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Phone Chat Numbers With Clit Licking and Cock Sucking Mommy Susan

When you call our phone chat numbers, you can have whatever fantasy you want.  You want to play some with your mommy who loves both men and   you never know what you will get. d fuck your cunt with a strap-on? Well, let me tell you what I have in store for that pathetic little cocksucker. First of all, I’d make sure to choose the biggest dildo from my collection – something that would stretch out your tight little asshole and fill up every inch of it. Then, after lubing up both the dildo and your ass nicely, I’d position myself behind you and slowly push inside. You know how much I love watching men and women squirm when they take my big strap on cock.Phone chat numbers

As soon as I feel you opening up for me, I’ll start thrusting hard and fast. Your insides will clench around my dick like a vice grip at first but eventually give way under the relentless pounding. The sound of skin slapping against skin will echo through the room while we fuck like animals together.

When you finally cum under the relentless pounding of my strap-on dildo (or maybe one of Jamal’s massive cocks), your insides clench even tighter around me in an orgasmic grip that leaves us both breathless. Your juices coat my dick as they flow out of your cunt like honey from a jar; it’s such a sight to see! And afterward? Well then comes the best part: watching those pretty eyes roll back into their sockets while you writhe in ecstasy underneath me… knowing full well who can make you cum harder than anyone. Just call me daddy, I mean Mommy (Susan)


Mommy Susan

1-855-733-5746 ext. 4105

Phone Chat Lines Might Get You Castrated if You Don’t Play By My Rules

phone chat linesMy phone chat lines are not for the faint of heart. Trust me. If you want boring GFE vanilla sex, walk away from me. I specialize in castration. Yes, you read that right. I love to take a man’s balls just for looking at me twice. And I have done it. Some men pay me to castrate them in person. My ad on the dark net as an accomplice or sadistic keeps men coming to me for various things, but mostly castration.

Jeremy got on my last nerve Friday night. Some yuppie guy who walked into a Goth bar and thought he would fit right in. He tried to buy me a drink and I rebuffed him. Just like I do men who call my phonesex lines and talk to me like I am their girlfriend. Not happening. I am not the sort of girl you call baby. Unless you want to lose your balls.

Although I gave Jeremy a few warnings, he kept trying to hook up. Then when I said no for the last time, he insulted me. But if I took his balls, I would take away the proclivity for hitting on every woman he laid eyes on. So, I led him into the bathroom where I could seduce him. Who am I kidding. I did not lay a hand on him. However, my knife did. I left him bleeding in the bathroom. Now, Jeremey appears to be a dickless loser. But a neutered dog behaves so much better.

Maybe you can be neutered next.

Sick Bitch Venus

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Phone Chat Numbers is where blow and fucked

Phone chat numbers are where my last play buddy found me. He is a nasty party freak and he came with a big bag of blow. “You are so hot baby” you say as you pore blow on my mirror. After we do some lines I feel my body rushing from the drugs. Therefore I take everything off.

Phone Chat Numbers

“Oh yeah you are ready” you say as you pull your cock out. Since I feel the drugs all in my veins, I get on my knees and start sucking your cock. Once you feel my mouth on your log your eyes roll to the back of your head.

“You are a hungry hoe too” you say as you let me slob on your cock meat. “I want to feed your tight asshole my load” you moan out as I taste your precum leak. “Bend over and spread your ass” you say. Then I watch you take your finger and coat it with blow. After that you rammed it up my ass. It didn’t take long for my ass to numb up. Finally you rammed my ass hard with your cock. You didn’t even lube your cock up.

But it didn’t matter because it was numb from the blow. I felt your cock pushing deep inside me when I stuck my fingers in my cunt. Since I was taking your cock so well, you couldn’t hold your nut. Your balls tightened up and you filled my asshole with your sperm. “Don’t worry hoe, I have more blow and more nut for you, you are hired for the night” you say as you hand me some money and more blow.


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Phone Chat Numbers for Cock Taking Slut Brittney

My Phone Chat Numbers are (855) 733-5746 ext 4271

Phone chat numbers like mine should make your cock rock hard on sight. I’m waiting in my panties for the phone to ring. I love picking up and finding out what type of kinky cock is getting stroked on the other side of the phone. My favorite thing to hear is that your cock is rock hard for me and you need a dirty slut to take care of that cock. It activates this super-soaker pussy and filthy mind. I slide my fingers into my pussy and fantasize about your thick cock.

