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Phone Chat Numbers for Cum Dumpsters

phone chat numbersIf you are looking for phone chat numbers for cum whores, you are in the right place. I drink more cum than water. Cum does this body good. I needed some of my favorite beverage last night, so I marched my skanky ass down to the truck stop. There are always plenty of men with cum filled balls willing to let an old whore like me suck them dry.

Normally, at a truck stop it is mostly truckers, but my reputation has gotten around and most of the married men in town come by to see if I am handing out free blowjobs any given night. Last night I was on my knees for hours blowing what felt like every guy in town. Why women don’t give head is beyond me.But  I even love to swallow. I hear guys tell me all the time that their wives won’t give them head and if they do, they won’t swallow.

I was Born to Be a Cum Whore

However, I want cum more than beer. I sucked so much cock last night, that I still have gravel imbedded in my knees. Badge of honor of a trailer trash whore. My stomach is extended too because I filled it with so much man sauce. Honestly, I thought I might puke, but I didn’t because I am an old cock sucking pro. A few other gals were down there getting jealous because the men didn’t want anything to do with them. They were half my age and better looking, but what the fuck do looks and age matter if you lack my cock sucking skills.

I can suck the chrome off a doorknob because I am a cum whore It was a great night of cock sucking and cum guzzling. I don’t think any man in town will ever forget my mouth. You won’t either. I give one hell of a virtual blowjob on my phone chat lines too.

Trashy MILF Beverly

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Phone Chat Numbers baby don’t lose that number.

Phone Chat NumbersPhone Chat Numbers baby don’t lose that number. Never lose that number, after all these tits like to bounce. Up, down, spin around, put some tassels on these suckers and really watch them bounce.  Twirling around and around. Hypnotize you with my tits. It will be Hot. Kinky is a must. Before you know it cum everywhere and anywhere.

Look to the lines and through the lines. Going to find a nasty naughty rule breaking Dr. Fox. Don’t lose my number. Dial me up and I will suck your cock. Make you jizz. Let me play with you. The doctor is in the house. Expertise in many areas. Hypnosis works with Big bouncy tits doing the hypnotizing.

To be sure we are going to be kinky naughty. On the couch, in the back room. Going to turn you into my slave while under hypnosis. Never know what I am going to be making you do. That is right baby. I will be behind you with a strap on. May just dress you up and make you into a cross dresser. Tweak your nipples. Before you know it. I will have you lapping your tongue on my pussy, at the same time dressed in high heels.

Saddle up and you will see what else I will be doing to you. Until you finally cum and cum hard. While I am either making you drink your own cum or shooting that load on or in me. Time will just tell when I hypnotize you.

Sexy hot Dr. Ginger

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Phone chat numbers Little redhead slut for family fun

Phone chat numbers connect you with sexy young redhead mommies for the time of your life! Get ready to explore your wild and perverted side with this hot and horny redhead mommy. Teen mommies love having widdle baby tots and seeing them get to the age that they are sucking cock and getting fucked!

I love being daddy’s wild child and getting my never ending virginity popped! I can’t wait to get down on my knees and suck your cock until you shoot your load all over me and my little ones faces. Nothing too taboo or crazy for me!
Phone chat numbers

Phone chat Numbers Incest breeder

Can I be your bad girl? Or a very good girl servicing all the family dick and pussy I can?
Yes big man, I am that young kinky mommy of incest bliss you have been looking for! I love all things about breeding too! I long for big whale spouts of daddy cum shooting up into my fertile belly! Oh and I really like being a pregnant little girl for you too! Small body, big lactating tits and young freckled face get you off? I hope so! Smear me with all the baby making juice you have!

Phone chat lines Little redhead loves dirty men!

Phone Chat lines offer a safe and discreet way to explore your wildest Incest, breeder and P-daddy fantasies. There’s nothing I Won’t talk about with you or bring to life as I play with my pretty bald kitty! Daddy, Uncle or brother, you know you all want to play with my cunny a time or three! Little Miss Sonya is always hot, horny and ready to explore the darkest recesses of your incest fantasies. Tell me what’s making that big dick so happy to hear my voice? Create a super sexy Teen sex story with Sonya!

Teen Breeder Sonya

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Phone Chat Numbers Calling Rebecca To Be a Ageplay Whore

Callling Phone chat numbers for phone sex sluts like me, Rebecca can give you a real talk of an ageplay fantasy.  Calling me (Rebecca), you can get a full experience hearig her stories that will take you back to when you were a young one. Rebecca was trained to be a young whore by of course her closest people to her.  They started out crawlig under the covers and slowly licking my clit. Daddy and big brother would alternate coming into my rooms licking, fingering and sucking.

