Anal Lovers

phone chat linesAs an anal sex whore, I will put anything up my ass on my phone chat lines. Guys love to hear me masturbate with them. And I am well beyond the dildo and anal beads stage of my life. When I was younger, a dildo in the ass got me off. However, after a few decades of hardcore ass fucking, my butt got stretched out so much, I now require something much thicker and longer to make me cum.

 Of course, my favorite thing to stick up my ass is a huge hard cock, but a huge hard cock is not always available. So, a girl must be creative. I have used a little league baseball bat up my ass before. Even soda bottles. Both were great at the time, but now I need something even bigger. Perhaps, I missed my calling. I should have become an anal sex porn star instead of a phonesex whore.

I am Such an Anal Sex Whore

My first caller of the morning wanted an anal sex whore. And I struggled to find something to use on my ass. But then I saw the wine bottle I finished last night in the trash. And I pulled it out and admired its width. The wine bottle looked perfect. Now, I know what you are thinking. Plenty of women have bounced their asses on the neck of a wine bottle. And I think anyone can do that, especially an anal sex whore like me.

Since I wanted to challenge myself, I flipped the bottle upside down. Yes, the big round part. I oiled it up with some cooking oil, then slowly and persistently worked it in my ass. Not going to lie, it took all I had to work that fat fucking bottle up my ass. But once it was in, I bounced on it like a whore on a big black cock. My ass gaped open afterwards. In fact, your fist and forearm would have fit up my asshole after that wine bottle. The only problem now will be finding something bigger than that to use when you call my phone chat numbers looking for an anal slut.

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