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Phone Chat Numbers for Family Fun

phone chat numbersThere are so many phone chat numbers on the Internet. So, how do you know which ones to call? If you like mature women, age play or family fun, you can call me. I am a sexy mommy and a sexy granny. I raised my daughter and son as a single parent. I was gone a lot working two jobs and did not realize my horny teenagers were fucking each other. I came home early one night and heard them. I did not bust them. I was in shock initially, but the more I thought about it, the hotter I got. It was wicked hot to me that they were fucking. Once the fear over having a baby from Deliverance left my mind, thinking about the family love turned me on. They ended up busting me watching them and that day I joined the fun. Now, almost 10 years later, we have a baby girl that was born as the product of incest. She is beautiful and healthy. We all live together during this pandemic and fuck just about daily. My son and daughter are in their early 20s now, but just as horny as they were when they were teens. And I am just hornier than ever as a grandma. I think I am in my sexual prime. Our littlest angel is still in diapers, but she watches us in her playpen fuck. I know she has no clue what she is seeing, but maybe one day when she joins the kinky family fun, she will remember the images of grandma sucking her daddy off or her mommy eating her granny’s pussy. Or maybe she will remember us all fucking in front of her. We give her a little bit of sperm in her milk bottle because cum is good protein. You can call a lot of phone chat lines, but very view are as unrestricted as mine.

Sexy Granny Victoria

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Phone Chat Lines for a Mommy Whore

phone chat linesNot all phone chat lines are the same. Some are vanilla and some are extreme taboo. I only do taboo. I am a mommy whore. A coked up druggy mommy whore. I was molesting my sons before they could walk. Now, they are my little sex slaves. They love fucking me too. Last night, I had to score some blow so I could stay up all night with them. Guess what I did? I texted my drug dealer that if he gave me enough blow to get through the week, I would let him watch me fuck my sons. He loves to watch sons fuck a mother. And my boys love being watched, especially when they are fucking me. Marcus was in for the time of his life and so were my horny boys. I was sober when my sons fucked me in front of Marcus. But by the time Marcus got to fuck me in front of my boys, I was as high as kite. I learned a long time ago that blow makes me a nasty mommy. Not that I cannot fuck my sons sober. I do it all the time, but with some blow, I am getting my dealer’s nigger dick in my ass, a boy dick in my pussy and another boy dick in my mouth. Blow just ups my game. I fucked all three of them all night long too. When I am high, I need no sleep. I just need cock, cum and coke.

Dirty Mom Blair

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Slutty Mommy Phone Chat Numbers

phone chat numbers

Are you looking for a hot cougar slut to have some fun with? Then you should dial my phone chat numbers and call me up! I LOVE fucking younger guys and I have so many steamy stories to tell you! It gets me so wet to talk about all the nasty young men I’ve fucked over the years. I have quite a reputation in my town of being the town MILF. Young boys love me, women and girls hate me. I can’t help it if I’m hotter and better in bed than they are! If they did a better job at taking care of their sons and boyfriends, then maybe I wouldn’t have to do it. Not that I mind sucking and fucking all those teenage boys. My God, it’s like their cocks are perpetually hard and they can fuck you for hours on end. And if I want more than one at a time, I can have that. They always tell their friends about what a good slut I am. That’s how I got my reputation – word of mouth from teen boys. Do you wanna hear more? Or maybe you have a cougar fantasy of your own. Just get your phone and give me a ring!


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Phone Chat Numbers For Bondage Sluts

phone chat numbers

BDSM Sluts on the phone chat numbers are here to please your cock.  I was working as a nurse aid to an eldery man this past week. He demanded I be in full uniform, an unusual request but I was willing to give him what he wanted. Must be my submissive nature. As I brought him his food and medicine he ripped open the front of my uniform and exposed my red lace bra. With a grin I swear he said whore. I wasn’t surprised old men with dementia say some crude things. My pussy got wet regardless. I wanted him to say it again. So I asked him what he said, and this time I bit off more than I could imagine! 

