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Phone sex blackmail with a scheming Tease and Denial Goddess

Phone sex blackmail Phone sex blackmail is what married men always find themselves falling into… That’s because they cannot help but feed their addiction to Sexy prostitutes and Hardcore orgy porn! I have this one guy who has involved me so deep into his life that there is no way out… He basically works for me now! One isn’t enough though, I want more… If your wives aren’t going to control that cock of yours, I will. I am not a Cock size queen either…

Money makes me cum!

For me, the smaller your cock the better… that just means that less it’ll take t have to satisfy your needs. Small cocks just mean bad habits! Which is what led to your premature ejaculation issue… Financial domination phone sex is your way of pleasing me while I tend to your needs. Don’t worry, I have a solution for that ejaculation issue of yours… I know just the tease and denial that will bring you to the edge. I’ll soon know that cock of yours better than you do.

His wants, his needs, and how to control his every move. you won’t want to cum with me because you know cumming just means it is all over. You want to draw it out for as long as possible so that you can enjoy every minute spent in sensational heaven with me. I know just what to say and do to trigger you… Porn is so overrated, you need a Nasty freak that’ll call out your name and do those Sexy roleplays you desire.



Phone dominatrix Brielle

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Phone sex blackmail wont be necessary as long as u spoil me

Phone sex blackmailPhone sex blackmail comes easily when you have Big tits… Perverts just can’t resist women with Big tits and asses! I talk to so many married men, that I’ve lost count… They fear losing their wives but their cocks have a mind of their own. I like to enable their filthy thoughts and be a dirty homewrecker. Whenever I see a man out with a wedding band it makes me want him even more. I mean why else did a woman agree to dedicate her entire life to him obviously, he’s got some sort of money or possibly a big cock…

Only a naive man who’s easy to push over would get married. A wedding band just lets me know I have found my next victim. My Sexy moaning noises sound like pornstars and my perky Big bouncy tits aren’t something easy to come by. Most women refrain from putting any meat on their bones which makes it so their tits remain the size of their teen years, but a whore like me knows men love Gigantic tits. The more cushion for the pushing!

I always make sure to wear low-cut shirts where my sexy breasts are nearly pouring out of my top… Lucky for me my Natural tits aren’t the only asset on my body, I’ve got a juicy round ass that women go on the operating table to obtain. I like to think it’s the adrenaline rush topped with the unknown, that pushes men to play risky games. A Kinky phone sex slut like myself knows exactly what to do and say to wrap men like you, around my finger.

Financial dominatrix Gabrielle

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Giantess phone sex Goddess shrunk boy & used him as a dildo

Giantess phone sex Giantess phone sex is my favorite! Just recently I shrunk a horny boy down to the perfect size and swaddled him with saran wrap… I dunked him in and out of my pussy and orgasmed multiple times all over his body. The fucker still managed to have a widdle pebble-sized boner! It was the cutest thing ever… I took him for a joy ride into the back of my throat… He tickled my tonsils with his footsies for a while as I dunked him in and out. I then sent him down head first and let him see for himself my gushy pink esophagus as I plunged him in and out.

After covering him in slobber, I sent put him ankles deep into my asshole… Uhh, that was the best! It felt so fucking good my knees buckled when I orgasmed. The orgasm was so intense I wound up taking a nap with him tucked between my Big bouncy tits. When I woke up I was ready for another round… The little gremlin tried to get away but what he forgot was that he was far too small to get away from a Giantess hehehehe, I pinched him by the back of his shirt and lifted him up into the air.

I told him if he kept it up I would swallow him entirely and he would never see the light of day again. These are the consequences for a pervy boy who looks up girl’s skirts on the escalator. We met at the mall, I caught him using the front camera of his phone and scoping out my goods from beneath. That’ll put him on high alert for a Shrinking giantess before he thinks to do something like that ever again.

Giantess Eden

(855) 733-5746 ext 4705

Phone Chat Numbers take you to Dirty Girl Pamela.

Phone Chat Numbers

Phone Chat Numbers take you to Dirty Girl Pamela. All the sites, all the lines, all the numbers and you have come around to me. Being a dirty naughty girl means that I liked to have incest and play with age. All in all, you pick the age, and we will play with it. At the same time fantasies do come true. Finally, we come to my own fantasy.

In the distance I see my little son running. Knowing he is going to run right up to me. Why or why do they have to grow and get bigger. I wish I may, I wish I might, have this wish all my might. Closing my eyes. Hands before me. Tightly closed.

