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Phone Chat Numbers Robyn

Phone Chat Numbers

As your submissive whore, I urge you to use my phone chat numbers. Here you look fine you must delectable submissive girls who need spankings and discipline. I have been in service to my master for many years. I have borne him offspring and I committed my life to complete servitude. There is nothing sexually or not sexually that I would not do for him. From the top of my head to the tip of my toes I am completely bound to serve for the rest of my life. My husband says I need to have more masters such as you. I didn’t even blink. My pussy is actually wet or the thought of serving many cocks and taking many, no matter how they come to me. As a dominant man looking for a very wild and nasty girl on these phone chat lines, I can assure you whether it’s me or one of my fellows submissives we strive to please. 


Are you looking for spanking of a good whore? 


 My ass is yours to light on fire. Over your lap but the paddle or the cane pole I will immerse myself and complete domination control. No I say I great subby whore does not ever fight back. O, But when the pain is unbearable to my bare bottom and my thighs my pussy begins to drip. I cannot help them back up trying to match each spank. I need more. And when I am red and sore and swollen that is the time for you to push your cock deep inside of me. Fuck me like a wild bronco. Fill me with every last drop of your cum. This is my reward for being a good slave. 

I want for nothing but complete submission to the will of your orgasm tonight.


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Grandma Phone Chat Numbers

phone chat numbersPhone chat numbers are all over the Internet, but not all of them have sexy grandmas like me. I am in my early 60s, but family fucking keeps me looking young. I tell people that the secret to my youthful appearance is drinking boy jizz. If they could bottle that shit, I would never grow old. I have a teen grandson who is at a sweet age. His dick is always hard, and he needs a warm wet hole. Guess what? This sexy granny is always down to fuck teen boys, especially one she is related too. Taboo family fun really gets my motor running. His dick rarely leaves my cunt. With virtual schooling his reality now, that means I can fuck his young hard cock in the daytime too. Christmas break kept my pussy on its toes. Almost three weeks with all the time in the world to do things like eat granny’s cunt and fuck her old holes. I want this pandemic in the rearview mirror like most of us, but I will miss the access to my grandson’s cock. He moved in with me for home schooling, so when he goes back to school like it was, he goes back home. He is at that age where he can rabbit fuck my holes all damn day long. All damn night long too. Every sexy mature woman just needs a horny teen boy in her bed to stay youthful and healthy. Trust me, I know.

Sexy Granny Samantha

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Phone Chat Numbers for Mom Fantasies

phone chat numbersPhone chat numbers can help you though the holiday season and quarantines. I am a sexy mommy. I specialize in mature fantasies like mommy and aunt, even best friend’s mom. I have real incest experiences as a dirty mommy. I love family fun. And if you are separated from your mommy because of COVID, I will be your phone sex mommy. We can do some erotic role playing. I have so many hot role plays. One of my favorites is teaching my young son how to jack off and one thing leads to another. Another one I enjoy is realizing my horny son is stealing my dirty panties to pleasure himself. I like being the horny mother-in-law, lusty aunt and hot milf next door too. If a role play is not your thing, we can share incest experiences and fantasies. I can also be your mommy therapist. Honestly, I am a mature woman who is hornier now in my 50s than I ever was in my 20s. Luckily, I have three boys always down to pleasure mommy and two daughters who enjoy my wet mommy pussy too. My phone chat lines are always unrestricted. I do love the taboo calls the most. Stuck at home? Isolated? No problem, mommy is here.

