Phone Chat Numbers Save Marriages with Cuckold Therapy

phone chat numbersPhone chat numbers let you tell someone your kinkiest fantasies. Although I can do any type of call, my favorite type involves cuckolding. As a slut wife who is addicted to those big black cocks, I know a thing or two about cuckolding. My marriage is perfect. My white husband knows his place. And he has proven himself to be quite the loyal cuckold too.

However, my guess is your wife has not yet learned that black cocks can make her cum better than your tiny dick. If that sounds harsh, I apologize. I just want to spread the love. And I want all women to have intense orgasms and pleasure. Many women do not know how great they can feel with the right partner. My phone chat lines let me help couples. I bet your wife seems disinterested in sex as she ages. Guys blame that on hormones and menopause. The likely culprit is your underwhelming cock.

Cuckold Therapy Saves Sexless Marriages

Yes. I said it. And you need to take responsibility for your wife’s lack of sexual pleasure too. If your dick is limp or not that big, let some one else step in. However, I am not suggesting she divorce you. Not at all. But I think she will love you more if you suggest she get some big dick. And it doesn’t need to be black. Just bigger and harder than your cock. Maybe a young buck in the neighborhood would suffice. But trust me if your wife never wants to fuck you it might be your cock.

Let me save your marriage with some cuckold therapy. My husband loves me, and I love him. But our marriage works because he wants to see me happy in bed not just in life. And the only way I get sexual pleasure is from big black dicks. I will never divorce my husband. And our marriage is solid because I get the cock I need

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