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Ellen’s Phone chat lines are poppin’

Phone chat lines

I love going to the club when my Phone chat lines are off! Partying at the club was specifically tailored to me. I love to dance, drink, flirt, fuck, smoke, and pop pills. I mean I work hard and I think I should have a little fun every fucking night.  Friday and Saturday nights are the best nights of the week for sure. Last week I put on my favorite pair of fishnet stockings and a sexy leather top and went out. Within 15 minutes of being there I had a couple of guys buying me drinks using the dance floor as an excuse to rub their already-hard cocks against me. I knew these guys were down to party. One of them brought me back to the their table and ordered a round of shots. He leaned over and whispered in my ear “I’ve got some blow if you wanna fuck in the bathroom”. Jackpot. I instantly got up, grabbed his hand and lead him straight to the ladies room. I started tearing his clothes off before reaching the stall. I started rifling through his pockets looking for that powdery goodness as I was stripping his clothes off. At last I found it. I told him to cut lines on the toilet, and while he did I laid down on my back putting my head between his legs so I could suck on the tip of his cock while he got my lines ready. As soon as he was done I snorted my line then pulled my fishnets down. I begged him to fuck my ass deep and hard. The dirtier the better! Like I said, I love the club, it gives me such good ideas for my callers. I know you nasty pervs love it when I do a line or 5 with you. Hitting the rail hard as we chat about my club nights.

You’re a silly little sissy!

phone chat numbersYou’re a silly little sissy! Just look at you all dressed up like a little fairy faggot, does your wife know you do that? No? Well sissy, if you want to keep her from finding out that you like to cross dress and go find big black cocks to suck you better do as I say! Oh you didn’t know that I recorded all that? Hahaha I have a real nice video of you in your little fairy princess outfit with a huge black cock in your mouth and another one stuffed in your ass, would you like me to show her that??? Awwhhhh don’t cry sissy! If you take me shopping no one will ever have to know your little secrets! Just open up your wallet and make sure that you are very generous with me and then I will keep your secrets forever… or at least until you stop paying me.

Time to play dressup!

Phone Chat Numbers

Last week I felt like I was in a slump. I was just going through the motions. I was watching a couple little ones from down the street when I had the best idea! We were going to play dress up and have a little fashion show. I can turn anyone in to the perfect little whore. I explained that this was going to be a fancy fashion show, so we went and got some costume jewelry. I took my clothes off and put on a large gaudy gemmed necklace. I laid down on the couch and spread my legs wide open, completely exposing my shaved wet cunnie.

Sexy teen chat

I showed the wee ones a few more poses that they should try, just about anything to show off their tight little holes; on all fours with their asses and pussies exposed, laying on their backs with their legs spread in the air, anything to give a good look at the goods. A few pics and a couple text messages later I had a whole line up of guys willing to pay for some of it. If you would like to hear what happened next give me a call!

Phone Chat Lines Slut Gets Fucked

Phone chat linesMy phone chat lines are always ringing. I do my best to answer every one, but I know I miss some. One caller, in particular, was very memorable. He called because he loved how my body looked, how cute my face was. He said that my voice was so perfect, and he absolutely loved it. He told me that he wanted to hear me talking so dirty to him, and that he wanted me to scream his name when I came. He took me out to a secluded strip of road, so that there was a chance someone would pass and see us, but it was a lot less of a chance than a main highway. He spread my legs wide and buried his face in my cunt, tongue-fucking me so well that I came multiple times on his mouth and tongue. Then, he wheeled me around in that little space so that I was doggy style and slid into me from behind. I’m not sure how he managed to avoid blowing the horn, as hard as he was thrusting into me over and over. His hands were using my tits to pull me back into him, and he was putting some real pressure on them, driving me harder and faster to another orgasm. It was such a good fuck, and I cannot wait to get to fuck him again!

Teen slut Phone chat lines

Phone chat lines

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. The last thing I wanted to see was Cara wearing my favorite teddy and panties! I was so pissed off at her I lunged at her! I was on top of her trying to rip off my teddy when our Phone chat lines started ringing! I reach over and grabbed the phone, pushing my pussy into Cara’s face. The way I was sitting  on Cara’s chest was perfect for her to have my pussy and she got a very evil smile as I was taking this guys info. She wiggled underneath me and started licking my little pink pussy! Her face was buried into my pussy and I started to forget about her stealing my favorite teddy! She licked and tongue fucked my pussy while I billed his card! We were hot and ready for our nasty caller! 

