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Phone Chat Lines Will Be a Man’s Best Friend

phone chat numbersPhone chat numbers like mine should be a man’s best friend. Wonder why? Because women like me let men like you talk about anything. And I mean anything. My favorite kind of calls involve us as parents to a cute brood of young brats. I want to be your phone wife.

You see, I miss my husband. I have been a widow for 6 years now. And my husband was a great man. He loved me and he loved the life we made together. He turned me into a P mommy. And for that I am forever grateful. But I miss sharing pussy together. I miss him watching me fuck our boys too.

But life goes on, right? My phone chat lines help me connect with men like you who wish they had a wife like me. And with you I get to relive all that naughty family fun I had with my husband and our brood. I am still a P woman. However, now, I have a brand new brood that my husband missed out on knowing.

My Phone Lines Keep Me Connected to P Daddies Like You

His daughter from his first marriage had 6 brats of her own. And now that she is in prison, I am raising them for her. All school age boys and girls. With a couple girls at that age my husband liked. I get to be both mommy and daddy to these cute ones. But I must pimp them out to support us all. Between my offspring and my stepdaughter’s offspring, I have 12 brats. Well, a couple of mine are adults now. But everyone still needs mommy’s love.

It would be perfect if I had a man like you in the family. One with an age play fantasy of his own who could help take care of these young girls who need daddy’s love and daddy’s dick. Is that you? Do you need a daughter’s love and a P wife like me?

Sexy Mommy Gianna

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Phone Chat lines have all sorts of whores like me.

Phone Chat linesPhone chat lines have all sorts of whores like me. Now as a lover of pain and pleasure, will to need to have you exert your dominance over me. Admit it, you like being in a control of small sexy as fuck woman. Chained. At your mercy. In fact this pussy is just wet thinking about all of the cocks that you’re going to make me take time and time again.

Filling me with that cum. Proving just what a Submissive Fucking Whore that I am. Degrading me. Trying with all you might to make me feel shame. At the same time it is getting me hotter and wetter.

The Phone Chat Numbers will lead you to me when you check out my site. Read all about me being a good submissive. Now I promise all my masters love to use pain.

In fact I will beg them to punish me. Even have one that likes to get really kinky with me and that is something that I will share with you as soon as you tell me obey and take ownership of me.

Submissive Whore Venice

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Phone Chat Lines Stay Busy With Panty Boy Phone Sex Brothers

phone chat linesOh my panty boy phone sex lovers love calling my phone chat lines! Reminds me of my brothers obsession with my panties when we talk.  My brother loves wearing my panties, dirty, clean, wet, dry, he loves looking like a filthy. little whore or a pretty slut, take your pick.

The other day I came home to him in his favorite pair of my panties fitting over that cock and little pussy hole snug and tight.  Tall long legs looks . They were silky black thongs that hugged every curve on his body perfectly, making them irreplaceable to say the least.

He had my bra and garter on and was playing with my big black dildo.  I watched before he saw me, my jaw on the floor.  This was getting old, I was down to almost no panties every week because they kept going missing.  So I watched as I saw him bouncing on that dildo harder and harder, up and down, as I thought about what to say.

I moaned loudly as I fingered myself which caught his attention, he turned toward me, still bouncing away on my vibrating dildo up his ass. I could not see his cock was already hard from whatever fantasies ran rampant through his twisted mind. I walked towards him and without even thinking slipped my panties over my brothers huge cock and started sucking away at it.

He never stopped bouncing on my dildo. His whole body started trembling as I told him to cum in that asshole and cum hard.  As I felt his dick get harder in my mouth.  I could feel the silky panties on his skin and realized he must love how they feel. I understood his panty love for once.  I told him he looked sexy in my panties and almost immediately he squirted in my mouth and all in those black panties fitting snugly around his balls and ass.

Between you and me, he liked that big black dildo in his ass more than he liked my mouth on his cock.  But we can talk more about that when you call one of your phone chat numbers soon!


Reesaa- Fucked my Way To Top

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Phone Chat Numbers lead to Big Beautiful Women like Cherrie.

Phone Chat NumbersPhone Chat numbers lead to Big Beautiful Women like Cherrie. To begin with we are all gorgeous and love to have cock. My fat thighs, big belly that will hide your cock in the rolls. Pumping into those rolls. Squirting your hot liquid on my belly, all over my face, between my ass cheeks, on my pussy, among all the other places it will fit nicely.

As a big woman I do so love to please and get super into the play especially when it is nasty and rough. Pounding into me, shoving the cock down my throat.

As long as we are having some really kinky phone sex we might as go all the way. Break out the toys. Tie me up. Tie me down. Take your pick on my belly or on my back. To the bedposts so I am sitting on the floor. Next use those toys on me. It is sure to be make me cum.

At the same time wanting to make sure that you cum harder than you ever have. Bend me over, take a paddle to my ass. Shove the handle up my ass or in my pussy. In fact you should do both. Bring your friends to play with me. Plenty of cushion to fuck all without hitting bone. Except yours of course.

Popping Cherrie

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Our Phone Chat Lines Release Your Taboo Forbidden Desires

phone chat numbers

as my brother on a call, all I think about is the thought of fucking you all over the house while mom is away at work or sneaking into dad’s study late at night for some hot sibling lovin’. It gets you so hard and of course I stay incredible I can barely contain myself. The idea of hearing them moan your name from their bedrooms only adds fuel to my lustful fire; it makes me want to claim each one of you as mine and show everyone just how much power I hold over this family dynamic.

Our encounters aren’t always gentle or romantic – they’re raw, primal affairs filled with dirty talk and rough sex that leaves us aching for more. My pussy grips onto your cock like a vice as I slam into you from behind on the kitchen counter while other family watches longingly from across the room; which only making you harder. Our other brother joins in, sucking on my perky nipples as I pound into your tight hole without mercy. We’re a well-oiled machine when it comes to satisfying your family.



