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Cyber Monday shopping & Phone sex blackmail.

Cyber Monday shopping & Phone sex blackmail. My day was a crazy day All I knew was I wanted to spend. I love nice things black and gold are my ultimate favorite colors with a splash of red. I have just came back after a few months and my indicators aren’t working well on my site. So when I got a message asking if I did findom I was all over that. I know that this man on the phone with me would be by me lots of pretty things. He told me to milk his wallet My baby, boy did I! We went shopping for me some nice lingerie and even a couple of pair of high-end heels. I just couldn’t believe my luck at having a big bank account to drain. This was my meal ticket to luxury items! Being empowered eye candy I am I can’t go around and knock off shit right?

phone sex blackmail

Cyber Monday shopping & Phone sex blackmail. I think the best part about shopping on Cyber Monday was that my pay piggy’s wife was sleeping right next to him this early morning. Can you even shared her Amazon gift list with me and I helped him pick out lots of stuff for the wifey. Along with a couple of smaller sizes for Miss Gwen. And let me tell you the packages are piling up and I masturbating my pussy thinking about it’s raining some more money for my fin-sub!
I gave him my schedule was just mostly 4:00 a.m. to noon Eastern time. The sad part was is he asked me if that would be here Friday so I could take half of his paycheck. Instead he’s going to have to hold on to his money until Saturday! My Amazon gift list is growing and if you’re a good boy I just might let you buy me some things!

phone sex blackmail

Cyber Monday shopping & Phone sex blackmail. It might be asking what the blackmail part is to all of this. Well I’m sure his wife wouldn’t like spending money on another hot bitch. I’ve seen her pictures I’m a 10 she’s a six and plus I have no brats to disfigure my body. And since I’m in her Amazon and a slight little threat came from me that if he didn’t keep spending on me I would let him know that he was spending on a phone whore!
Catch me when you can I’m here My indicator might be broken but I’m still blackmailing fin domme bitch that you always loved. Phone sex blackmail

Findom Gwen

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Phone Chat Lines for Interracial Cuckolding

phone chat linesMy phone chat lines are for men who like cuckolding, especially interracial cuckolding. I am a slut wife and a black cock whore. My husband is my cuckold. I love that he is my cuckold too. He has evolved as a cuckold. When we first got together, he did not want to hear about my lovers. Now, he is there front and center enjoying the big black cocks with me. We have been married almost 30 years now. I have fucked black cock almost every day of our marriage. That is even too much math for me to calculate, but I have had more black cock than an interracial porn star. I love it that way too. My pussy is spoiled. No small dicks allowed. Would it surprise you to learn that I do not fuck my husband? I told you my phone chat numbers were for cuckolding. I am a real-life cuckold mistress. My husband and I are intimate in nontraditional ways. Last night, Ricardo was over. He is black and Cuban with the biggest black cock. I love his thick, dark meat. Ricardo loves humiliating my husband. He makes him fluff his cock. Once upon a time, my husband would never suck cock, but now he eats cream pies and sucks the biggest black cocks around. I am so proud of him. Ricardo skull fucked and ass fucked my husband last night. My husband took it like a good cuckold hubby too. Are you a cuckold or maybe just a black cock faggot? My husband is now a bit of both. I am a great trainer. I took my husband from a don’t ask, don’t tell relationship and turned him into a cock sucking BBC faggot. Just imagine what I can do with you? Think you can handle being my cuckold?

BBC Whore Vinny

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Phone Chat Numbers Harmony

Phone Chat Numbers

Your dirty phone sex girl is here to play baby! I have a hot tub that I want you to join me in. I waited for you outside of my house near the tub dressed in a tight and little, stringy bikini! I look so fucking hot and you are just drooling at the site of me. I drag you along over to me as we wait for the water to heat up. I leave you a nice kiss and lift your shirt over your head to toss it to the round. Then I drop myself to my knees and pull your shorts down with me. I notice your hard cock bulging in your black swim trunks and I pull it out to give that fat head a sweet kiss. Then I drag my tongue along the base of your cock all the way down to your balls. I open my mouth and take you into my throat nice and deep. My warm mouth swallows your dick and I use one hand to unlace the string of my bikini top and letting my cute and perky tits out for you to see. Then I take my little thing bottoms off next by unlacing them too. I swallow you down some more and start to jerk off that cock as I’m sucking. I stop and ask you “Want to finish in the tub?” Of course you said yes and hurrried so fast to the tub you nearly tripped! I climb in after you and climb into your lap. The bubbles suuround us in the cool air and I cent my pussy right with your cock before lowering myself down onto it! I let out a loud moan and throw my head back in ecstacy! I ride and ride until I feel you bursting into me!

Phone Chat Numbers Harmony

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Phone Chat Numbers Laurens Incest Fun

Phone Chat Numbers

Here at phone chat numbers, we have all kinds of hot and naughty things to do! Like incest fantasies that can make your cock grow rock-hard. My sister absolutely loves our chore time! We always get too distracted to finish and daddy lets us get away with it because he just loves us so much! He comes in with his cock hard in his hand when he hears us moaning in the bathroom when we should be washing the bathtub. 

She I and met in the bathroom without cleaners and brushed and slowly worked top to bottom. In such a smallish room we just couldn’t help bumping into each other again before we deiced we were both wearing too much clothing. Her lips touched mine and we began to kiss roughly while stripping our clothes to the freshly clean floor. We got down in a doggy position and she ate my wet cunt from the back. My moans grew louder and echoed in the bathroom as she stuck her fingers into my dripping wet baby maker! 

