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Phone chat lines with Zita and Alex

Phone chat lines

Alex and I love to fuck. I mean its no surprise there. The taboo things we have done to each other, and to others is so naughty! I don’t think it’s even legal to list all the twisted things we have done. Last night we made this guys our bitch. He moved in to the apartment above us. He was pounding his feet as he walked around. I got tired of it. Its like he knows when Alex or I are about to cum. The pounding makes it slip away. I am tired of being twat blocked by this asshole. We went upstairs and he let us in. That was his biggest mistake. Letting to twisted sisters in his house. We ended up staying all night. Punishing him for stomping around up in his apartment. We fucked his ass hard. We made him lick our pussies. We used him as a fuck toy. Every time he was about to cum Alex or I would squeeze his balls so hard that his hard cock would go limp. We used him all night. His balls are so swollen and big. We wouldn’t let him cum at all!

Sexy photo shoot with Cara and Tara!

Lesbian phone chat

My sister Cara and I love to show our Mommy and Daddy how much we love them by sending them naughty pictures throughout the day.. We can not get enough of our mommies kisses on our little bald pussies and the way daddy pounds our tight little holes with his big cock! Makes my pussy wet just thinking about it. That is why Cara and I decided to set up a little photo shoot and send the naughty pictures to mommy and daddy. We wanted them to think about our tight bald wet pussies all day while they were working. I love taking pictures of Cara but what I loved the most was licking her pussy, making her pink pussy all wet for the camera! I love feeling her moan as I lick and suck her pussy and push 3 fingers into her tight little pussy hole. She loves getting stretched open and filled all the way up with daddy’s cock I knew she would love my fingers inside of her. I started finger fucking her so hard we had no idea that mommy and daddy had come home. We were playing and licking each other all day long!

Don’t you want Two girl phone sex with us?

Two girl phone sex

Two girl phone sex with Cara and I is going to make your cock so fucking hard. Daddy has taught us so much. He has shown us that if a man really loves you he will fuck and your sister! What daddy doesn’t know is that Mommy has taught us a lot as well. She taught us how to shaves our tight pink pussies. How to keep ourselves extra clean all the time. Mommy said we only get stinky if our man wants us to be stinky. She said we can wear the same panties for a few days in a row. She said not to wipe our bald cunnies and just to put our panties back on. She said that stinky fish smell will drive older men crazy. They love to eat fish! Mommy says the men who love to eat fish and sushi are the men who will eat your cunnie till you cum.

Live phone chat

I love having a smelly cunny sometimes. Cara loves to lick my pussy when it starts to get a little stinky. I can not keep my mouth off of Cara’s bald pink cunny when she is getting stinky for daddy. He loves to lick and suck our cunnies when we are stinky. He loves it when we go potty on each other too. He loves running his hands over our bald cunnies and slides his big fingers into my cunny. He wiggles my pussy as I pee on Cara’s pussy. Who knew incest could be so fun when you add pee-pee to it. Cara and I love rolling around and going potty on each other. Mommy said we used to go potty on each other all time when as we got older. Now we love to do so many naughty things together! Call us soon! 

Lesbian phone chat with Tara

Lesbian phone chat

Have you ever watched a big cock slowly sliding into a tight pink pussy? Have you ever looked down to see her pussy stretching open as you fuck her! I love sliding my fingers inside of her, rubbing her g-spot as you fuck her deep. I love watching Cara’s sweet tight pink pussy stretch open! My pussy is so wet as I watch you fuck her, I can’t wait any more! I get up and I start riding her face.

Two girl phone sex

I work my pussy back and forth on her face as she licks me and I kiss you. I want your cock so deep inside of me! Let me rub her clit as you slam your cock in and out of her tight pussy! I want her to cum so hard on your cock! Fuck her Daddy! FUCK HER! Oh god daddy, look at how dripping wet your cock is! Please slide your thick wet cock into my pussy. Please daddy fill my pussy up with your cock! Oh fuck me hard daddy! Make us beg for your cum ad cover our faces! 

Fisting fun with Sister’s Tara and Cara

Lesbian phone chat

I love licking my sexy sister Cara’s tight pink pussy! She taste’s so fucking good. She keeps her tight pick pussy shaved for me! I love licking her from her clit to her ass. Sticking my tongue in and out of her pussy as I slide my finger in her tight asshole. But there are times where a sexy teen whore like my sister and I need our pussies filled up! We use anything we can get our hands on.

Sexy teen chat

I love starting her cunny off with our pink hair brushes. I love watching her cunt take that brush deep inside! I can’t keep my hands off her Tiny teen titties. I love it when she wants more than that brush handle. I slide two fingers inside her tight cunny, then a third. I love how her pussy takes my three fingers as she begs for more. I slide in a fourth and then I add my thumb inside of her as she moans. I love fist fucking my sister’s tight cunny! 

