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phone chat lines for sissies

phone chat lines for sissy sex with Loretta! I just love humiliating pathetic losers. I love to degrade you and put you in your place! I love making you my little bitch and I want you to know how pathetic you are. I wasn’t always this bitchy. I use to be quite a sweetheart until I married a little cock idiot. I was enraged that I had to fuck and suck such a small cock. I may be a trophy wife and I may enjoy all the perks of living a pampered life, but I am no way satisfied with my husband’s little clit dick. His small cock made me hungry for humiliate! Now I love to put pathetic sissies in their place. There a couple things that will qualify you to be sissy humiliated by me. One and by far the most important is your cock size, do you have a cock? or do you have clit dick? I have a special measure that will rate you. Secondly wanting to wear my clothes and be just like me. Oh, so you think you can walk in my shoes and be a hot sexy slut like me? I doubt it so I will put you in your place and show you what fag you are. These are my top two. There’s plenty more. Cum plays with me to find out you loser. phone chat lines

Phone Chat Numbers for Tiny Dick Losers

phone chat numbersMy phone chat numbers are not for everyone. Well, I guess they are as long as you understand there are a couple rules. As a mature woman, I am a cock size queen. I prefer only men with big working cocks call me. However, if you have a small cock and call me, understand you will not fuck me. I will take your money and give you small dick humiliation. I have years of experience from two bad marriages of dealing with tiny dick losers. I have no problem shaming you, making you my cuck or even my sissy boy. You can serve a purpose in my life, just not a purpose in my pussy. I have a book of shame that so far contains over 500 names and pictures. Some of the losers in my book of shame are callers of mine who have sent me pictures of their little clit sticks. Most, however, are men I have met in my life. The word got out that I was a size queen. You would think that would bring big cocks to me. Actually, it brought all the humiliation junkies to my yard. You want humiliation? I have no problem giving it. I dress up every small dick loser in something feminine. I tuck that clit away into a pair of panties. I write humiliating names on their bodies in lipstick. Then, I make them pose for shameful pictures. I have such a big book now. I put in a few pictures of each loser. I date the page and rate them from 1-10 on a scale of how big of a loser or sissy they are in my eyes. My girlfriends get together often, look through it, laugh and drink wine. Sometimes, I call up a few particularly shameful ones and invite them over for The Biggest Loser Pageant. Would you win the title?

My Phone Chat Lines: I Love Panty Boys

phone chat linesMy phone chat lines are always open to any topic. I am a fetish mommy. I enjoy being a sissy mom as well as talking to men with a wide range of fetishes like enjoying mommy’s panties. Are you a panty boy? I am an older mommy. I have two sets of offspring from two husbands two decades apart. So, I have older sons and daughters whom are married and starting their own families, and I have school age tykes again. Something that my sons from both marriages share is a love for my sexy undergarments. I am old school when it comes to my lingerie. I like wearing bra and panty sets; garters and stockings; baby dolls and teddies and even pantyhose. My teen daughter puts on a thong and calls it sexy lingerie. I have schooled her in the art of sexy. My sons appreciate my lingerie style. None of my boys have ever been able to refrain from playing with my panties. It starts off with stealing dirty panties from my hamper to smell and jack off into, but it always ends with them wearing my panties. So if you enjoy panty boy phone sex, I have real experience with this fetish. I tend to be a nurturing, sweet mommy who encourages panty wearing; however, sometimes I have to put men in panties, including a couple sons, because they have small dicks. Every mother understands that small dicks get lost in boxers or regular boring men’s underwear. Mommy’s panties keep little clits secure. It doesn’t matter why you like to wear panties. I love panty boys. It could be because you have a small pecker or it could be because you enjoy the silky feel of satin against your cock and balls. As a mother of several panty boys, I can’t wait to explore your panty fetish with you.

panty boy phone sex

Sissy Humiliation Phone Sex Fun

sissy humiliation phone sex Sissy humiliation phone sex is so much fun for me. I love shaming pathetic cross dressing cock sucking pansies with little dicks. When a sissy calls me, I can hear it in her voice. The girly shrill, the whining, the lisp, the pathetic stories. I run a sissy school. I take pathetic losers and turn them into sissy maids. Something a woman can actually find useful. Sissies need training; they need a strong mistress to own them. For me, a sissy has a lot of value to a dominant woman. For one, they are so much fun to humiliate. I know. I look too mature to be a mean girl, but sissies deserve ridicule and public humiliation. In fact they crave it. Never feel bad for a sissy. The entertainment value alone is worth having one in your life. You can dress them up in frilly dresses and make them prance around in public singing shameful little ditties. Sissies also make fun shopping companions. They can model all the clothes for you and carry your bags. Plus if you find one who can pretend to be a man 9-5, she can support your shopping sprees if she has a good day job. Sissies serve drinks and cater to a mistress’s needs when properly trained to do so. Sissies give great pedicures and back massages to a mistress who has had a long day. They need direction, however, a strong hand; but once trained, they make the perfect doting maid. Don’t even get me started on how good they are for date nights. They can fluff cock, clean cream pies and even procure you real men. So if you are an unattached sissy in need of some guidance to become the best sissy you can be, put on some panties and call me. Sissy school is always in session.

