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Ageplay Fantasy Will Make You Explode

ageplay fantasy

Guys love using me to live out their ageplay fantasy. I have the sweetest voice and the tightest young little body that they just can’t help but let their imagination run wild when they look at me. I know it too and I make myself look like an eager young whore that is hungry for cock. Ever since I was a young girl and all my Daddy’s friends couldn’t stop looking at me I knew that I was a total fucking whore. I loved the way men stared and how easily I could make their cock twitch and ache for me. Even the married men just couldn’t help themselves, they just had to get a chance to fuck my tight wet little pussy. It makes my pussy start dripping just knowing that I’m the tiny young thing you just have to have and don’t worry, I never say no to an opportunity to cum all over a nice thick cock.

Tasha the Tease!

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He wanted to fuck me hard, he wanted to lick my pussy, he wanted me!

He just forgot to ask if I wanted him!

HAHAHA Fuck no! I don’t care if he cums!

He didn’t count on a young little thing like me to know how to use my body.

That I could tease him until his balls are so swollen they might explode!

I might let him explode, or I might just make him watch me explode!

I told him to watch as I spread my legs wide open and started teasing my pussy right there in front of him.

I could see his rock hard cock, I knew he wants to fill up my pussy with his dick.

Too bad! I wanted to cum! I knew the moment he got in my pussy he would bust his nut and I’d still be left to make myself cum!

This time he was going to have to suffer while I made myself cum!

You’re a silly little sissy!

phone chat numbersYou’re a silly little sissy! Just look at you all dressed up like a little fairy faggot, does your wife know you do that? No? Well sissy, if you want to keep her from finding out that you like to cross dress and go find big black cocks to suck you better do as I say! Oh you didn’t know that I recorded all that? Hahaha I have a real nice video of you in your little fairy princess outfit with a huge black cock in your mouth and another one stuffed in your ass, would you like me to show her that??? Awwhhhh don’t cry sissy! If you take me shopping no one will ever have to know your little secrets! Just open up your wallet and make sure that you are very generous with me and then I will keep your secrets forever… or at least until you stop paying me.

Time to play dressup!

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Last week I felt like I was in a slump. I was just going through the motions. I was watching a couple little ones from down the street when I had the best idea! We were going to play dress up and have a little fashion show. I can turn anyone in to the perfect little whore. I explained that this was going to be a fancy fashion show, so we went and got some costume jewelry. I took my clothes off and put on a large gaudy gemmed necklace. I laid down on the couch and spread my legs wide open, completely exposing my shaved wet cunnie.

Sexy teen chat

I showed the wee ones a few more poses that they should try, just about anything to show off their tight little holes; on all fours with their asses and pussies exposed, laying on their backs with their legs spread in the air, anything to give a good look at the goods. A few pics and a couple text messages later I had a whole line up of guys willing to pay for some of it. If you would like to hear what happened next give me a call!

Teen Makayla Phone Chat Numbers

Phone Chat Numbers

Have you been looking for sexy young sluts Phone Chat Numbers? Your search brought to me and I am worth every fucking penny. Every second of your call is your chance to do what ever you have wanted to do a tiny teen slut like me. I love everything and everything to do with pain. I am your little dirty teen slut you can fuck and choke. Don’t you have a sick twisted fantasy you have ever wanted to do? I want your kinky fantasy.  I want to be your dirty little fucking pain whore. Make me your teen cum dumpster. Brutally fuck my tiny teen holes and listen to me squeal with delight as you brutally fuck me! I am a twisted little teen whore and I want your cock. I want the pain you are eager to give. Use my body. Break me down. I am your dirty whore. 

I’m a panty girl looking for a panty boy.

phone chat numbers I’m in love with cute panties. Tiny little frilly ones. Thongs. Cotton girlie ones with Hello Kitty on them. Silky ones that feel amazing against a bald little cunny. I can’t stop buying them. You want to hear about my collection? I love sharing all the panties I have. Maybe you’d even like a pair for your very own. How about a juicy pair that smells like teen snatch. A pair I wore all weekend and came in several times while doing calls. A faint bit pissy and a whole lot creamy. I’ll send you pics and ship a pair to you so they will smell amazing when they arrive. Then we can do a call while you slide those beauties up and down your shaft and call you daddy. Can you handle that? A teen girls needs money for nice things and I need more panties for my collection. Care to help a young girl out?