Opening my eyes, right before me I see my little boy getting smaller and smaller as he runs to me. Looking down on him, he is the same height as my shoe heel. Dreams do come true. Lifting my heel, looking down at him. “You are so small I could just squish you. But at the same time, you are now the perfect height to crawl right into mom’s private cavern.”

Giantess phone sex Dirty Girl Mom Pamela lets you play in her private cavern.

Quickly removing all those clothes that shrunk right with you.  As soon as you’re naked, I am going to lay down. Then you may crawl up into my private cavern and be one of the littles to go exploring. In fact, you are really wanting to get all the way up in that cavern exploring and have fun for I may just decide to squish you like a bug or flush you down the toilet like a used tampon.

As long as you are playing though you are good. When you finally decide to come out you are covered from head to toe in my mom pussy juices. All dirty just like mom. Bet you let your tiny little penis cum all over inside of mom while you were in there too.

Now that you are all dirty and used up, Mom is going to clean you up and put her shrinking little one to bed. All in all Mom is very happy that you played in the private cavern. You are going to stay small and that you came inside of Mom. Sticking all of you into my mouth like a popsicle. Sucking you clean. Finally tucking your naked little body into bed.

Dirty Girl Pamela

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Financial domination phone sex with my Huge scammer knockers

Financial domination phone sexThis loser overdrafted his account after a Financial domination phone sex session with me! I make sure to drain him of every dollar he’s earned week after week. This worthless little bitch knows he works for me now! I’ve got him on a ramen noodle diet… that’s what happens to pathetic men with small cocks who tend to wank their pathetic little nubs to hot sexy women that are out of his league. He called me up thinking he could cum all over my Big tits, he couldn’t help himself after looking at hot pictures of me wearing a strap-on.

He knew deep down inside he didn’t stand a chance but of course, the fucking loser couldn’t help but give it his best shit! A Skype session in sissy panties being humiliated in front of all of my girlfriends was how he spent the rest of his evening! He should have known that my Big bouncy tits were off limits… His facial expression as I lubed my tits up while he sat on the other side of the screen was priceless! his little cock lette got so hard, but a spatula made that flicker soft again! His nubby was not worth the wank nor would he be able to cum on my watch! All he is and will ever be good for is entertainment!

I and the girls watched as he pranced around the house in a pair of his wife’s panties… could you believe the loser has a dick smaller than three inches and the fucking nerve to try and cheat! I mean after seeing his cock and the fact he has more thane enough time on his hands to even do such a thing, it became even more obvious that she is there for the same reasons we are. The money in his wallet! Of course, after all the screenshots and evidence we managed to get out of the loser, he is now fearing Phone sex blackmail!

If you know what’s best you will continue to give me every dollar.

Findom Goddess Gabrielle

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Financial domination phone sex humiliation with Goddess Eden

Financial domination phone sex My favorite kink is Financial domination phone sex, I love draining the wallets of pathetic small dick-having men. I may be a sweet girl but I am quite the switch especially when it comes to men with little dicks. I want you to dress as a sissy slut in your best pair of Sissy panties… Lipstick and a change of outfits are a must! You are here for my entertainment, nothing but a tool to be used and degraded. You had the nerve to call me thinking you can take my kindness for weakness…

Whipping that measly little dick of yours out on camera was the worst thing you could have possibly done. I know that widdle cock of yours began to jump for joy the moment you laid eyes on my Big bouncy tits. But, big tits like mine aren’t for white worms like yours! Your cock would vanish between my tits, it is far too small for my juicy jugs to even catch a grip. You don’t call me for sexual favors you call me because you are deprived, deprived of attention…

You are ashamed to pull that dick out and deal with the humiliation that comes with having such a premature cock. That’s why you called me, hoping that you could pay your way through satisfaction… Yet, even with every dollar you spend an orgasm is not something you will ever earn. Instead, you will be the center of entertainment for me and my sexy Phone sex blackmail friends.

Findom Mistress Eden

(855) 733-5746 ext 4705

Giantess phone sex slut shrinks men and uses them as a dildo

Giantess phone sexShrinking giantess Quinlee, loves shriveling you up into a fun-size and having you at my leisure! Most times I prefer shrinking you down to the size of my favorite 10-inch dildo… That’s right, I shrink you down to please myself! I am a spoiled bratty little slut and you could also call me a bully… Well, that’s because whenever I don’t happen to get my way I throw a major tantrum! You don’t want to get on my bad side.. the last guy that thought for one second he could disobey me… wound up the center of entertainment at my disposal!

