Phone Chat Lines for Cuckolds and Losers

phone chat linesPhone chat lines let you explore anything you want. I am a therapist on and off the phone, so I have a lot of knowledge and experience with cuckolds. Although I am now twice divorced, I cuckolded both of my husbands. However, they were not very enlightened about the concept. They believed I should worship their small dicks. Perhaps, I married for the wrong reasons. Back then I was young and believed in love.

Husband number one had a small dick. And once we got married, he stopped eating pussy, so I received zero pleasure from him. So, I sought out more hung men to fuck. He found out and gave me an ultimatum. But I clapped back with one of my own. Let me get sexual pleasure where I can or hit the road. I think you know how well that went over, LOL. But I wanted him gone.

My second husband had a big cock but after a few years of marriage it stopped working. What is the point of a big cock if it never gets hard. So, I went out and found more hung lovers. He thought I should stay faithful and celibate, but I did not agree and sent him packing. Now, I am single and getting all the big young cock I can handle. You might be surprised how much I can handle too.

Although I teach college and enjoy a private practice too, I will never give up my phone chat numbers. Why? Because I love talking to loser cuckolds. I find phone cuckolds far more enlightened than husbands.

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