They worked their way up to just putting the head into my little clitty hole.  It was so tight. I remember lots of spit and llots of lube to get those big mushroom heads to push through.  I held onto the bed post as they shoved their cocks into that little girl cunt of mine.  I still love the feeling of getting fucked and filled up by their cocks. I became obsessed with making whatever cock I was around explode.

I would go to the men at school and touch their dicks and by the end of the day, I was under their desk sucking their cocks off to have them cum in my mouth. One time, the principal came in for a teachers review and I was throw under the desk with pants at his ankles. I thought that meant he wanted me to continue. The whole time the principal is talking, my little head is goig up and down.  I tried not to make any noises as I gagged my way through. He blew his load in my mouth right in front of  his boss, who was clueless at the magic act I just performed making the cum dispapear in my mouth. Super hot! Loved it!

We can talk about all that and more on our hot sexy calls.Phone chat numbers


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Phone Chat Numbers For Some Dirty Story-Telling Calls

Phone chat numbersWhen you are wanting to tell a story so you call one of our many phone chat numbers to dish the tea.

You’re at a party with your friends when you spot him across the room. He’s older, more experienced, and oh so irresistible. As soon as he notices you staring, he makes his way over to where you’re standing by the punch bowl. His eyes roam up and down your body appreciatively before locking onto yours; it sends shivers down your spine that have nothing to do with fear or nervousness but rather excitement for what might happen next.

“Hey there,” he says in a voice like smooth whiskey on ice cubes melting slowly in his mouth – alluring yet dangerous at once. “You look like trouble.”

Without hesitation, you saunter over towards him wearing nothing but lingerie underneath an oversized t-shirt borrowed from one of your guy friends who doesn’t know any better than to let their girlfriend wear something so revealing around other guys! You giggle coyly while batting those long eyelashes as if daring him not to take advantage of this opportunity right here presented upon a silver platter – or should I say gold? Because tonight is all about being slutty barely legal after all! “So what do you say?” You ask, running your fingers through your hair in a seductive manner. “Wanna have some fun?”

He smirks and nods his head slowly before leading you towards an empty room where music is blasting from hidden speakers. Once inside, he closes the door behind them locking it securely with a click of his finger sending shivers down both yours spines simultaneously! He pushes you against the wall roughly yet passionately kissing along your jawline up to earlobe nibbling softly on it causing goosebumps all over body especially between legs which are already wet anticipating what’s about to happen next…


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Phone Chat Lines for Anal Lovers

phone chat linesAs an anal sex whore, I will put anything up my ass on my phone chat lines. Guys love to hear me masturbate with them. And I am well beyond the dildo and anal beads stage of my life. When I was younger, a dildo in the ass got me off. However, after a few decades of hardcore ass fucking, my butt got stretched out so much, I now require something much thicker and longer to make me cum.

 Of course, my favorite thing to stick up my ass is a huge hard cock, but a huge hard cock is not always available. So, a girl must be creative. I have used a little league baseball bat up my ass before. Even soda bottles. Both were great at the time, but now I need something even bigger. Perhaps, I missed my calling. I should have become an anal sex porn star instead of a phonesex whore.

I am Such an Anal Sex Whore

My first caller of the morning wanted an anal sex whore. And I struggled to find something to use on my ass. But then I saw the wine bottle I finished last night in the trash. And I pulled it out and admired its width. The wine bottle looked perfect. Now, I know what you are thinking. Plenty of women have bounced their asses on the neck of a wine bottle. And I think anyone can do that, especially an anal sex whore like me.

Since I wanted to challenge myself, I flipped the bottle upside down. Yes, the big round part. I oiled it up with some cooking oil, then slowly and persistently worked it in my ass. Not going to lie, it took all I had to work that fat fucking bottle up my ass. But once it was in, I bounced on it like a whore on a big black cock. My ass gaped open afterwards. In fact, your fist and forearm would have fit up my asshole after that wine bottle. The only problem now will be finding something bigger than that to use when you call my phone chat numbers looking for an anal slut.

Anal Sex Whore Lilibeth

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Phone Chat Numbers with a big dick tranny

Phone Chat Numbers are where you find a big dick slut. I get to find daddies like mine. My daddy worships my cock all night. The first time he snuck into my room I woke up with my girly cock in his mouth. “Let daddy worship your girly dick, please” daddy begged as he kept sucking my cock. It felt so good that I just nodded my head.

“Daddy will make your girl cock feel so good, just lay back” he said as he jacked me off. After some sucking and stroking of his tranny daughter’s cock, my pre-cum started to drip out. Therefore my daddy scooped some with his fingers. I watched as my daddy bent over and spread his ass. Then he rubbed my pre-cum juices on his daddy hole. As I watched fully hard and stiff, daddy slid his ass on my cock.