Mommy Whore Nicolette

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Phone Chat Numbers for Dirty Fun

phone chat numbersNo two phone chat numbers are the same. In this industry, there is something for everyone. You can talk to young teen girls, cuckolding mistresses, sexy BBWs, mommies, grannies, shemales, sadistics, submissive whores and sissy trainers. I am a little mix because I am a mommy and a granny. I love cuckolding men and training sissies. I have a sadistic side too. Once upon a time, I was a submissive whore who liked it rough. Unlike many phone sex sluts, I do not pretend to be a dirty whore. I have lived a nontraditional life. The kind of life that they make movies about. I was a subby fuck slut when I was a schoolgirl. I ran away after my mother would not protect me from her horny lovers. I turned tricks on the streets doing what men paid me to do. Then I was discovered by a much older man who put me in porn as soon as I turned 18. I married that man and birthed him 6 fuck trophies. Three for him to fuck and three for me to fuck. Now, I am a widow and I have my own no taboo phone sex lines where I talk about my dirty kinky life. I like to hear about your kinky life too

Phone Sex Whore Gianna

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Dirty Whores Phone Chat Numbers

Phone Chat Numbers

Grandma Carmen Knows why you call phone chat numbers for mature women! You need the experience of a woman who has had her offspring and is on the next cycle of youngins. Grannys are dirty whores. And I am a party whore from way back. I smoke, drink and get fucking nasty with you. Sometimes you need a woman who is skilled in the fetishes of a filthy cock like yours. I don’t mind at all. You can bring any taboo, disgusting fetish you have to me. Hell, It might make my own dirty whore pussy wet and we can jack off together! From P-mommy, to sissy training and just being a raunchy whore Mommy carmen does it all. So if you need an experienced whore you know where to cum! Baby I know what you need when you call my phone chat lines. Perversion is my middle name. I have been around the block and fucked so many dicks that I can gauge what you need in just a few minutes talking to you. My cunt is ready for Dildos and weaving your hard dick through any fantasy you have for this Mature Broad! 


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Phone Chat Numbers for Cuckolding

phone chat numbersPhone chat numbers should be no limits and no taboos. Not all are, however. My phone line is always unrestricted. I have a few specialties. I am a mature wife who cuckolds her husband with big black cocks. I have been married over 20 years, so my husband is a black cock faggot now. He knew when we got married it would be a sexless marriage. He loved me that much. How much do you love your wife? Enough to see that she is sexually satisfied. The way I see it, husbands commit to a long-term commitment to keep their wives happy. That includes in the bedroom. If you have a small dick and cannot make your wife cum, the manly thing to do is to step aside and let a real man fuck her. Men let their egos get in the way of their wife’s pleasure. Not my man. He watches and often brings me big black dicks to fuck in front of him. He is my husband yes. He is also my cuckold. It is the secret to a long loving relationship. If you have a small dick and your wife is unsatisfied, get her a lover. Be her cuckold. And call my phone sex lines for a little cuckold therapy.

Hot MILF Vinny

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BDSM Playthings On the Phone Chat Lines

phone chat lines

The submissive whore Phone chat lines is where you can find two BDSM playthings. A couple of slutty tramps to make your cock feel twice as nice. There is nothing more this mature piece of trash loves than being subjected to the humiliation of another slave torturing her. There are some whores up in these sites that have a wet pussy ready to serve. I want to have you fuck her while she’s down in my pussy licking and making me gush. Make me cream and scream like a wild cat. Make sure my ass is immobile and she eats my dirty mommy ass out. Make her a young ass slave who needs training. Phone chat numbers have a delectable selection of whores that is for sure! Breath play with bitches like me and another Milf is also very fucking hot! Strangle me, choke her out and make us you ever willing slaves. Your whores live to be on their knees sucking your big fat cock as our tits bounce up and down. You have found a place where your master skills will be appreciated. Dom men are what makes the world better. Bend us over and bring out the bamboo poles… Our asses and backs crisscrossed in red whelps by your hand. Fuck us up and make sure you punish and tie us up and make us work for your cum loads. Two submissive whores are always better than one. Bring your buddies and impress them with how obedient and slutty we are. I want your cum to drizzle all over us. The more loads I can procure the better! Some whores need to know they are not human, only worthless cocksuckers and offspring makers. I need a heavy hand and a big cock to penetrate me and make me scream. And if you know a Bitch in charge who you would love to use to hurt me I am down for that too!

