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Phone Chat Numbers for Sissies and Cock Suckers

phone chat numbersPhone chat numbers for sissies you can find all over the net. However, not all sissy sites are the same. Some suck. Some just don’t understand your unique situation or needs. And others just think all sissies are the same and treat them equally. However, you and I know that no two sissies are the same.

Some sissies want cock. But some do not. Some sissies want to dress head to toe. However, some just want to wear sissy panties or nothing feminine at all. Some sissies can only fantasize. Whereas other sissies who do not have a family, can be prancing fairy faggots in public if they want.

I understand that no two sissies are the same. And my phone chat lines let us explore your unique situation. I have one sissy who calls me weekly. We have only been able to explore her fantasies virtually. Like many sissies, she does have a great job and the picture-perfect family complete with a white picket fence.

I Can Train All Kinds Of Sissies and Cocksuckers

But this sissy’s wife just embarked on a two-week cruise with her sister. And that gives my sissy some breathing room to explore her cock sucking fantasies. We set her up with a Grinder account and let the men on the down low find her greedy mouth. Last night, she called me with a mouth stuffed full of cock. She told me when the first guy left that he came a bucket load of jizz. And she liked the taste.

My sissy can blossom and finally get some side cock. Now I know not everyone is lucky enough to have a spouse go away for an extended amount of time. But if the wife is away, I think the mouse should play. And the mouse should play with cock and balls. Let me teach you how to be a great sissy and cock sucker too.

Sissy Trainer Coraline

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Phone Chat Numbers with a mom with big tits

Phone chat numbers are where you can find a nasty mommy to take cock in all holes. That is what all young dicks really want. They think about a gooey wet mommy cunt. But just like my son you won’t mind sharing. My son learned that quickly when his friend walked in on him fucking my ass. “Your mom’s tits are bigger than I thought they were” he said as my son kept fucking my asshole.

My son was close to busting inside me. When I felt him cum he was fucking me hard that my tits were bouncing all over. After my ass was filled up all the way, my son kids my neck. “Thanks mommy I needed that” he said. “My turn” his friend said as he was stroking his hard young dick. Then I felt him rub his dick on my leaking ass. “This will lube my dick up” he moaned.

Phone Chat Numbers

After that he pushed his dick inside my pussy. “Maybe I will give you a sibling,” he said as he pounded me. Then my son started sucking my mommy clit. It made me feel so good I started squirting. As soon as he felt my juices his young cock exploded inside me. “Milk me mommy” he moaned. “Let’s see if I knocked your mommy up in a few weeks” my son’s friend said to him while they high fived. I just laid there with my holes dripping with sperm from my son and his friend’s cock. That is why I go on Phone chat lines, it is where all the young guys go to share a slut mommy.


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Phone Chat Numbers for Cum Dumpsters

phone chat numbersIf you are looking for phone chat numbers for cum whores, you are in the right place. I drink more cum than water. Cum does this body good. I needed some of my favorite beverage last night, so I marched my skanky ass down to the truck stop. There are always plenty of men with cum filled balls willing to let an old whore like me suck them dry.

Normally, at a truck stop it is mostly truckers, but my reputation has gotten around and most of the married men in town come by to see if I am handing out free blowjobs any given night. Last night I was on my knees for hours blowing what felt like every guy in town. Why women don’t give head is beyond me.But  I even love to swallow. I hear guys tell me all the time that their wives won’t give them head and if they do, they won’t swallow.

I was Born to Be a Cum Whore

However, I want cum more than beer. I sucked so much cock last night, that I still have gravel imbedded in my knees. Badge of honor of a trailer trash whore. My stomach is extended too because I filled it with so much man sauce. Honestly, I thought I might puke, but I didn’t because I am an old cock sucking pro. A few other gals were down there getting jealous because the men didn’t want anything to do with them. They were half my age and better looking, but what the fuck do looks and age matter if you lack my cock sucking skills.

I can suck the chrome off a doorknob because I am a cum whore It was a great night of cock sucking and cum guzzling. I don’t think any man in town will ever forget my mouth. You won’t either. I give one hell of a virtual blowjob on my phone chat lines too.

Trashy MILF Beverly

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Phone Chat Numbers Incest Pamela will tell stories.

Phone Chat NumbersPhone Chat Numbers Incest Pamela will tell stories. First things first. These stories are loaded with incest, inuendo, nasty, and dirty play to name a few. Dial the number be greeted and get to the nasty fun. To begin with the birthdays. A celebration of life. After all we celebrate the birth, the years, and finally morn the death. Even in death there is pleasure and fun to be had.

