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Phone Chat Numbers with hooker slut Luna

Phone Chat Numbers are where you can find good trailer trash whores who will do anything for money. My new trick daddy always comes over to spoil me. He brings a big envelope of money and a baggy of blow. That’s how you spoil a druggy slut like me. But he also came with a few friends and their big black hard dicks. “You need to show my friends what a good whore you are ” were the instructions my trick daddy gave me.  After I did a few lines I was ready to milk these big dicks my trick daddy brought for me.

Phone Chat Numbers

“You will be taking them in every hole” daddy said as he shoved his coke coated fingers in my asshole. I know that meant my asshole was going to be rammed hard. After my ass was numbed up, I felt the tightness of a cock stretching me open. I bounced my ass on his cock making to milk him just like daddy paid me to do. Then after his friends picked whatever hole was left to fuck. I had jizz filling my mouth,my ass and my pussy. That is what a paid Anal whore gets and why I get on Phone chat lines.


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Phone Chat Numbers with sexy therapist

Phone chat numbers with a nasty freak like me will have you exploring all your fetishes. Like my sugar daddy who need me to be his sexy therapist. One that helps him through his need of fucking his sister. First I sit in my therapist chair doing my sexy role play. “Tell me what would you want to do with your sister, better yet show me”.

Phone Chat Numbers

Is what I say as I start to undress right in front of you. Then I walk over to you, “come on bro, pick your mouth up off the floor and put it on my pussy”. That is all you have been needing to hear and you put your lips right on my cunt. “That’s is suck your sister pussy like a hungry whore” is all I moan out as I fuck your lips. “Now fuck your your sister’s pussy like have you have been wanting”.

Finally, you get what you have been wanting, and you stand up and show me how hard your sister makes your cock. As you slam your cock in my wet cunt, you ask me to beg for you to fuck me. “Please brother pound my cunt I need it”. That is all you have been wanting to hear and you lift my skirt and ram your cock in my wet coochie. I make it disappear as i fuck you and help you work through your fantasies like any good therapist would.


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phone chat numbers

phone chat numbers

Phone chat numbers to get the young guys off are so addicting to me.  I won’t deny that I’ve used my boys ever since I can remember. Training them to pleasure mommy’s husband a joy. Whenever I want their tongue in my asshole or pussyI just give them full access I spread my legs and do their thing. There’s been plenty of training from me to them and lots of pussy and homemade videos that I’ve made myself and let them watch. Enough like me knows what it takes to make boys come to make men out of those boys. My husband has no clue that I always get a nice fix every day while he’s at work. I make sure to get that cock pound.



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phone chat numbers in your phone

phone chat numbers

Phone chat numbers in your phone hidden from your wife is great. See, I don’t feel so bad talking to married men or men in relationships because I feel like I’m doing them a favor. If your husband or boyfriend isn’t talking to me, he’s out there cheating. So I am saving marriages and relationships if you look at it in a particular way. When I talk to guys, I love to let them in on secrets on how to seduce their partner and how to bring back that flame that fire they once had just ignited it. When men tell me about their secret fantasies, I love to listen and role-play because, honestly, if they don’t get it for me, they will get it from someone else, which might be skin-to-skin contact. Also it’s not cheating if it’s in a different area code



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phone chat numbers the pervert calls

phone chat numbers

phone chat numbers the pervert calls for his daily jerkoff session. Ever since I realized men love to jerk it I have become so intrigued. There’s something about a horny man that gets me so excited. Ever since I can remember my mind only goes to wanting to fuck a guy who has some naughty tendencies. Women should be classy men should be naughty they all have a free pass to do as they want when they want. there’s something oh so nasty about a man wanting to fuck his student. Well I gave my teacher the a-okay to fuck my brains out. Of course he used the failing tactic to get me to his office after school but it was my yes that got his cock near me.


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phone chat numbers cure that horny cock

phone chat numbers

Phone chat numbers cure that horny cock! Yes, you heard right. When you call a slut like me, you can get off and use that boner for jacking off to a slut that’s so hot and willing. Oh, you betcha I will let you fuck me like the hottest whore in this world. Whatever you can think about, you can do to me. There are no limits. I want you to fuck me hard and shove your cock in every hole of mine. It’s going to be a blast feeling that cum drenched inside me. Makes sure I never forget who is the master and who can fuck me better than anyone can. You will forever be the best fuck in my eyes.


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phone chat numbers with the one they warned you about

phone chat numbers

Roman is one of my regulars he loves when I write about him, and since today is his birthday, I’m going to go ahead and write about one of our first sessions. Actually, let’s take it to session one. When roman called he sounded so nervous but ever so confident at the same time. he began to tell me he wanted a slutty phone girl, one that could be like his girlfriend and trainer. It would mean an extensive amount of time waking up his sexual urges. Porn was the first thing we dived deep into. Roman had to get porn daily and think about women as sex dolls. Slowly but surely, I got him to become a sexual fien who would fuck me and make me squirt on the phone.


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phone chat numbers so hot

phone chat numbers

Phone chat numbers are so hot they make you want to fuck a slut like me. Since you have had this obsession with jerking off during your lunch hour, you have called me up for some much-needed joy. Go ahead and whip Johhny out. I want to see that juicy cock and make it my prized procession. Ever since I’ve gotten you to call me, you can only jerk off with my voice in your head. Listen to me and hear me out, enjoy me, and show me that I should always cater to that cock of yours. Rub the precum and use it up like lube. We will make you have the best orgasm ever in this world.



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phone chat numbers for you to abuse and use me

phone chat numbers

Phone chat numbers for you to abuse and use me. Go ahead, tell me you want to fuck me over so bad and use me up like the stupid slut I am. There’s so much I want to do as a submissive bitch that will take your jizz nonstop and let you spit on my face. Watch it stream down and tell me to lick it off. If I hesitate, smack me and push me onto the bed and fuck my ass. Fist me so fucking good and use me up. It’s going to be so great cant wait to be your cum dump, and I want to bend over and let you use me with all your friends. Fuck yes, I like pain from you.



phone chat numbers i call them too

phone chat numbers

Phone chat numbers get me hot and bothered. Ever since I can remember, I have dialed those numbers on the infomercials. It might seem strange for a woman like me that likes to call numbers that truly become sex line numbers. In reality, it’s not. I was all about porn and talking about sex. It’s what gets me all slippery and wet. There’s something about being a whore who likes to talk about nasty things and pleasures herself. im all for some nasty fun, and watch me become the biggest slut possible. Nowadays, I get to be the one who answers you perverts, but I, too, once was a caller wanting to talk to hot phone girls like myself. I ask them many questions and want to know what it’s like talking about hot fantasies.


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