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Sissy Trainer Phone chat lines

phone chat numbers

On my phone chat lines I get very dedicated sissy boys!  I have some who come to me asking  the longest and thickest dick I have ever taken. Why are you obsessed with dick size? I might be young, but not too young to know that you’re thinking about my tight cunt getting fucked and gapped by a big cock and you measuring that cock for your own mouth!  Aren’t you in the wrong clothing to be asking a goddess such as I about dick size? I want you dressed up and ready to take a dick in your mouth for me. Get a pair of my panties and a pair of stripper heels and then cross your legs for Princess Zoey! After I got fucked, you’ll get me to suck my pussy juices and the cum out of that cock! I have already been fucked and had a nice cum load shot in me, and now you must worship the princess pussy. Take every last drop! You are my cuck sissy in pretty clothes, and you will become my slave sissy now!

Why are you obsessed with cock? 

Is that why you sneak to call my sissy cuck phone chat numbers? Because you have a craving to be controlled and made to suck dick? Perhaps we shall start with my rubber dildo harness. Give you the pleasure of getting fucked and take all your shyness away! I enjoy getting to peg your sweet ass is what I learned from the best Mistresses. Or should I say you fucked your pussy sissy! First, you’re gonna suck my “cock” and lick my pussy clean of any cream pie I offer you! Are you ready to have me or one of my bulls dick you down? 

You completely belong to me now!


Sissy Trainer Zoey

(800) 988-2055 ext. 823

Phone Chat Lines for Sissies

phone chat linesMy phone chat lines are for sissies. I am a sissy trainer. I will turn boys into the girls they were meant to be. Sometimes, folks are just born in the wrong bodies. It happens and that is why women like me are here. I am a nurturing sissy trainer, but I have a mean side if the sissy is unruly or condescending. I prefer a sissy who takes direction. One who will not fight me when I want to dress him. I have a big sissy closet. I have frilly dresses in all colors. I have fluffer panties. I have cute ankle socks. Baby jane shoes and jellies too. I have all kinds of lingerie and French maid outfits. I have a huge sissy closet like the best sissy trainer should. I also have wigs and make-up. I transform my sissies. Maybe I change them for a few hours, maybe I change them for eternity. Regardless, I enjoy feminization. I prefer that it is willing, but I will force a sissy to dress too because as a sissy trainer, I know what is best for sissies. Even when they do not know what is best for themselves sometimes.

Sissy Trainer Coraline

1-800-211-5480 Ext 808

Phone Chat Numbers Are Fun With Sissies

phone chat numbersPhone chat numbers have brought many sissies to me. Mistress Francis loves for them to call for a little training. Nothing is more exciting than to hear their little voices on the other end of the phone when I tell them to put their panties on. You know the kind. Pretty lacy panties that hug your little clitty so snug. The joy in their tone makes my pussy wet. Then when they get out the dildo, butt plug or vibrator I can barely contain myself. Just the sound of their moans and happiness as they fuck their man pussies. And don’t get me started on their orgasms. They are so loud and so strong. I can just envision their man pussies pulsating with every thrust of that dildo. I can’t get enough of them truly. So love if you are in need of some serious sissy training and need a hot ass mistress to fulfill your panty wearing, dildo riding, sweet man pussy then you really need to give my phone chat lines a ring.


1-800-268-0941 ext 843

Phone Chat Lines Are For Sissy Boys Too

phone chat linesPick up that phone and give my phone chat lines a call so we can have some fun. I like to make you my project. Dress you in a cute pair of panties and a pretty dress and then have you twirl all around and entertain me. You can kiss my feet and suck on my toes while I rub my pussy with a thick dildo. I can see you watching out of the corner of your eye hoping to get a glimpse of Mistress Francis’ beautiful cunt. You can look but you can’t touch baby. Now take off that dress and let me see you touch your toes. Those panties hug your ass nice and tight and the outline of your tiny cock is even there. Don’t think I don’t see the wet spot forming either – because I do. All those little droplets from your tiny cock dripping out. You really are my sissy boy, aren’t you? I have a friend coming over and I need you to get on your knees and get his cock hard for me. That is right. Perfect. Now, use your hand and guide that big cock into my wet juicy cunt baby. Watch how a real man fucks my hole sissy. See that big thick head going in and out. Don’t you wish you had one bigger than a Vienna sausage? Well you don’t. Watch as he squirts my pussy full of his cum. I can see you like that don’t you? Now be a good sissy boy and lick him clean and then crawl over here and clean my pussy out too baby. Don’t you want to be my sissy boy too? So, what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and give Mistress Francis’ phone chat numbers a call so she can train you too.


