Phone Chat Lines Ring in the New Year with You

phone chat linesMy phone chat lines have been popping today. Last day of the year, and every man wants to celebrate properly. I get it too. If your wives will not stay up with you entertaining your more taboo thoughts, I will. Perhaps you are partying. Never a problem for me. I used to party hard back in the day. I have even snorted coke with celebrities at Studio 54 back in 80s.

Now, my grand angels and my offspring get most of my attention. Because I partied in the late 70s and 80s, I was ready to settle down and start a family. Two husbands later, but I have 6 offspring and 7 grand angels. And they all love to fuck me. I am a sexy mommy and granny. I traded coke for weed, and man cock for boy cock.

My phone chat numbers give you all the details of my wicked life. I went from a party girl to a mommy whore. And I do love my family. Everyone will be here in a couple hours so we can ring in the new year properly. As the clock strikes midnight, I will have my tongue buried in a bald pussy and a cock in my ass. And a line of boys and girls waiting their turn with me.

If you will not be having such fun, I suggest you call me, and we can have some fun of our own. I let men just like you join all my family fun.

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