Phone chat lines are my go to for creampies

Phone chat lines are where daddies find slut like me. My pa used to play with his little slut every night. The first night he filled me up is why I love cum loads. “Open your mouth for daddy and show him you want to make him happy” my daddy whispers to me. Yes I do. Therefore I opened my mouth wide. As soon as my mouth was wide open, daddy stuffed his big rod deep down my throat.

Phone chat lines

It was so big it made me choke a bit, but daddy just kept fucking my mouth. Soon as I started to taste salty juice, daddy pulled his meat out my mouth and laid me down. After undressing me, daddy kissed his way down my young slim body. After pa got in between my legs his tongue explored every inch of my cunty. His hand was stroking his meat hard and I couldn’t stop grinding on his mouth.

“Feed daddy” he said right into my hole. My body tightened up and I started to squirt all over my papa’s mouth. Right then he stood up and rammed his big meat in my little hole. It only took some hard pumping before I felt his meat swell up. “You have made daddy very happy” he moaned as I felt lots of pumping inside me. That was the night I fell in love with cum loads inside me. There’s a reason why now I’m addicted to Phone Chat Numbers that get me to bid load daddies.


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