Sissy Boy In My Panties Again

panty boy phone sexAs I walk into my office, I find you prancing around in my panties and high heels. This is the third time I have caught you in my clothing. This time its one of my favorite pair. It is pathetic how you like to dress like a little panty fairy boy. You work in a strip club for fuck sake! Maybe you would like to prance around the stage for all those hard, horny men? Maybe that is your fantasy. After all, then you might get to see a real cock instead of the tiny package you have fit into my bikini panties. I warned you that would happen if I caught you in my clothing again and here you are. You might as well finish dressing in one of my full stripper costumes. I think my Little Bo Peep costume with all the ruffles would be perfect for such a girly man. You will be tonight’s entertainment. You will have all those cocks standing erect for you as you dance and strip. Are you ready my little sissy? You never know what is going to happen when you step onstage. Maybe you will get lucky and get to take one of those big hard cocks down your throat or up your sweet little ass tonight. I see that tiny prick has gotten a stiffy thinking about the possibilities.  You will be an excellent main attraction. I know you are ready so go shake that sweet little ass for those real cocks!

The Double Trouble Mommies Daphne and Darla

Sissy phone chat

The first time I met Darla, I did not like her. The way she fussed over her precious son. But then I started noticing things. It’s not that he was crying when he fell but she would almost overreact on purpose to make him cry like a sissy. That is when it clicked. She is training her son to be her sissy! I wish I would have thought about that! My son is sometimes affectionate but not like Darla’s son. He would be crying and saying sorry, telling his mommy how pretty she was and he kept trying to kiss her on the mouth. I knew she was a dirty P-Mommy just like me. Every time he fell down she would rush him into the women bathroom.

Mature phone sex

I fallowed her and brought my son with me. We waited a few minutes and walked in. We could see Darla’s son on his knees in front of the toilet but we didn’t see her feet. I stood on top of the toilet and looked over. I was instantly wet and my knees became weak at what I saw. Darla had her leg in the air as her son was eating her pussy like he was never going to have it again! She sat up real quick and started to panic. She opened the door with her panties down and her legs were shaking. I interrupted her as she was about to cum. She ran to the door and locked it. She started to say something and I kissed her. I kissed her so deep she became weak in my arms and I started fingering her pussy. I wanted this nasty p-mommy and her pussy eating sissy son! 

You got caught up in phone sex blackmail

phone sex blackmailAwwwhhh poor little cucky, you got all caught up in some phone sex blackmail didn’t you? It’s your own damn fault though, you gave me the information, you sent me the pictures, you gave me access to all of your secrets and straight up begged me to blackmail you! What did you think was going to happen? Did you really think that I was going to ignore all that info you handed me on a silver platter?? No cucky, I did exactly what you wanted and just because it suddenly got too real for you doesn’t mean that I am going to stop now! I will never stop! I OWN you now! You will do whatever I want whenever I want it done or you will be outed as the pathetic little dick loser that you are! I can tell your boss about all the non work related stuff you do on company time, or maybe I will tell your wife about your secret lingerie stash, or maybe send them both those pictures of you wearing that lingerie. Hmmm the possibilities really are endless, I can end you anytime I want to cucky so if you are smart at all, you will do as I say!

My sissy grandson is such a fairy faggot!

grandma sex blogThis morning I had to teach my young grandson a lesson that I hope he will never forget. You see, I caught him in my closet, he was completely naked and was touching and rubbing against all of my clothes. The little shit was trying stuff on and he had even gotten into my makeup and had his face all painted up like a clown, it was ridiculous! I was pissed because he was making a mess of everything in my closet so I decided to make very sure that he wouldn’t be doing this again! First thing I did was grab him by the arm and pull him across my lap for a good old fashioned spanking, he didn’t like me smacking his bare ass but that didn’t stop me from paddling it raw! Then I made him dress up like a girl and I even fixed his makeup, if he wanted to pretend to be a girl, I was gonna show him what being a girl is all about! I took him to the nearest glory hole and put him right to work, and I made quite sure that his little boycunt got just as much action as his pretty little mouth did too. Hopefully I have cured him of his crossdressing fantasies but if not now I have a new way to make some money huh?

Sissy Training Mommy

phone chat numbers PearlBig Mamma Pearl loves sissies. My smooth, soft little ones who have special needs. Let me guide you in your search to become a sissy or cross dresser. I promise to be kind and gentle to you. At least until you learn the rules. Never forget that I own that boy-pussy and I can fuck it at any time.
So, you are ready for a call? You want sissy boy lessons? Are those balls shaved all smooth? Are you wearing your panties? Do you have your training toy? Good, let us begin your new life as a sissy boy. This is not something to take lightly. Once you assume your position as a girl, you can never go back. The thoughts of large cock will haunt you and make you stroke in shame. It’s so much better to accept what you are and let it bring you pleasure as I train you in the art of pleasing a man. Soon you will be the girl of your dreams and you will have all of the cock you need. Are you ready to drink gallons of fuck juice and get your new pussy hammered? I know you are. You see, I was once a man, too.
Come chat with me to get the rest of my story. It will blow your cock and your mind.

Mature Phone Chat with a Sexy Live Chat Slut

mature phone chatMature phone chat with this sexy live chat slut is anything goes. I love all sorts of kinks and fetishes. My favorite is sissy humiliation phone sex, however. Does that make your little clitty hard? I bet it does. Now if you are wearing men’s boxers, look down. I bet you are swimming in them aren’t you? A sissy dick gets lost in men’s underwear. The solution? Pretty pink panties. If you can’t steal a pair, you can purchase mine or we can shop online for the perfect pair for your pansy ass. And it wont stop there. I love to feminize my sissies from their toes to the tops of their fairy heads.French maid outfits are my favorite. You need to be dressed appropriately when you clean my house and my pussy. You see when you are cleaning my house, I’m fucking the real men. Getting filled up with man seed to feed you with. I will take you from being a tiny dick loser to my private sissy bitch. I will give you a purpose. Are you up for the challenge?

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