Phone Chat Lines and Role Plays Like Young Teen Girl Fun Fantasy

phone chat lines
When you are looking for a taboo roleplay and you find the hottest place around to call one of the many phone chat numbers to play out one of your favorite fantasies!  You’ve been obsessed, like most of us, with younger virgin girls.  Their smooth skin and small tiny underdeveloped bodies.  The innocence in their voices, oh their little cunts so bald and ready to be taken by a nice big daddy cock like yours.  I love helping guys get a young cunt to fuck in our sexy role play fantasy calls.

Whether it’s the young babysitter we come home to find sleeping on the couch and start playing with her immediately as we see her legs spread out on the couch with her silky black panties riding up her little slit. I mean who wouldn’t want to shove some fingers inside that? She should’ve covered up if she wasn’t looking for some fingers up her little cunty hole.  She loved it though, I know from the way the juices started pouring out the minute I shoved two fingers up her little pussy slut hole.

As I’m playing with the young babysitters cunt, she awakes on the the couch.  I whisper in her ear to take off the top, That my cue to take your dick out and start sucking and I motion you to start sucking on her little nubs that haven’t yet formed into big old breasts.  She looks half asleep but like a good obedient little sex slave, she obeys all her commands.  When I shove her small little mouth down on your cock and she starts choking, I see how hard you get immediately and I reward her by kissing her now soaked pussy.

So many ideas like this and more with your call

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