Phone chat Lines have submissives waiting to be used!

Phone chat Lines have submissives waiting to be used! My only duty is to bring out the mean and kinky side from my master!

Sex swings make the best restraints for a subby milf whore like me! Place my ass in a swing of chains and see the nice arch I get when you come to beat my ass. Twack goes the flogger as I swing out and back into the pain. Watch as my ass and thighs become red whelped up flanges. In my restraints I am at your mercy. This is the time when my body and mind feel the most alive.

Sub-space allows me to freely and wantonly do as you need. No thoughts on pleasure from pain. I surrender completely, allowing myself to be subjected to your will. I am your sexy submissive slut plaything, and I am here to please you.

All of a sudden the door opens and I hear men , more than two laughing and ooo and awing as They inspect my whipped frame! How many men have you found for an impromptu slave gang bang tonight? You know my movements are limited and I can only take what is given. And a lot of mena and abusive cock is going to fill these holes with creamy hot cum!

Phone chat LinesPhone chat Lines have submissives waiting to be used!


Master loves to watch as his cock swells with excitement. As a slave, it means I am doing my job well. As a slave, I am trained to please every man who comes into my life as punishment and training. The chains swing as One cock pushes at my pussy hole. In front of me my hair is used to pull me horizontally and a cock is shoved in my mouth. Hands grab me and I am lost in a blur of shackled gangbang whoreness for my master!

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