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Phone Chat Numbers with a mom with big tits

Phone chat numbers are where you can find a nasty mommy to take cock in all holes. That is what all young dicks really want. They think about a gooey wet mommy cunt. But just like my son you won’t mind sharing. My son learned that quickly when his friend walked in on him fucking my ass. “Your mom’s tits are bigger than I thought they were” he said as my son kept fucking my asshole.

My son was close to busting inside me. When I felt him cum he was fucking me hard that my tits were bouncing all over. After my ass was filled up all the way, my son kids my neck. “Thanks mommy I needed that” he said. “My turn” his friend said as he was stroking his hard young dick. Then I felt him rub his dick on my leaking ass. “This will lube my dick up” he moaned.

Phone Chat Numbers

After that he pushed his dick inside my pussy. “Maybe I will give you a sibling,” he said as he pounded me. Then my son started sucking my mommy clit. It made me feel so good I started squirting. As soon as he felt my juices his young cock exploded inside me. “Milk me mommy” he moaned. “Let’s see if I knocked your mommy up in a few weeks” my son’s friend said to him while they high fived. I just laid there with my holes dripping with sperm from my son and his friend’s cock. That is why I go on Phone chat lines, it is where all the young guys go to share a slut mommy.


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Phone Chat Numbers for Cum Dumpsters

phone chat numbersIf you are looking for phone chat numbers for cum whores, you are in the right place. I drink more cum than water. Cum does this body good. I needed some of my favorite beverage last night, so I marched my skanky ass down to the truck stop. There are always plenty of men with cum filled balls willing to let an old whore like me suck them dry.

Normally, at a truck stop it is mostly truckers, but my reputation has gotten around and most of the married men in town come by to see if I am handing out free blowjobs any given night. Last night I was on my knees for hours blowing what felt like every guy in town. Why women don’t give head is beyond me.But  I even love to swallow. I hear guys tell me all the time that their wives won’t give them head and if they do, they won’t swallow.

I was Born to Be a Cum Whore

However, I want cum more than beer. I sucked so much cock last night, that I still have gravel imbedded in my knees. Badge of honor of a trailer trash whore. My stomach is extended too because I filled it with so much man sauce. Honestly, I thought I might puke, but I didn’t because I am an old cock sucking pro. A few other gals were down there getting jealous because the men didn’t want anything to do with them. They were half my age and better looking, but what the fuck do looks and age matter if you lack my cock sucking skills.

I can suck the chrome off a doorknob because I am a cum whore It was a great night of cock sucking and cum guzzling. I don’t think any man in town will ever forget my mouth. You won’t either. I give one hell of a virtual blowjob on my phone chat lines too.

Trashy MILF Beverly

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Phone Chat Lines for Anal Lovers

phone chat linesAs an anal sex whore, I will put anything up my ass on my phone chat lines. Guys love to hear me masturbate with them. And I am well beyond the dildo and anal beads stage of my life. When I was younger, a dildo in the ass got me off. However, after a few decades of hardcore ass fucking, my butt got stretched out so much, I now require something much thicker and longer to make me cum.

 Of course, my favorite thing to stick up my ass is a huge hard cock, but a huge hard cock is not always available. So, a girl must be creative. I have used a little league baseball bat up my ass before. Even soda bottles. Both were great at the time, but now I need something even bigger. Perhaps, I missed my calling. I should have become an anal sex porn star instead of a phonesex whore.

I am Such an Anal Sex Whore

My first caller of the morning wanted an anal sex whore. And I struggled to find something to use on my ass. But then I saw the wine bottle I finished last night in the trash. And I pulled it out and admired its width. The wine bottle looked perfect. Now, I know what you are thinking. Plenty of women have bounced their asses on the neck of a wine bottle. And I think anyone can do that, especially an anal sex whore like me.

Since I wanted to challenge myself, I flipped the bottle upside down. Yes, the big round part. I oiled it up with some cooking oil, then slowly and persistently worked it in my ass. Not going to lie, it took all I had to work that fat fucking bottle up my ass. But once it was in, I bounced on it like a whore on a big black cock. My ass gaped open afterwards. In fact, your fist and forearm would have fit up my asshole after that wine bottle. The only problem now will be finding something bigger than that to use when you call my phone chat numbers looking for an anal slut.

Anal Sex Whore Lilibeth

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Phone chat numbers Milky Mommy Makes son all better

phone chat numbersPhone chat numbers Milky Momma here to make everything all better. Your cock needs some loving attention and some breast milk for lubrication. I can be your lactation goddess.