He didn’t believe me when I warned him… He decided to challenge me. So, I decided to show him what happens to disobedient boys… He had his doubts but That only led to him nearly suffocating between my Big bouncy tits. The little guy tried running but he didn’t get far… I picked him up by his collar and had him dangling between the pinch of my fingers. I started his punishment by slipping him between my Big tits and squeezing him to near death… His tiny little head popped out right at the top..

The look on his face as he gasped for air only to be dunked right back down the center again was iconic. I let him take a  break by sitting him up on my hard nipple! Then of course the little fucker had to run his measly mouth. So that’s when I decided to send him deep inside of my Sloppy wet pussy. He was drenched and oh so sticky! his head penetrated my inner g spot while his legs were hanging out kicking. After I orgamsed all over his body I decided to tie him up using dental floss and leave him to suffer overnight. When I woke up in the morning I couldn’t help but use him one more time before tossing him out back in an ant hill…

That’ll teach him not to mess with a Giantess phone sex mistress!

Giantess Quinlee

(855) 733-5746 ext 4028

Phone Chat Numbers Sissy Trainer Raine!

Phone Chat Numbers Turning the average bicurious guy into a full-on sissy slut is what gives me the most pleasure in life! If you are looking for that extra push to become the full-on cock worshiping orgy whore that you are deep down inside, you’ll find that I’m the best trainer for you. I delve into the many arts of giving men satisfaction and pleasure, this is an art I teach to all my sissy protégés with vigor. I love hearing a sissy slut cum hard while giving into the ecstasy of fully being themselves! If you are ready to free yourself from your inhibitions to become the slut that dwells within, call me! I promise you’ll feel better after some tlc from the best sissy trainer available!


(855) 733-5746 ext 4570

phone chat numbers daddy loves them

phone chat numbers

Daddy owes me a lot for my conversation with my friend Rory. Ever since I can remember, he has had an infatuation with us. He wants pictures of us in the orange grove near our house. The fact that daddy has a p-cock is no surprise, but daddy enjoys fucking my friends and me. It hasn’t been so easy making so many girls fall for our family antics, but for the most part, it has been fun.

I’m always ahead of the game, so daddy owes me big time for this fantasy to come true. All the phone chat numbers he has called talking about my friends and me, I deserve a boost in my allowance.

Natalie: Look, Rory, my dad finds you pretty hot! I can’t get him to stop talking about you.

Rory: Really! Do you think I’m hot?

Natalie: Of course I do, [Smiles and giggles] Rory! You are the hottest girl in ballet class.

Rory: Nat, I think you are [Reaches in for a kiss]

[Natalie & Rory make out]

Natalie” Rory, let us do a photo shoot with my dad at the orange grove.

Rory: Okay, if we are together, we can kiss a lot more.

Natalie: let’s make my daddy  pcock happy

Daddy will have a blast fucking spinners like us!


(800) 201-3383 ext 815

Phone Chat Numbers Giantess Switch

Have you been searching for a Phone Chat Numbers line with a special inclination for a true Giantess. I am nearly 6 ft tall and love to wear 8″ inch high heels. Kicking a man in the balls to make him shrink is always a fun time.

You are the pathetic little man that needs me as a goddess over you. I am a submissive by profession but that just means I have successfully fulfilled being a dominatrix and a submissive. This is what a switch is. I can start off as your little subby slut.

Drink my elixar and watch me grow as you shrink. I turn from being your little bitch to being your Bitch Goddess. In charge and walking all over you in my 8″ inches high spiked heels. I laugh and squat over you and piss. drink up shrinking man. You drink and shrink even more.

Once you are significantly small, kinda like a little top army man sort of small I can use you better. I put you in my mouth and swallow you. You tumble down my throat and through my intestinal tract. Oh, and boy do you upset my tummy. I poop you out in a bowl and then clean you up.

Hoping that you had a good trip I get you all nice and clean. My lover is coming over and you need to hide somewhere. I think I will just put you in my panties. Oh wait I have a better idea I insert you in place of a tampon in the plastic applicator and plunge you up inside my vagina. There you will be safe.

Phone Chat Numbers for Fantasies

SO your safety didn’t last long. My lover has a really big dick and he was quick to get hard for me. We are fucking and you are now being pumped against and once my lover cums in me you are going to be drowning in his jizz.

Phone Chat Numbers

Giantess Switch Eliana

(800) 258-5131 ext 838

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