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Phone Sex Blackmail Making You Hard

So your needing something different like some hot phone sex blackmail to really get that cock hard. Your willing to pay me off with tips and Gifts to keep from contacting your Boss, wife, girlfriend and or family? Maybe your willing to disclose some intimate details that I can use against you as I get you off with all the humiliating details your going to disclose to me.

It will cost you big boy, if you want me to keep your secret phone sex needs from those that would not be very accepting of them. Maybe your a mommy’s boy and the thought of a sexy mommy like me controlling you and your wallet is what gets that cock throbbing. I won’t allow for release unless you pay me off to keep from recording and sending the call to your friends/ co-workers, mommy, boss, wife/girlfriend and whoever else we determine you would be mortified to find out about these calls.

Are you needing the humiliation promises to get off?Phone Sex Blackmail

Perverted Phone Sex P Mommy Needs Money

All those interested in perverted phone sex then maybe your the right pervert to be my slutkins’ sugar daddy. The little slut is near as fascinated with fucking cock as myself. Like mother like daughter I suppose rings true here and she can definitely drain some balls with her sweet plump lips.

perverted phone sex

So in figuring the amount of money I am behind on for my rent and nothing for groceries, it looks like I will be throwing another P-daddy pervert party and making a stash to cover these essentials. The party will be a few p-daddy’s I have on my list for these needs. The two of us will be servicing cocks and assholes side by side as a naughty little mommy – daughter team. Join the fun and see how sweet my little dolls cuny truly is and how good that p-daddy cock will feel inside the tight bald pink sluthole.

Phone chat lines

phone chat lines

It was really sweet and fun the first time I took advantage of my son. I left my door open and I had my pussy spread open wide. I was rubbing away at my sloppy wet pink pussy. I was so soaked, hoping that he would see me. My trap worked where he walked in and was in amazement.

I let him know that mommy needs to be taken care of, and of course my sweet night and shinning armor was right there to learn how to lick my pussy. His cock was so throbbing hard. It was begging to be put in my mouth. He wanted to nut instantly but I didn’t let him.

I edged that cock making him hold that load of cum in his heavy cock until I was ready to have him penetrate my pussy. I was going to pop his cherry and take his v card. He slid his cock inside of me and it came almost natural to him to thrust hard and deep inside of me.

Ever since then I have been getting cum load after sticky cum load from him.

We had the best day

phone chat numbersWe had the best day today, I took the boys out to the park and we spent the entire day being dirty little perverts all day long. I had a nice long summer dress on and my boys took turns crawling up under it to lick my juicy pussy and it was amazing! It was so hot that I was feeling that sweet mouth on my pussy in a totally public place, no one could tell that I was cumming so hard! I can’t believe that I didn’t scream and make a scene it felt that fucking good. Of course, I had to return the favor so I climbed up to the top of the covered slide and sucked both their little dicks… I almost got caught when some other brat came up there but all I had to do was suck his cock too and he kept his mouth shut. All in all, it was a pretty great day!

My Phone Chat Numbers for No Taboo Fun

phone chat numbersPhone chat numbers can vary. They can vary in price. They can vary in taboo. They can vary in girls available. There are lots of factors that can affect your phone bone experience. Take my phone chat line, for example. No one but me will ever answer my line because I do not work for a dispatch company. My company doesn’t play the bait and switch game. This is my direct line. I am a mature woman. A dirty mommy to be exact. I am a far cry from a hot teen slut, so be prepared for a sexy mature voice. I have the voice of experience. I am an incest sex mommy too. That means I am a no taboo mommy. We can talk about anything from my incest experience to your incest experiences and anything else taboo or extreme that gets your cock hard. I have decades or dirty stories to share with you. I even create new ones daily because besides being a dirty mommy, I am also a sexy MILF. All the young boys in my neighborhood come knocking on my door. They know a good time when they see one. Now, the question is do you?

I got more than groceries

phone chat numbersI was craving a bunch of different things so I went to the grocery store to stock up on everything a pregnant girl needs. That’s when I saw a new stock boy and instantly fell in love! He was so sexy I couldn’t take my eyes off him. I was practically wetting my pants right there in the grocery store I was so turned on by him and he hadn’t even said a word to me! I went over and asked him to show me where I could find the bread and that somehow turned into me inviting him back to my place… God I am such a slut sometimes! Anyway, he accepted my invitation and as soon as we were in the door he had me on my knees sucking that throbbing rock hard dick. It was huge! I was so wet and wanted him so bad that I begged for his cock like a shameless slut until he finally bent me over and fucked the shit outta me! Trust me, it satisfied a craving I didn’t even realize I had!

