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Phone Chat Lines With Slutty Carrie

Phone chat linesWhen a caller rings up my phone chat lines and phone chat numbers, I know that that can only mean one thing is about to happen, it’s time to get nasty as fuck with one another! The dirtier the better, I get so fucking turned on when a pervert loves to cater to all of my wild and crazy desires, and vice versa! I’m the perfect slutty girlfriend, always ready and willing to do whatever kinky shit that you want to do too! Our phone sex is cheap and sexy, perfect for teasing that rock hard throbbing cock of yours while you give me bare-handed spanks on my juicy bubble butt! I love the feeling of your mature dick pulsating inside of my wet pussy walls, it feels so damn good! Make my juices gush all over your shaft and puddle down at your fat balls, I love seeing how soaking wet you can get me!

Phone chat lines

phone chat lines

 I am missing my daddy so I go ahead and walk to his room where I see his bathroom  door open. I hear the shower and from what is hears like some pounding. I go to see what is going on and I see my daddy’s dick in his hand. He is beating it up and down.

When daddy sees him he asks if I will help him feel better. I strip out of my clothes and get into the shower with him. I take his big cock in my hand and stroke it just like how he was. It is super swollen. His fingers reach down and play with my little bald pussy.

He lifts me up and spreads my legs and pushes his cock into my tight little wet twat. He rocks his cock in and out of me. I can feel his cock not able to hold that cum in any longer. He ruptures his big cum load right in my pink little hole.

Phone chat numbers

phone chat numbers

I am so horny! I am going to seduce my daddy. He is drinking tonight and being super flirty. I am going to go up to him completely naked and drop to my knees as fast as I can. I take his cock in my hand and pull his pants all the way off of him.

I offer up my mouth and start sucking him deep and hard. He has no problem grabbing my hair and thrusting his cock far and deep into my mouth. I make sure to not come up for air. I  beg him to face fuck me by looking up to him. He is precumming all in my mouth.

His cock is bulging with all the cum filling up in his cock. I finally come up from air and catch up on my breath. He bends me over the couch and shoves his cock right inside my tight aching wet pussy. He starts pumping himself inside of me with long deep strokes.

His cock is stretching my twat right open. I beg for his cum, to have him fill up my pussy. I need my daddy’s seed. Please blow that big load in me daddy. Mark me like your territory.



Phone chat numbers

phone chat numbers

My brother decided to pick me up for lunch since I mentioned that I missed him. Once he arrived at my place he was shocked to see what I was wearing! He couldn’t help but turn red and act all shy since I left very little to the imagination .I wore a see through black shirt that just showed off my nice tits and a nice little skirt that ran really high exposing my ass cheeks from the back.

I kissed my brother on the cheek and told him how excited I was about this lunch date. While he drove I kept noticing that in the corner of his eye he kept glancing at me in a sneaky way. He was looking at me up and down and his erection was impressive.

My brother stuttered when asking me if I had a place in mind and I just smile and said ” I prefer to have desert before eating lunch”. My brother just made a nervous laugh as I grabbed his hand and placed it on my wet bald pussy. I quickly spread my legs and began helping him massage my pussy with his fingers until eventually he was fingering me on his own. By this point we had to pull over so my brother drove off onto the side of the free way and we began our “desert” .

I unzipped his pants and began stroking his cock up and down with my hand. He was so turned on that he had pre cum running down his cock. I couldn’t resist his cum so  I decided to lick it all up. My tongue swirled all over his cock  and down his shaft down to his balls. My brother just sat there with his hand on my head as I began to swallow his giant cock down my throat.

His cock was so delicious especially when he cam deep into my tonsils. I enjoyed his milky sweet cum as I swallowed every last sperm. I wish I could say I had lunch but instead I got my holes fucked and filled by my best friend my brother.

Phone chat numbers

phone chat numbers

My daddy took my virginity. He always wanted my tiny tight little pink pussy hole. One night daddy made me dinner and offered to play with me for dessert. He started feeling in between my thighs, working his fingers in between my puffy little pussy lips.

He got to my pussy and pulled my panties aside, and wedged one of his big fingers into my itty bitty little hole. He looked at me and told me how badly he wants to pop my little cherry hole. He leaned me down so that I was on my back and took my pants and shirt off.

When he saw my skinny flat naked body in front of him. He couldn’t resist feeling every inch of me in his hands. He grabbed his big cock and forced it into my tight little pussy hole, busting my tight little cherry on his cock. He pumped himself in and out of me as best as he could.

I was so tight he could barley thrust all the way in and out of me! That wasn’t even the best part. My daddy made cream inside my cherry also!

Phone Chat Lines for Hot Times!

I had been working out in my garden, weeding and prepping for the plants I want to grow. As I finished up and started back inside to clean up, I noticed the neighbor in the house behind me staring out his window. I nodded my head toward my house just as he turned to avoid being noticed. He turned back for a moment, and I smiled and headed inside.Phone chat lines

By the time he knocked on the door, I had cleaned up and was ready for him. I called out that the door was unlocked, and heard it open. He walked into the living room to find me, with only my hat still on, kneeling down and leaning over the couch. My big, beautiful ass was in the air, cunt and shit hole visible. His mouth was open, his cock forming a hard tent in his pants. I watched, an evil smirk on my face, as I wiggled my ass, and his hands flew to his pants. He had his cock out in record time. I reached back and pulled my cheeks apart with both hands, swiping one of my pinkies along my sphincter. In no time, he was behind me, spitting on my tight little hole, running a wet finger around the outside, pressing it into me. Then, the head of his cock touched my ass, and I started pressing back into him. I wanted that head inside my little ass hole SO badly, and I just forced my ass to take it, gasping and moaning with the pain of taking that massive dick. When the head finally broke through, I shoved my ass back hard, driving him home. That was all she wrote. He started thrusting in and out as I reached down and started playing with my clit. The build up was intense, and we both came quickly. He filled my ass with his jizz until it started dribbling back out.