We heard daddy hurrying down the stairs to get to us. He arrived just in time to watch me cum on her fingers. He offered to clean up my cum off of her fingers. He wrapped his lips around her fingers and cleaned up my mess! I got her onto her back and put my face between her creamy thighs to enjoy the sweet taste of her. Oh, go! She tastes so fucking good I can’t help it! I put my fingers into her and curved them slightly to hit her sweet spots. Her moans were music to our ears. As she leaned against the tub and me with my ass up, daddy came up behind me and used his cock to push into my pussy still quivering from her mouth! I can’t wait for more inside of me!

Phone Chat Numbers Slut Lauren

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Phone Chat Numbers for No Limits Fun

phone sex numbersPhone sex numbers are no taboos, or at least ours are. I am a no taboos kind of woman. Always have been like that too. My taboo life began when I seduced my father as a schoolgirl. I have always been a horny girl. Now, I am a horny woman who fucks her sons, her stepsons, her daughter and any other young ones I meet. I picked up this young boy at a black tie affair I attended with my husband. He was one of the caterers and he was hitting on this sexy milf. I was tipsy. I would have fucked him on the dance floor. I am not the most discreet woman when I am drunk. But thankfully, this young boy was worried about his job, so discretion was important to him.  We went into a room where no one was for privacy. I was dressed fancy, but I did not care if I got cum on my dress. I blew him, then he pissed in my wine glass and told me to drink it. I am not a submissive woman, but his cock was magnificent, and he was sexy as fuck. I think I would have done anything he wanted. I drank his cum and his piss, then went back and kissed my husband who was working the room. He is a lawyer and always networking. I got pleasure in knowing I had cum, and piss breath and my husband was clueless when I kissed him. My phone chat lines are always no taboo and I love sharing my dirty exploits.

Slut Wife Esmerelda

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Phone Chat Numbers Georgia

Phone chat numbers

Have you always been here baby? I love being a phone chat numbers girl! You could do anything you wanted to with me. What do you like? Rape fantasies? Stalking? Haunting? You should be my little shadow, the one who follows me around through dark alleys and follows me home to use and abuse. I was making dinner the other night when a certain shadow of mine found me and a way into my home. He bent me over my couch and ripped my clothes off to find me soaked through my panties. He whipped his hard cock out and pressed it into me fast! He made me scream and beg for him to stop only for him to keep going! What will you do with me?


Phone Chat Numbers Georgia

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phone chat numbers are hot

phone chat numbers

Phone chat numbers are fantastic for you to get. Don’t he phone me? I am such a good phone slut that I will contact you moaning in complete pleasure.

Whenever I get a hot roleplay, I use my dildo and toys. I let my lube oil get over and use some of my cunt. It feels so good to get into roleplay and rub my cunt for you. Nothing is off-limits for me. You know I love having multiple orgasms and only letting worthy men experience me, but I have to warn you that I am highly addictive. Guys love to get sucked in deep to my pleasure/ A real chubby slut ready to get your fantasies going for you.



Phone Chat Numbers Milf Rita

There are days when you just need a Phone Chat Numbers Milf like me, Rita. I am a kinky mama and do all kinds of unspeakable things. It’s just too hot to not try them. Like to play with little ones is a true fucking kinky assed thing to most. For me, I just love it. I nurture and love them. Much goes to how I treat my lover also.

I don’t want just any lover. I want a partner in crime. The crime of passion if you may…and the passions are many! A delicate sweet soft ass so squishy and tender. The essence of little holes after they had a throbbing daddy ick in them.

Please, I plea with you to not judge me for my filthy mommy ways. It’s hard being a young milf that got knocked up in my first month of college! I never got to start really! So, now a former Honor Roll student turned party whore knocked up college drop-out turned entrepreneur.

Cum with me and support a good cause! The fuckaliciousfreak of a Milf mama Rita!

Phone Chat Numbers

Phone Chat Milf Rita

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Phone chat numbers

Phone chat numbers

Your phone chat number girlfriend is back baby! I have such a wet pussy tonight and I need you, I have our night planned perfectly. We go out to a movie, a new horror movie is out and I want to see it! Then in the theater, I kneel down and take your cock into my mouth to make you cum through all of the movie jumps and scares. After that, we go to our favorite restaurant where we can not keep our hands off of each other. We leave and I can’t keep myself from sucking your cock on our way home. You are still rock hard when we pull into your wife’s spot, her car gone for the weekend. We enter the house and you have me pushed hard against the door wall with your hand squeezing my throat and another hand in my panties, rubbing my clit and slipping two fingers into my pussy to make me scream. You mute my screams and moans with your tongue in my mouth. You wrap my legs around your waist. You take me to your room and put me in your wife’s spot to lay kisses across my bare skin. You rip away my shirt and skirt and go straight to licking my pussy nice and wet for you already. I push my hips up against your face and scream as you make me cum. After pleasuring me you take your cock and ram it inside me in one go. My screams fill the room as you pound your rock-hard cock into my pussy, I wrap my legs around your waist to let you go deeper and hit all the right spots. I leave marks all over your skin as you start to fill me up with your hot seed.

Phone Chat Numbers Slut Harmony

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phone chat numbers to talk to whores

Phone Chat Numbers

Phone chat numbers to talk to whores like me. How fun is it to make me your phone whore. Let me suck on it, baby. I want to suck it all, please. Give me all your fucking cock deep in my little tiny mouth. Watch me slurp on it. Giggles* I want to be your cute petite blondie. Do you want to be my daddy?! Daddy, I love when you play with me. It makes me feel good, daddy, when you tickle me and make me a good little girl.

I’m a good little whore for daddy dick. Yeah, daddy, will you make me suck other cocks? Awe, I love that you want me only for you. I’m daddy’s favorite only!

We are going to pull down my little hello kitty panties. You see my pretty pink little kitty. Watch me lick my friend’s kitty really good, too, daddy.


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