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Phone Sex Blackmail Making You Hard

So your needing something different like some hot phone sex blackmail to really get that cock hard. Your willing to pay me off with tips and Gifts to keep from contacting your Boss, wife, girlfriend and or family? Maybe your willing to disclose some intimate details that I can use against you as I get you off with all the humiliating details your going to disclose to me.

It will cost you big boy, if you want me to keep your secret phone sex needs from those that would not be very accepting of them. Maybe your a mommy’s boy and the thought of a sexy mommy like me controlling you and your wallet is what gets that cock throbbing. I won’t allow for release unless you pay me off to keep from recording and sending the call to your friends/ co-workers, mommy, boss, wife/girlfriend and whoever else we determine you would be mortified to find out about these calls.

Are you needing the humiliation promises to get off?Phone Sex Blackmail

Cheapest phone sex slut Around!

cheapest phone sexSometimes a lady just wants to be a treated like the cheapest phone sex slut aroundr! … LOL what am I talking about. I am no lady. I am a dirty dirty slut. I love to feel that cum shoot up inside me. It really drives me crazy. The harder you fuck me is just foreplay. I want the big finale. I want the mind shattering explosion. I want to feel your balls drain inside me and fill me all the way to the rim! Come on baby. You know what I need. Just give it to me already. Treat me like the cheap whore I am! Fuck me till I beg you to explode in me.

Phone chat numbers

phone chat numbers

I need some cock in my holes. My best friend is out of town and her trashy man has been hitting me up for a lay along with his friends. I invite them over and we get right to the booze and getting high. I spread both sets of my sloppy wet lips open and invite them to dive right in.

My cunt is pink and puffy begging to be stuffed. I get two cocks squeezing between one another into my pussy. While my ass hole gets stuffed with one. I am almost all full. I take two cocks that are left and stretch my mouth around them. I start throat fucking them as best as I can.

I can not wait to get stuffed with sticky warm cum in all these holes of mine.

Perverted Phone Sex Stories

So you  have some perverted phone sex stories to share with your new sexy therapist? I hope you come to me with your wildest desires and I promise to only judge if that’s part of the desire. If you wish to be judged and ridiculed then I can certainly oblige to humiliating you and your filthy perverted desires to wear your mommy’s soiled panties until you cream them thinking about pounding the fuck out of her hairy mommy bush.

Perverted Phone Sex

Maybe there was that time you had the sudden urge to cum all over some of those scout cookies with the young brat in your presence as you do it. You love to pull your cock out in front of young brats don’t you? You jerk off watching the young sluts run around half naked in the summer and laugh as you collect your jerkoff juice with intentions of making it into ice cream to feed those little whores and jerking off as they eat it.

kinky phone sex

My Phone Chat Numbers for No Taboo Fun

phone chat numbersPhone chat numbers can vary. They can vary in price. They can vary in taboo. They can vary in girls available. There are lots of factors that can affect your phone bone experience. Take my phone chat line, for example. No one but me will ever answer my line because I do not work for a dispatch company. My company doesn’t play the bait and switch game. This is my direct line. I am a mature woman. A dirty mommy to be exact. I am a far cry from a hot teen slut, so be prepared for a sexy mature voice. I have the voice of experience. I am an incest sex mommy too. That means I am a no taboo mommy. We can talk about anything from my incest experience to your incest experiences and anything else taboo or extreme that gets your cock hard. I have decades or dirty stories to share with you. I even create new ones daily because besides being a dirty mommy, I am also a sexy MILF. All the young boys in my neighborhood come knocking on my door. They know a good time when they see one. Now, the question is do you?

Phone Chat Numbers are Life

Phone Chat Numbers

I’m such a phone chat numbers slut. I love going to bars, truck stops, festivals, everything and just collecting every hot cocks number I can. It makes my pussy wet to see how many contacts I have. I don’t even know all of them or remember them but I love it when I sent them pictures of my ass, pussy, tits. Show them just what a slut I am and I get all those hard cock pictures back. They let me know how sexy I am and how bad they want to fuck me. It’s like a menu, I look through them all and let my pussy just get wetter and wetter and pick the one that makes me tingle the most. Text them back and tell them my pussy would love them to fuck me and figure out a place for us to both meet up. I love the no strings attached quicky. Fucking in the car, riding their cock and it feeling just as good as I imagined. My chosen lover using my phone to record us fucking. His beautiful cock going in and out as I bounce on him, watching my bouncing tits, catching all those moans. I go home and put the video on adult friend finder and it all starts again. New phone numbers, new cocks, new no strings, and so much fucking. I spend my days being fed for fucking, clothes just to look sexy, and fucking strangers and letting them cum in me over and over. Want me to add you to my phone book? Fuck me until I cum all over your cock? Know that I’m going to share that intimate moment with others just to get fucked again?

