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Phone Chat Numbers

phone chat numbersPerhaps you found me looking for phone chat numbers for mature women? Most guys who call me, enjoy what an older woman can provide. I specialize in mature fantasies, specifically mommy and granny. I think the older women become, the more open minded they become too. I used to think there was an age too young to fuck with my offspring. Now, that I have grand angels, I know there is no such thing as too young.  I am in my sexual prime. I am hornier than I have ever been. The good thing about young boys and girls these days are that they are sexualized at a much younger age with social media and Internet porn. My oldest grandson was jacking off to porn about 5 years before his daddy ever touched his own dick. My oldest offspring from my first husband had to beat off to dirty magazines and my old VHS tapes. My grand angels are a keystroke away from porn every day. My philosophy now is that if it gets hard, I can fuck it. If it doesn’t get hard yet, I can at least suck it. Men my age are attracted to me still, but they have a hard time competing with those young studs. Don’t worry though, I have such a high libido, I can take on 3 young boys and you at the same time.

Granny knows what you need

phone chat numbersGranny knows exactly what you need baby so come on over here and get it! I want you to pull that cock out of your pants so I can lick and suck every inch of it. I’m going to take it all the way down my throat and get you rock hard! Then you need to fuck this granny pussy, it’s so wet and juicy and just desperate for that cock of yours. No one fucks me like you do sweet boy. You fill me all the way up and pound it so deep, I can’t help but squirt all over the place, over and over and over again! You know that you’re my favorite grandson, just because of the way you fuck! Sex is always better with family, don’t you think?

Call my phone chat numbers baby!

phone chat numbersCall my phone chat numbers baby, I want to tell you all about my sexy times. Like yesterday for instance, it started out an absolutely terrible day, my central air went out and it was terribly hot inside my house so I had to call a repairman. Well, they sent over two of the scariest looking black men I have ever seen. They looked like they were hardened criminals and I was almost too scared to even let them in! It was awfully hot in my house tho so against my better judgement, I let them come in. They went right to fixing my air conditioning and I kind of sat around watching them, they were so hard and muscular, really sexy in a scary way and when I noticed those giant bulges in the front of their pants I started to get wet. I was staring at the bigger one, really not paying attention to anything else and I was so hot that I spread my legs wide and started rubbing my clitty… that’s when the guy I wasn’t paying attention to walked in there and caught me! He just kind of chuckled and asked me if black men turned me on, I couldn’t even speak, all I could do was weakly nod my head and that was all it took! They both pulled out their giant cocks and let me suck them deep before they took turns fucking all my tight holes. I’ve never been fucked like that before ever! Their cocks were so big that they hurt but I loved it and I can’t wait to do it again!

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Call my phone chat numbers for fun!

phone chat numbersCall my phone chat numbers for fun sweetheart, I just know you’re going to love it! See, granny knows what you need so when that cock gets really hard, I know that you deserve to be pampered and spoiled… all boys deserve that from their grannies! That’s why I make sure to really give you the attention you deserve, that’s why I always start by sucking that cock of yours. I love being on my knees in front of you, looking up at you while I swallow that cock, don’t you worry granny will swallow every inch of that rock hard dick! Then I will bend over and let you fuck me, come on sweetheart, slide that big dick into granny’s juicy pussy, I need it bad! I want to feel you pounding my pussy, I even want you to fuck my ass too! We’ll have so much fun sweetie, trust me granny knows exactly how to make her sweet little boys feel oh so good. This pussy never gets tired baby, we can fuck for hours and hours, whatever it takes to get you completely satisfied! I hope you’re ready baby boy, granny is going to take care of you, don’t I always?

phone chat lines

Come play with grandma!

phone chat numbers“Come play with Grandma!” I told my little ones this morning, they were just sitting around watching tv where’s the fun in that? My grandson whined about it a little but once I had my mouth on his little peepee he quit all that whining real quick! He fucked my mouth like a porn star, if his dickie was just a little bigger I would have choked on it for sure! My granddaughter didn’t want to be left out tho, she crawled up in between my legs while I was sucking her brother’s cock so she could like this juicy pussy of mine, god her soft little lips felt like heaven! I squirted all over her face in no time, that’s how good it felt! Then I had her lay down and spread her little legs because I wanted to see her brother fuck her. Oh, watching the two of them fucking was the sexiest thing I had ever seen! It was way better than some boring old tv!