Age Play Fantasy With Daddy

age play fantasy

I know Daddy is the proudest when his cock is hard and throbbing and he is cumming! I get off knowing that I’ve done a good job, that I’ve helped Daddy reach his ultimate climax. I know what all Daddies like best, let me tell you… You like us young and sweet, you like to see our perfect round titties bouncing in your face, just one little taste is all you want… Now you can’t stop thinking about my pussy; so pretty and pink, and you can barely put two fingers in! How did I get so tight? Are all girls my age so tight? Hehe, yes we are! You want to fuck me, but you actually wonder, will your big Daddy cock fit? Of course it will! Just shove it right in there, I will love it, guaranteed. Thinking about Daddy’s cock being shoved into my tight wet pussy makes me so extremely horny, I don’t mean to whine, but won’t you be my Daddy?

Sniff my nasty panties.

phone chat numbers I know how much daddy loves the smell of my used panties. So I wore mine all weekend. The little cotton crotch was almost stiff with pussy juice and dried cum. I put them to my nose so I could smell myself. There was a faint hint of urine and I could see just a smudge of shit where I didn’t clean my asshole very good. Or maybe daddy had just fucked my booty hole too hard and it leaked a little cum and poop. Anyway, I was sitting on the toilet taking a pee and kicked my undies off unto the floor. I knew this would get daddys attention. I giggled as I imagined him with my panties on his head, sniffing my secret smell. His hand would be on his cock as he licked them. And being the good little daughter I am, I’d be waiting in my bedroom with no panties on under my nighty. I knew my daddy would be coming in for a little goodnight kiss. I’m such a naughty girl. Wouldn’t you love a pair of my dirty panties for your very own? Just ask. I’ll send you a nice crusty, gooey pair. Mmmm. They smell so good. Please fill them with your cum, daddy.

I’m the girl of your dreams!

teen sex blogI am the girl of your dreams! Wanna know why? Cus I am young and tight and super cute… plus I just LOVE daddy cocks! I will be a good girl for you too daddy, I will suck that big ole dick all the way down my throat and let you fuck my mouth till you are ready to stop! And I will do all that without ever complaining too! I love doing what I am told to do and making you feel good, it is all about you daddy, I promise. I will let you fuck my tight little pussy too, I love the way it feels to have a huge dick in there stretching me out! Plus I love it when you fuck my but too daddy, I know how to relax and let you slide the whole thing deep inside there. I’ll even suck it clean when you are all done! I will be the good girl you need daddy, I promise!!

Why my mommy had to spank me..

Spanking phone sex

My mommy always has my back when it comes down to it. 

But when I disobey my mommy she punishes me in so many ways. 

I was told to clean my room and make it spotless before mommy got home. 

I had all day to clean but I got distracted. 

I found a pair of my mommies thong panties in my room. 

Her panties were crusty and smelled so good. 

I was home alone and Mommies panties looked so pretty. 

I got naked and put mommies panties on! 

I felt so naughty wearing her dirty panties, I started rubbing myself just like mommy did when she thought she was alone in her room. 

There I was laying on my giant pile of dirty laundry. 

My legs spread wide open and my fingers deep in my wet bald pussy. 

I was sniffing and huffing on my mommies dirty crusty panties and cumming so hard!

I opened my eyes to see my mommy in nothing but her panties, rubbing her pussy. 

She smiled and told me I was such a naughty little girl… “Bend over daisy and let me spank your ass… One spank for every time you have cum today!” she was softly rubbing my bare ass as she was scolding me.. “Naughty girls like you need to be punished for not following the rules.. 

How many times do you think mommy should spank my bare bottom?? 


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