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phone chat numbers turn me on too baby

phone chat numbers

Phone chat numbers turn you on in ways you can’t explain. My cunt get all wet when the phone rings. I’m going to give you quite the fun you crave. Whenever my pussy is all wet and needs a cock I’m ready to show you how great it feels.

I’m going to put my toy deep inside me. Watch how good it makes me shake and tremble. you know you like vibrations too and want to feel the energy force deep inside my cunt.

Watch me beg you for your dick as i slide the vibrator deep inside me. My eyes roll behind my head the pleasure is too intense and is making me beg you for your huge cock in me.

Let me take your dick in my ass in my mouth in my pussy. Put that dick everywhere you please. I’m a dick loving fiend and watch me go crazy. I enjoy being looked at and need you to invest all your time in me when i am being a nasty fuckslut.

Who doesn’t enjoy a dirty cum eating bitch like me.


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Phone Chat Numbers Slut Lauren

Phone chat numbers

As a phone chat numbers slut I have gotten so used to men bowing down to me but this time he made me get onto my knees for him. Adam is just a hot, tall, kinky glass of water I think made for me. I keep running into him at places like the store or at the library and it can’t be a coincidence, right? It was when I ran into him at the bar and invited him back to my place that I let my pussy get wet without the humiliation of it. We had a couple drinks on my couch when I crawled into his lap and kissed him. I felt his cock grow under his pants just for me. He twitched with the need to be set free and I let him. I dropped down to my knees and opened my mouth to take him down my throat! His precums tasted sweet on my tongue! I licked around and around to massage his cock with my tongue and his groans made my cunt grow even wetter. I ripped off my panties and jumped back into his lap to start riding his cock! I massaged his balls with my hands moving them around to get him to release all of that cum that had built up for me. I want to feel his hot seed drip into my cunt and I want to feel it leak out of my pussy! I work him up and down using my walls to clench around his cock again and again before he finally let go! All of his hot seed poured into me. I told him it was his turn to make me cum. He got to his knees and put his mouth on my clit! He licked and sucked until I screamed for him!

Phone Chat Numbers Slut Lauren

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phone chat numbers daddy loves them

phone chat numbers

Daddy owes me a lot for my conversation with my friend Rory. Ever since I can remember, he has had an infatuation with us. He wants pictures of us in the orange grove near our house. The fact that daddy has a p-cock is no surprise, but daddy enjoys fucking my friends and me. It hasn’t been so easy making so many girls fall for our family antics, but for the most part, it has been fun.

I’m always ahead of the game, so daddy owes me big time for this fantasy to come true. All the phone chat numbers he has called talking about my friends and me, I deserve a boost in my allowance.

Natalie: Look, Rory, my dad finds you pretty hot! I can’t get him to stop talking about you.

Rory: Really! Do you think I’m hot?

Natalie: Of course I do, [Smiles and giggles] Rory! You are the hottest girl in ballet class.

Rory: Nat, I think you are [Reaches in for a kiss]

[Natalie & Rory make out]

Natalie” Rory, let us do a photo shoot with my dad at the orange grove.

Rory: Okay, if we are together, we can kiss a lot more.

Natalie: let’s make my daddy  pcock happy

Daddy will have a blast fucking spinners like us!


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Phone chat numbers for kinky fun

phone chat numbers

Phone chat numbers are the perfect place to find freaky whores like me, to have a good time with! I hang out all night long, watching porn, teasing my wet pussy and waiting on kinky callers to hit me up. I would love some company tonight. I’ll be riding this huge dildo and making my hot cunnie squirt while I wait for you to call me. Once we get started, there’s no telling how hot and nasty our call is going to get. I’m a freaky, roleplay slut so tell me all of your wildest fantasies and let’s make them happen! I’m already dripping from rubbing my clit and bouncing on this fat, fuck toy. Hurry up and call me so I can cum for you!



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Phone Chat Numbers Harmony’s Teacher Pt. 2 Final

Phone chat numbers

My teacher wanted to spank me for dressing like a slut and would not hear me out about my dirty laundry! He bent me over his desk and got a full view of my panties. He was quick to pull them down and I knew my pussy was exposed. He laughed at me when he saw my pussy lips glistening for him. He rubbed them up and down with one, sometimes two fingers to get me going. His fingers played with my pussy so so slowly. He had me begging and whining from how wet I was. The air hit my exposed pussy making my clit and tits hard as fuck for him to enjoy the view. I heard his pants unzip as he came up behind me and the first swat came down on my ass. My scream echoed through his office! Another smack came down soon after. “Sir, please!” No, he wouldn’t listen! More spanks for me and my poor, poor ass. I squirmed while I was bent over his desk for him. I wanted to cum for him nonetheless. His fingers played again and he made fun of me for how wet I was. His cock was n my face right after that and I got to sucking him off so he could slip right into my tight little pussy. It hit the back of my throat eight times before she walked behind me and looked at my sweet cunt. He rammed himself inside me! I screams in pleasure and pain as he pumped in and out of my tightening pussy. He was behind me, pounding with his dick as I help onto his desk to keep from falling g. I screamed louder as I came for him and all over his cock. I loved how his hot cum flowed inside of me!

