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Phone Chat Numbers is where pretty toes get covered in jizz

Phone Chat Numbers are where I find some money daddies who will spend anything to bust their nut. Last daddy I played with really loved my feet. He wants me to try on all the pretty heels he buys me with his help. First he will rub my feet all over while giving them little kisses. He really likes smelling and licking my feet before putting on my heels. “It is extra to put your mouth on me” I say while winking. After he sent me a transfer I knew he was serious.

Phone Chat Numbers

“I want to use your feet tonight anyway I want to and I’ll give you anything for it” he said firmly. Since he spoiled me and gave me what I wanted, he can do whatever with my feet. After he pulled his cock out of his pants, he continued to lick and suck my toes. Finally he couldn’t hold back anymore. “Bend over for me sexy slut” you ask of me. After I bend over you have a full view of my cunty and pretty feet. I feel you align your hard cock in between my feet. Then you use my feet to stroke your cock.

“Play with that cunt baby” you moan out as you fuck my feet. You even start to finger fuck my ass whole pounding my pretty feet. The sensation is too much for my body to handle. My pussy starts squirting all over your face like a spraying cat. “Yes drench me baby” you scream out as your cock starts spraying my pretty feet. After they are covered in sperm, you rub all your gooey nut on them. That is why Phone chat lines are perfect for nasty fun.


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Phone chat lines open me up your Submissive cunt Venice.

Phone chat linesPhone chat lines open me up your Submissive cunt Venice. Pressing your body in between my legs. Using a cunt opener. Listening to it click open one snap at a time. Baring my ass. Spanking it good and hard. Making it as red as my outfit. Blending them together. Teasing me with all the toys at your disposal. Get me all hot and bothered before finally putting you cock deep up into my cunt.

At the same time as you are fucking my cunt, using a mouth separator and having me be face fucked over and over. Butt plug inserted. All in all, my holes are filled and cum is covering your cock. Wanting to cum out of my ass.  Face fucking gaging on the cocks as they force themselves all down my throat. Cum and piss down my throat.

Use me, tie me, it doesn’t matter what it is that you all want to do to me for I am obviously you submissive cunt Venice and you commands must be obeyed. Let me get sassy and then then you will have the Spanking phone sex. Blistering my ass with a hand, paddle, crop, among many other choice weapons you may use.

No sir, not telling you what to use. Just offering a little advice for some hurt worse than others. All though get me wet. What toys will you be using on me?

Submissive Whore Venice

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Phone Chat Lines Let You Talk to Sexy Shemales

phone chat linesAre you looking for phone chat lines with sexy shemales? Look no further. You found the sexy shemale of your wet dreams. Most men never realize I have a big panty surprise for them. My 10-inch hard cock both wows and scares me. I know what you are thinking. How could a man look so pretty like me? You look at me and have no clue that I have a cock bigger than yours. And it seems unfair, I know. But I work hard to look this good. And to look passable. Straight men love me. Yes, I said straight men. Gay men like their men to not look so feminine.

I have one married man, who calls me weekly. He tries to fuck his wife, but he needs my something extra to cum. My hard cock up his ass certainly does the trick. He is a closeted cock lover. Are you? Do you find yourself surfing the Internet for shemale porn? It is okay to admit that my she-cock makes you hard. I am unique. With the exception of my big cock, I am all woman. I have nice breasts and long legs. Long hair, an hourglass shape, manicured nails and toes, and an ass you can bounce a quarter off. When I am in your arms, or your ass, you know you are with a feminine creature.

You Can Talk to a Sexy Shemale Whenever You Want

Like any one of my married callers, my dick will make you feel good. But I understand I am a fetish or a fantasy or even a novelty for most men. Most guys cannot leave their families for a special girl. However, when you call my phone chat numbers, we can explore anything. I can be your hot special side piece. I love to make a man suck my cock. And I love to pop a backdoor cherry. I love to give you hot loads of cum too. Stop fighting your attraction to sexy shemales. Buy yourself a dildo or borrow your wife’s, get a bottle of lube, and call me.

Sexy Shemale Carla

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Phone Chat Numbers is where blow and fucked

Phone chat numbers are where my last play buddy found me. He is a nasty party freak and he came with a big bag of blow. “You are so hot baby” you say as you pore blow on my mirror. After we do some lines I feel my body rushing from the drugs. Therefore I take everything off.

