Phone Chat Numbers got you the best orgasm of your life

Phone Chat Numbers are when I found you. You told me that your grandbrat caught you stroking and you didnt stop. “Come over, I have something you want”. Once you walk in I told you that for a fee you have the best orgasm of your life. The curiosity in your eyes showed me you were ready. After the transfer went through I walked in with your price. “This is my grandslut and you will do exactly like you did before”. Then I stare at you straight in your eyes as I undress her.

Phone Chat Numbers

Your cock was already poking through your pants. “Pull your cock out” I instruct you. After I say that you quickly pull it out. My grandslut gets on her knees and you start stroking your cock. I take your free hand and put it on her tits. The precum started leaking from your dick, “open your mouth baby girl”. Soon after that she opened her mouth and I grabbed your hard cock meat. It was easy to guide you into her mouth. “Suck it like a lollipop baby” I whisper to her in her ear.

After a few moments of her sucking on your cock I see your balls tighten up. “Cum in her mouth and feed your grandbrat a big load of semen”. Finally you moan out and I could see your cock pumping semen in her mouth. “Eat it all baby, don’t waste any of it”. “His semen will make you strong” I giggled as I said it. After you pulled your cock out her little mouth, you thanked me for the best orgasm of your life. “I will be using Phone Chat lines to find nasty grannies like you” you joked as you pulled your pants up.

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