My own son knows all to well how mommy can help him through a break up. The cheer slut he had been dating broke up with him right before the big game. He lost the game and now his teammates and his friends are all mocking him for being a wuss and a virgin!

What do I do? I put on a sexy teddy and sheer robe. My son looks up as he wipes his tears from his eyes. “Oh baby give mommy a hug,” I say as I push my tits into his face. I know he can smell that I need to pump soon.

“Whoops a little something on your cheek, I laugh as I wipe breast milk from his face. My son’s tears dry up and he licks my finger. “Yummy mommy Moo Juice!” he giggles. I pick him up and give him a kiss. He wraps his arms around my neck and snuggles into my chest. I whisper in his ear, “It’s okay baby. Mommy will always be here for you.”

I pull a dripping nipple out of my lace and feed him. “What a good boy you are.

Now mommy needs to tend to her Phone chat lines, did you want to sit in and feed for a while. I’m sure the men won’t notice me being a little extra moaning as my video drinks from me. Save me the hassle of pumping and your little sister is full anyhow. He nods and snuggles into my chest. I kiss his forehead and whisper, “Mommy loves you. Mommy will always be here for you.” I get up and put him into my lap talking to the men who love my dirty mom ways!

Lactation Momma Regina

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Phone Chat Numbers with mommy whore

Phone chat numbers with a mommy whore is what young cocks need. My son needed his mom’s cunt after he found his first pair of panties. He used them to jack off because they were returned to my room even more cum filled. I decided to just walk in on him one night. “Son are those mommies panties?” I asked. “Yes mommy, I can’t help it. “I found a pair that smelled and tasted so good”.

Phone Chat Numbers

“It made my cock hard, ” he confessed. “I can’t stop unless I cums yo you” he went on. Therefore I pulled my big mom tits out and shoved them in his mouth. “Suck them and stroke off son” I say as I feed him my big boobs. By the way he was sucking my nipples I knew he was starving for mom. “I need to taste where your panties go, ” he said to me. Then I took my panties and laid back. Right away my son dove his face into my cunt. He sucked on my clit like he did my nipples. “Mommies cunt will feed you” I moan out as I get close to orgasm.

But then my son stands up and rams his cock in my cunt. “Mommy I need it,” he said as he humped me hard and deep. The way he sucked my nipples and pushed his young dick inside me did it for me. Mommy started squirting all over her boy’s dick. He felt my pussy squeezing down on his cock meat he finally let loose and his cock filled my mommy cunt up. That was only the first time. After that I was helping my son milk his cock before bed every night.


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Phone Chat Numbers Allow You to Talk About Anything

phone chat numbersPhone chat numbers are good things to have on hand. You never know when you might need to beat your meat with a trailer trash whore. Or perhaps something crazy hot just happened. You will want someone to share that with, right? Think of me as your confidante. You can tell me anything. And you can tell me all the things your boring wife could never understand.

I talked with a guy last night who fucks his daughter behind his wife’s back. How hot is that? I fucked my son and played with my daughter behind my ex-husband’s back. But I fucked a lot of folks behind his back too. That’s why we divorced lol. But I felt like my caller, and I had a lot in common. As he told me he searched through all kinds of phone sex lines until he found me, I felt special that he selected me.

He read some blogs and knew I enjoyed incest too. His daughter is much younger than mine, but my girl was his age once upon a time. Bald pussies taste the best. Sweet and sticky. Just how they should be. Personally, I do not know why spouses get their panties in a wad when we want to play with the little people we brought into this world. Isn’t that part of parenthood?

You never need to worry about me. I will talk to you about anything. And I will share with you a few naughty stories about me too. I love incest, young boys and girls, big black cocks and partying on and off the phone. Now you know a bit about me.

Trashy MILF Beverly

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Phone Chat Numbers are where you find what you need

Phone Chat Numbers are where you find a mommy slut like me. I have a young pregnant daughter and men love to pay for her. It is easy to pimp her out. Her big milky perky breasts drive them wild. Especially the old dicks. “Grandpa is ready to play with you his little slut” he said as he started to pull his cock out. “Open up and suck my old meat” he said as he pulled her milky tits out.

I watched counting my money as he milked her while fucking her mouth. “That’s it little slut show grandpa how hungry you are” he said over and over while rubber her belly and tits. “Bend over and show grandpa that pregnant cunt” he says as he helps her bend over. Right away he started lapping and eating away at her hot over. “You taste ripe and ready for grandpa” he said as he started to rub his cock on her hole.