Phone Chat Numbers Slut Harmony

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Phone Chat Numbers Harmony’s Teacher Pt. 1

Phone Chat Numbers

Your pretty phone chat numbers slut loves to play naughty! I can dress up or dress down for you daddy which would you prefer? Maybe a quick story could help you choose! I was late to class one day and had none of my clean skirts for my school uniform! I have a mini skirt in the same colors but, what if I get dress coded!? It shouldn’t matter right I mean it is my first year of college! I threw on my plaid mini skirt and went to school but, I got so many weird looks on the way. Underneath my skirt was a lacy, red pair of cheeky panties, completely see trough! The wind was rough but I just needed to get my ass seated. When I got to the classroom, the seat was so cold again my cunt through my sheer panties and I think my professor noticed! I tried to pull my skirt down to keep from my arousal getting on the seat because my professor is just too hot! He walked over and leaned over my work to see it but I think he was just trying to graze my thighs. In front of everybody, he asked me to stay after school! I knew I was getting in trouble. As everyone filed out I stayed behind and tried to explain myself but he wasn’t having it. He walked to the door and locked it. Then he walked back to me and stood over me, looking down on me before telling me to bend over his desk. I didn’t know what to do other than to listen. He told me that since I wanted to come to school dressed like a slut then he would treat me like one. I was going to be spanked by my teacher! My panties were soaked from getting so wet! Do you know what happened next?

Phone Chat Numbers Slut Harmony

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Phone chat numbers slut belle

Phone Chat Numbers

I have phone chat numbers for your hard cock to get ready to fuck! I have been playing with myself all day, getting my pussy so, so, soaking wet for you daddy. I know mommy is gone at work for the whole night and you just got home from work! I want to show you what I did daddy! Follow me to your and mommy’s bedroom. When we get there I strip off my little red dress to reveal my body in red lingerie for you! No, don’t be a worried daddy! I promise it is not a big deal, we can still play! Mommy won’t be here for a while longer and you have me all to yourself! I can see your cock growing harder and harder for me through those work pants daddy hahaha! Come on, take them off and let me make you feel so good. I yank them down and get on my knees. Just put your hands in my hair daddy, I want to help you feel good. I start to suck on the tip nice and hard, sucking like it’s a lolly! Then I move my tongue up and down, all along your cock. Your balls are so full daddy. don’t you want to drain them? I stand up and lay down on mommy’s side of the bed for you to take my panties off and lick me up! Taste me, daddy! Cum get a lick of your daughter’s sweet fuck cunt. When you do, doesn’t your cock just twitch for me? Don’t you want it nice and deep inside of my pussy daddy? Here! I will spread my legs wider for you daddy. Start pushing your cock inside of me nice and deep. My moans are all for you daddy! Now, make me cum on your cock!

Phone Chat Numbers Slut Belle

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phone chat numbers make me want to do bad things

Phone chat numbers make me want to do bad things. I want to be able to fuck any guy or girl without thinking twice. I grew up in a seriously repressing family. My daddy wanted me to join the nun convention. Oh, how I wish I was joking. When my parents got married, their differences in culture and religion truly made it hard for their marriage. My dad is thai and Japanese, while my mom is a free Latina.

Daddy knew he wouldn’t be able to tame her, so when he had three daughters with my mom, it was shown early on that I’d be closer to the Puerto Rican and Colombian sides of me. Colombian women and Puerto Rican women are drop-dead gorgeous and super sexually alluring individuals. I loved visiting Medellin and san juan. I could see the bevy of attractive women doing what they had to to make ends meet. Many were dancing, others cam girls, and some even did some hot couple porn.

My mom told me to go ahead and be who I wanted to be. So I decided to strip my sexy ass and enjoy being the Asian Latina giving men serious eye candy.

phone chat numbers


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Phone Chat Numbers with Belle

Phone chat numbers

I love showing off my body with phone chat numbers! I tell them how I look and what they can see in all of my dirty, dirty photos! Do you want a piece of this? I invited you in to tell you a secret sir. I know your daddy’s best friend but ever since I knew I liked boys, I knew I have wanted you! That is why, since I am finally a barely legal teenage girl I am ready to take your cock! I have dreamed of the day you took me and shoved my cock deep inside of me. I pretend that you fuck me with my dildos now give me the real thing baby! I walk you up to the room you watched me grow up in and open the door. Teddies and sexy panties are on the floor as I strip down to my yellow thong with black lace all around it. I sit you down on the edge of my twin bed and help you get your pants off. Your hard cock pops out and I take you into my mouth nice and deep. “See, I have been practicing for you! I use my dildos and other toys to practice all of the time.” I use your fingers to lead down to my pussy. “Touch me…please baby!” I beg you. You touch my pussy and gasp at how wet I am for you, how badly I have needed you. You grab me, push me onto my mattress and begin to taste me, you have been wanting this too haven’t you baby? I taste so sweet for you! I want your cock baby let me feel you fill me up, let me feel you deep inside of me! I spread my legs and get ready for you.

Phone Chat Numbers Slut Belle

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Phone chat lines make you want to feel your fantasy

phone chat lines

So you want to call phone chat lines and jerk your cock. That’s all cool and awesome, but you have to know that we phone girls love to explore the hot dirty fun you can only dream about and wish it were true.

You can escape to paradise when you end up having fun with one of us. Listen to your desires and follow up by dialing my number. We will delve so deep you will also be introduced to a series of exciting fetishes you had no clue you had.

When I play with Mr scruffs, he loves to act like a four-legged friend. I love to tell him to bark, get the peanut butter, and lick it to its entirety.

A certain level of deliciousness comes out of your cock that you can eat up and enjoy this wild fantasy./ Mr scruffs love to be addressed as Mr. Scruff and Mr. Scruffs only.

I like to bring that fantasy alive, even if that makes me roleplay as Mrs. scruffs. Whatever gets you off, know that we will make it come alive in roleplay.


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