2 Girl phone sex

Lesbian phone chat with Tara

All we were doing was fighting, arguing and we were stuck in the cabin because of the snow. This Snow storm started out as fun and then turned into a huge fight! Everything Cara did drove me nuts. She would go out side to use the out house and she would track snow in behind her. She would drag all through the cabin! I don’t want to be in this fucking storm and I really don’t want to step on melted ice. So when she came back into the cabin after the 5th time I have told her to take her shoes off outside, she comes in with snow.

Lesbian phone chat

She took her shoes off right living room, threw her big coat on the ground and walked away. I have had enough. I grabbed 2 handfuls of snow, walked up behind her and slapped her in the face with the snow. She turned around and pushed me. I grabbed a hold of her shirt and it ripped as she pushed me away. She screamed as I laughed in her face and she fucking ripped my shirt! I tackeled her down to the floor where I sat on her chest. Just to piss her off even more I started grinding my clit into her chest. Oh fuck it felt so good that I wanted more. I had her pinned down all I had to do was sit on her fucking face and eat my pussy!

Kinky phone sex with Tara and Cara

Kinky phone sex

Look at my sister’s beautiful bald cunny. I get to look at her pussy everyday! We take care of our pussies. We shower together we make sure we get in deep and make sure our pussies are clean. Our showers always turn to fuck sessions. My favorite time we take care of each other’s pussies is when we wax each other! The pain from ripping the hair off her cunt makes my pussy so wet. Listening to her as she whimpers makes me want to ride her face. After each strip I rip off I kiss my sister’s sweet cunny.

Teen sex blog

I love listening to her moan as I kiss the pain away. By the time I am done waxing her pussy she is bald and has cum twice. I love it when she is on her knees bent over spreading her ass cheeks for me so I can wax her ass. I spank her and rip the wax strip off. She loves it. She loves when I tongue fuck her asshole after we are done. Next is my turn! 

Summer’s Hot Teen Sex Story

teen sex storyWanna hear a hot teen sex story? This professor of mine offered me and this other chick in my abnormal psychology class extra credit for helping him with a research project. We were both not doing so hot in the class and any extra credit would help. We thought he had a legitimate project for us, but he wanted to film us fooling around in his office. Guess he needed to research the effects of two hot teen sluts playing with their pussies on his cock! Honestly, I would rather eat hot teen pussy than do real research any day. So I set my lab partner on the teacher’s desk and licked her snatch back and forth while our horny professor stroked his cock. She tasted so yummy. I worked my long fingers up her cunny to make her squirt all over my face. She returned the favor. We both had pussy juices all over our faces and the professor had a rock hard cock. He offered us flat out A’s all semester to ride his dick. He had a pretty huge cock so I had no problem with that deal at all. I rode him first. He cock penetrated my cunt deep, stretched it out. My partner got his cum though. Well, I got some too when she pissed it into my greedy mouth. I got to lick some hot pussy and ride a big cock. Not bad for an A!

Phone Chat Line For 2 Girl Fantasy

Phone Chat LinesSo last week I called this phone chat line…..

I have this secret fantasy. I have never told anyone but I guess I can tell you.

I love sex and being a sexy curvy girl, I can get it when ever I want but  have always wondered what it would be like to be with another girl.

I am not a lesbian but I do find women very sexy!

I love their big round tits and hard nipples.

I get so excited when I imagine my naked body rubbing up against another girl.

I think about her sliding her fingers inside my pussy and flicking my clit with her penetrating tongue and my cunt instantly gets moist!

So I called this phone chat line to talk to another girl. I mean that is what they are for, right?…to virtually fulfill your sexual desires?

Well I talked to a few girls on this Fuckaliciousfreaks.com sight and it was amazing!

When she was talking about slipping her tongue deep into my ass while she finger fucked me, I almost came!

I was rubbing my clit while I listened to her sweet seductive voice and I had never been so excited!

I wanted her! I wanted her to suck on my gigantic bouncy tits and lick the cream that dripped from my pussy!

I could tell that she was fucking herself and touching herself in the same way that she was describing what she would do to me! It was so hot and all I could think of is how badly I wanted to grab my strap on and fuck her until she rained cum all over herself!

I still can’t forget the sound of her screaming my name when she finally exploded!

Wynona! Yes Wynona! Oh God! I love the way your tongue feels inside my slippery wet cunt!

I love this phone chat line!

She Loves My Big Bouncy Tits

big bouncy tits vivI love her tongue and the way she puts her face deep into my pussy. She pushes so deep shoving her tongue into me as deep as some of the dicks I have fucked. Once her face and tongue are covered with my juices she slides that tongue of hers up to my clit and makes it nice and pointy before flicking it across my hard clit. Then she sucks my pussy lips into her mouth one at a time, making sure to suck hard before diving back into my wet hole. She knows how to make my legs quiver. That is when she reaches up and pinches my big bouncy tits, pulling the nipples until I explode with pleasure. She has always known just how to please me without me ever having to tell her. She is by far my favorite female lover and I wish she could teach all the men I fuck with how to eat pussy just like her. I would never want dick again!

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