phone chat numbers

BDSM Play Toy Robyn

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Lots of Hot Stories to Share on my Phone Chat Numbers

phone chat numbersI have lots of hot stories to share when you call my phone chat numbers. A few years ago, I was in this bar and a young stud asked if I was Patricia Heaton. I was clueless who that was, but when I was in the bathroom, I googled her. She was the wife of Ray Romano on that TV show. I did not see the resemblance, but I was horny and went with it. I know I should have said no, but he was so hot, and I was so horny. I did what any cougar would, I lied so I could take him home and fuck him. He was one hot fuck too. Not sure if it was just his natural skills or if he was giving me his best moves because he thought I was a celebrity. He fucked me and my daughter. She was still in high school at the time. She thought it was hot to pretend to be a famous woman’s daughter. Since he fucked my ass and cunt so well, I felt like I owed it to myself to check out the actress I was mistaken for. I knew of her once I looked her up, but did not watch anything she had been in.

I was surfing the Internet and found some sexy pics of her. She had aged well. I did not think I looked much like her other than same hair coloring and age, so perhaps that stud was just using a line to fuck me. It worked of course! Anyway, I found myself super attracted to Patricia Heaton. Classy, sexy and in great shape. She gave mature women everywhere a good name, and a good image to aspire to. I started fantasizing about her. Masturbating thinking of her mature pussy riding my face. I even got off thinking of her donning a strap-on to fuck me with. My sons at the time were obsessed with the younger hotties like Jennifer Lawrence, but when I showed them the actress’s pictures and shared the hot mistaken identity story, they became fans too.

Sexy MILF Esmerelda

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He Used My Phone Chat Lines To Dominate Me

phone chat numbersPhone chat numbers brought him to me, but I never envisioned how dominating he would actually be. He started out the call requesting I obey his every whim. I give off the aura of a confident woman but secretly I want to be controlled, I need it. He had me call him master and respond with yes sir to his every demand. I loved it. He had me remove all of my clothing and start paddling myself with a wooden spoon and then had me pull my nipples and paddle my tits. My pussy was so wet with every command he made. I pulled out the dildos and proceeded to stick them down my throat so he could hear me gag. He called me a good slut and had me ram two inside my cunt. He wasn’t finished yet though, he wanted me to ride a dildo too. I knew better than to object so as I held those dildos in my pussy, I lowered my ass onto the third one. He listed as I fucked myself, thanking him with every stroke. He called me names like cunt and bitch and whore. I thanked him each time. Soon he allowed me to cum and I did as told. I thanked him and he told me to lick every one of those dildos clean. I loved it. I can’t wait for you to call my phone chat lines and use me too.


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Phone chat Numbers Submissive Plaything

phone chat numbers

Your cock has landed on a submissive milf. Very much a  BDSM plaything on the phone chat numbers. As a mature woman who knows how to bow down and do as she is told. A pain slut from the very beginning. Yes I was trained by my own father and bartered off to the first Dom who would take me. I knew my positions well at a barely legal age. Seventeen years later I am still owned and used by any cock made available for me to serve. I am a domesticated slave who has a family and knows how to obey well. 

I work the phone chat lines overnight and completely serve my husband and teen son in every waking moment they have. I brush their teeth and dress them and bathe them. My men only have to discipline me and worry about work and school. Me and my girls are the sexual play things, housekeepers and private owned submissive whores. Our men are kings to be served. 👑

I am a bukkake slut and sometimes a gang bang whore when called for.  My daughters are learning to be kinky slaves like mommy. Daddy, our master and owner, doesn’t mind if I tell my life here and bow and serve other men. It gets his big dick off to know that I am being mistreated here as well as in my own personal space. Now I sit with clothes pins on my nipples and one on my clit. In five minutes I am supposed to start adding clothes pins to my pussy lips. Any call I masturbate on will involve some level of pain for the rest of the night. I guess that makes me a pain slut. I get away with nothing being a BDSM whore who enjoys spanking phone sex and so much more nasty fun!

BDSM Play Toy Robyn

(800) 988-2055 ext. 826

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