Phone Chat Lines for a Dirty Cougar

phone chat linesMy phone chat lines can be nasty. Consider yourself warned. I am not a vanilla girl next door. I am a dirty old cougar. I like to talk about incest, cum, gang bangs, black cock, drugs and 4 legged creatures. I grew up in a trailer park. I am a white trash whore. Damn proud of it to. I promise you that I have more fun that any country club silver spoon born bitch. I am not the kind of woman who believes in denying herself sexual pleasure. Sexual pleasure is around every corner too. You just need to be open to all sorts of experiences. I never say no to a chance to fuck. Last night, I didn’t say no to a frat house. I was walking around on the local college campus looking for a fun time. They saw this cougar with her ass hanging out of her jean shorts and her belly showing from a tube top and just knew she was a gang bang whore. Young boys need a dirty cum loving old broad like me and well, a dirty old broad like me needs those young, hard cocks pounding her all night. I did some beer bongs with them, then stripped naked and egged them to fuck all my holes. After 3 hours and 45 loads of cum, I did the walk of shame home with cum leaking out my cunt and ass leaving a trail like bread crumbs to my trailer. I wasn’t ashamed, though. I’m a proud cum dumpster.

Phone chat lines Naughty Kitten

Phone chat lines“I’ve been a bad girl daddy.” I pouted, my hands behind my back as I tried to look cute and demur. “I need you to punish me.” I added, watching you. That deep chuckle you gave me always makes my pussy so wet and I clenched my hands behind my, trying not to look too eager. ‘What did you do baby girl?” I panicked for a moment, not sure what I should say… I just want you to spank my ass and fuck me wouldn’t work. “Well…” I paused letting that L linger. “I came without your permission.” I decided on. You are very adamant about how every one of my orgasms belongs to you and me cumming where you can’t enjoy it is indeed a punishable offense. But you know I can’t cum without you anymore either, so I knew you knew it was a lie and you knew I was lying… Which is also a punishable offense. Tricky kitten I am. That chuckle again ran through me like electricity. You leaned back patting your lap and said with an amused sigh “Alright kitten, come here. We’re going to spank your ass.” I couldn’t help but give a squee of excitement then quickly remembered my place and looked chastised as I laid across your legs. Your hand lifting up my skirt to reach the white cotton panties below. Fingers teasing over my soaking wet pussy making me moan. “Mmm… Very naughty kitten.” you growl at me making me shudder and then you smacked me. Your hand feeling perfect as it went across my ass making me gasp and moan. I would have cum right there but you didn’t give me permission yet. I was lost in that warm shivery pleasure that ran through me until your voice brought me back. “Kitten?” I paused. “Yes sir?” I looked over my shoulder, seeing that amused smirk. “Oh! One sir, thank you sir. May I please have another?” followed by a hard, resounding, smack!

Big bouncy tits for Fucking

Big bouncy titsOh my god… Did you say tit fucking? No… Mmm, well. How about we do it? I mean. You’re so sexy. That beard, those tattoos, those muscles. You make my legs weak and my pussy wet just looking at you. You’re like the perfect mix of a lumberjack and viking and it’s so sexy. Then when you give me that naughty grin and smoldering eyes I can’t help but throw myself at you. So when you pick me up like I weigh nothing at all, let my soft squishy body press against your hard muscled one. I know I would anything for you. So as you let me slide down you, pulling my shirt away to let my massive tits out. I know exactly what to do. I look up at you as I undo your belt and fly. Pull your pants down to let that beautiful cock free of it’s confines. I take it into my mouth. Licking, sucking, massaging you with my tongue as you hump lightly into my mouth. Pulling out making sure you’re nice and wet I wrap my big tits around your cock. Letting you fuck them as I squeeze my tits around them. Sucking on the head of your cock whenever I can until you just cum all over them. Giving me the pearl necklace I wanted so bad.

Virgin phone sex on the face!

Virgin phone sex So, this is going to sound weird because I’m still a Virgin phone sex girl but… My friend Rachel told me about this great new skin routine she started and it looks so nice that I had to try it. She said she lets guys, like, you won’t believe this but she lets guys just jack off and cum on her face. I know! It’s crazy isn’t it, but that’s why I called you here. I want you to try it… So, could you cum on my face so I can see if it works? I mean, it should be easy, right? What? I need to take off my clothes? Why do I need to do that? Oh… So you can get hard, well… Okay, like this? Touch it now… It doesn’t work as well with your own hands. Oh. Um… It’s getting hard. This feels really funny, are you sure it’s okay? Just keep stroking up and down… Okay, mmm, this is fun. I’m liking this. You want to see my pussy? Well, I’ve never done that before… So, don’t laugh okay. Ha, your cock just twitched. What do you mean it’s wet? You want to put your cock into it? If we did that I wouldn’t be a virgin anymore and I said I’d save myself. Mmm, your fingers there do feel really nice though. Ah, when you touch just there it feels so good. Maybe if you put just the tip in? Ahh… You feel so big, d-don’t go to deep though… I know, what about like those Christian girls? What if you fucked my ass and then cum on my face? Or, just mmm… Keep fucking in and out of my pussy like that. Just slow and steady… It feels so good, I… I think I read if you’re careful you can fuck and not break the hymen. Do you think you can fuck me like that? Because I wouldn’t mind if you went a bit deeper as long as you came on my face…

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