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I took care of him all day long

phone chat numbersMy poor son was stuck at home for a while because he broke his poor leg, he needed to just relax and recover so I promised that I would take very good care of him. I waited on him hand and foot and even slept in his bed so that I was there for him 24/7. Poor guy was so uncomfortable, he couldn’t really go anywhere so he couldn’t see any of his girlfriends and that meant that he was not only in pain, he was horny too! I couldn’t leave him in a state like that, what kind of mother would I be if I did? I just laid him down and pulled out his hard dick so I could suck it. He protested at first but soon it felt so could that he just let go and let me do what I wanted. I milked that hard dick until he came and then swallowed every drop of cum… he may still be in pain from his leg but trust me, the rest of him is very relaxed now!

Phone Chat Numbers: You Get What You Pay For

phone chat numbersPhone chat numbers are all the same. I am sure you have thought that a time or two. Why pay $2.00 a min when you can pay less than $1.00 a minute. Let me enlighten you about the world of dirty talking women. No two companies are the same. In the adult phone world, you get what you pay for, as the saying goes. Those cheaper sites are dispatch operated, meaning you never know who you are talking to. At a direct dial company, like the one I work for, you call me directly. I am in my own home, wearing very little if anything to the imagination. When you call my phone chatline, I am the only one who will ever answer. When you pay $2 a minute for phone sex you are getting someone who cares about your fantasies and fetishes. I am in no rush to get you off, unless you are in a rush to get off!  Whatever time you purchase, I promise to make it last and if you don’t last, well we can talk right up until the end of your paid time. Of course for that to happen, you cannot hang up after you cum! Phone sex at $2.00 a minute seems expensive, but it is about quality. I am a seasoned phone sex whore. I have been in the adult industry all my life. I have hot true tales to share with you because I have not led a vanilla life. I am also well versed in all the kinky fetishes men enjoy, from the commonplace like cuckolding and foot fetishes, to the more obscure like ABDL and sissy boys. Sure you can call some cheap phone sex site, but you will be out a couple bucks, have a hard dick still and be bitching about why you didn’t just call me in the first place.

Phone chat lines making a porno with my brother!

phone chat lines

When I first started experimenting with sexy with my daddy and brother they made me try lots of kinky things! One time my brother was in his room stroking his cock and I was being a nosey girl peeking in on him, getting all soaking wet in my panties.

He noticed my heavy breathing coming from the door so he told me to come in. He took his phone out and started to record me and demanded that I undress for him. It was so hot watching his cock grow out towards me while I stripped for him.

I got on my hands and knees and on camera I showed him how good I suck his cock and twirl my tongue around his dick. I was making his cock stuffed as far back in my throat as it could go. He loved seeing me show of for his camera and it as too much fun.

He finally got so turned on that he told me to lay on the bed on my back and take his cock stretching my tight pink pussy around his cock. He pushed his cock inside my pussy, stretching the walls of my pussy wide around his cock. He pounded himself in and out of me.

When he was ready to blow he pulled out and pointed his camera and cock right at my face and showered me in his cum! That was the start of my love for making pornos.

Call this sexy GFE’s Phone Chat Numbers!

Phone Chat Numbers

My Sugar daddy has once again out done himself! He loves having my little tight body completely hairless! He set up for me to have my own little spa day at home! I woke up to my own personal chef making me breakfast! Mimosa in one hand and the other taking pictures of my beautiful spa day at home. Sending sexy thank you daddy snaps to my Sugar daddy! He makes me feel so special! I can’t wait to show my daddy my perfect toned, soft and hairless body! I know he is going to love licking my bald pussy as I sit on his chest and sucking his cock! Daddy spoils me and now it is my turn to spoil him!

He delivered more than my groceries

phone chat numbersI had the absolute cutest delivery boy today, he was all frazzled because he was running really behind on his deliveries and everyone before me was pretty mean to him about it. Poor boy was expecting that I would be a total bitch too so instead I was extra nice to him. I invited him in and sat him down at the table, I told him that he clearly needed a break and to just sit there and let me get him a drink. I gave him a nice cold glass of lemonade and then sank to my knees in front of him and pulled out his cock. He was shocked but he didn’t stop me so I sucked that cock deep down my throat and let him fuck my face until he came! That poor boy just needed a break and I was happy to give him an extra special tip, it was so sweet that he was so grateful for it too! I bet he will be delivering my groceries as often as he can now!

Hot Phone Chat Makes Mommy Rita Squirt

A filthy mommy like me loves to have hot phone chat with dirty p-daddy’s that love to get taboo. I’m a young mommy with a couple of brats that are little pageant whores and they are already used to being examined by man meat.I get super turned on watching my little brat whores play with perverted phone sex men. Ever penetrate a sweet young pink slit? Well… do you want to?

