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phone chat lines for sissies

phone chat lines for sissy sex with Loretta! I just love humiliating pathetic losers. I love to degrade you and put you in your place! I love making you my little bitch and I want you to know how pathetic you are. I wasn’t always this bitchy. I use to be quite a sweetheart until I married a little cock idiot. I was enraged that I had to fuck and suck such a small cock. I may be a trophy wife and I may enjoy all the perks of living a pampered life, but I am no way satisfied with my husband’s little clit dick. His small cock made me hungry for humiliate! Now I love to put pathetic sissies in their place. There a couple things that will qualify you to be sissy humiliated by me. One and by far the most important is your cock size, do you have a cock? or do you have clit dick? I have a special measure that will rate you. Secondly wanting to wear my clothes and be just like me. Oh, so you think you can walk in my shoes and be a hot sexy slut like me? I doubt it so I will put you in your place and show you what fag you are. These are my top two. There’s plenty more. Cum plays with me to find out you loser. phone chat lines

Phone Chat Numbers for Tiny Dick Losers

phone chat numbersMy phone chat numbers are not for everyone. Well, I guess they are as long as you understand there are a couple rules. As a mature woman, I am a cock size queen. I prefer only men with big working cocks call me. However, if you have a small cock and call me, understand you will not fuck me. I will take your money and give you small dick humiliation. I have years of experience from two bad marriages of dealing with tiny dick losers. I have no problem shaming you, making you my cuck or even my sissy boy. You can serve a purpose in my life, just not a purpose in my pussy. I have a book of shame that so far contains over 500 names and pictures. Some of the losers in my book of shame are callers of mine who have sent me pictures of their little clit sticks. Most, however, are men I have met in my life. The word got out that I was a size queen. You would think that would bring big cocks to me. Actually, it brought all the humiliation junkies to my yard. You want humiliation? I have no problem giving it. I dress up every small dick loser in something feminine. I tuck that clit away into a pair of panties. I write humiliating names on their bodies in lipstick. Then, I make them pose for shameful pictures. I have such a big book now. I put in a few pictures of each loser. I date the page and rate them from 1-10 on a scale of how big of a loser or sissy they are in my eyes. My girlfriends get together often, look through it, laugh and drink wine. Sometimes, I call up a few particularly shameful ones and invite them over for The Biggest Loser Pageant. Would you win the title?

Phone Chat Numbers: You Get What You Pay For

phone chat numbersPhone chat numbers are all the same. I am sure you have thought that a time or two. Why pay $2.00 a min when you can pay less than $1.00 a minute. Let me enlighten you about the world of dirty talking women. No two companies are the same. In the adult phone world, you get what you pay for, as the saying goes. Those cheaper sites are dispatch operated, meaning you never know who you are talking to. At a direct dial company, like the one I work for, you call me directly. I am in my own home, wearing very little if anything to the imagination. When you call my phone chatline, I am the only one who will ever answer. When you pay $2 a minute for phone sex you are getting someone who cares about your fantasies and fetishes. I am in no rush to get you off, unless you are in a rush to get off!  Whatever time you purchase, I promise to make it last and if you don’t last, well we can talk right up until the end of your paid time. Of course for that to happen, you cannot hang up after you cum! Phone sex at $2.00 a minute seems expensive, but it is about quality. I am a seasoned phone sex whore. I have been in the adult industry all my life. I have hot true tales to share with you because I have not led a vanilla life. I am also well versed in all the kinky fetishes men enjoy, from the commonplace like cuckolding and foot fetishes, to the more obscure like ABDL and sissy boys. Sure you can call some cheap phone sex site, but you will be out a couple bucks, have a hard dick still and be bitching about why you didn’t just call me in the first place.

My Phone Chat Lines: I Love Panty Boys

phone chat linesMy phone chat lines are always open to any topic. I am a fetish mommy. I enjoy being a sissy mom as well as talking to men with a wide range of fetishes like enjoying mommy’s panties. Are you a panty boy? I am an older mommy. I have two sets of offspring from two husbands two decades apart. So, I have older sons and daughters whom are married and starting their own families, and I have school age tykes again. Something that my sons from both marriages share is a love for my sexy undergarments. I am old school when it comes to my lingerie. I like wearing bra and panty sets; garters and stockings; baby dolls and teddies and even pantyhose. My teen daughter puts on a thong and calls it sexy lingerie. I have schooled her in the art of sexy. My sons appreciate my lingerie style. None of my boys have ever been able to refrain from playing with my panties. It starts off with stealing dirty panties from my hamper to smell and jack off into, but it always ends with them wearing my panties. So if you enjoy panty boy phone sex, I have real experience with this fetish. I tend to be a nurturing, sweet mommy who encourages panty wearing; however, sometimes I have to put men in panties, including a couple sons, because they have small dicks. Every mother understands that small dicks get lost in boxers or regular boring men’s underwear. Mommy’s panties keep little clits secure. It doesn’t matter why you like to wear panties. I love panty boys. It could be because you have a small pecker or it could be because you enjoy the silky feel of satin against your cock and balls. As a mother of several panty boys, I can’t wait to explore your panty fetish with you.

panty boy phone sex

You’re a silly little sissy!

phone chat numbersYou’re a silly little sissy! Just look at you all dressed up like a little fairy faggot, does your wife know you do that? No? Well sissy, if you want to keep her from finding out that you like to cross dress and go find big black cocks to suck you better do as I say! Oh you didn’t know that I recorded all that? Hahaha I have a real nice video of you in your little fairy princess outfit with a huge black cock in your mouth and another one stuffed in your ass, would you like me to show her that??? Awwhhhh don’t cry sissy! If you take me shopping no one will ever have to know your little secrets! Just open up your wallet and make sure that you are very generous with me and then I will keep your secrets forever… or at least until you stop paying me.

