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ageplay fantasy

Guys love using me to live out their ageplay fantasy. I have the sweetest voice and the tightest young little body that they just can’t help but let their imagination run wild when they look at me. I know it too and I make myself look like an eager young whore that is hungry for cock. Ever since I was a young girl and all my Daddy’s friends couldn’t stop looking at me I knew that I was a total fucking whore. I loved the way men stared and how easily I could make their cock twitch and ache for me. Even the married men just couldn’t help themselves, they just had to get a chance to fuck my tight wet little pussy. It makes my pussy start dripping just knowing that I’m the tiny young thing you just have to have and don’t worry, I never say no to an opportunity to cum all over a nice thick cock.



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I was in a public bathroom and noticed a hole in the wall. I have always heard my friends talk about these things! I put my mouth right up next to the hole and sure enough I got a big fat cock that came out of it. It was like eleven inches and it was so thick. It was a real mans cock!

I sucked it really deep and hard into my mouth. I could feel it wanting to nutt in my mouth. I sucked him faster until he was ready to blow his big fat load down my throat. I finally got that big creamy sticky looggie load. I walked out of the bathroom and at the same time my daddy came out of the men’s bathroom as well.

He was looking super relaxed, and it just occurred to me! That was my daddy’s cock that I just sucked through the bathroom hole!

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phone chat linesYou fantasize about that hot little slut next door. Yeah, the one who calls you an old man and says you probably need Viagra to get it up. She’s such a teasing little bitch, throwing out her phone chat numbers to all of the boys. Today, you might just teach the little cunt a lesson. Stick a cock in that pretty little mouth and one up her ass, too.
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