First, I’m getting on my knees to stroke that cock up close for our hot phone chat. My mouth gets as wet as this tight pussy does. I lift up the shaft of your cock and push my face into those full balls. My lips and tongue tease that salty sack. Your balls are going to be completely full of cum by the time I drain them. When I feel your heart beat in your sack, that’s when I start swallowing your dick. Slamming your cock into the back of my throat and fucking this pretty face. Push your dick down my throat until my lips are tickling those balls again.

phone sex numbers

Fuck These Big Bouncy Tits and Soaking Wet Cunt

Fuck my throat until you start gettting my slut slop all over these big bouncy tits. Pull your cock out of your mouth and slap it on those perfect perky tits. Then slide your cock between these fat tiddies. My sloppy melons feel so fucking good teasing your cock. That swollen purple tip keeps popping out between these tiddies. But it just gets covered in a sloppy trail of spit leaking from my tongue.

My pussy is throbbing and desperate for a thick cock inside this slut cunt. This whore loves to cum while riding a fat cock reverse cowgirl. Then slowly lowering my pussy on a hot, thick dick and feeling my wet cunt lips getting split apart. I take that dick from tip to balls. Then I lean foreward and lift my ass cheeks up. Just to slam them back down on your lap. Push your thumb inside that dirty back door while I ride that dick. Feeling both of my holes filled makes this pussy squirt instantly. Now all you have to do is fuck your cum into me!

Cumslut Brittney

(855) 733-5746 ext 4271

To Order a Creampie Pussy, Call Our Phone Chat Numbers

When you call our  phone chat numbers, you may just get a cunt that’s filled with lots of cum- a  creampie delight if I do say so myself!

A cream pie is when a girl has sex with multiple guys in one night and they all cum inside her without using protection. It’s like an extreme version of the walk of shame because not only do you have to deal with the embarrassment of sleeping around, but also having evidence (cum) left behind inside your pussy for everyone to see! Some girls might find this disgusting or degrading, but not me – I fucking love it! There’s something about knowing that my cunt is filled up with so much jizz from different guys that just turns me on beyond belief. Plus, there’s nothing quite like waking up in the morning and feeling all those warm loads squishing together as I move around; it makes me feel wanted and dirty at the same time which is honestly such a turn-on.

I know some people might think we’re sluts or whores for doing this kind of thing, but let me tell ya: being called those names doesn’t bother us one bit! In fact, sometimes we even embrace them because deep down inside we know how naughty we truly are underneath our innocent facades out here on these sandy beaches where anything goes after dark… As long as no one gets hurt right? Right!! So bring on those creampies baby – fill my tight little hole up until there isn’t any room left for anymore cum!!Phone chat numbers


1-855-733-5746 ext. 4855

Phone chat lines Fornicating scat loving whore Donna here.

Phone chat lines Phone chat lines Fornicating scat loving whore Donna here. Give me your fucking shit. In fact, fuck me up my ass and then I will suck all my shit, juices, and shit cum off your cock. Shoving it down my throat, be sure to piss down it. At the same time, lick my cunt, my shit hole, give me a fucking rim job. Be sure to throw in a couple of very hard as fuck spankings. Turn my ass red. Leave palm prints.

When I cum it will be a mixture of piss and cum, squirting up into your face. Get as perverted as fuck with me. Single and I love that scat. I will shit on your cock just to gobble it up. Snort, snort, goes the dirty scat whore piggy Donna. Shoving my entire face up your ass. Licking around your asshole. Rimming you for at least an hour. Tongue delving into you. Back out again.

Never getting enough of your shit, cover me in piss. We’ll roll around together in it. Between us we can soak through the bed, the floor, no matter that we have shit and piss in our hair, all along our bodies. Cum on my face. Shit in my mouth. Titty fuck me.

At the same time, I may love scat and piss but a whore is at my heart. Find me on the Phone Chat Numbers for all the nasty, perverted, taboo things you would like to do. No boundaries. Just a whore out to have some fun. No limits. Not married, no worries.

Scat lover Donna

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Phone Chat Numbers with a sub bitch pet

Phone Chat Numbers with a trained subby slut is what you need to start your week.  As you pull me out my bitch kennel I feel a warm stream spraying me. Before I looked up I knew it was a golden shower from my master. Therefore I continued to crawl out of my cage. After drying off my master bent me over his knee for my start of the week spanking. He normally spanks me until my ass is too red or when he is finally satisfied that I have surrendered to him.

After the first few hits to my ass, my body started to shake. Finally he stopped and stood up. My master grabbed me by the hair and I knew to open my mouth. It is part of the sub bitch training I have gotten. “That’s right hoe suck masters cock meat” he demanded. Then I sucked his cock just like I was taught you like. After some hard face fucking your body stiffens up.

Therefore I knew what was coming. His cock started filling my mouth up with your thick gooey nut.

