Phone Chat Numbers for aunty roleplay

Phone Chat Numbers are what I caught my nephew on. He was jacking off with my stockings and I knew he was the one who was taking them and that I needed to show him what to do with a woman. I bent over right in front of him, pulling my panties to the side. I put one of his hands on my knee-high stockings and his face on my cunt. I told him to eat me like ice cream. What a good boy, he licked aunty like strawberry ice cream. That’s his favorite flavor and now aunty was.

Phone Chat Numbers

He started stroking his cock against aunties stocking and it made him lick me faster. The faster he stroked the faster he licked me. It felt so good having my nephew licking me. I started creaming and feeding him my juices. My nephew exploded all over my stockings making a big mess all over. You watched as aunty rubbed your cummy mess into her legs and you almost cummed again. We will save that load for my cunty.

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