Phone Chat Numbers Allow You to Talk About Anything

phone chat numbersPhone chat numbers are good things to have on hand. You never know when you might need to beat your meat with a trailer trash whore. Or perhaps something crazy hot just happened. You will want someone to share that with, right? Think of me as your confidante. You can tell me anything. And you can tell me all the things your boring wife could never understand.

I talked with a guy last night who fucks his daughter behind his wife’s back. How hot is that? I fucked my son and played with my daughter behind my ex-husband’s back. But I fucked a lot of folks behind his back too. That’s why we divorced lol. But I felt like my caller, and I had a lot in common. As he told me he searched through all kinds of phone sex lines until he found me, I felt special that he selected me.

He read some blogs and knew I enjoyed incest too. His daughter is much younger than mine, but my girl was his age once upon a time. Bald pussies taste the best. Sweet and sticky. Just how they should be. Personally, I do not know why spouses get their panties in a wad when we want to play with the little people we brought into this world. Isn’t that part of parenthood?

You never need to worry about me. I will talk to you about anything. And I will share with you a few naughty stories about me too. I love incest, young boys and girls, big black cocks and partying on and off the phone. Now you know a bit about me.

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