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Phone Chat Numbers for a Party Whore Down for Anything

phone chat numbersMy phone chat numbers are a party line. You can get as fucked up as you want with me because the chances are I am just as fucked up too. I love to get high and talk dirty. Oh, and I will masturbate with you too. I love to play with my pussy. Most nights, it is full of cum, and I am doing my best to savor all the tasty jizz inside me. Last night, I had been down at the local truck stop. I was doing good chugging cock when a bad storm hit. It is hurricane season here in Florida, and the wind was so high it was blowing streetlights off wires. I had to stop my fun and head home before it got worse. I was disappointed that I could not get more cum. I decided to have some phone fun. I had a bunch of coke, so I was set that way. I got some cum just not enough for me. I settled for pretend cum on my phone sex lines with horny guys. I did lines of coke with many guys on the phone, playing with the cum inside me on each call. I love to get nasty. I am trailer trash whore for life. Want to party with me?

Trashy Whore Beverly

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Phone Chat Lines for Therapy and Addiction

phone chat linesPhone chat lines are the best kind of therapy you can get. Better and cheaper than any therapist. Cheaper because we are $2 a min and offer specials. Better because we do not want to cure you. But do not come to me for your porn or phone bone addiction. I will not cure you. I will take you deeper down that rabbit hole. It is in my financial best interest to keep you calling. Yet every day, I have some loser instant messaging me that this is ruining his relationship like he thinks I am not going to encourage his addiction further. Well, that is just stupid thinking on the guy’s part. I mean I am a phone sex therapist. I am in the business of making money and having fun. Having fun to me is draining your wallet. I am a dominant woman. And with that comes financial domination. I do not want to cure you of any sex related addiction. Not wise of me. In fact, I want you addicted to me. I am smart, sexy and I am addictive. Most guys are not worthy enough to spit shine my shoes. I bet you are not either. So, if you call my phone lines expecting to be cured, be prepared for a financial domination phone sex addiction that will take you down that rabbit hole.

Phone Sex Therapist Farah

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Phone Chat Numbers for Mommy Sex and Family Fun

phone chat numbersMy phone chat numbers are for men who love mommy sex. If you had asked me when I first got married if I would be a phone whore, or a mommy whore, I would have laughed at you. There is no way I would have thought I would ever be this kind of mommy. But here I am now. In my 50s with a boy toy husband, divorced from my first husband with 2 sons and a daughter from my ex-husband and a son and daughter from my boy toy husband. I love my life. But if it had not been for a nasty divorce from a cheating husband and two horny teen sons at home with me, I may not be where I am today. It was a domino effect. A nasty divorce in my sexual prime made it easy for my horny sons in  heir sexual prime to seduce me. Once I started fucking my teenage sons, it was easy to fuck their teenage friends. One of those friends is now my boy toy husband. Once I married my boy toy husband and we had two little ones of our own, it became easier to start my youngest son and daughter off in incest. Life is good. I am here to tell you that anything can happen. Call my phone chat lines and let me help you start off a domino effect in your sex life.

Mommy Whore Nicolette

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Phone Chat Numbers for Taboo Family Fun

phone chat linesWhen you call my phone chat numbers, you get to speak to a dirty grandma. I have no limits, especially when it comes to age. I hope you know what I mean by that! I get older, my grand angels get younger. When I started fucking my sons and daughters, they were teenagers. I guess you could say that I am on a P learning curve. That means I want them younger and younger every time. Incest is taboo, but combined with age play, it is fucking hot taboo. The hottest taboo. I am always on the search for the next big high. I get sort of an adrenaline rush when I realize that I am doing something most men only dream about doing. Can you guess what I am talking about? I am talking about eating bald pussies and sucking hairless cocks. I am a dirty granny. I love making the young ones cum so hard. In my big naughty family, I get first dibs at every grand angel. I am the matriarch of the family, and it is only fair that I get to play with those sweet young pussies and stiff hard cocks first. I teach them how to give back too because as the matriarch of this family, I demand pussy worshiping.  I am full of dirty family fun when you call my phone chat lines. Maybe, I can help you have the big dirty family like mine.

Sexy Granny Samantha

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Phone Chat Lines for Dirty Mom

phone chat linesMy phone chat lines are party lines. I love to get high and exchange nasty stories. I am full of nasty stories. I am a P mommy. Coke allowed me to explore my true dirty nature. Honestly though, it is in my DNA. I was raised by a party mom. She would do lines of coke and fuck my older brother every chance she got. My dad was never around much. He traveled for work and she was left home alone in her sexual prime. I do not think she fucked my dad much. Likely because he was gone a lot and 15 years older than her. She had a teen boy in the house with a horny cock. Now, I am the dirty mom with two horny teen boys in the house, so I get why she fucked my brother. My husband knows I fuck our boys. He loves that about me. We still fuck. He is older than me by 20 years, so his libido is not what it once was but he will watch me with our boys and get hard. He says a mommy slut is better than Viagra. My mom had to hide her incest loving ways from her husband, but not me. My husband knows who and what I am and loves me for it. Last night he watched me snort lines of cocaine off his sons’ dicks before they tagged teamed me. Their cocks are hard at hello and they can cum all night long. I understand the appeal of teenage boys for women in their 30s or 40s. Honestly, there is not a harder cock to be found than a teenage cock. I was on a long party call last night and enjoying the fact that my husband was getting hard watching me in action. I have a much better marriage than my mother, but I am glad she had to fuck my brother. She taught me all about incest.

