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Phone Chat Numbers Calling Rebecca To Be a Ageplay Whore

Callling Phone chat numbers for phone sex sluts like me, Rebecca can give you a real talk of an ageplay fantasy.  Calling me (Rebecca), you can get a full experience hearig her stories that will take you back to when you were a young one. Rebecca was trained to be a young whore by of course her closest people to her.  They started out crawlig under the covers and slowly licking my clit. Daddy and big brother would alternate coming into my rooms licking, fingering and sucking.

They worked their way up to just putting the head into my little clitty hole.  It was so tight. I remember lots of spit and llots of lube to get those big mushroom heads to push through.  I held onto the bed post as they shoved their cocks into that little girl cunt of mine.  I still love the feeling of getting fucked and filled up by their cocks. I became obsessed with making whatever cock I was around explode.

I would go to the men at school and touch their dicks and by the end of the day, I was under their desk sucking their cocks off to have them cum in my mouth. One time, the principal came in for a teachers review and I was throw under the desk with pants at his ankles. I thought that meant he wanted me to continue. The whole time the principal is talking, my little head is goig up and down.  I tried not to make any noises as I gagged my way through. He blew his load in my mouth right in front of  his boss, who was clueless at the magic act I just performed making the cum dispapear in my mouth. Super hot! Loved it!

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