My phone chat lines men will be cumming to what happens next…

He grabbed my throat suddenly and pulled me on top of him as he yelled whore! My patient’s son came running to try to help me, or so I thought. My hands pulled behind me as the nylon rope secured my wrist and threw me on the bed as my elderly patient rolled out of bed. He was bottomless with a big hard on! I had been set up. My patient wasn’t sick and his son had offered him a sexy nurse as a birthday present. Only they wanted to have a nurse who they could tie up and use against her will. As I was secured to the bed and my uniform ripped off this father and son team were both in amazement at how seductive my undergarments were. I didn’t have them for long as the father cut me free exposing my naked body and shoving his fingers into my tight wet cunt! I gasped as he realized I was enjoying being tied up and assaulted. It would be a father and son fuck fest as I struggled in my bound state. 

I have many more kinky phone sex submissive tales I would love to share with you! 


BDSM Plaything Robyn

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Phone Chat Numbers for Mom Fantasies

phone chat numbersPhone chat numbers can help you though the holiday season and quarantines. I am a sexy mommy. I specialize in mature fantasies like mommy and aunt, even best friend’s mom. I have real incest experiences as a dirty mommy. I love family fun. And if you are separated from your mommy because of COVID, I will be your phone sex mommy. We can do some erotic role playing. I have so many hot role plays. One of my favorites is teaching my young son how to jack off and one thing leads to another. Another one I enjoy is realizing my horny son is stealing my dirty panties to pleasure himself. I like being the horny mother-in-law, lusty aunt and hot milf next door too. If a role play is not your thing, we can share incest experiences and fantasies. I can also be your mommy therapist. Honestly, I am a mature woman who is hornier now in my 50s than I ever was in my 20s. Luckily, I have three boys always down to pleasure mommy and two daughters who enjoy my wet mommy pussy too. My phone chat lines are always unrestricted. I do love the taboo calls the most. Stuck at home? Isolated? No problem, mommy is here.

Mommy Whore Nicolette

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Sadistic Pimpin Granny phone chat numbers

phone chat numbers Phone chat numbers are where you will find the most vile and nasty grannies, mommies and so much more. See I have some sweet youngins that would work nicely on your cock. Up and down like a pocket pussy. Small mouths to be fucked senseless. Sadistic Granny is ready to bring you through all your fucking nasty fantasies while I roll a fat bowl of ice! Oh don’t think bitches like us aren’t out there. Trying our ass off to make a living and knowing men love sweet tight little asses! Don’t forget sweet tight pink puckered little ass holes. Your cock only deserves the best at Granny Carmens house of baby girl and baby boy holes. I smoke at night and get in the phone chat lines so you perverts can get a taste of my life. I had a man think he could fuck my sweet one, my little pageant bitch today for free. I told him even the men who pretend to fuck her have to pay a little something. That way I can get some more dope and be able to fuck my little ones to sleep with me in the early mornings. I mean he was a nice guy and he really needed some baby pussy. I told him if he brought me a paying man he could watch and fuck me! He agreed and brought me a big baller who had no mercy on that little pussy. She screamed and cried as Granny got fucked so good. Good thing my new friend has a nice dick or he wouldn’t have even been able to watch her get sadisticlly fucked. The money was worth it since she is off the market for her puss and ass to heal. But I will always be here for you p-daddy deviant cock!

Dirty Granny Carmen

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Phone Chat Numbers for Dirty Fun

phone chat numbersNo two phone chat numbers are the same. In this industry, there is something for everyone. You can talk to young teen girls, cuckolding mistresses, sexy BBWs, mommies, grannies, shemales, sadistics, submissive whores and sissy trainers. I am a little mix because I am a mommy and a granny. I love cuckolding men and training sissies. I have a sadistic side too. Once upon a time, I was a submissive whore who liked it rough. Unlike many phone sex sluts, I do not pretend to be a dirty whore. I have lived a nontraditional life. The kind of life that they make movies about. I was a subby fuck slut when I was a schoolgirl. I ran away after my mother would not protect me from her horny lovers. I turned tricks on the streets doing what men paid me to do. Then I was discovered by a much older man who put me in porn as soon as I turned 18. I married that man and birthed him 6 fuck trophies. Three for him to fuck and three for me to fuck. Now, I am a widow and I have my own no taboo phone sex lines where I talk about my dirty kinky life. I like to hear about your kinky life too

Phone Sex Whore Gianna

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Slavery Sex On The phone Chat Lines

phone chat lines

Slavery Sex On The phone Chat Lines! 