Phone Chat Lines for Kinky Sex!!

If you know anything about a mommy whore, I’m betting that you know that there are no limits to what we will get into. Phone chat linesThe other day, one of my youngest had a friend for a sleepover. I knew she was over, and I knew that my sweet one would treat her well. What I didn’t expect was to walk past the bathroom door semi-open, and find them kissing and fondling each other in the shower. At first, I walked on by. But, my curiosity got the better of me, and I found myself walking back and watching them. That girl’s body was so ripe, thick, juicy. I had to touch myself watching, because she really was gorgeous. She reminded me of the pin-up girls from old magazines. My hand was in my panties, fingering my cunt, when my daughter called out for me to come on in. I was humiliated, but I did go in. Her friend opened the shower door and invited me along.Phone Chat Numbers I climbed in, knelt down, and immediately buried my face in her sweet little cunny. My daughter’s hands found their way down to my ass and patted it. I lifted my ass into the air, and fingers slid over it, into it. They both started massaging my cunt and asshole as my tongue traced patterns over that little girl’s yummy pussy. Our little love session lasted at least an hour, before the water started getting cold, but I definitely enjoyed myself!

Tasha the Tease!

Phone Chat Numbers

He wanted to fuck me hard, he wanted to lick my pussy, he wanted me!

He just forgot to ask if I wanted him!

HAHAHA Fuck no! I don’t care if he cums!

He didn’t count on a young little thing like me to know how to use my body.

That I could tease him until his balls are so swollen they might explode!

I might let him explode, or I might just make him watch me explode!

I told him to watch as I spread my legs wide open and started teasing my pussy right there in front of him.

I could see his rock hard cock, I knew he wants to fill up my pussy with his dick.

Too bad! I wanted to cum! I knew the moment he got in my pussy he would bust his nut and I’d still be left to make myself cum!

This time he was going to have to suffer while I made myself cum!

Virgin phone sex on the face!

Virgin phone sex So, this is going to sound weird because I’m still a Virgin phone sex girl but… My friend Rachel told me about this great new skin routine she started and it looks so nice that I had to try it. She said she lets guys, like, you won’t believe this but she lets guys just jack off and cum on her face. I know! It’s crazy isn’t it, but that’s why I called you here. I want you to try it… So, could you cum on my face so I can see if it works? I mean, it should be easy, right? What? I need to take off my clothes? Why do I need to do that? Oh… So you can get hard, well… Okay, like this? Touch it now… It doesn’t work as well with your own hands. Oh. Um… It’s getting hard. This feels really funny, are you sure it’s okay? Just keep stroking up and down… Okay, mmm, this is fun. I’m liking this. You want to see my pussy? Well, I’ve never done that before… So, don’t laugh okay. Ha, your cock just twitched. What do you mean it’s wet? You want to put your cock into it? If we did that I wouldn’t be a virgin anymore and I said I’d save myself. Mmm, your fingers there do feel really nice though. Ah, when you touch just there it feels so good. Maybe if you put just the tip in? Ahh… You feel so big, d-don’t go to deep though… I know, what about like those Christian girls? What if you fucked my ass and then cum on my face? Or, just mmm… Keep fucking in and out of my pussy like that. Just slow and steady… It feels so good, I… I think I read if you’re careful you can fuck and not break the hymen. Do you think you can fuck me like that? Because I wouldn’t mind if you went a bit deeper as long as you came on my face…

Being teased makes me wet.

My brother is absolutely evil when it comes to teasing. He knows that I am an absolute sucker for it. If you tease me, it just makes me crave more. I can’t do things just a little bit, I have to finish what I start. If you tease me you better be ready to please me. Anyway, back to my story. The other day my brother had caught me right after I had just got done drying off from a shower. I was wrapped up in a towel walking down the hall to my room to get dressed. He whistled at me and called me over to the couch. He grabbed the towel and slid it down off of my body. His eyes lit up like a kid at a candy store when he saw my squeaky clean body fresh from the shower. He grabbed me and bet me over the couch and pulled his cock out. He pressed the head of it to the opening of my pussy and then just stopped! He spit on my ass hole and rubbed it with his thumb and asked me if I wanted his cock inside of me. Yes! Please! Hurry! “Are you sure?” “Yes, please! Please fuck me brother!”.

Phone Chat Numbers

He pressed his thumb more firmly against my puckered little asshole and said “I don’t know… I don’t think you want it”. “Please fuck me! Please! Shove your cock deep into my little fuck hole! Use my pussy to get yourself off! Please brother!”. I begged and pleaded until he finally forced his dick deep inside my wet little cunt. I was so anxious for it that I exploded as soon as I felt my pussy start to stretch around his cock. I haven’t came that hard in a long time! Thank you, evil-brother!

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