Phone Chat Numbers

I made sure not to waste any of it and drank every last drop. “Good job bitch” you said as you led me back to my kennel. I was just happy to please and to get out of my cage. That is the life of a kept subby slut. My joy is to get out and get used and pissed on. Sometimes I get a tummy full of master perm or my holes. Anything master needs or commands.


(855) 733-5746 ext4778

Phone Chat Numbers take you to Dirty Girl Pamela.

Phone Chat Numbers

Phone Chat Numbers take you to Dirty Girl Pamela. All the sites, all the lines, all the numbers and you have come around to me. Being a dirty naughty girl means that I liked to have incest and play with age. All in all, you pick the age, and we will play with it. At the same time fantasies do come true. Finally, we come to my own fantasy.

In the distance I see my little son running. Knowing he is going to run right up to me. Why or why do they have to grow and get bigger. I wish I may, I wish I might, have this wish all my might. Closing my eyes. Hands before me. Tightly closed.

Opening my eyes, right before me I see my little boy getting smaller and smaller as he runs to me. Looking down on him, he is the same height as my shoe heel. Dreams do come true. Lifting my heel, looking down at him. “You are so small I could just squish you. But at the same time, you are now the perfect height to crawl right into mom’s private cavern.”

Giantess phone sex Dirty Girl Mom Pamela lets you play in her private cavern.

Quickly removing all those clothes that shrunk right with you.  As soon as you’re naked, I am going to lay down. Then you may crawl up into my private cavern and be one of the littles to go exploring. In fact, you are really wanting to get all the way up in that cavern exploring and have fun for I may just decide to squish you like a bug or flush you down the toilet like a used tampon.

As long as you are playing though you are good. When you finally decide to come out you are covered from head to toe in my mom pussy juices. All dirty just like mom. Bet you let your tiny little penis cum all over inside of mom while you were in there too.

Now that you are all dirty and used up, Mom is going to clean you up and put her shrinking little one to bed. All in all Mom is very happy that you played in the private cavern. You are going to stay small and that you came inside of Mom. Sticking all of you into my mouth like a popsicle. Sucking you clean. Finally tucking your naked little body into bed.

Dirty Girl Pamela

(855) 733-5746

Phone chat numbers Robyn knows you need a submissive whore

phone chat numbersPhone chat Numbers Robyn knows you need a submissive whore who will role play any and all fantasies. I have a man who wants to control my life from behind the computer screen. He has me do all these tasks and report to him daily.
But his biggest thrill as a Dom man is to have my daughters and all female school personnel at his beckon call.

I spend most of our time pretending his is ordering the Vice principle to set a new precedent at the high school. He dictates undergarments and sexual activity for the women teachers and office staff. Through me he has the satisfaction f being the most powerful man to have swarms of women fucking husbands and getting impregnated. One thing is certain: he loves his women to look good.

All through spring on the phone chat lines he is monitoring the boots, and outfits of luscious women from 22 -60 years old with me. My daughters principle is leading the charge and watching up to five women a day masturbate in her office. She is giving pregnancy test and texting each lady to fuck and send her pics of naughty acts.

Phone chat Numbers Robyn knows you need a submissive whore

Be like my Master and control all the women around you through me! I am his slave and obey his commands. He will reward me if I obey and punish me if I don’t. I am under his control and will never disobey. Sometimes I get a wild hair up my ass and fuck up in obeying him. One time I had to give myself over 600 swats with a belt for making a mistake.

Me and my girls and hubby are forever under his strong command and I would love to be controlled by another master just as strong as Master T is for some Sexy role plays!


(855) 733-5746 ext 4799

Phone Chat Numbers with new party mate and my dealer

Phone Chat Numbers are where I go to find tricks who like to party just like me. Last night I found one that was very freaky. Once my dealer came in he asked him to stay. “If you stay I will pay you for your party favors and time” he convinced him to do. After that I did a few lines of blow, “are you ready to suck cock, don’t worry I will pay you” he said to me. Therefore I agreed, since I don’t play when it comes to money. I got on my knees in front of him and he said “not mine, that big black dick”.

Trailer trash whore

Then he put some blow right on my dealer’s big black monster cock and lifted it into my mouth. My connect shoved it deep in my throat and it started numbing me right away. Because of that i didn’t gag or choke when my dealer started fucking my throat hard. I looked over and my new party mate was busting down lines and stroking his cock. Then he got up behind me and rubbed some cock on my asshole. Just like my throat it numbed me right up.

“Come fuck her asshole and make her into our anal slut for the night” he said laughing. That is all my dealer needed to hear. He got up behind me and quickly forced his cock in my asshole. Since it was numb I was able to take him fucking me hard and fast. I didn’t care, I just did lines of blow before having to suck my party mate’s cock. All night we partied and played. When we were done he paid us both, I love my life.


(855) 733-5746 ext4874

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