Mommy Whore Blair

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Phone Chat Numbers for Taboo Fun

phone chat numbersMy phone chat numbers are for taboo fun. I am unrestricted which means nothing is too dirty for me and no one is too young for me. I was the cash cow of my family. My earliest memories are of some fat old guy sweating on me as he pushed his hairy dick inside me. I have been a whore all my life. I have seen and done things I did not want to do, but now I am married to an older man who likes them young. We have 6 offspring together. I am still a whore though and a madam now too. My husband and I treat our brood way better than I was ever treated. My parents were meth heads. My husband is an upstanding pillar of his community with a trophy wife. Sure, we have dirty secrets, but our girls are happy. They enjoy taking care of men for money. They love having money of their own. I never once saw any money. I did all the work for my parents and they got all the reward. Our angles have their own rooms. They have nice clothes and modern technological devices. My girls know how to make money. Sex sells. It will always sell, and my phone chat lines are open to talk all about those young girls and the things they do for money.

Taboo Mom Lilibeth

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Phone Chat Lines for Interracial Cuckolding

phone chat lines

My phone chat lines are for interracial cuckolding. I love to cuckold men with big black cocks. I am in my 50s, but I have enjoyed big black dick since I was a teen girl. My first boyfriend spoiled me, actually ruined me for small white dicks. I am married, but my husband of 30 years is a cuckold and a black cock faggot. He is so well-trained that he brings me black boys to fuck. And I do mean boys. He came home last night with a high school basketball team. Not really. But they were teenagers. He offered them money and weed when he saw them shirtless playing hoops at the neighborhood park. He was certain they would like his sexy milf wife. And he knew I would like their sexy big black dicks. Younger guys have stamina that men my age no longer possess.  Sure, I love black men of all ages, but the older I get, the younger my black lovers get. I just need them young, full of cum and ready to fuck. My husband knew what he was doing. He served his slut wife well last night by bringing me home some tasty treats who could fuck me well into this morning. I had a huge mess for my cuckold husband to clean up too, but that was part of why he wanted me gang banged. He is such a good cuckold.

BBC Whore Vinny

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Phone Chat Numbers for Horny Emergencies

phone chat numbersEvery guy should have some phone sex numbers in his phone. I mean for emergencies only. You never know when you might get a boner and need some release. Let’s face it. Wives are not doing their jobs or there would be no need for women like me. I am a mommy whore. I take care of my husband, but I take care of my sons too. This is my second husband. I have a boy and a girl with him. He loves to watch me get some from our boy. My boy toy husband got a tasty treat this morning. My two eldest boys from my first marriage stopped by. They wanted some mommy pussy. Perfect timing. I wanted some boy cum. I was blowing my youngest when they arrived. Suddenly, I had three boy cocks and three mommy holes. I did not make them wait. Why would I? I mean all women have three holes for a reason, right? I do love some son cum. I got plenty of it too. Sucking a son while fucking two gave mommy cum in all three of her holes. I was dripping jizz from every hole. My husband snapped this picture of my face after our boy shot his wad on mommy. He wanted it for his spank bank. I am a dirty mommy whore, and my phone chat lines are here for your horny needs.

Mommy Whore Nicolette

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Top Phone Chat Lines

phone chat linesNot every woman can brag that she works for one of the top phone chat lines around.  I can. I have years of experience in the adult industry. That provides me with an open mind and creativity. I have a nothing shocks me or disgusts me attitude. All the girls that work at this company deliver great phone sex at affordable rates, but I have more than just phone sex experience. I have been a street hooker. I spent a decade in the porn world. I have been a sexy stripper too.  Combine that experience with my family experience, and you will want to save my phone sex numbers. I have 6 sons and daughters, all brought up by daddy and me in the family way. That is why my chat lines are no taboo. I do not judge because my life is not exactly full of stories, I can tell just anyone. Many of my experiences would land me or someone else in jail. But I know I can trust you with some of my dirty secrets. Last year, I got custody of my stepdaughter’s angels. I am the only quasi family she has left. She got busted on her third drug offense, and this time the judge through the book at her. I could let her angels be split apart in the foster care system, or I could take them. They are with me now, but they must earn their keep. Since they are sweet young things still in school, all they can do is please daddy types for money. I have a home brothel. Sex sells. Jail bait sex sells better. I rent them out several times a week and in exchange they get to live in a nice house, go to a nice school, have things other schoolboys and girls have too. They have learned to love being pimped out. It is easy to get manipulate little sluts with money and things. We all would like to live a filthy rich lifestyle. Trust me, I put the filthy in rich too.

Taboo Mom Gianna

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Phone chat numbers are what I use when I am looking for a pervert sissy who will lick my asshole clean. Stick his tongue deep in my asshole and scoop some hot gooey nut out. I need a good sissy slut that I can humiliate and spank whenever I feel like it. You love when I make you wear sissy slutty panties.

Phone Chat Numbers

When my cunt is full of cum you will clean it too and when my boyfriend with a big black cock comes over, you will watch how good I get fucked. I want you to lick his ass and keep him throbbing hard as he fucks me. When he fills my cunt up you know I want you to lick and suck his cock clean before he leaves. You can’t forget about my cunt hole; it needs to be clean too. If I feel like emptying my bladder on you I will, and you will take that golden shower with a smile. That is why you use Phone chat lines to get used and humiliated into your place as a sissy slut. 


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