“Master I have been waiting patiently in the trunk of this car. I am beginning to get scared as the hours go on. I smell blood back here. The darkness and the way the ropes are cutting into me is going to make me crazy. Please let me out. I will do anything you say, I only want to please you!”


The car stopped sharply, I felt the car shut off and hear his keys and big footsteps. I should have kept my mouth shut, I was more afraid now than I had ever been in my life. But my tits were erect and my pussy was wet between my thighs. I needed his hands and cock, I knew better than to say anything. I am his slave. I have been for years and my female offspring are his slaves as well. 

The trunk opened and without a word I was slapped as hard as his 200 pounds could put into it. I tasted blood. I was in pain and I wanted more. I kicked with my bound feet losing a heel in the dirt outside the car. 

He grabbed my ankle and yanked me out onto the hard ground. My body took all the impact as he kicked me in the ribs. 

I do not wish to own a mouthy slave anymore. My daughters will stay with me, and I shall send someone to take you. …If you are still alive in three days. 

You have ran your run with me slave Robyn. I require only the teen whores to be my pets now. You will never see them, But I do know an old trashy brothel That might be inclined to take you on.  

I lay there with a pocket knife, a bottle of water and a blanket, he did love his Milf slave after all! 

You get all my dirty stories and even some of you Master role plays if you like when you call my phone chat numbers. 

Use me!

BDSM Play Toy Robyn

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Dirty Whores Phone Chat Numbers

Phone Chat Numbers

Grandma Carmen Knows why you call phone chat numbers for mature women! You need the experience of a woman who has had her offspring and is on the next cycle of youngins. Grannys are dirty whores. And I am a party whore from way back. I smoke, drink and get fucking nasty with you. Sometimes you need a woman who is skilled in the fetishes of a filthy cock like yours. I don’t mind at all. You can bring any taboo, disgusting fetish you have to me. Hell, It might make my own dirty whore pussy wet and we can jack off together! From P-mommy, to sissy training and just being a raunchy whore Mommy carmen does it all. So if you need an experienced whore you know where to cum! Baby I know what you need when you call my phone chat lines. Perversion is my middle name. I have been around the block and fucked so many dicks that I can gauge what you need in just a few minutes talking to you. My cunt is ready for Dildos and weaving your hard dick through any fantasy you have for this Mature Broad! 


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Phone chat numbers fetish freak Robyn

phone chat numbersPhone chat numbers are a way or you to get the fetish whore of your choosing. I was chosen once. Chosen to be a slave. A sex slave. I was put in training young. All the kinky shit you would expect for a full blown submissive slave. I never even knew my own family had set me up. A c on my report card got me tied to the kitchen chair once. I was smacked across the face and told what a pathetic imbecile I was. I had no brains and would never find a man who would want me. As I was tied to the hard back kitchen chair, my father used the kitchen shears to cut off my school uniform. He paid close attention to my stockings and released only my feet. I can still remember the rope gong around my ankles and how he caressed every toe and the pads of my feet. My vagina clamped tight as I squeezed my legs. My nipples began to tingle as well. What I didn’t understand then was my father had a foot fetish, and I had very sensitive feet and toes. I came to understand that even in bondage and submitting to a man’s cock needs there are different things to turn on different masters. See these phone chat lines cater to me with varying fetishes, and I just so happen to be the submissive whore with sensitive cute feet that loves being tied up and told what to do! I wish to be you cum servant and take your loads on my toes!

BDSM Play Toy Robyn

800-988-2055 ext 826

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