Phone Chat Numbers

“Wow you are so warm and cooking” he said as he pushed his cock deep in her pussy. As he fucked her he moaned out and rubbed her pregnant cunt. “That cunt feels so hot and ready to give birth” is what he said as he started to fill her up. After he was done pumping every drop of sperm inside her, he said “you are very dilated”. That is perfect for me. I made money and will be a hot granny soon. Then I will be making gold with a little tiny virgin hole.


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Phone chat lines Naughty P-Mom with brat stories.

Phone chat lines Naughty P-Mom with brat stories. Now settle in and join in. Need that great big cock to penetrate the tight, bald young pussy of the little brat. No hair. All tight. Has only had the p-mom to play with her. At the same time, you are playing with her, I got her brother just to the left of me and stroking his hard young cock. Let us see how they compare in size to yours. It is just the beginning when you find me on the chat.

You fuck that pussy. Make her cry out. Rub a finger along the butthole. After all there is no tattoo saying exit only. Well, the brat needs to learn what it feels like to have all the holes penetrated. As long as you are occupied with your cock stroking the inside. Knowing how tight it is.

I will just help my young boy brat by sucking his cock and have him take little sissy from behind. No, it must be remembered that I will be behind him helping him. Stroking his balls. Massaging them. After all we want him to cum in that butt hole. We want you to cum in her pussy. At the same time, we want her to cum all over your cock. Soaking it with her juices.

In summary, we are all going to cum together and we are all going to fuck one another. How long do you think you can last? As shown below my Phone Chat Numbers are listed and we are waiting to play with you.

Phone chat lines

Naughty p-mom Melinda

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Phone chat lines deliver a Lactating Mommy Whore for bad boys!!!

Phone chat LinesPhone chat lines deliver a Lactating Mommy Whore! Don’t be misguided, I do love a big titty baby who suckles my milk like a hungry wee-one. Today I am calling out all my prissy little baby boys who need mommy to feed them and then use them up as she pleases. You might ask how mommy wants to use you up? Let me count the ways for you. Keep in mind mommy has a filthy fucking imagination when it comes to fucking her sissy sons.

Number one when your in mommys big room you ill wear what I want you too. Now my sissy princess tit drinker needs to look so pretty and hot for mommy. Or I will cut you off in a heartbeat. And remember they make little cock cages in every size and shape!

I also love to finger little boy butts and even have been known to wear a strap-cock for experienced boy ass.

Phone chat lines deliver a Lactating DOMMY MOMMY to Use you up

If you are finding my phone chat numbers means you need a milf who has milk and a strong hand to dominate your ass. Let me pull you over my knee and spank you so hard you give sissy squirts in sissy panties for mommy.  You and I will make a perfect team of mommy son sissification and molestation, don’t you think?

Be a good boy and you will see how fun it is being my sissy princesses. After all that nummie cummies you will need a big drink fro my teets and a nap!  I’m sure you’ll be eager to obey my every command. So don’t wait, call me now and let’s start our mommy son sissification journey!

Big bouncy tits lactate and make you my sissy boy slave.

Mommy Regina

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Phone Chat Numbers for Dirty MILF and Mommy Fun

phone chat numbersYou know you need phone chat numbers for milf sex. And you wish your mom looked as hot as me. Because of my sultry look, I get a lot of young boys knocking on my door. And I never turn them away. I am in my mid 50s with a libido that rivals any man’s. My sons and daughters love it when I fuck their friends. My three oldest offspring are all grown up now, but I have two teenagers living at home thanks to a second chance at motherhood from my young boy toy husband.

I cannot get enough cock. Last night, my daughter brought home a young boy from school. This boy’s cock looked full-grown. He is biracial, but he looked like the only think black on him was his cock, LOL. I can share his age when you call my phone chat lines. This boy befriended my daughter so he could fuck me. And I had to reward that. I love young cock. But a young black bull cock?  Count me in every time. Well, that teenage boy rabbit fucked my mature pussy until I squirted everywhere.

I made a huge mess too. But he did not mind it. His face had this shit eating grin on it. Like he knew he was responsible for making me squirt. And he was. I let him fuck my ass too. I am such a dirty milf. He could not believe I took all 9-inches in my ass. I could not believe it either. But a mommy whore never says no to a young dick no matter where he wants to put that cock.

Dirty MILF Nicolette

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