Phone Chat Numbers for sexy dom teacher roleplay

Phone Chat Numbers with a sexy teacher role play is what you need. You are used to being the one in charge. But now you have to deal with me. It is why you spoil me. This sexy dom will have you on your knees as soon as you walk in. “Get down and greet me like I deserve to be greeted” I demand. Right away you get down and start kissing my pretty feet. You slowly work your way up and I bend over and lift my skirt.

Phone chat Numbers

I expose my cunt and asshole for you to lick. After a few licks my cunty started to drip. “You will get some homework and this is what you will wear” I instruct you to do as I hold a pink pair of panties. As you put them on I dive my finger into my wetness and masturbate. Watching you submit to me always turns me. Knowing you will be licking my ass gets me so ready. Dominating you gets me off. Watching you lick my ass while doing it, makes me squirt. “Get to work bitch” I say laughing while I grab your head.

The harder and deeper you push your tongue the better it feels. Therefore I started playing with my clit. I want you drenched and dripping with my cunt juice. After a bit more, you feel my pussy twitch. That is when you feel my hand grab your head and push you deeper in my asshole. All of the sudden I hear you slurping away at my cunt juice. Finally my pussy has you dripping like a wet animal. “Now time for your next assignment” we always finish that way.

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