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Ageplay Fantasy Will Make You Explode

ageplay fantasy

Guys love using me to live out their ageplay fantasy. I have the sweetest voice and the tightest young little body that they just can’t help but let their imagination run wild when they look at me. I know it too and I make myself look like an eager young whore that is hungry for cock. Ever since I was a young girl and all my Daddy’s friends couldn’t stop looking at me I knew that I was a total fucking whore. I loved the way men stared and how easily I could make their cock twitch and ache for me. Even the married men just couldn’t help themselves, they just had to get a chance to fuck my tight wet little pussy. It makes my pussy start dripping just knowing that I’m the tiny young thing you just have to have and don’t worry, I never say no to an opportunity to cum all over a nice thick cock.

Phone chat lines making a porno with my brother!

phone chat lines

When I first started experimenting with sexy with my daddy and brother they made me try lots of kinky things! One time my brother was in his room stroking his cock and I was being a nosey girl peeking in on him, getting all soaking wet in my panties.

He noticed my heavy breathing coming from the door so he told me to come in. He took his phone out and started to record me and demanded that I undress for him. It was so hot watching his cock grow out towards me while I stripped for him.

I got on my hands and knees and on camera I showed him how good I suck his cock and twirl my tongue around his dick. I was making his cock stuffed as far back in my throat as it could go. He loved seeing me show of for his camera and it as too much fun.

He finally got so turned on that he told me to lay on the bed on my back and take his cock stretching my tight pink pussy around his cock. He pushed his cock inside my pussy, stretching the walls of my pussy wide around his cock. He pounded himself in and out of me.

When he was ready to blow he pulled out and pointed his camera and cock right at my face and showered me in his cum! That was the start of my love for making pornos.

You’re a silly little sissy!

phone chat numbersYou’re a silly little sissy! Just look at you all dressed up like a little fairy faggot, does your wife know you do that? No? Well sissy, if you want to keep her from finding out that you like to cross dress and go find big black cocks to suck you better do as I say! Oh you didn’t know that I recorded all that? Hahaha I have a real nice video of you in your little fairy princess outfit with a huge black cock in your mouth and another one stuffed in your ass, would you like me to show her that??? Awwhhhh don’t cry sissy! If you take me shopping no one will ever have to know your little secrets! Just open up your wallet and make sure that you are very generous with me and then I will keep your secrets forever… or at least until you stop paying me.

High school parties with mommy Daphne

Phone Chat Numbers

Being the cool mom that I am, I decided to let my son have a little Christmas party for his football team. These are growing boys and I knew these boys were going to be starving! I filled up on all the good snacks and got them a few bottles to get tipsy on. I knew they were going to be eating everything in the house so I got them set up like the little kings that they were. As I was setting up all the snacks I started to hope those sexy young boys would be eating on my mommy pussy before dinner was even served! Growing boys are always hungry and horny. Those boys needed to work for their food. This nasty horny mommy never gives her food away for free.

Age play fantasy

I started teasing my son’s cock right in front of all of his teammates! They were telling him how cool I was and how hot I was and how they wish they had a mommy just like me. I got up on the counter pulled my skirt up exposing my very wet hairy mommy pussy told them I was going to be their mommy for the night. Come eat me boys! “Let mommy take care of you! All of you! Fill mommy up with your young cocks and cum.. Then you eat dinner!

A naughty Age play fantasy with Makayla

Age play fantasy

My tight pink cunt is always hungry for cock. My daddy has known that since I was just a little runt running around naked! He used to let me run around all the time naked. He even had me run around naked when his friends were here. He loved showing off my skills! I loved to suck on Popsicles  and I loved to do flips and stuff! Daddy always wanted be to do back bends, splits and flips all the time! I was soooo good at it that one day Daddies friend George wanted me to give him a private show and teach him how to do the flips. He was all red and out of breath by the time my daddy came in saying times up. He just sat there watching me inching his leg really fast! I think he had a super bad itchy spot. He was out of breath, red and all sweaty! The smile on daddies face when he counted the big handful of cash his friend gave him made his cock hard. Daddy has all of his friends pay for a private show but daddy never has to pay.

A Teen sex story with Makayla!

Teen sex story

Have you ever look at someone in the mall and you make that first eye contact with them. That moment right there the one that sends shivers down your spine.. Those are the ones who can fuck you all night long in every way you thought possible. That person can make you cum so fucking hard that you have a new found faith in God. That was what I felt when I first saw you. Now I see you everywhere. Now I see you following me on all of my social media accounts. I see you as I am on my way to friends house. I see you everywhere I am. I know deep down inside you have that darkness that is spilling out into your body every time you see me. I know because I have it too. Why do you think my skirts get shorter and my tops get smaller? I love teasing you.. Making your darkness inside get strong and filled with the want of my skin… You want to feel how soft my inner thighs are as you kiss them… Well Why haven’t you made your move?

I’m the girl of your dreams!

teen sex blogI am the girl of your dreams! Wanna know why? Cus I am young and tight and super cute… plus I just LOVE daddy cocks! I will be a good girl for you too daddy, I will suck that big ole dick all the way down my throat and let you fuck my mouth till you are ready to stop! And I will do all that without ever complaining too! I love doing what I am told to do and making you feel good, it is all about you daddy, I promise. I will let you fuck my tight little pussy too, I love the way it feels to have a huge dick in there stretching me out! Plus I love it when you fuck my but too daddy, I know how to relax and let you slide the whole thing deep inside there. I’ll even suck it clean when you are all done! I will be the good girl you need daddy, I promise!!

family fun phone sex

phone chat numbers katyI have been so naughty! I have! I was remembering a time back then when I was so horny. My daddy was always there for me to teach me everything. He would always lay me on my back and teach me everything a girl could know. He would stick his longer fingers in his mouth and get them nice and wet. I would love when he would make me suck them! He would take his finger and put inside of my juicy pink little hole. He loved stretching me out to make me a good girl. I would beg for daddy’s big cock head to go inside of my tiny little holes. I wanted him to go balls deep inside of me. I needed to feel daddy squirt his juice deep inside my pussy hole. I want to make my daddy proud!

Naughty Babysitter Phone Sex with Makayla

phone chat numbers MakaylaI love Babysitter Phone Sex. Making the men I babysit for beg me for my sweet pink juicy goodness makes me blush! Something about my sexy tight body and my innocent face, makes a grown man want to do things to me. A married man who has never looked at another woman will see me an want to make me take all of his cock! Every last inch of his big thick grown man cock in to this tight wet pink pussy! My pussy is so tight you will get addicted to me. You will zone out and think of my sweet young voice moans as you push that big cock in and out of my pussy. Now what are you waiting for? Call me soon..

I couldn’t help it!

phone chat numbers kellyHehe ooopsie! I kinda sorta accidentally fucked the guy I babysit for but it’s totally not my fault I swear! I had the brats in bed sleeping and I was all by myself watching a movie, I was supposed to have the house to myself for at least another hour so and the show I was watching was getting me all hot was I supposed to just sit there horny and not touch myself?! I had my fingers inside my panties, was just starting to really get wet and that’s when the dad decided to come home. I tried to act like I wasn’t doing anything but he just grabbed my hand and licked my pussy juice off of every finger, he didn’t say anything at all he just pulled out his cock and put it in my mouth. Next thing you know he was fucking me super hard and I’m not gonna lie… I really liked it! I hope his wife doesn’t find out!

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