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Phone Chat Numbers for Taboo Fun

phone chat numbers

I love when men call my phone chat numbers. I am a whore and I like to party and fuck. Family fun is what I enjoy most, but when I am horny and fucked up, I fuck anyone. Well, I will fuck anything. That includes any 4-legged best friends. I partied my ass off this weekend with a John who hired me. It is no secret that I am a phone whore and a paid whore too.

This client owns several big 4-legged boys. He did not mention his furry friends when he hired me for the night, but the money he paid for me was too good to say no. Plus, we started doing lines of coke, and I think it was like a high moment for him when he looked at his beasts, and asked me, “How dirty are you?” I got up when he summoned me over and told him that I was as dirty as he wanted me to be.

His four-legged freaks had massive red rockets on them. Bigger than their owner’s cock too.  Perhaps if I had not snorted some primo coke nor needed the money, I would have passed on his request. I mean, I am not a submissive woman. But I am a whore. And whores do what they need to for money.

One of his big beast’s cocks was so big, I could pull it under its legs and still get several inches down my throat. As I sucked on that rocket, it knotted in my mouth.  The hairy big boy grunted and slobbered too. My client jacked his cock watching me in action. However, his other beasts seemed to be watching too. Perhaps, they wanted a turn. I took care of them all. That slimy rocket juice filled my cunt, ass and mouth. My client thanked me for one hell of a nasty show and doubled my price.

My phone chat lines will always be anything goes.

Trashy MILF Lilibeth

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Phone Chat Numbers Slut Charlotte

phone chat numbersYou know the sexiest phone chat numbers slut wants to give you the best on a chilly night like this! Why don’t you take me out and make me all yours in this pretty body? We can go explore while naked, play in the water while we make love, and they fuck on the rocks in the dark. We can leave behind our mess for anyone else to find! Strip down completely before we leave our home and make our way into the dense trees. We set up camp and behind kissing and touching. You rub me down in smooth lotion and warm up my pussy, getting it ready to take your cock. We make our way down to the lake, your stiff cock ready to take my tight pussy. You toss my naked body into the lake and follow me in. We laugh and make out deeply as you run those fingers down my body. I’m moaning loudly, no one for miles will be able to hear the hot fucking we are about to do. I take your growing dick into my hands and move toward my cunt. Even through the water, it’s clenching for you! You ram it in quick, I cry out loud as you begin to fuck me in the middle of the lake. I drag my nails down your back and move my hips with yours, it hits me deep in all of the right places, hard and fast enough to bring me to coming all-around your dick. You move us to the rock and place me on my hands and knees. You grip my ass in your hands and fuck me hard to get what you want. I cry out like a scream and continue to squirt until you release deep into me! We spend that entire night fucking!

Phone Chat Numbers Slut Charlotte

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Phone Chat Numbers Slut Kennedy

phone chat numbers

Phone chat numbers like the one’s here are really all you need during this quarantine. I know you may be feeling lonely, but not for long if I have anything to do with it. I’m a kinky little whore who loves to please. I just ordered this new, fat dildo and need the right kind of man to break it in with. My kinks include, but are not limited to ageplay, incest fantasies, rape fantasies, interracial fun and so much more. I’ve been a cum addicted whore since I can remember. I started off extremely young and nothing excites me more than exploring a brand new cock. Just last night I broke the rules of my county and had a gentleman guest over. I use the term ‘gentleman’ loosely because behind closed doors he is far from that. He had me gagging so hard on that cock that my eyes were puffy from watering, my entire face was splotchy and there was drool running all the way down my neck and onto my perky little tits. He completely ruined the make-up I had applied just for him and he didn’t seem to care. He knows what I am and he isn’t afraid to put me in my place. I’ll do anything for my next load of cum. Anything!



Phone Chat Numbers

Phone Chat NumbersDoctor Bobbie which is not his real name just a nickname I have for him for when we meet up and bump our uglies together called my Phone Chat Numbers wanting to set up our usual fuck appointment. I dress up as a slutty nurse and meet him in at the hospital in the little brat ward. Doctor Bobbie loves us fucking where the little munchkins can watch and join us in our fucking fun if we want the little ones too. Dr. Bobbie is a well-respected surgeon in the hospital forcing us to sneak around and hide into we get to the back of the munchkins ward where a separate room is set up for the youngins. It’s so hot to think that we could get busted with little Sally’s face buried under my soaking wet cunt that is grinding hard on he or Dr. Bobbie’s dick sliding in and out her tight virgin ass. The last time I was blowing Tommy I thought for a second we were busted by a nurse in that instant thinking I was caught I squirted hard spraying it all over poor little Tommy. The little brats just love me I spoil them with toys and candy. And I give each one of the lots of personal loving from me. Dr. Bobbie always gets to drain his balls first but after that, the little ones love to join in. I tell them my nasty sex stories of when I have perverted guys calling my Phone chat lines. These little ones love to hear how these men make me cum and they get so excited when I tell them I talk about them and their little bodies to these sexy perverted guys of mine. Dr. Bobbie, the munchkins, and I all love our secret special fucking bonding time.