1-800-268-0941 ext 845

Phone Chat Numbers for Sissies

phone chat numbersPhone chat numbers for sissies are available with me. I love sissies. They are great for many reasons. First and foremost, they are profitable. Most sissies love to do long calls and tribute you. I call it an annoyance tax. I am a hot sexy woman. I can have any big dicked man I want. If I must spend time with a tiny dick loser, I need tipped. Second, sissies are eager to please. They will do whatever you tell them to do. They will do even the most debasing tasks with glee. I have had sissies piss their panties for me and they do it no questions asked. I have sent sissies to glory holes to suck big cock too. Again, they do it with enthusiasm.  Sissies will even lick the cum out of your cunt and fluff lovers for you. Thirdly, sissies are entertaining. They cannot satisfy me sexually, however, they can amuse me. They can sing little songs and dress up in pretty clothes. They can humiliate themselves for my pleasure too. I love sissy phone chat. I love everything about sissies. I love dressing sissies. I love shaming sissies. And love training sissies to do things like suck cock and take care of my needs. Are you a sissy? If you are, you are in the right place.

Sissy Trainer Farah

(800) 210-2047 ext 806

Phone Chat Lines Find The Perfect Mistress

Phone chat linesIt’s lucky for you that phone chat lines exist isn’t it? How else would you be able to find the right mistress to connect with right in the comfort of your own room, or hotel room for those of you extra sneaky pets out there? A phone mistress is here for you to help you scratch that itch and explore the different parts of yourself. Whether you are a pain lover, bi-curious, or just a frilly slut needing some extra guidance or just help trying out some new toys. Phone chat lines are great at finding a fun discreet mistress to have a little session of fun on the go. Each of us have a style, personality and preferred way of handling our devoted. Don’t be shy, pick up the phone, not all us bite.

Mistress Arabella


Phone Chat Numbers For P Daddy Perverts

I know that guys as perverted as me are looking for the perfect phone chat numbers for the pervy p mommy types. Well That Is Me. I am a filthy little mama with all kinds of kinks to keep shit interesting. It’s a serious anything goes for me, like you won’t shock me or get the brush off that you may get from some women. I am so fucking perverted that I get whispers and rumors all the time about me. I just gave up caring and will just sit in my front window and masturbate while the littles are playing out front. I want their friends to see my mommy pussy and be curious. I want little fingers and dicks discovering sex with me I want to teach them all about pleasure and perversions.

Phone chat numbers

Perverted P Mommy Irene


Sissy Hookers for Hire

Phone chat lines

As a retired high class escort, I decided to get into the pimping business. An expert in hooking like me is the perfect mistress to whip faggy sluts into the best sissy hookers. I am looking for the nastiest little girly fuck slut that will let me cock train them into submission. The faggier, the better. My cock sluts will learn how to cock worship every client and learn how to use their dirty fag hole to make me lots and lots of money! Of course my sissy whores will have the best and sluttiest little outfits for when they meet johns and I will always make sure that they get gang banged at least once a week to keep their holes nice and stretched out. My faggies will be constant hooker cum buckets and will only whore out for me! My sissy hookers will not get paid in money, they get paid in cum because they are little cum and cock addicted faggy whores. I get to keep all their money while they worship me and my high class, big cock clients. When my sissies are not fucking clients, they are waiting on me hand and foot like good sissy maids.



Phone Chat Lines Therapy For Your Kink

 Phone Chat Lines

The popularity of Phone chat lines will never die as long as men still have sex drives. There are an endless stream of kinks that entice and tempt and sometimes a little special therapy is required. We have a variety of sites to cater to your every need in the realm of sexual perversions and a wide assortment of women and Tranny’s to choose from.

Many of our sites cater to the Sissy in you but we have a new site that is dedicated to your Sissification needs. If it’s a Sissy you wish to be the prance on over to the SissySlutHut for a good time.

Sissy phone chat

Maybe you like to get extreme and gore is the only thing to get you going… Check out the sadistics and victims at SnuffPhonSsex

perverted phone sex

More often than not those taboo desires for incest sex can really drive you mad for an outlet.. visit us at FamilyDesiresPhoneSex and let it all out.

kinky phone sex

The infatuation with a sophisticated hot woman can be overwhelming and getting to jerk off with one can be rather therapeutic for you, you should see what we have at SophisticatedHotties. 

panty boy phone sex

Those desires for that young sweet voice and the smell of all things innocent may lead you over to YoungOnesPhoneSex

Sissy humiliation phone sex


Phone Chat Lines Therapist Lynn


Cuckold Phone Chat

Phone chat lines

Last night I rode a big dick while my husband sat on the other side of the room and watched. My lover’s cock was 10″ long and thick as hell. I climbed on top of him and started to ride his thick dick while pressing a vibrator to my pussy. My husband was only allowed to watch as another man fucked his wife. With the thick dick inside of me and the vibrator pulsing on my clit, it wasn’t long before I was squirting hard. For the rest of the night my fuck buddy pumped me with load after load of cum until my pussy was dripping with his cream. That’s when my husband got his reward for being a good little submissive cuck. I spread my legs and held his face to my pussy and made him clean me up. He licked up every drop of cum from my cunt and then thanked me for it.



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