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Phone chat numbers for fathers day

phone chat numbers


Phone chat numbers are so fucking hot. I want you to call me up and hear me take you to places you can only dream. I want to show you why you must have me and why you must always return for more.

It’s late-night, and your wife is next to you, passed out. You’re rock hard and so into everything that your wife isn’t. There’s a big need to be fucked like never before. You’re sick and tired of the same shit. Living life working hard and being the best husband and father you can be. For what? So that you can be neglected and underappreciated. It’s time for you have the best Father’s day ever.

I’m usually a sissy trainer, but I make a damn great GFE princess. I want you to treat yourself like a king and make you feel like the man. It’s your day, and your offsprings can get lost. Your wife can be notified that you don’t want or crave her freebie sex day because it’s fathers day. Instead, you want to be seduced and fucked by a hottie.



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Phone Chat Numbers Are Fun

phone chat numbersIf it wasn’t for my phone chat lines, I wouldn’t be able to connect to people like you. Seriously what is a horny girl supposed to do now that we are all on lockdown? Naughty phone sex, that is what. Everyone is stressed with a house full of kids and maybe even a nagging wife too. You can’t go grab a drink or even go to the gym. So baby, know I am here for you. I love when you call me, and I tell you exactly what I would like to do with your big fat cock. How I would love to lick your shaft and balls before putting that big thing deep in my mouth and sucking you off. Or maybe you would like to hear how I would spread my legs and you could pound my juicy wet pussy. I love to hear you moan and my pussy gets so wet when you start breathing hard. I stick my fingers or a dildo inside of my cunt and fuck myself as we get off together. You can call me from your office, on your commute or if you are home you can even sneak into another room. However, you want to do it is fine with me. I just want to make sure that Daddy is happy and well taken care of. So just call your sweet little sex kitten Evaline on my phone chat numbers and let me satisfy you.


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Phone Chat Numbers For Family Fun

Phone chat numbersPhone chat numbers are perfect for bringing all the men with family desires to me. I am the Grandma, Mommy or Aunty of your desires. I’m a perfect horny slut. When my phone rings it gets me excited because I know I’m about to have fun and hear some kinky stories. When you tell me how you have been thinking about fucking mommy or aunty even grandma for so long gets my juices going, I have to play with my cunt while you tell me how you love my big tits or the smell of my juicy cunt. I’ll make you lick it and suck my clit so good you will never forget my taste. It only makes me want to feel your hard throbbing cock deep in my cunt. As I play with my clit, I’ll even let you fuck my ass. It only gets me wetter when I know all my holes have been opened up and filled with hot cum. We can dress you up, even let you play with my tights. Making you feel good and fulfill your fantasy is why I do phone chat.


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Phone Chat Lines Are A Sissy’s Best Friend

These phone chat lines are full of hot secrets!

You can tell us anything because we understand you and we wont tell a soul!

We know that it must be so hard being a closet sissy!Phone Chat Lines

You go to the mall and see all those sexy sissy panties, sexy lingerie made of lace and delicate ribbons, and you can feel your ass start to push out towards the back, like it is begging to be fucked by a thick hard cock!

You want to feel a strong hard body behind you, pulling your hips towards his as his cock grows hard for you!

It must be so hard watching that guy in the office flirt with that other girl when you know that your pretty little mouth could suck his cock way better than that mousy whore!

And I know that you go home at night and shave those long legs, taking care like all hot girls do to rub that sweet smelling lotion deep into your soft skin, before slipping into that sassy little bra and panty set…you know…the one you told the check out girl was for your wife.

Then you crawl into your pretty bed with the matching pillows and duvet and reach for the only thing that gives you pleasure….your magic bullet butt plug!

Well, I am here to tell you…don’t keep that sexy sissy hidden anymore!

You let that inner goddess out!

Tuck those silly little cock and balls behind your cheeks and let that diva shine!

Then call me for some hot phone chat and tell your sissy trainer girlfriend every tantalizing detail!

Your secret is safe with me!


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phone chat lines for the perverts


Phone Chat lines

Phone chat lines are great when you’re in the mood for a nasty whore who loves to fuck and feed her pussy with monster cock. I can’t deny my appetite.

I love to get all fucked up and hear stories about people who are just as nasty as I am. I’m not a proper lady. I like to get high and fuck for hours. I am the definition of a slut. My love for sweaty, steamy sex goes far for me. There’s always a craving for a nice juicy dick in my twat.

My dealers all know this, so I pay up with this pussy whenever I come up short. My cunt loves to be abused, and I must have a thick dick all the time. My tits bounce as I ride, and I moan as you have that dick deep inside. No condom, please! I fucking love it raw. Cream in me, please I need it so badly.

I want it so much in me lets fuck till you can’t take it anymore.


Horny Hazel

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Phone chat lines for dirty sluts

phone chat lines


I’ve been up all night trolling the adult phone chat lines. I am looking for a dirty, dominant daddy to put me in my place. I’ve been a terribly bad girl and need you to push me around, spank me and teach me a lesson. I only want to please you, whether it causes me pain or not. You’re my master and your every wish is my command. I always do as I am told like an obedient slut should. I have plenty of balls gags, whips and anal beads for you to use on me and train me with. Teach me to serve you and let me be your owned property! My only request is to be left with welts and bruises that I can look at to be reminded of how you dominated me. I’ve had a few masters, but none of them were able to train me to be their submissive cum slut. I can’t wait to be all yours and have that collar locked around my neck. I’ll be waiting for you Daddy.