He delivered more than my groceries

phone chat numbersI had the absolute cutest delivery boy today, he was all frazzled because he was running really behind on his deliveries and everyone before me was pretty mean to him about it. Poor boy was expecting that I would be a total bitch too so instead I was extra nice to him. I invited him in and sat him down at the table, I told him that he clearly needed a break and to just sit there and let me get him a drink. I gave him a nice cold glass of lemonade and then sank to my knees in front of him and pulled out his cock. He was shocked but he didn’t stop me so I sucked that cock deep down my throat and let him fuck my face until he came! That poor boy just needed a break and I was happy to give him an extra special tip, it was so sweet that he was so grateful for it too! I bet he will be delivering my groceries as often as he can now!

Phone Chat Lines for Kinky Sex!!

If you know anything about a mommy whore, I’m betting that you know that there are no limits to what we will get into. Phone chat linesThe other day, one of my youngest had a friend for a sleepover. I knew she was over, and I knew that my sweet one would treat her well. What I didn’t expect was to walk past the bathroom door semi-open, and find them kissing and fondling each other in the shower. At first, I walked on by. But, my curiosity got the better of me, and I found myself walking back and watching them. That girl’s body was so ripe, thick, juicy. I had to touch myself watching, because she really was gorgeous. She reminded me of the pin-up girls from old magazines. My hand was in my panties, fingering my cunt, when my daughter called out for me to come on in. I was humiliated, but I did go in. Her friend opened the shower door and invited me along.Phone Chat Numbers I climbed in, knelt down, and immediately buried my face in her sweet little cunny. My daughter’s hands found their way down to my ass and patted it. I lifted my ass into the air, and fingers slid over it, into it. They both started massaging my cunt and asshole as my tongue traced patterns over that little girl’s yummy pussy. Our little love session lasted at least an hour, before the water started getting cold, but I definitely enjoyed myself!

All I want for Christmas is a BBC Santa!

phone chat numbersAll I want for Christmas is a BBC Santa, doesn’t that sound heavenly? Just a big black Santa to give me what I really need for Christmas, a big fat cock to suck and fuck! I will be so happy to see him there under the tree smiling at me while he pulls that giant dick out of his jolly red pants, I just know that I will go all weak in the knees when I see it. I’m going to crawl right up to it and see how much of it I can fit down my throat, I want Santa to throat fuck me raw! My pussy will be dripping in anticipation of that giant cock filling me up, I know that Santa is going to fuck me better than any other man ever has… after all, Santa has a magic cock so you know that shit is going to be good! I am going to fuck Santa so good and make him so happy so I know that all my little ones will end up getting everything on their Christmas wish lists. We are going to have an amazing Christmas this year, I just know it!

phone chat lines

Grammy loves when you call my phone chat numbers!

phone chat numbersGrammy loves it when you call my phone chat numbers because it gives me a chance to tell you all of the naughty things I’ve been up to. Why, just yesterday something very exciting happened, sit down so I can tell you all about it. I was home alone when my doorbell rang, I wasn’t expecting company so I was not dressed. All I had on was a thin nightgown and you could clearly see that I wasn’t wearing anything underneath it so when I opened the door the two young mormons standing there were shocked! Those poor boys took one look at me and their mouths fell open, all they could do was stand there and stare while their cocks started poking out the front of their pants. I grabbed their hands, pulled them inside and immediately dropped to my knees and pulled their cocks out. They weakly protested but I wasn’t having any of it! I just started sucking those dicks one after the other until they couldn’t take it anymore. They dropped that good boy act and ripped off my nightgown, my pussy was dripping wet and I was begging for them to fuck me. Well, those boys may have been virgins but that didn’t stop them from double teaming me right there on the entryway form! One in my ass, one in my pussy both pounding away at me like animals! It was so intense because neither one was talking, they were just using me like I was a whore and it had me so turned on that I came more times than I could count! They didn’t convert me to their religion but I am pretty sure that I converted them into a couple of horny, perverted men. I do hope that they will come by for another visit soon, this granny pussy needs another good pounding!

Grandma knows just what you need!

phone chat numbersI tell my sweet little angels all the time that Grandma knows just what you need but sometimes they don’t want to believe me. My grandson especially acts like I couldn’t possibly understand him, he acts like I was never young before! He’s always hiding and sneaking around but this morning I caught him and now I think that he finally gets it. He was hiding in my closet, rubbing his cock with a pair of my dirty panties when I caught him. He tried to lie and tell me that he wasn’t doing what I could clearly see he was doing, I mean come on baby, I may be old but I’m not blind! I told him that it was ok if that’s what he wanted to do but if he would just trust me for once, I could show him a a better way. He reluctantly agreed to come out of there and stand in front of me but once I put my mouth on his dick all that reluctance went away and he was fucking my mouth like an old pro! I milked his cock until he came and then swallowed every drop, I asked him if that was better than masturbating with my panties and he had to admit that I was right! I hope that means he will listen to what I tell him from now on!

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