Phone Chat Numbers baby don’t lose that number.

Phone Chat NumbersPhone Chat Numbers baby don’t lose that number. Never lose that number, after all these tits like to bounce. Up, down, spin around, put some tassels on these suckers and really watch them bounce.  Twirling around and around. Hypnotize you with my tits. It will be Hot. Kinky is a must. Before you know it cum everywhere and anywhere.

Look to the lines and through the lines. Going to find a nasty naughty rule breaking Dr. Fox. Don’t lose my number. Dial me up and I will suck your cock. Make you jizz. Let me play with you. The doctor is in the house. Expertise in many areas. Hypnosis works with Big bouncy tits doing the hypnotizing.

To be sure we are going to be kinky naughty. On the couch, in the back room. Going to turn you into my slave while under hypnosis. Never know what I am going to be making you do. That is right baby. I will be behind you with a strap on. May just dress you up and make you into a cross dresser. Tweak your nipples. Before you know it. I will have you lapping your tongue on my pussy, at the same time dressed in high heels.

Saddle up and you will see what else I will be doing to you. Until you finally cum and cum hard. While I am either making you drink your own cum or shooting that load on or in me. Time will just tell when I hypnotize you.

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