Phone Chat Numbers

“Oh yeah you are ready” you say as you pull your cock out. Since I feel the drugs all in my veins, I get on my knees and start sucking your cock. Once you feel my mouth on your log your eyes roll to the back of your head.

“You are a hungry hoe too” you say as you let me slob on your cock meat. “I want to feed your tight asshole my load” you moan out as I taste your precum leak. “Bend over and spread your ass” you say. Then I watch you take your finger and coat it with blow. After that you rammed it up my ass. It didn’t take long for my ass to numb up. Finally you rammed my ass hard with your cock. You didn’t even lube your cock up.

But it didn’t matter because it was numb from the blow. I felt your cock pushing deep inside me when I stuck my fingers in my cunt. Since I was taking your cock so well, you couldn’t hold your nut. Your balls tightened up and you filled my asshole with your sperm. “Don’t worry hoe, I have more blow and more nut for you, you are hired for the night” you say as you hand me some money and more blow.


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Phone chat numbers Milky Mommy Makes son all better

phone chat numbersPhone chat numbers Milky Momma here to make everything all better. Your cock needs some loving attention and some breast milk for lubrication. I can be your lactation goddess.

My own son knows all to well how mommy can help him through a break up. The cheer slut he had been dating broke up with him right before the big game. He lost the game and now his teammates and his friends are all mocking him for being a wuss and a virgin!

What do I do? I put on a sexy teddy and sheer robe. My son looks up as he wipes his tears from his eyes. “Oh baby give mommy a hug,” I say as I push my tits into his face. I know he can smell that I need to pump soon.

“Whoops a little something on your cheek, I laugh as I wipe breast milk from his face. My son’s tears dry up and he licks my finger. “Yummy mommy Moo Juice!” he giggles. I pick him up and give him a kiss. He wraps his arms around my neck and snuggles into my chest. I whisper in his ear, “It’s okay baby. Mommy will always be here for you.”

I pull a dripping nipple out of my lace and feed him. “What a good boy you are.

Now mommy needs to tend to her Phone chat lines, did you want to sit in and feed for a while. I’m sure the men won’t notice me being a little extra moaning as my video drinks from me. Save me the hassle of pumping and your little sister is full anyhow. He nods and snuggles into my chest. I kiss his forehead and whisper, “Mommy loves you. Mommy will always be here for you.” I get up and put him into my lap talking to the men who love my dirty mom ways!

Lactation Momma Regina

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Age play fantasy with Sexy babe during Young voice phone sex

Age play fantasy You are going to feel so teased while I fulfill your Age play fantasy! The combination of my Young voice and dirty mind will leave you feeling like you have finally lived out your fantasy. Use me as your scapegoat to surrender those thoughts as your stroke your big dick. I know those thoughts of Lolita sex must be so overwhelming and you need to relieve those balls before they turn blue. Lube your cock up and get it nice and wet so you can fit it into the dime-sized hole…

Those teen titties are just soo cute.. aren’t they? her puffy nipples make you weak when you see them poking through her little cotton crop top. You’ve been tempted night after night to walk into her room and skim her naked body while she lies asleep. You would love to just caress her Tiny teen breasts and graze the lips of her firm bald pussy lips with the head of your cock. It’s okay honey I understand..

It certainly is pretty tempting. You can tell me all about it while holding onto your cock firmly and closing your eyes. Squeeze your cock nice and tight for me so it can feel just as tight as you’ve imagined her Young bald pussy. Those vivid envisions you are having paired with the filthy word that slurs out of my mouth will have you shooting the Biggest cum shot. That’s the beauty of Perverted phone sex, you get to do what you never thought you could.

Ageplay Eden

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Sexy role plays with a hot sexy mom to spank you.

Sexy role plays Sexy role plays with a hot sexy mom to spank you. Now pucker up that ass. Momma is going to blister that behind. On the positive side going to be wearing a killer nurse’s outfit that is nasty naughty. You didn’t listen to the doctor, and it is up to the nurse to dole out the punishment.

In other words, naughty boy, nurse mom, you get the double whammy spanking.  After all it is what you deserve to have little one. Now that you have had your hinney blistered with a paddle, you may get some comfort from your mom while I am still in costume.