My Phone Chat Lines are for Age Play Fantasy Fun

phone chat linesOn my phone chat lines, we can talk about anything, even age play fantasies. Most men have desires for a much younger girl. Maybe his daughter or niece? Perhaps his girlfriend’s girl or the little slut next door. As men get older they want younger girls. It is funny because when they were younger, they wanted older women.  I think young girls represent immortality to a man, especially one old enough to breed.  Men love to knock up a sweet young thing. Corrupting her is part of the fun. Of course when he knocks her up, he hopes she has a baby girl so when she ages out, he has another sweet young thing to corrupt. I love my age play fantasy callers. I want to be that really young girl you corrupt and knock up. You can be someone I know, or a complete stranger who kidnaps me. I read all the news stories about young missing girls found years later and now they have several brats they bore their kidnapper. Those kind of stories make me wet. I always wished someone would have snatched me up when I was pretty young and raised me as his daughter. His daughter he fucked of course. I did have sex with my daddy, but there is something more taboo even than daddy daughter fucking. Getting pregnant by a much older stranger seems pretty taboo. Do you ever see really young girls at the mall and wonder what if? I bet I can help you. With an accomplice like me, I know I can snatch up whichever young princess you desire. They never would suspect a teen dream girl of being a dirty P accomplice. I know I might be too old for  you now, but we can find you a young sweet thing. Then there are always sexy role plays.

Sexy photo shoot with Cara and Tara!

Lesbian phone chat

My sister Cara and I love to show our Mommy and Daddy how much we love them by sending them naughty pictures throughout the day.. We can not get enough of our mommies kisses on our little bald pussies and the way daddy pounds our tight little holes with his big cock! Makes my pussy wet just thinking about it. That is why Cara and I decided to set up a little photo shoot and send the naughty pictures to mommy and daddy. We wanted them to think about our tight bald wet pussies all day while they were working. I love taking pictures of Cara but what I loved the most was licking her pussy, making her pink pussy all wet for the camera! I love feeling her moan as I lick and suck her pussy and push 3 fingers into her tight little pussy hole. She loves getting stretched open and filled all the way up with daddy’s cock I knew she would love my fingers inside of her. I started finger fucking her so hard we had no idea that mommy and daddy had come home. We were playing and licking each other all day long!

Age Play Fantasy With Daddy

age play fantasy

I know Daddy is the proudest when his cock is hard and throbbing and he is cumming! I get off knowing that I’ve done a good job, that I’ve helped Daddy reach his ultimate climax. I know what all Daddies like best, let me tell you… You like us young and sweet, you like to see our perfect round titties bouncing in your face, just one little taste is all you want… Now you can’t stop thinking about my pussy; so pretty and pink, and you can barely put two fingers in! How did I get so tight? Are all girls my age so tight? Hehe, yes we are! You want to fuck me, but you actually wonder, will your big Daddy cock fit? Of course it will! Just shove it right in there, I will love it, guaranteed. Thinking about Daddy’s cock being shoved into my tight wet pussy makes me so extremely horny, I don’t mean to whine, but won’t you be my Daddy?

Good morning!

Age play fantasy

I woke up this morning with feeling so fucking good. I was having the best sex dream and just as I was about to cum… I opened my eyes to see my naughty sister Cara licking and sucking my tight pink pussy until I came all over her face. I wanted and need her even more right then and there. She came up to kiss me good morning and I flipped her over. She bit her lip as I sucked on her tiny little pink nipple. Teasing her by nibbling her nipple then sucking it nice and hard while teasing it with my tongue. My fingers found their way past her white cotton panties and into her warm wet pussy. I started playing with her clit, feeling how warm and wet she was… I just had to lick her tiny little pussy! I slowly kissed her down her belly to her pussy. I licked her through her panties and finally pulled them down to lick and tongue fuck her pussy and asshole till she came all over my face.. That is a great way to wake up!

Have you saved my Phone Chat Numbers?

Phone Chat Numbers

My Phone Chat Numbers must be saved in your phone. You text me, call me and send me emails all day long about how you day dream of my sweet wet juicy cunt. This is why I love my job. I know I am sexy.. but putting my sexy pictures up online and writing my blogs .. I just love that I get to be open and honest with myself and all of you sexy callers. My pussy is always wet and ready for my big brother’s cock. My asshole is always ready for daddy’s cock.. I bet you never realized I was a real kinky whore. That I loved having my daddy fuck my tight pink hole. Making me take every inch of his cock! But daddy didn’t know that I love incest just as much as he did.. and so did my brother! I remember feeling him sucking on my tiny nipples. Squeezing my pussy lips together and spanking them.. I am my brother’s kinky slut.. but my daddy’s princess! Who knew I could be so different! 

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