Hot Phone Chat With No Limits

Let’s share some naughty secrets over some hot phone chat. I am sure you have some dirty secrets you are dying to share with me. I know when my panty boy phone sex callers ring me up for the first time its always the best hearing their excitement to confess to this dirty little secret.

You know the way silky panties feel on that man clitty and how good it feels to grind yourself in the crotch of mommy’s worn moist panties. You love to sneak the freshly changed dirty panties out of the bathroom while I shower and smell, lick and suck on the wet crotch of pussy juice… and sometimes you get the surprise of a strange mans cum in them.

So what are your dirty desires with mommy’s panties? What makes your clitty swell or that cock grow hard?

Hot Phone Chat Devon

Phone chat lines being a dirty mommy whore

phone chat lines

My son has been spending way to much time in the bathroom lately. He has me worried since he spends hours at a time in the bathroom with the door closed. So I decided to hide in the bathroom, since I figured I would at least find out what he has been up to.

I hid behind the shower curtains and waited for my son to enter. My son walked in and closed the door behind him and then suddenly he whipped out his phone. I saw him going through his saved pictures and to my surprise he pulled up a photo of me in my bikini.

The photo really showed off my giant tits and ass since it was a side profile view. My son began stroking his cock to my picture and I just sat there watching in secret, his cock just grew bigger and bigger until it was swollen and hard. I carefully crawled out of the bath tub and made my way towards my sons cock. He had his eyes closed , and I carefully began to suck on this tip of his cock

. I guess he was so into his fantasy that he didn’t seem to notice that it was me sucking on his cock and not his hands. I started sucking his cock harder and harder faster and faster and my son just stood still grunting since this was probably the best his cock has ever felt.

I kept sucking his hard dick until I tasted his cum squirting out of his cock. I then shoved his cock in between my tits and watching as his eyes opened realizing that mommy made him cum the best he had ever cummed.

Phone Chat Numbers for Dirty Fun

phone chat numbersNot all phone chat numbers are created equally. You get what you pay for when you call those really cheap lines or even a recorded message line. I am a full time dirty woman. Been one all my life. My mother was a hooker for hire who fucked men in our trailer when my dad was on the road. He was a cheap mean son of a bitch that was happy to let us starve to death while gone. My momma was beautiful and resourceful. She taught me early on that sex  sells and that there is nothing wrong with taking money for something you do anyway. Even if you are doing it with someone you are not married too. So when I expressed interest in making some money of my own, my mother was not concerned with my young age. In fact, she encouraged me to get freaky with her johns because it only brought us both more money. Turns out guys love jailbait pussy. They especially love jailbait pussy when it is part of a mommy daughter threesome. I have been fucking longer than some girls in this business have even been alive! So if you want real experiences like taking money for sex, real age play experiences, incest sex, druggy porn and a slew of nasty shit, then you need a trailer park cougar. I am in my fifties now, but I fuck more than I ever did as a young girl. I fuck my son, his friends, the neighbor boys, my daughter, random strangers, my drug dealer and anyone who can benefit me in anyway like my landlord.  Being a young whore helped me become an old whore! I have no limits or taboos and I like it dirty. Kinky phone fun is what you get when you call my phone chat lines.

Phone chat lines Naughty Mommy

Phone chat linesI love my sons cock. It is my favorite cock of all the cocks. It just tastes so good and feels so good on my tongue. I also love what he does while I’m licking and sucking that cock. Like right now he’s trying to play video games on his PS4 and he’s been yelling and getting upset. So what is a good mommy to do? Help calm him down of course. So I went into the living room and kneeled in front of my baby boy and unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. “Not now mom, I’m in the middle of a match.” he tried to clip at me but I already had my lips around that cock coaxing it into hardness with my lips and tongue. He let out a shaky breath, trying hard to concentrate on the game. I started to bob on his cock, going up and down it as I took him all the way in my throat. He groaned and then I heard a “Nothing! I’m okay.” He took one hand and put in the back of my head helping me bob up and down his cock, his game all but forgotten as he used my throat and tongue. I knew he was about to cum as he groaned and pulled my head up so just the tip was in his mouth. I felt the head twitch as he filled my mouth with his yummy cum and swallowed every drop with his cock still in my mouth. He was panting and trying to recover from his cumming but I wasn’t done with him yet. I sucked on the head, my tongue pressing on the bottom of it as he cried out. His cock throbbing as I put him back in my mouth. Caressing and teasing causing that over sensation as he whimpered and groaned. I was only a minute or two before he cried out again. I’d forced another orgasm out of him, he didn’t have any cum left to shoot but by the way his cock throbbed in my throat I knew it was a good one. He gulped and I heard him say in nothing more than a whisper. “No… I’m good I swear. Just… Intense blow job.” It took him more than a few minutes to recover from that before he could play again and he was indeed a much calmer boy from that point.

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