I first started to get my brats into pageants at the suggestion of a daddy pervert of a couple other brats and knew after the first one we had a sweet deal. I was very open minded on how I could afford their entrance fees and gowns, and it ha… or they have become the biggest turn around investment I have made yet. The judges love to examine the little whores and sometimes I make my way to getting what we want using my sweet mommy cunt as a special extra. The thought of knocking me up has some of those judges cocks so raging hard in thinking how they could have their own little sex dolls to break in next.

Hot Phone Chat Rita


Phone chat lines Naughty Mommy

Phone chat linesI love my sons cock. It is my favorite cock of all the cocks. It just tastes so good and feels so good on my tongue. I also love what he does while I’m licking and sucking that cock. Like right now he’s trying to play video games on his PS4 and he’s been yelling and getting upset. So what is a good mommy to do? Help calm him down of course. So I went into the living room and kneeled in front of my baby boy and unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. “Not now mom, I’m in the middle of a match.” he tried to clip at me but I already had my lips around that cock coaxing it into hardness with my lips and tongue. He let out a shaky breath, trying hard to concentrate on the game. I started to bob on his cock, going up and down it as I took him all the way in my throat. He groaned and then I heard a “Nothing! I’m okay.” He took one hand and put in the back of my head helping me bob up and down his cock, his game all but forgotten as he used my throat and tongue. I knew he was about to cum as he groaned and pulled my head up so just the tip was in his mouth. I felt the head twitch as he filled my mouth with his yummy cum and swallowed every drop with his cock still in my mouth. He was panting and trying to recover from his cumming but I wasn’t done with him yet. I sucked on the head, my tongue pressing on the bottom of it as he cried out. His cock throbbing as I put him back in my mouth. Caressing and teasing causing that over sensation as he whimpered and groaned. I was only a minute or two before he cried out again. I’d forced another orgasm out of him, he didn’t have any cum left to shoot but by the way his cock throbbed in my throat I knew it was a good one. He gulped and I heard him say in nothing more than a whisper. “No… I’m good I swear. Just… Intense blow job.” It took him more than a few minutes to recover from that before he could play again and he was indeed a much calmer boy from that point.

Phone chat lines

phone chat lines

My mommy would bring home guy after guy to fill up my holes. My pussy was always so full of cum. I would go through the day leaking in my panties, just drooling cum juice right out of me. Today was extra special because my mommy decided to invite four special guys to our house.

These are the regular guys I normally get my holes full of. Well She said she wanted to try and see if they could make me into their own special cum filled piñata and fill up all of my holes at the exact time! I was super excited since I would love to be stuff all at once.

They took turns putting me in all the positions they liked to have me. Splits, feet over head, all fours, and more. I was doing my best to give all four cocks the attention they needed so that I could get all that juicy milky cum right out of their cock holes.

I had one cock in my ass and  the other in my pussy, thrusting at the same time. I jerked one off in my hand and the other in my mouth. I felt the two down in my tight pink ass and pussy hole starting to explode. They went as deep as they could go, and then unloaded every drop of seed into me.

The other cocks I had in my hand and mouth, I quickly had them fill up those slimy cum filled holes and made them shove themselves as deep as they would go. They started shooting their cum completely into me, filling my pussy and ass completely up.

My twat and ass were wanting to gush all of that cum out of me all at once, but I made sure to make sure it stayed inside of me as long as it could.

Big bouncy tits for Fucking

Big bouncy titsOh my god… Did you say tit fucking? No… Mmm, well. How about we do it? I mean. You’re so sexy. That beard, those tattoos, those muscles. You make my legs weak and my pussy wet just looking at you. You’re like the perfect mix of a lumberjack and viking and it’s so sexy. Then when you give me that naughty grin and smoldering eyes I can’t help but throw myself at you. So when you pick me up like I weigh nothing at all, let my soft squishy body press against your hard muscled one. I know I would anything for you. So as you let me slide down you, pulling my shirt away to let my massive tits out. I know exactly what to do. I look up at you as I undo your belt and fly. Pull your pants down to let that beautiful cock free of it’s confines. I take it into my mouth. Licking, sucking, massaging you with my tongue as you hump lightly into my mouth. Pulling out making sure you’re nice and wet I wrap my big tits around your cock. Letting you fuck them as I squeeze my tits around them. Sucking on the head of your cock whenever I can until you just cum all over them. Giving me the pearl necklace I wanted so bad.

Phone Chat Numbers for Trade

Phone Chat NumbersI know the best Phone Chat Numbers around and I may just tell you if you fuck my wet Mommy pussy. I love a young stud like you and just knowing you’re hard and horny for me makes me so turned on. Let me ride your cock for you, it feels amazing that big mushroom rubbing inside of me. Edging me towards that climax. Then you take my hair and pull it… Mmm… Lift me off you and bend me over the couch. Fucking my pussy hard, fast, savage. Your fingers digging into my hips as all I can hear is the sound of our love making… Oh god… It makes me cum so hard. If you can do that for me… I might tell you about these nice phone numbers I have.

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