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Phone Chat Lines For Sissies

phone chat numbersPick up that phone and give my phone chat lines a call so we can have some fun. I like to make you my project. Dress you in a cute pair of panties and a pretty dress and then have you twirl all around and entertain me. You can kiss my feet and suck on my toes while I rub my pussy with a thick dildo. I can see you watching out of the corner of your eye hoping to get a glimpse of Mistress Francis’ beautiful cunt. You can look but you can’t touch baby. Now take off that dress and let me see you touch your toes. Those panties hug your ass nice and tight, and the outline of your tiny cock is even there. Don’t think I don’t see the wet spot forming either – because I do. All those little droplets from your tiny cock dripping out. You really are my sissy boy, aren’t you? I have a friend coming over and I need you to get on your knees and get his cock hard for me. That is right. Perfect. Now, use your hand and guide that big cock into my wet juicy cunt baby. Watch how a real man fucks my hole sissy. See that big thick head going in and out. Don’t you wish you had one bigger than a Vienna sausage? Well, you don’t. Watch as he squirts my pussy full of his cum. I can see you like that don’t you? Now be a good sissy boy and lick him clean and then crawl over here and clean my pussy out too baby. Don’t you want to be my sissy boy too? So, what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and give Mistress Francis’ phone chat numbers a call so she can train you too.


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Phone Chat Lines Are For BBW Fun

phone chat numbersPhone chat numbers brought him to me, but my dirty talking mouth made him stay. I picked up the phone as he was wanting to have some fun with a big beautiful woman. Those curves, nice round ass and gigantic set of tits was his weakness. We talked and role played as I gave him the best sloppiest wettest blowjob I could. Those balls tightened and the precum started flowing. Then I had him put that cock right between my big tits and as I held them together, he titty fucked me. I was so turned on I grabbed my dildo and started fucking my juicy wet pussy, taking it deep and hard, imagining his full balls beating against my ass with every stroke. He wasn’t done with me just yet though. He turned me over, lifted my ass and as I spread my ass cheeks for him, he pounded my tight little asshole. He was hot and we were both excited and moaning loudly as we continued on. The sound of his heavy breathing and my moaning was too much and soon we both orgasmed loudly. I could almost feel his balls drain as my pussy juices leaked from my cunt. It was fun and dirty, and I can’t wait to do it again. But while I wait if you want to play just give my phone chat lines a ring. I will he waiting.


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Phone chat lines with hot slut Tasha

phone chat lines


Hot, adult phone chat lines are the best way to meet wild sluts for a naughty time. I’m a dirty little slut and everyone knows how I love to get freaky on the phone. Last night I took a call and fingered my gushy pussy while my brother was in the room with me. I told him that he better stay quiet if he wanted to jerk his dick and watch me. He sat on the edge of the bed and watched while I got dirty with my caller. I got so turned on by teasing him and talking to the sexy daddy on the phone. I worked my fingers on my clit so hard that I made my pretty little pussy squirt all over my brother’s face! He stroked faster and couldn’t help but let out a little moan as he spurted cum all over his hand. My caller heard that little sissy moan and wanted to hear him lick up that cum shot! He knew that if he didn’t, he was in big trouble for making noise while I was on the phone! That cum slut sissy boy licked his own creamy cum wad off of his hand for us. That kinky old man on the phone had never cum so hard as he did on that dirty call with me and my sissy slut brother. I’m glad that little bitch was in the room to play with us.


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Phone Chat Numbers Are Full Of Sluts

phone chat numbersPhone chat numbers are a great place to come and play with no taboo girls. They are hot and naughty, and nothing is off limits. Of course, if a girl is working the phones you know her sex drive is through the roof. She can’t get enough; her pussy is always soaking wet. No lube needed. So, when a hot ass guy with a rock-hard cock calls, we are bound to have a good time. We can have a hot ass role play and then while you stroke your cock, I can fuck my pussy with a giant dildo. Tell me how you want to spread my legs and devour my cunt. How you will suck on my clit and finger my juicy hole. Curving your finger so you get that G-spot and drive me wild. I grab the back of your head and bury your face in my cunt, grinding on you. I squirt all of my juices into your mouth and they cover your face. But I don’t care, I am wild with desire. I take you in for a kiss, tasting myself on your tongue and lips. I lay you back and get between your legs. I worship your cock. Sucking your balls and licking your asshole. Licking your shaft and deep throating your mushroom head. I gag and choke and tears run from my eyes, but I won’t stop. I want to take you deeper. I go fast and hard until I feel that tell tale twitch of your cock and the fullness of your balls. Then I open wider, anticipating those warm thick streams of cum. I swallow every drop and lick you clean. Then we fuck. We fuck for hours. You conquer every hole I have. Filling them with your cream. And that is why you should call my phone chat lines.


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