Big bouncy tits hanging out. Smother you between them. Pick them up. Motorboat them. Don’t know how just as me. In due time you will see that all our games with my tits, the spankings, among other ones are always fun when we play with them together.

In summary if you are a really good boy then you can even pick the game that we play with you fucking me hardcore any way you please. In fact that is one game I look forward to.

Devious Sexy Abby

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To Order a Creampie Pussy, Call Our Phone Chat Numbers

When you call our  phone chat numbers, you may just get a cunt that’s filled with lots of cum- a  creampie delight if I do say so myself!

A cream pie is when a girl has sex with multiple guys in one night and they all cum inside her without using protection. It’s like an extreme version of the walk of shame because not only do you have to deal with the embarrassment of sleeping around, but also having evidence (cum) left behind inside your pussy for everyone to see! Some girls might find this disgusting or degrading, but not me – I fucking love it! There’s something about knowing that my cunt is filled up with so much jizz from different guys that just turns me on beyond belief. Plus, there’s nothing quite like waking up in the morning and feeling all those warm loads squishing together as I move around; it makes me feel wanted and dirty at the same time which is honestly such a turn-on.

I know some people might think we’re sluts or whores for doing this kind of thing, but let me tell ya: being called those names doesn’t bother us one bit! In fact, sometimes we even embrace them because deep down inside we know how naughty we truly are underneath our innocent facades out here on these sandy beaches where anything goes after dark… As long as no one gets hurt right? Right!! So bring on those creampies baby – fill my tight little hole up until there isn’t any room left for anymore cum!!Phone chat numbers


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Phone Chat Lines for Submissive Whores

phone chat linesMy phone chat lines are for men who require a submissive whore to get off. Many men hate the Me Too movement because they think women are on this earth for their use. And I agree with that line of thinking. Never been for equal rights. Never been for consent. And I have never required safe spaces or safe words. I am a dirty old whore who has been owned since I was a schoolgirl. Daddy owned me first. Then my ex-husband owned me. And for the past 20 years, my master has owned me.

I doubt I could survive without a master. But I do not even want to try to survive with a man controlling me. Everything I do on my own I fuck up. So, I need men to use me. It is all I am good at doing. Master knows I have big bouncy tits and a fat ass with little brain power. He turned me into his office fuck doll. I get to look like an office bimbo and fuck master. Plus, I get paid. I guess that does make me a paid whore.

I am a Submissive Whore Who Does Not Need Safe Words or Safe Spaces

Master retired last year. However, I do get summoned into the office sometimes for help with legal briefs. Friday, master called his fuck doll to the office. But not for work. He just needed me to get his old dick off. Since he is 30 years older than me and I am in my 40s, his dick rarely works anymore.  But it worked that day. Perhaps he took a Viagra or something. He bent me over the desk and fucked my asshole raw.

Sometimes, he gets in an anal mood. And this was one such day. After a hardcore ass fucking, he spanked my ass so hard I can still barely sit two days later. But I am not complaining. I am a submissive slut. I am here to serve men in the real world and on my phone chat numbers.

Submissive Whore Bernice

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Phone Chat Numbers with mommy whore

Phone chat numbers with a mommy whore is what young cocks need. My son needed his mom’s cunt after he found his first pair of panties. He used them to jack off because they were returned to my room even more cum filled. I decided to just walk in on him one night. “Son are those mommies panties?” I asked. “Yes mommy, I can’t help it. “I found a pair that smelled and tasted so good”.

Phone Chat Numbers

“It made my cock hard, ” he confessed. “I can’t stop unless I cums yo you” he went on. Therefore I pulled my big mom tits out and shoved them in his mouth. “Suck them and stroke off son” I say as I feed him my big boobs. By the way he was sucking my nipples I knew he was starving for mom. “I need to taste where your panties go, ” he said to me. Then I took my panties and laid back. Right away my son dove his face into my cunt. He sucked on my clit like he did my nipples. “Mommies cunt will feed you” I moan out as I get close to orgasm.

But then my son stands up and rams his cock in my cunt. “Mommy I need it,” he said as he humped me hard and deep. The way he sucked my nipples and pushed his young dick inside me did it for me. Mommy started squirting all over her boy’s dick. He felt my pussy squeezing down on his cock meat he finally let loose and his cock filled my mommy cunt up. That was only the first time. After that I was helping my son milk his cock before bed every night.


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