First, we have the birthdays, now every birthday we like to throw a very big party. Get a bouncy house, corn hole set up, among other games. The next thing is we are always naked. It is like Caligula has come to our parties. It is one big orgy fest of kink and fun. All ages are included. The Age play fantasy of taking them still in swaddling. Lick the pussy, have the hot dog in a bun, such sweet appetizers for the main course.

Go from the weenie to the brat. All things considered, no one is the wiser when you are referring to foods, games, and pinning the tail on the donkey. Play a game of old maid and see how wrinkly and worn out it is. Swapping partners, relatives galore to choose from.

It’s important to realize that everyone can contribute something. No matter the size and if you like milk be sure to find the lactating booth. Lots of sizes. Lunch will be served.

To sum up, it is a blast for the party, and everyone has fun to the last drop. Until no one can continue, and we are all sated. Come to the party. See for yourself.

Dirty Girl Pamela

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Phone Chat Numbers Save Marriages with Cuckold Therapy

phone chat numbersPhone chat numbers let you tell someone your kinkiest fantasies. Although I can do any type of call, my favorite type involves cuckolding. As a slut wife who is addicted to those big black cocks, I know a thing or two about cuckolding. My marriage is perfect. My white husband knows his place. And he has proven himself to be quite the loyal cuckold too.

However, my guess is your wife has not yet learned that black cocks can make her cum better than your tiny dick. If that sounds harsh, I apologize. I just want to spread the love. And I want all women to have intense orgasms and pleasure. Many women do not know how great they can feel with the right partner. My phone chat lines let me help couples. I bet your wife seems disinterested in sex as she ages. Guys blame that on hormones and menopause. The likely culprit is your underwhelming cock.

Cuckold Therapy Saves Sexless Marriages

Yes. I said it. And you need to take responsibility for your wife’s lack of sexual pleasure too. If your dick is limp or not that big, let some one else step in. However, I am not suggesting she divorce you. Not at all. But I think she will love you more if you suggest she get some big dick. And it doesn’t need to be black. Just bigger and harder than your cock. Maybe a young buck in the neighborhood would suffice. But trust me if your wife never wants to fuck you it might be your cock.

Let me save your marriage with some cuckold therapy. My husband loves me, and I love him. But our marriage works because he wants to see me happy in bed not just in life. And the only way I get sexual pleasure is from big black dicks. I will never divorce my husband. And our marriage is solid because I get the cock I need

Slut Wife Vinny

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Phone chat numbers Milky Mommy Makes son all better

phone chat numbersPhone chat numbers Milky Momma here to make everything all better. Your cock needs some loving attention and some breast milk for lubrication. I can be your lactation goddess.

My own son knows all to well how mommy can help him through a break up. The cheer slut he had been dating broke up with him right before the big game. He lost the game and now his teammates and his friends are all mocking him for being a wuss and a virgin!

What do I do? I put on a sexy teddy and sheer robe. My son looks up as he wipes his tears from his eyes. “Oh baby give mommy a hug,” I say as I push my tits into his face. I know he can smell that I need to pump soon.

“Whoops a little something on your cheek, I laugh as I wipe breast milk from his face. My son’s tears dry up and he licks my finger. “Yummy mommy Moo Juice!” he giggles. I pick him up and give him a kiss. He wraps his arms around my neck and snuggles into my chest. I whisper in his ear, “It’s okay baby. Mommy will always be here for you.”

I pull a dripping nipple out of my lace and feed him. “What a good boy you are.

Now mommy needs to tend to her Phone chat lines, did you want to sit in and feed for a while. I’m sure the men won’t notice me being a little extra moaning as my video drinks from me. Save me the hassle of pumping and your little sister is full anyhow. He nods and snuggles into my chest. I kiss his forehead and whisper, “Mommy loves you. Mommy will always be here for you.” I get up and put him into my lap talking to the men who love my dirty mom ways!

Lactation Momma Regina

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Phone Chat Lines for Submissive Whores

phone chat linesMy phone chat lines are for men who require a submissive whore to get off. Many men hate the Me Too movement because they think women are on this earth for their use. And I agree with that line of thinking. Never been for equal rights. Never been for consent. And I have never required safe spaces or safe words. I am a dirty old whore who has been owned since I was a schoolgirl. Daddy owned me first. Then my ex-husband owned me. And for the past 20 years, my master has owned me.

