Peace Loves Her Sissy Sluts To Call Her Phone Chat Number

I love when my sissy’s call my phone chat numbers for some real fun! phone chat numbers for some fun.l As sweat dripped down our faces and moans escaped our lips (although mostly coming from him), I reached around pulling gently at his nipples – another reminder that he was nothing but a sissy girl now under my control. And when we finally squirted together (or rather when i did while he just lay there taking it), I pulled out still inside of him leaving a trail of cum and blood behind.

“Thank you, mistress,” he whispered as i stood up towering over him once again. “Now get yourself cleaned up while I go find someone who can actually satisfy me tonight.” And with that final word of humiliation ringing in his ears, he scurried off to do my bidding leaving me alone with a smirk on my face knowing full well that no matter how hard he tried or what lengths he went through there would never be anyone else for me but another pathetic sissy boy waiting eagerly at my feet.

Finally, satisfied with his efforts (or so i let him believe), I stood up towering over him looking down upon this once proud alpha male now reduced into submission beneath me

.”Now its time for your turn,”I said coldly handing over the strap-on dildo.”Put this on and get ready to be fucked like the worthless cocksucker you are.”

With shaking hands, he took the dildo from me, his eyes never leaving mine as if asking for permission which only made me chuckle more. He struggled to put it on but i wasn’t going to make it easy for him; instead, I pushed him down onto all fours before mounting him roughly from behind grinding our hips together until finally securing myself inside of him. The look of pain mixed with pleasure on his face was music to my ears as i began pounding away at his tight little ass cheeks calling out names like “slut” or “cockwhore” every time we connected sending shockwaves through both our bodies.

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