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Phone Chat Lines Make Phone Sex Sluts Cunt’s Stay Sloppy Wet

phone chat lines As a phone sex slut, I am spending my days on the phone chat lines with my dildos, lube, vibrators, butt plugs, nipple clamps, ball gags, and so much more.  I make the most of my calls as you jack that big cock off stroking it so hard I can here you over the line working to drain those heavy cum filled balls.

My jobs is to drain those balls dry and get that cum in my wet sloppy pussy.  Most guys appreciate the fact that they can make my pussy cum too over the phone.  I may even manage to get you to hear that sloshing sound of my cum as I thrust that dildo into my wet cunt imagining your dick pounding the crap out oy my dripping wet pussy.  I love hearing your voice over the phone telling me what you would to my body. If you want me to be your mommy, your daughter, your sex slave, secretary, teacher, nurse, victim,  sissy slut slave mommy, femme dom controlling you, or whatever type of slut you need me to be as we do those sexy role plays together.

Whatever makes your cock hard and ready to explode inside one of my slutholes is what I am ready to do to you.  I am your cum dumpster slut that you can empty your dum into on demand.  It’s a wet sloppy mess at the end of my longer calls for sure. The only thing I am missing is you in my pussy licking that cum from my cunt sluirping aways at my dripping wet pussy that empties into my throbbing stretched out cunt.

So if you are ready to drop your load into a bitches slut whore holes like mine, call my phone chat number and let’s get those balls drained.

Lacey Rough and Nasty Perfect Slut

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Your Darkest Fantasies happen on Phone Chat Numbers

Phone chat numbers

We live in a world where a lot of us find traditional dating methods too cumbersome and unsavoury so Phone Chat Number make sense. People nowadays are looking for alternative sources of expressing their needs without having to meet in person. Introducing phone chat numbers with nasty kinky ladies.

Phone chat numbers provide a simple way for customers to have naughty conversations with ladies without having to involve all the pressure and drama of in-person meetings. It is an exciting way to explore all sides of your sexuality without exposing yourself to physical risks.

The ladies here savor a filthy connection. When I hear a dirty man telling me his fantasies I can’t help but play with my pussy. Being a cum dump has always been something that has felt right with me. So hearing the filthiest fantasies gets my juices flowing.

Once connected to a phone line, it’s up to the customer to get into some kinky conversations with the ladies. The conversations can range from flirty talk about each other’s fantasies to more intense erotic exchanges to the darkest secrets you wouldn’t tell anyone face to face. It is entirely up to the customer to decide the kind of conversation that they would like to have.
Phone chat numbers with nasty kinky ladies can be an exciting alternative to traditional dating methods for those of us who don’t feel comfortable with in-person interactions. Customers can have a safe and discreet experience, without risking their personal safety or exposing too much of their identities. With a little bit of caution, phone chats can be an enjoyable and memorable way to explore your naughty side.


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Teasing phone sex may or may not lead to you getting some.

Teasing phone sex           Teasing phone sex may or may not lead you to getting some. For one thing I am going to do a strip tease, dancing away from you every time you come close. No, not yet. Dancing up on my toes. Spinning away from you. Lifting my arms, stretching up. Reaching behind me to grasp a pole.

          Smoothly I pull myself up, leg hooking around the pole, twisting until I am hanging upside down. Blonde hair dangling down. Nipples erect. Just as erect as your cock. Quickly, I swing around to put the pole between us. Dancing away from you laughter filling the air. Catch me if you can.

          These phone chat lines are sure to tease you and then when you don’t think you can take it anymore, I will then make you cum so fucking hard. Making you come back again. Guarantee you will have a lot of perverted hardcore fun with me.  

Perverted Pam

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Phone chat lines for Horny People

Phone chat lines

When he nervously dialed the numbers for the new phone chat line he’d just heard about he didn’t know Phone chat lines where a pass time for horny people. While the line was ringing, he expected to hear an automated recording or get an apologize for being busy, but instead, he heard a soft, female voice on the other side. I had answered the phone.

He couldn’t believe it. Someone was actually there, and it wasn’t a robot!

Though his heart was pounding in his chest, he stammered out his introduction. ‘H-hi, I’m J-John. I-I um…I saw your chat line ad and thought I’d give it a try.’

I let out a relieved sigh. ‘Are you ready to get dirty? I’ve been getting wet a lot this day and I just need someone who wants to have some mutual masturbation with me’.

John explained to me why he was calling. He had recently gone through a very difficult breakup and was feeling lonely and needed someone to talk to.

I empathized with him and said I felt the same way. We talked for hours about everything from our past relationships to our hopes and dreams for the future to how we would physically be with each other if we were together.

John was amazed at just how easy it was to talk with me and the connection the two had made in such a short amount of time. He was now certain that phone chat lines were a great way to meet new people and make friends.


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Phone chat lines will have Cherrie taking care of you.

          Phone chat line will have Cherrie taking care of you. Now, I have the padding. I am naughty, sexy, a bit devious, wanting to jump on that big cock of yours. Take you between my thick thighs, to feel your cock thrust up into me. Your pulse pounding through me from your cock.

          Smack my tits together, these big suckers will take a beating and keep wanting more. They love to bounce up and smack me in the face. They are so big that I can lift them up and pull the nipple right into my mouth.

          Wrap my big bouncy tits right around your hard cock, give me you semen or cum on my tits. I will lick it while you continue to titty fuck me. You are going to love every second of the pounding this big beautiful body can take. You know you like meat on your bones. I like the bone.Phone chat lines


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