I doubt I could survive without a master. But I do not even want to try to survive with a man controlling me. Everything I do on my own I fuck up. So, I need men to use me. It is all I am good at doing. Master knows I have big bouncy tits and a fat ass with little brain power. He turned me into his office fuck doll. I get to look like an office bimbo and fuck master. Plus, I get paid. I guess that does make me a paid whore.

I am a Submissive Whore Who Does Not Need Safe Words or Safe Spaces

Master retired last year. However, I do get summoned into the office sometimes for help with legal briefs. Friday, master called his fuck doll to the office. But not for work. He just needed me to get his old dick off. Since he is 30 years older than me and I am in my 40s, his dick rarely works anymore.  But it worked that day. Perhaps he took a Viagra or something. He bent me over the desk and fucked my asshole raw.

Sometimes, he gets in an anal mood. And this was one such day. After a hardcore ass fucking, he spanked my ass so hard I can still barely sit two days later. But I am not complaining. I am a submissive slut. I am here to serve men in the real world and on my phone chat numbers.

Submissive Whore Bernice

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Phone chat Lines Subslut is yours to use as you wish

Phone chat numbersPhone chat lines draw dom daddys to subby whores like me. And that is just peachy keen to me because I left dominant men who know how to treat a submissive such as myself.
My body aches to be used as a canvas upon which hands leather and cane poles grace my skin. Dominant men bring so much to the table when it comes to taming a wild bitch like me.

Use me

I need strong hands around my throat as my legs are spreading old and I’m getting pounded deep and meticulously. One thing’s for sure is that without a man who understands his strength and the power that he holds over my body I never orgasm.


Phone chat Lines submissive whore at your service master

I don’t need no little shrimp cock or a tiny little stick man to try to intimidate me. The real power is in a strong tall dark muscular man who just needs a bitch that understands this big dick needs.
When this submissive slut is working the phone chat numbers You will find an obedient slave with her own implements of torture and punishment available to use as you see fit. Robyn is the subslut that will beg for your cock and worship every inch of it. When you need a bitch that will beg for mercy and beg to be punished, I’m here for you master.

Spank me
She will become your slave and obey your every command. Just being your slut to command and yours to punish makes my cunt so gushy gush! At your feet to humiliate and yours to degrade as you so please Master!


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Phone Chat Numbers don’t roll as easily but effective.

Phone Chat NumbersPhone Chat Numbers don’t roll as easily but are effective. Singing the song Jenny don’t change your number is catching. Sing with me now. Popping Cherrie is at 855-733-5746 oh yes, she is. On her knees waiting to play. Play with me. I need to be fucked. I like it when people pop this, Cherrie. Pop me in the ass. Sing me a song of fucking.

Play the Neden game. Tell me what a fat bitch whore I am. Pull my fucking tits down to my knees and watch them pop back up again. Smack that ass at the same time and drive that cock down my fucking fat throat. In the long run you could never love me because of how fucking fat I am.

Rub my cunt. Make me give you a rimming. As can be seen I am good at anything that you want to do too me. Without delay I will cum for you. Have me swallow your cum. All of it. By all means fuck my ass and pull my hair back. Bend me over. Make me do the wheelbarrow. Driving down into me.

Get down and get funky. Cum over and over on my face, tits, throats, and stomach to name a few. Keep going until you are finally satisfied and I have drained you.

Popping Cherrie

(855) 733-5746 ext 4011

Phone Chat Lines for Cuckolds and Losers

phone chat linesPhone chat lines let you explore anything you want. I am a therapist on and off the phone, so I have a lot of knowledge and experience with cuckolds. Although I am now twice divorced, I cuckolded both of my husbands. However, they were not very enlightened about the concept. They believed I should worship their small dicks. Perhaps, I married for the wrong reasons. Back then I was young and believed in love.

Husband number one had a small dick. And once we got married, he stopped eating pussy, so I received zero pleasure from him. So, I sought out more hung men to fuck. He found out and gave me an ultimatum. But I clapped back with one of my own. Let me get sexual pleasure where I can or hit the road. I think you know how well that went over, LOL. But I wanted him gone.

My second husband had a big cock but after a few years of marriage it stopped working. What is the point of a big cock if it never gets hard. So, I went out and found more hung lovers. He thought I should stay faithful and celibate, but I did not agree and sent him packing. Now, I am single and getting all the big young cock I can handle. You might be surprised how much I can handle too.

Although I teach college and enjoy a private practice too, I will never give up my phone chat numbers. Why? Because I love talking to loser cuckolds. I find phone cuckolds far more enlightened than husbands.

Phone Sex Therapist Farah

(855) 733-5746 Ext 4710

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