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Phone chat lines is where you hot to tell this granny about the kitty pussy you finally got to fuck. Your friends little brat has been teasing you for a while. She will bounce around and do flips in dresses just to expose her little ass in her panties to you. This day she jump on your lap and started grinding. Her eyes got big when she felt your pcock poking up at her. “It’s ok, little slut, you have just made me very happy” you say while grabbing her hips and rubbing your hard pedy cock on her.

Phone chat lines Since she was wearing a dress it hid everything you were doing. Therefore you pulled your cock out and moved her panties to the side. Everyone was to busy to notice you rubbing your hard cock on her little asshole and clit.

It made her young bald pussy tickle and she just laid back and closed her eye. Her mommy just thought she fell asleep and left the room. That’s when you really started to use her body to jerk your cock off. Finally you were able to get what you have been wanting since you saw her little young body. Plus she was loving the abuse. You could feel how wet she was getting so you started to kiss her neck and rub her pussy. “That’s right little slut, be a biggirl for me and let me do what I want” you moan as you keep pushing at her young wet cunty.

She was so wet when you pushed hard it ended up popping inside her. After you hear the pop of her virginity, you cover her mouth. “Don’t worry it will feel better now” you say as you rub her clitty and start to grind your cock inside her. “You are so secy and I have been wanting to fuck you since you started to walk” you whisper in her ear. By this time you were fully using her, pinching her nipples and rubbing her clitty fast. Her body tensed up and she whimpered.

All you felt was her pussy tighten up around you cock and you exploded inside her. Your cock was being milked by your friends youngest daughter and they were in the other room. She orgasmed for the first time and drained your balls inside her. “Let’s clean you up” you say as you pop your cock out of her and take her tired body to the bathroom. After that Sue was a good little slut and made sure to not have any panties under her dress for your pcock to grind inside her anytime you want. Plus she hides it so well when he reagents are around.

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