Phone Chat Numbers

“Daddy will show you how your ladycock should be worshiped” he moaned out as he started to take every hard inch of my girldick. I just let daddy fuck himself with my cock. But once he was sitting right on it, I start to fuck him right back. I push my dick back inside him as he slams his ass back down on me. Daddy started to moan so loud I thought mom would hear us. Finally my girly balls tightened up and I filled up my dad’s ass. When my daddy felt it he sprayed his load so hard it hit him all over his face. That is why I use Phone chat lines to find daddies like mine.



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Sexy teen chat p-mom will tell you stories.

Sexy teen chat Sexy teen chat p-mom will tell you stories. Next thing you know they are lining up to hear what a naughty sexy p-mom has to say. “Baby, don’t lose that number.” After all I like to chat, and the lines are open. Come listen to me tell you how it all began. Now some like to gloss over the beginning but at the same time remembering how it all started is some of the most erotic stories.

To begin with it was a nice sunny day. My eldest at the time was going to be starting school. Now as a good mom I didn’t want her going away to school with no friends. What kind of mom would that make me? Correct, not a very good one. Now it must be remembered that at this time I was not a p-mom. Just a regular mom.

At the party I suddenly found myself getting wet. All those tight little pussies. The bikinis of the teen. Budding breasts. Little nips. To be sure I was not the only one noticing. In due time it was obvious that numerous others were watching them as well. For me it wasn’t only the teen girls, it was also the boys. Generally speaking, they like to wear baggy shorts for swimming but alas some wear speedos.

All in all, it whetted my appetite. Needed some more. Found the Phone Chat Numbers where I was able to meet others just like me. Now I have many that I get to masturbate with in a group, tell the stories of all the conquests. Including the first time I fucked a young teen. That pussy was tight, and the cock was ripe for the sucking. 😊

Naughty p-mom Melinda

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Phone Chat Numbers With Clit Licking and Cock Sucking Mommy Susan

When you call our phone chat numbers, you can have whatever fantasy you want.  You want to play some with your mommy who loves both men and   you never know what you will get. d fuck your cunt with a strap-on? Well, let me tell you what I have in store for that pathetic little cocksucker. First of all, I’d make sure to choose the biggest dildo from my collection – something that would stretch out your tight little asshole and fill up every inch of it. Then, after lubing up both the dildo and your ass nicely, I’d position myself behind you and slowly push inside. You know how much I love watching men and women squirm when they take my big strap on cock.Phone chat numbers

As soon as I feel you opening up for me, I’ll start thrusting hard and fast. Your insides will clench around my dick like a vice grip at first but eventually give way under the relentless pounding. The sound of skin slapping against skin will echo through the room while we fuck like animals together.

When you finally cum under the relentless pounding of my strap-on dildo (or maybe one of Jamal’s massive cocks), your insides clench even tighter around me in an orgasmic grip that leaves us both breathless. Your juices coat my dick as they flow out of your cunt like honey from a jar; it’s such a sight to see! And afterward? Well then comes the best part: watching those pretty eyes roll back into their sockets while you writhe in ecstasy underneath me… knowing full well who can make you cum harder than anyone. Just call me daddy, I mean Mommy (Susan)


Mommy Susan

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Phone Chat Lines Might Get You Castrated if You Don’t Play By My Rules

phone chat linesMy phone chat lines are not for the faint of heart. Trust me. If you want boring GFE vanilla sex, walk away from me. I specialize in castration. Yes, you read that right. I love to take a man’s balls just for looking at me twice. And I have done it. Some men pay me to castrate them in person. My ad on the dark net as an accomplice or sadistic keeps men coming to me for various things, but mostly castration.

Jeremy got on my last nerve Friday night. Some yuppie guy who walked into a Goth bar and thought he would fit right in. He tried to buy me a drink and I rebuffed him. Just like I do men who call my phonesex lines and talk to me like I am their girlfriend. Not happening. I am not the sort of girl you call baby. Unless you want to lose your balls.

Although I gave Jeremy a few warnings, he kept trying to hook up. Then when I said no for the last time, he insulted me. But if I took his balls, I would take away the proclivity for hitting on every woman he laid eyes on. So, I led him into the bathroom where I could seduce him. Who am I kidding. I did not lay a hand on him. However, my knife did. I left him bleeding in the bathroom. Now, Jeremey appears to be a dickless loser. But a neutered dog behaves so much better.

Maybe you can be neutered next.

Sick Bitch Venus

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