Try these Phone Chat Numbers

My sissy would NOT stop rubbing her little clitty. She kept getting hard and running up to me “Look Goddess Felecia! Look at how big my clitty is!!” I’d dye laughing and almost piss myself! Sissy’s cock is tiny!! But she felt like is was some kind of giant monster and that got me thinking. I sat her down on her anal pole and asked her a very serious question. “Sissy have you have played with Giantess stuff??” She looked at me like I was crazy! I laid her down and told her to get her clitty hard but not to cum. If she came by the time I got back she was going to be punished! I grabbed some barbies and some paint. I came back to my sissy with a pained face!

Phone Chat Numbers

HAHAHA She was trying so hard not to cum before we got our Giantess fetish going. I told her to stop and to put her hands above her head. I sat down on her chest letting her get a good view of a real woman’s pussy. How bald and wet I was getting as I started painting her hard clitty like a monster. I grabbed my barbies and started playing with them and her monster clittey! My barbies hated the tiny little monster. It kept drooling and getting sticky stuff all over their pretty clothes! The barbies had enough! The barbies were giants compared to sissy’s tiny monster clitty! They started shoving their giant hands and feet down the top of that tiny monsters head! They thought were the oozing was coming from they could plug it up and make the monster explod! They were right! As soon as I got the entire length of the barbies arm down that tiny dick hole sissy blew her load all over me!! 

Giantess phone sex

Cody’s Phone Chat Numbers

Phone Chat Numbers

My Big bouncy double d titties hide a lot from men. I am the sweetest thing you have ever seen right? Well I have a deep dark side to me. Let me tell you about Dwayne. He is a power house CEO and he is my bitch. Our relationship started out with a bang. He saw me on a date with a guy and he walked right up to us. Pulled a chair to sit right next to me and started asking me about my date. Can he take care of me the way I needed to be taken care of? Can he spoil me with clothes, diamonds, money and trips? I looked at my date and asked him to excuse us. That’s right my date with James ended right there because let’s be honest. He wasn’t getting me wet, he was really boring to me, but I knew what Dwayne was when he sat down next to us. Dwayne on the other hand had no  idea what he was getting himself into. A strong man out in the world is always a weak man in the bedroom. It wasn’t long till he got me alone in his home. We went right into the bedroom, I told him to drop his pants. He got naked while I went into the bathroom. I came back out still fully dressed in my body hugging black dress and red bottom heels. He was laying in the bed looking disappointed as I walked to the edge of the bed. “You see Dwayne, I knew what you had when you started mouthing off at the table.” I flipped up the covers to expose a tiny little cock and balls. “I knew you had a tiny cock.” I said as I grabbed the head of his tiny dick with the tips of my nails. “Now tell me who controls this cock for now on?” I pinched the head of his tiny cock, making him grin as his voice changed and his sissy faggot self came back . “You do.” I pulled my tight dress off, pulled my black thong off and sat on his face. Forced him to eat my pussy as I humiliated him for having such a tiny cock. He paid me a thousand dollars just to eat my pussy. He have another date tonight.. I might lock his tiny cock up. 

BBW for the best sissy training

phone chat numbersThere’s nothing I love better than training a sissy. Making a man into a tranny slut is better than playing dress up when I was young. I do his make-up and put him into something frilly, sexy, or lacy. Every sissy wants to feel silk on his cock.  Then the fun begins. I start with some teasing when I see that tiny cock of his. You know a big girl like me could hold you down and violate your new pussy. I do enjoy some fisting. But what really makes me wet is when you play the role and your voice changes. You become the little faggot slut of your dreams. I will teach you to walk and flirt like a girl. You’ll learn the proper techniques for cocksucking and how much fun swallowing sperm is. I’ll be your big BBW girlfriend and you’ll be my little sissy trainee. I’ll put you on your knees, slowly lick your shithole until you’re moaning. Then it’s time for my strap-on right in your new pussy. Make sure you bring that ass toy when you call me!!! I’m gonna stroke, bang, molest, and totally fuck that new cunt until you believe that you’re a girl. You’ll be calling back for more.

Mommy burns some ass.

phone chat numbersGranny likes it young and hard. It’s hard to believe I raised 5 sons and now have 8 grands. I think it’s time that I started training them like I did my boys. Spare the rod, spoil the brat. No matter how old they are, I keep them all in line. Old fashioned ass whippings are what bad young ones need. Firmly held over granny’s knee, bare ass up for all to see. You try sliding down my knee but you just end up with your face buried in gram’s wet bush. That’s a good place for you to start your training. I feel your hard little dick pressing into my thigh as I spank your red ass some more. I pull you up into my lap against my huge tits and reach down to touch your hard boy-cock. It throbs in my hand making you forget your sore ass. I began to rock you, stroking slowly as you begin to shudder. “Please granny, don’t stop.” you beg. You squirt gobs of cum all over my tits. Your training is just beginning.  

Let me take your money and your cum.

phone chat numbersI can be a sweet mommy or I can be a wicked slut. When it comes to my boys, I’m nurturing but tough. But when I go out on the town, I’m looking. I turn into a cougar looking to add men to my collection. I weed out the sissies and take control of them. A little blackmail and they give me what I want. I see nothing wrong with a little financial domination to make a little extra. I give sissies exactly what they want.  A taste of my fat black strap-on. They arch those asses right up in the air for me and I ream them out good. I love laughing at the little throbbing cocks as they whimper and beg for more. I believe they love being used this way. They seem to love it more when I threaten to expose their dirty secrets. Oh, imagine the shame if friends and family knew what they did behind closed doors. Better pay Mommy well to keep our little secret.

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