Teen phone chat lines with Dominique

phone chat linesYou fantasize about that hot little slut next door. Yeah, the one who calls you an old man and says you probably need Viagra to get it up. She’s such a teasing little bitch, throwing out her phone chat numbers to all of the boys. Today, you might just teach the little cunt a lesson. Stick a cock in that pretty little mouth and one up her ass, too.
That’s why you should play with me. I’m a teen girl with big boobs. I love sucking cock and pleasing a man. You can dress me up in cute clothes and then tear them off. Let’s play Big Daddy and you can pretend to force me while I beg and scream. I’m a submissive girl and I do anything a man tells me to do.
Quit playing with mean girls and come give a sweety like me some attention. I have a round ass, some huge tits, and the tightest pussy around. I’m always looking for another Daddy, Uncle, or brother to add to my list. I keep my family well satisfied and drained of every drop of cum.
Give Thanks this holiday season for good little girls like me.

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