Phone Chat Numbers where this subby bitch gets trained

Phone Chat Numbers with a subby bitch will have you being dominant like my naughty unc. I was a very naughty brat. Teasing him with my panties. I would to cartwheels while wearing a dress. It would expose my panties and round booty cheeks. “Come here naughty slut” my uncle demanded me. Then he bent me over his knee. “You will now learn what you are made for” he said sternly.

Phone Chat Numbers

After that my uncle slipped my panties off. Therefore I felt the air hit my cunty right before his hand smacked me ass hard. The sting make my body twitch and tears start to flow down my face. His finger swiped my tears as he said “you will be getting trained from now on and you’ll  submit”. All I could was whimper in agreement. Before I knew it his fingers were in my booty hole. As he pumped his gingers in and out my bottom my uncle kept spanking me.

My cheeks burned and were stinging but he didn’t stop. I had to give in and go numb in submission. “Finally your body is mine” he moaned as his fingers pumped my butt hole. “From now on you will get slave training every night” my unc said as he stood up. Then i saw him pull his cock out and a stream of stinky piss. Drenching me was his way on breaking me down into ultimate submission. Now my masters piss is a gift and a compliment of being a good slave. 

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